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B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017. PROGRAMME STRUCTURE, Structure of Proposed CBCS Syllabus B A B Sc B Com Honours. Semester Core Course Ability Skill Discipline Generic Elective. 14 Enhancement Enhancement Specific GE 4,Honours Compulsory Course Course SEC Elective. AECC 2 2 DSE 4,C2 AECC1 Paper I of selected,Environmental subject other than. Science Hons subject,2 C3 AECC2 GE2,C4 English MIL Paper II of. Communication selected subject,other than Hons,C6 SEC1 Paper III of.
C7 selected subject,other than Hons,C9 SEC2 Paper IV of. C10 selected subject,other than Hons,5 C11 DSE1,6 C13 DSE3. B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017. Semester III,Core Course Paper V,DIVERSITY OF CHORDATA. TOTAL MARKS 100,Theory 70 Practical 30,Chordates and its Origin. 1 General characteristics and outline classification of chordates. 2 Urochordata and Cephalochordata Study of larval forms in protochordates. Retrogressive metamorphosis in Urochordata with reference to Ascidia Herdmania. 3 Dipleurula concept and the Echinoderm theory of origin of chordates Gastrang s. Theory and its advancement,Agnatha Pisces and Amphibia.
1 General characteristics and classification of cyclostomes up to Order. 2 General characteristics of Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes Classification up. toOrder Osmoregulation and Parental care in fishes. 3 General characteristics and classification up to Order Parental care in amphibians. Reptilia and Aves, 1 General characteristics and classification up to order Poison apparatus and Biting. mechanism in snakes, 2 General characteristics and difference between Ratitae Carinitae Archaeopteryx a. connecting link,3 Flight adaptationsand Migration in birds. Mammalia Zoogeography and Plate Tectonics, 1 General characters and classification up to order Differences of Prototheria. Metatheria and Eutheria in connection with reproductive system. 2 Zoogeographical realms distribution of vertebrates in differentZoogeographical. 3 Platetectonics and Continental drift theory, B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017.
DIVERSITY OF CHORDATA,1 Identification with reasons. Ascidia Herdmania Branchiostoma Petromyzon MyxineScoliodon. Heteropneustes Labeo Exocoetus Echeneis Hippocampus Tetrodon Anabas. Amphipnous Ichthyophis Ureotyphlus Bufo Hyla Necturus Tylototriton Darjeeling. salamander Chelone Hemidactylus Varanus Chamaeleo Draco Bungarus Naja. Hydrophis Sea snake Ptyas common rat snale Xenochorphis checkered. keelback Crocodylus, 2 a Key for Identification of poisonous and non poisonous snakes. b Study of 3 three common birds from North East India. c Study of feathers beaks claws, c Comparative study of bats Microchiroptera Megachiroptera. 3 Mount of pecten and hyoid apparatus from Fowl head. NOTE 1 Power Point presentation on study of any two animals from two different. classes by students with reference to endangered threatened mammals of Tripura. NOTE 2 Classification from Young J Z 2004 to be followed. Suggested Readings, 1 Young J Z 2004 The Life of Vertebrates 3rd Edition Oxford university press. 2 Pough H et al Vertebrate life 8th Edition Pearson International. 3 Darlington P J 1996 The Geographical Distribution of Animals R E Krieger Pub. 4 Hall B K and Hallgrimsson B 2008 Strickberger s Evolution 4th Edition Jones and. Bartlett Publishers Inc, 5 Poddar T K et al 2017 An Advanced Laboratory Manual of Zoology.
LaxmiPublicaton New Delhi Prev 2002 MACMILLIAN INDIA LTD NEW. 6 Chatterjee A Chakraborti C 2010 Practical Zoology Part I II III Nirmala. Library Kolkata, B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017. Semester III,Core Course Paper VI,ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY CONTROLLING AND COORDINATING. Study of mammalian tissues, 1 Structure location classification and functions of epithelial tissue connective tissue. muscular tissue and nervous tissue,2 Structure and types of bones and cartilages. Nervous System, 1 Structure of neuron resting membrane potential Origin of action potentialand its.
propagation across the myelinated and non myelinated nerve fibers. 2 Types of synapse Synaptic transmission and Neuromuscular junction Reflex action and. its types reflex arc,Musculature and Reproduction, 1 Ultra structure of skeletal muscle Molecular and chemical basis of muscle contraction. 2 Histology of testis and ovary Structure and function of male and female reproductive. system of mammals with reference to human,Endocrine System. 1 Histology of endocrine glands pineal pituitary thyroid parathyroid pancreas adrenal. and hormones secreted by them, 2 Classification of hormones Regulation of their secretion Mode ofhormone action. 3 Hypothalamus neuroendocrine gland principal nuclei involved in neuroendocrine. control of anterior pituitary and other endocrine glands. 4 Role of Placental hormones, B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017. ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY CONTROLLING AND COORDINATING SYSTEMS. PRACTICALS, 1 Preparation and study of temporary tissue mounts Squamous epithelium Striated.
muscle fibres and nerve cells, 2 Study of permanent slides of mammalian Skin Bone Spinal cord Nerve cell. Pituitary Pancreas Testis Ovary Adrenal Thyroid and Parathyroid. 3 Microtomy Preparation and identification of permanent slide of any five mammalian. Goat Pig tissues,Suggested Books, 1 Guyton A C Hall J E 2006 Textbook of Medical Physiology 11th Edition. Hercourt Asia PTE Ltd W B Saunders Company, 2 Tortora G J Grabowski S 2006 Principles of Anatomy Physiology 11th. Edition John Wiley Sons, 3 Victor P Eroschenko 2008 diFiore s Atlas of Histology with Functional. correlations 12th Edition Lippincott W Wilkins, B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017.
Semester III,Core Course Paper VII,FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOCHEMISTRY. Carbohydrates and Lipids, a Structure and Biological importance Monosaccharides Disaccharides. Polysaccharides, b Structure and Significance Physiologically important saturated and unsaturated fatty. Proteins Amino acids Proteins and Immunoglobulins, a Structure Classification and General properties of amino acids Physiological. importance of essential and non essential amino acids. b Bonds stabilizing protein structure Levels of organization in proteins Introduction to. simple and conjugated proteins, c Basic Structure Classes and Function Antigenic Determinants.
Nucleic Acids RNA and DNA, a Structure and Types Purines and Pyrimidines Nucleosides and Nucleotides. b DNA Base pairing Denaturation and Renaturation,c Watson and Crick Model. a Nomenclature and classification Cofactors Specificity of enzyme action Isozymes. b Mechanism of enzyme action Enzyme kinetics Factors affecting rate of enzyme. catalyzed reactions, c Derivation of Michaelis Menten equation Concept of Km and Vmax. d Enzyme inhibition Allosteric enzymes and their kinetics Regulation of enzyme. B SC IN BOTANY HONOURS MBB UNIVERSITY AGARTALA 2017. FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOCHEMISTRY, 1 Qualitative tests of functional groups in carbohydrates proteins and lipids. 2 Paper chromatography of amino acids, 3 Action of salivary amylase under optimum conditions.
4 Effect of pH temperature and inhibitors on the action of salivary amylase. Suggested Reading, 1 Cox M M and Nelson D L 2008 Lehninger s Principles of Biochemistry V Edition. W H Freeman and Co New York, 2 Berg J M Tymoczko J L and Stryer L 2007 Biochemistry VI Edition W H. Freeman and Co New York, 3 Murray R K Bender D A Botham K M Kennelly P J Rodwell V W and Well P A. 2012 Harper s Illustrated Biochemistry 29th Edition International Edition McGraw. Hill Companies Inc, 4 Hames B D and Hooper N M 2000 Instant Notes in Biochemistry II Edition BIOS. Scientific Publishers Ltd U K, 5 Watson J D Baker T A Bell S P Gann A Levine M and Losick R 2008.
Molecular Biology of the Gene VI Edition Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press Pearson Pub.

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