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The Yura Gold Project is located approximately 30 kilometers west of Arequipa Peru in. the northern part of the Atacama Desert It comprises an 16 794 hectare group of. concessions which occupy most of a 9 by 12 kilometers circular feature of intense. faulting within quartz diorite and tonalite Numerous quartz veins have been mapped and. sampled many with impressive gold grades A large breccia body has recently been. identified which has yielded significant gold assays. Permitting is in hand for drilling and exploration mining on many of the major gold. targets An exploitation permit is also in hand for one group of the concessions A permit. is in hand for drilling four water wells A good neighbor agreement with local farmers and. communities is nearing completion, Geological mapping has been completed on 4 520 hectares of the project and 1 713. rock chip samples have been collected, Quartz veins can be up to six meters thick although most a less than one meter Some. have been mapped for several hundred meters along strike and one is exposed on a. canyon wall for a vertical distance of 270 meters The gold occurs both in the veins and. in the wallrock and is free milling It has a very high correlation with tin tellurium. thallium and bismuth which indicates that the mineralization is part of an intrusion. hosted mesozonal gold system similar to the Fort Knox Mine in Alaska The veins are. also similar to those at the San Juan Chorunga 62km to the northwest Those veins. have been mined for 60 years and are at a depth of 1400 meters. A large number of targets have been developed at the Yura Gold Project and several. are being grouped together into a proposed underground mining zone This zone will be. the focus of a first phase of drilling together with the large breccia zone. Positive aspects of the project also include,Heavy equipment on site. Large capacity explosives magazine constructed permitted and licensed. Licenses for explosives purchasing transporting and using. Project administration in place,Camp facilities,Road access. Turn key for immediate execution of drilling Savings in time and money. Project has industrial license from city of Yura,Low elevation and close proximity to city.
Arequipa in southern Peru It lies at the foot of the Cordillera Occidental Mountains and. adjacent to the coastal plain Elevations range from 1380 meters in the Yura River. canyon to 2570 meters at the northern end of the claim block. The climate is sub tropical desert with most of the year being warm sunny and dry. Temperatures range from 5 5C at night in July to 22 6C in the daytime in October A. rainy season generally starts in late December and usually ends by mid March Annual. precipitation at Arequipa averages 95 millimeters, The property is reached by taking highway 34A northwest from Arequipa to the town of. Yura then following Cemento Yura s ore haulage road west and then to the south on the. property access road The total distance is approximately 44 kilometers and takes. between 1 5 and 2 hours to drive Figure 1, The project area has been the focus of a long history of informal mining There. are numerous hand dug adits shafts and stopes The mineralization was either. hauled from the site in sacks or leached with cyanide on site. Donald Stiles began acquiring mining claims in the project area in 2004. Zoro Mining Corporation began working on the Yura Gold Project in 2005 This. work included rock geochemical sampling limited road cut mapping trenching. IP resistivity surveys and aerial photography Zoro walked away from the project. during the economic downturn of 2008, In 2010 Minex reached an agreement with Donald Stiles and South American. Inmobiliaria SAI to conduct exploration mining In 2011 work commenced on. three exploration shafts on the most prospective veins and continued until April. of 2012 Mining was suspended due to the expiration of the permit and lack of. The current exploration work began in June of 2011 consisting of detailed. geologic mapping and geochemical rock sampling In September of 2011. Donald Stiles entered into a joint venture agreement with Zoro Minex and South. American Inmobiliaria One of the provisions of the JV agreement was that S A. Inmobiliaria would immediately transfer their Yebacha claims to Donald Stiles. where they could be added to the JV exploration permitting and drilling program. In return they would be provided with stock in Formacion Yura Exploracion a. Donald Stiles company which owns other Yebacha claims in the JV area The. transfer took place in March of 2013 Another provision of the JV agreement was. that Zoro would provide funding for the permitting exploration and administration. activities of the JV Zoro fell far behind in providing funding and for the past two. years Donald Stiles has been personally covering most of the project costs Zoro. was notified on April 22 2014 that the joint venture was terminated. INFRASTRUCTURE, In addition to the upgrade and maintenance of the 10 kilometer access road from. the north approximately 31 kilometers of roads have been constructed within the. project area to provide access to mineralized zones. A camp exists at the project located on Shiprock Peru ground which includes 8. housing cabins an office a kitchen dining hall and bathroom In 2011 a 288. square meter core shed was constructed at the camp A number of other cabins. are found at various locations on the property, At the Mercedes target located on Shiprock Peru ground underground mine.
workings were converted into an explosives magazine with a licensed capacity of. Exploration shafts and head frames have been developed on three of the veins. The shafts have each reached a depth of about 30 meters. The following table and Figure 2 show the ownership of the mineral concessions. that are part of the Yura Gold Project which total 16 794 hectares It should be. noted that the area listed for the concessions is the effective area Some claims. overlap and this area is not counted twice,OWNER CONCESSIONS. Formacion Yura Exploracion S A C Yebacha 2A 5 6 7 9 1 495. Yebacha 3 4 8 11 12 13 14 17,Donald Le Roy Stiles 18 19 21 23 24 13 889. Tonalia Tonalia 1 2 3 4 5 6 7,Shiprock Peru Yebacha 1 16 26 27 28 1 410. Total 16 794, Land to the north of the joint venture area is controlled by a variety of owners. especially Minera Laytaruma which is very active in mining their concessions. PERMITTING, Formacion Yura Exploracion This permit is under small mining and is for 19.
drilling platforms trenching and limited exploration mining The permit is in hand. and has been initiated, Donald Le Roy Stiles This exploration permit is under large mining and is for. 60 drilling platforms road construction trenching and limited exploration mining. The permit is in hand and has been initiated, Shiprock Peru This permit is under small mining and is for exploitation of 90. tons per day Under this permit an ulimited amount of drilling could also be done. This permit is in hand and has been initiated, Water Shiprock has a permit in hand to explore and develop underground. water from four wells, Usarios An agreement was reached with the water canal Usarios in order to get. them to support the project One important aspect of the agreement is the. establishment of a restricted zone that covers the farms rivers canal and the. steep slopes above the canal In this zone special permission would need to be. granted by the usarios prior to any road construction or surface mining. Approximately one quarter of the project area has been mapped and rock chip. sampled Since June 2011 a total of 4 520 hectares have been mapped in detail. and 1 713 samples have been collected Mapping is conducted on a Quickbird. satellite image and then entered into ArcGIS Figure 3 Rock geochemical. samples are collected from outcrops informal miner prospect dumps and float In. addition to the surface mapping underground mapping has been conducted at. the Aylin Charlie June and Mercedes Mines along with several of the informal. mine workings, Quartz Diorite is the most widespread and presumably oldest rock in the project.
area It is characterized by having abundant felsic dikes and commonly weathers. to leave patches of outcrop on the tops of hills and large parts of the slopes. covered with boulders and sub crop of mineral grains with abundant muscovite. The quartz diorite can also have abundant rectangular patches composed of. chlorite They look like hornblende megacrysts but have no thickness as. hornblende would, Feldspar Porphyry has been mapped in the eastern part of the project area It. contains approximately 30 50 feldspar crystals and has a somewhat smaller. average grain size than the quartz diorite It has been seen intruding the quartz. diorite but has about the same quantity of felsic dikes suggesting an age not. much younger than the quartz diorite, Mafic Dikes are common but are concentrated more in the southern part of the. project area While they are dark and appear to be mafic they were determined. to be dacite through petrography There are multiple phases of these dikes with. some being strongly chlorite altered, Felsic Dikes are very common in the project area Petrographic analysis was. done on one sample which was determined to be quartz monzonite porphyry. The dikes range from a few centimeters thick to several meters They commonly. have trends of northwest north northeast or east west There are multiple. phases of these dikes They have been observed cutting the mafic dikes and. being cut by the mafic dikes, Tonalite intrudes the quartz diorite in the southern part of the project area with. dimensions of approximately 2 5 by 3 5 kilometers Along the eastern contact. tonalite dikes are observed intruding the quartz diorite At the southern contact a. large amount of shearing is observed in the quartz diorite dipping away from the. tonalite The tonalite has been cut by very few felsic and mafic dikes Its. weathering appearance is usually quite fresh looking compared to the quartz. diorite Hill slopes are generally covered with boulders. Diorite is tentative name given to several bodies that intrude the quartz diorite. and tonalite as dikes or larger masses They have a fine to medium grained. texture and appear to be of intermediate composition. Several andesite dikes have been mapped in the project area in the eastern. and western parts In both areas they cut the quartz diorite They generally strike. northwest and have steep dips They look similar to the tonalite but no. petrographic work has been done on them, Gabbro Diorite forms an elliptical body in the southwestern part of the mapped.
area Its dimensions are approximately 0 8 by 1 3 kilometers It appears to. intrude the tonalite quartz diorite contact but this relationship is uncertain It is. not cut by any dikes and the only alteration seen was a very small amount of. chalcedonic quartz, Tertiary Sencca pyroclastic volcanic rocks occupy canyon bottoms and low lands. on the eastern part of the project area and form the plateau east of the project. Recent air fall ash deposits are common on the hillsides and form considerable. thicknesses in canyon bottoms Wind blown deposits of this ash are also. The region of the project is dominated by a large circular feature measuring. approximately 9 kilometers north south by 12 kilometers east west as seen on. aerial photography Figure 3 Within this feature there is an intense pattern of. northeast and northwest lineaments which undoubtedly represent fault zones. Some fault zones are characterized by extensive development of caliche Others. have chlorite or epidote along them, Over three thousand quartz veins have been mapped so far They fit nicely into. the transpressional model for stress in brittle rocks The main shear trend is. parallel to the Peruvian coast and the edge of the South American tectonic plate. Figure 4 modified after Tourigny G et al 2004 shows a figure adapted from. geologic literature on which the various vein trends from the Yura Gold Project. have been highlighted Most of the veins that form our inventory of exploration. targets fall within the Main Shear Trend and R type Vein categories with some. important examples in the Extension Vein type and the P type structures. Ore shoots formed along the fault structures in response to a variety of factors. The most common control for ore shoots is flexures in the strike and or dip of the. vein When the movement occurred along the fault an open space developed at. the flexure providing a conduit for mineralizing fluids Ore shoots have also been. identified resulting from the intersection of cross faults or fractures with the vein. ALTERATION,Propylitic, The most common alteration present in the project area is propylitic where iron. and magnesium bearing hydrothermal fluids have attacked biotite and. hornblende The resulting rock contains epidote chlorite and albite and has a. distinct pistachio green color This alteration is most common in the eastern part. of the project area and reaches an intense level along the access road near the. access control gate It is also common along fault zones and some quartz veins. This alteration is directly associated with mineralization and is an important. indicator of strong gold grades in the quartz veins It forms as selvages along the. veins and can occur on fractures within the veins It is a white to very light green. fine grained mica which sometimes is stained by iron oxide to shades of yellow. to light brown, It is common to have a few centimeters clay developed along the mineralized. quartz veins, Deposits of white calcium carbonate caliche are found at the surface and for.
several meters depth along veins possibly larger areas of fracture controlled. mineralization These deposits typically occur in limestone terrains where. carbonate is abundant The source of the carbonate at the Yura Gold Project is. from the destruction of feldspar in the host rocks by hydrothermal fluids These. caliche zones may prove to be important guides to mineralization. MINERALIZATION, Gold has been found in both quartz veins wall rock and in breccia The gold is. free milling and has been exploited by informal miners for many years Most of. the exposures of mineralization have resulted from vein exploration and. exploitation by the informal miners which have left hundreds of prospect pits. adits shafts and stopes scattered across the project area The informal miners. panned gold at the sites In some places they set up vat type cyanide leach. operations processing several hundred tons They have also packed out large. amounts of material for processing elsewhere, There appear to be at least two phases of gold deposition An early phase. consists of small gold flakes up to roughly 0 5 millimeter that are distributed for. about a centimeter around limonite pods Limonite pods have also been seen. that have gold flakes within them A later phase of gold mineralization has. deposited gold on fracture surfaces with limonite and also as crystals perched. on druzy quartz in vugs,Quartz Veins, At least 3 000 quartz veins have been mapped so far They seem to be fairly. evenly spread throughout the project area Lengths range up to hundreds of. meters and thicknesses range up to 12 meters Most mineralized veins are less. than a meter thick however there are notable exceptions at Aurora Aylin Eliana. and Suzie Because of the large amount of relief along the Yura River canyon. the Charlie vein system can be traced over a vertical distance of 300 meters. indicating large depth extent as would be expected in a mesothermal gold. system Ore shoots are commonly developed where there are bends in the veins. or intersections with other structures, Textures of the quartz vary considerably Sucrossic texture is common in quartz. with substantial gold while glassy quartz usually has little The color varies from. white to shades of red and brown depending on the amount of iron oxide The. veins are commonly shattered with iron oxide coating the fracture surfaces and. in places have developed into vein breccias The veins which carry gold. commonly have limonite pods and it is believed that these limonites are after. bornite and sometimes pyrite, A body of breccia has been identified in the western part of the circular feature.
and has been the subject of considerable informal mining activity The clasts of. the breccia are intensely altered to sericite and clay The matrix of the breccia. consists of euhedral crystals of quartz and limonite after pyrite Three higher. grade zones within the breccia have been observed and have been exploited by. the informal miners There is much cover in the area and it is not known what. the full dimensions of the breccia bodies are or whether there are additional. higher grade zones,Methodology, Most of the rock samples collected since 2011 have come from informal mine. sites and prospects outcropping veins and quartz float When sampling informal. workings safety and access issues normally prevent sampling inside the. workings Consequently samples are taken from material on the dump or around. the portal area with the objective of getting an assay that indicates the. approximate grade of the material that was mined from the ore shoots It should. be pointed out that in the cases where samples were taken underground the. material available to sample is the lower grade portion of the veins that the. informal miners decided to leave Three levels of randomness are noted in the. sample descriptions, grab fairly random sample of all vein material around the working site or. area of float, select grab sample emphasizes material that appears to have been the. objective of the informal miners or float that is significantly better than the. very select grab similar to a select grab but where the material of. interest to the informal miners constitutes a very small percentage of the. material taken from the workings or strongly mineralized float that is fairly. scarce in a field of quartz float, The rock material is placed in 6 mil poly bags approximately one kilogram per. sample A laboratory bar code tag is attached to the bag and the sample number. written on the sack with an indelible marker The sack is closed with a plastic zip. tie and stored in the Arequipa geology office prior to shipment Sample locations. are determined by hand held GPS with a usual accuracy of 3 meters A. representative specimen of each sample is retained in the geology office. The rock samples collected since 2011 have been sent to the ALS sample. preparation facility in Arequipa Once pulps are prepared they are sent to the. ALS laboratory in Lima The samples are analyzed by atomic absorption AA for. gold and by inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy ICP MS for 41. elements This suite of elements also contains gold but it is not as reliable and. the results are not used If the AA analysis for gold returns one gram or more the. sample is re analyzed by fire assay and this result is what is reported rather. than the AA result, Sampling results for gold have been plotted in Figure 5 This map also shows.
many of the exploration targets that have been identified It can be seen that. there are several clusters of samples with high gold grades Some of these will. be discussed below under Targets, A histogram of gold grades is presented in Figure 6 The grade ranges are not in. even increments or on a logarithmic scale but were chosen to display ranges. that are significant in exploration and exploitation decision making.

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