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Message from the YURA Co University On p 3 you will find a. Presidents photograph of Sandra receiving her,award Warmest congratulations to her. Most of us are probably already in She is always an asset to whatever. summer or semi summer mode and this activity she participates in. newsletter carries with it best wishes for, a relaxing season We also want to report We are also pleased to report that Fred. on the association s news and recent Fletcher was elected to the Board of. events Directors of CURAC at the Queen s,conference Our thanks and. Our Stratford trip took place on May 19 congratulations to Fred. when a group of 42 YURA members and, friends had the chance to attend a The conference itself was very well. production of Rodgers and organized and took as its theme. Hammerstein s Carousel The staging Looking Ahead It featured a number. was captivating and the voices strong of thoughtful presentations by faculty at. and we look forward to the Shaw Queen s and by the president of St. Festival in the fall when we will have the Lawrence Community College Topics. chance to see George Bernard Shaw s covered a wide range of issues a. You Never Can Tell for which YURA national seniors strategy senior health. has reservations on Tuesday September and mental health a public health. 29 You will be receiving information perspective on elder care the Alberta oil. about this trip and we urge you to give sands the Canadian pension system and. serious consideration to joining us for colleges role in the future of. what is always a wonderful day postsecondary education As well there. were delegate sessions on matters, Other matters of interest to our members pertinent to the work and health of our.
are described under the following individual associations The organizing. headings committee at Queen s deserves great,appreciation for a successful conference. CURAC College and University As has been the case in previous years. Retiree Associations of Canada The York was very well represented. YURA Executive Committee was very, happy to nominate Sandra Pyke for the Habitat for Humanity On June 2. CURAC Tribute Award which YURA hosted an information session. recognizes exceptional contributions with two representatives from Habitat. and or achievements of retirees faculty for Humanity Alice Souvannakhily. and staff to their host university or to and Danielle Mandell who explained. the community As far as we were the purpose of the organization the need. concerned Sandra who has done so for volunteers in all kinds of capacities. much for YURA and for CURAC was a on their building sites in their ReStores. stellar nominee We are delighted to and in other aspects of their operation. report that she was a recipient of the Habitat currently has 8000 volunteers in. award which was presented to her on the Greater Toronto Area and they need. May 21 at the CURAC dinner during its more Alice and Danielle described the. annual conference at Queen s basics orientation sessions the. emphasis on the safety and health of,volunteers on site and the commitment. of time Beyond those basics they,described the great opportunity for. positive involvement participation and,satisfaction in this important cause.
For more information please visit,Habitat s website www habitatgta ca. or call Habitat at one of their following,three GTA offices. Toronto 416 755 7353 Sandra is accompanied by John Lennox. Brampton Caledon 905 455 0883 to the left and Ed Williams Secretary of. York Region 905 868 8722 CURAC to the right,YUCARE At its Executive Committee. meeting of April 14 Will Gage the YURA s Showcase 2015. Director of the York University Centre, for Aging Research and Education made Our annual sale of Attic Treasures and. an informal presentation to members of Baked Goods will take place on Tuesday. the committee about the Centre In November 10 from 9 a m to 3 p m in. addition to research on aging the Centre the Bear Pit Central Square We are. has a second focus on education soliciting small items such as personal. including the education of university decorative and domestic pieces new or. students about aging and on life long gently used games and baked. learning YUCARE is seeking closer goods We gratefully decline books. involvement of both YURA and ARFL clothes or big items And we are always. Association of Retired Faculty and ready to welcome volunteers to help. Librarians at York in the work of the with this event. Centre The Executive Committee, endorsed the notion and we are waiting Showcase Day is YURA s chance to.
for further information from the Centre show itself on campus and to raise. For further information please visit their money for the two YURA sponsored. website at http yucare info yorku ca undergraduate and one Master s award. All proceeds from Showcase are donated, That s our budget of items for this to the awards Every item for the Attic. newsletter We send all good wishes for Treasures and Baked Goods tables is. a sunny and happy summer donated and there is no overhead. charged for the day Thanks to this kind, Jane Crescenzi and John Lennox of generosity the revenue generated. from the sale allows us to continue,contributing to student support and to the. success which comes from that support,My father was a musician in a band and. my mother had been a dancer in a troupe,when they met Because her parents.
could not afford dance lessons for her,she had learned to dance more or less by. copying others She became very good,The troupe and the band toured around. England especially in seaside resorts, Please contact us at yura yorku ca OR like Brighton They even toured. at 416 736 2100 ext 70664 and let us Germany for one year After having her. know if you have items to donate or first child my mother became and then. baked goods to contribute Further remained a homemaker and had seven. information about dates and times when babies very closely spaced six girls. items can be left at the YURA office will and one boy My older sister Maisie. be provided closer to Showcase,eventually went to live upstairs with. If you are a crafter or would like to grandmother because there was not. display your hobbies for interest and or enough space in the house and she. for sale please let us know We d be enjoyed her company. happy to accommodate you,At the beginning of the war Maisie and.
We encourage our members to come up I were billeted with another family that. to campus on Showcase Day Your had children our ages in the countryside. attendance will provide welcome in a village in Dorset To say that this. support show the flag and who knows family did not take a good care of us is. you may find an item or two that appeals an understatement The older boy used. to you to pinch me and hurt me I was very, With our thanks for your support defenseless The mother used to. physically punish us for no good reason,Jane Crescenzi. Our room was where all their books,were but we were not allowed to touch. them yet both my sister and I loved,Life as it Was back then. books But I recall with grateful tears,Reminiscences.
one joyful event For some reason one, Our 12th reminiscence is that of Sheila of the grandmothers of this family one. Creighton Before she retired from York day took me to her beautiful garden full. at the end of 1999 Sheila was of flowers while holding nicely my little. responsible for Convocations She has hand This was the only act of kindness. done a great deal of volunteer work and received in those days My other. was more recently on YURA s siblings except for the last baby were. executive committee also billeted in the same village in other. houses but we rarely got to see them, I was born in 1935 in Brixton which is outside of school. southwest of London and I already had,two older sisters Maisie Rose and Vera. When our grandmother and mother were library to get books I would tidy up the. able to visit us six months after the shelves to the librarian s delight who. billeting they were horrified at how then pretended wondering who was. poorly we both looked and how doing this,maltreated we were In order to take us. Although I loved school I was not good,home to Brixton my grandmother sold.
in math and so did not get into Grammar,her grand piano and this piano was the. school I had to babysit when my parents,love of her life Back in London I recall. went out which was all things,that we were afraid of the air raids but I. considered not too often My sisters and,liked running into the shelters We all. I argued a lot We were quite a rowdy lot,had gas masks and one was like a little.
and I don t know how my mother got,incubator to put the last baby in I started. through this I started working at age 16,school at four because I wanted to. with the help of the headmistress who,follow my sister We loved school. found me a job as a clerk at the, It was always a problem finding lodging American Chamber of Commerce I. for our family because landladies did not recall also that my older sister had a. like having so many children around friend and just for fun I joined with her. We rarely saw our father because he was the Young Conservatives Association I. a warden at that time in the east end of wrote an article for one of their. London he had not been able to enlist newsletters that got published in a. because of eye problems He would magazine,come home two nights a week I.
I came to Canada in a sort of random,remember that I used to like picking. way when one thinks of it It was in,daisies and nature was very important to. 1959 At the time I had a friend and we,me I also remember the balloons in the. would go as a group with others dancing,sky above to catch German airplanes. and engage in other fun activities over,Some would come down because they.
the weekend This friend fell in love,had holes that needed patching To us. with a Canadian and she firmly believed,this was very interesting. that he loved her So she decided to, We were fortunate to have this little park move to Canada to join him and on a. near where we settled again in another whim I said I ll come with you for. part of Brixton Life was not too bad all which her mother was very thankful. in all My mother would dance for us because this friend had psychological. She was a real miracle I was an active problems and was vulnerable We first. little person who always did something arrived in Montreal and came to Toronto. When we were bombed out my mother by bus and my friend went on to. found another house with a wonderful Vancouver The next day I saw an ad in. garden and I loved it I should note that the Toronto Star for a secretary and got. my maiden name was Blitz as my father it over the other candidates. was of Dutch origins a name very Unfortunately about six months later I. appropriate for the times I would paint had to leave for Vancouver in order to. on newspapers and I loved to go to the take care of my friend who had become. distraught because the Canadian she had University of New York It is the most. met in London had married someone up to date and comprehensible work on. else But it was in Vancouver that I met what we can expect within the next 20 to. my future husband Jim As my heart 100 years in terms of what science will. was in Montreal we decided to settle be able to accomplish with the human. there and find work but Jim wanted to go brain and more specifically the mind. and consciousness He explains how,to England where we stayed for two. scientists will be able to cure and,years We returned to Toronto two years.
prevent mental illnesses as well as, later with the first of our three children dementias Parkinson s and Huntington. After ten years of homemaking and disease and repair people who have. volunteering I signed up with an agency suffered terribly brain injuries That s. the good part from my point of view,and got a temporary job at York and. Most of this book is however devoted,stayed until I retired. to presentation of future advances,Sheila Creighton whereby scientists are aiming to. improve the human brain to extend its,intellectual powers to upload it onto a.
In Memoriam computer to allow for an Internet of,the brain whereby all the interconnected. brains could communicate directly, Joyce Blyth March 1 2015 throughout the world and even with. Millie Mony Penny March 6 2015 other planets At the same time our. Alan Hockin March 14 2015 body is being transformed It is very. David McQueen March 18 2015 difficult to see what is left of human. Kenneth Gibson March 31 2015 nature This book is a scientist s dream. Patricia MacBain April 4 2015 and a sociologist s and humanist s. Wesley Coons April 19 2015 nightmare Published in 2014 and also. Hans Raj Joshi April 21 2015 found in the Toronto Public Library. Anne Marie Ambert,Good Reads,James Patterson s Hope to Die is his. newest detective thriller featuring,Detective Dr Cross It is quite the. suspense and I am glad that it is not a,movie because both the plot and the.
killer s actions are well gory But one,just can t let it go Published in 2014 it. can be found in the Toronto Public,On a much more serious level a very. intriguing book full of fascinating, information is The Future of the Mind Cordoba gardens. by the physicist Michio Kaku of the City,A Bit Of Fun I ve reached the age where happy. hour is a nap,Press the Control key and Click, It s a cute video about kids discovering Be careful about reading the fine print.
the typewriter Contributed by Mary there s no way you re going to like it. The trouble with bucket seats is that, https www youtube com embed vfxRfk not everybody has the same size bucket. ZdiAQ feature player embedded,After 70 if you don t wake up aching in. every joint You re probably dead,contributed by my brother Jacques. Dermine Boucherville Quebec,A father was approached by his small. son who told him proudly I know what,Aphorism A Short Pointed Sentence.
That Expresses A Wise Or Clever the Bible means, Observation Or A General Truth His father smiled and replied OK so. Seat belts are not as confining as what does the the Bible mean. wheelchairs That s easy Daddy the young boy, How come it takes so little time for a replied excitedly It stands for Basic. child who is afraid of the dark to Information Before Leaving Earth. become a teenager who wants to stay out contributed by Clive Holloway. Business conventions are important,because they demonstrate how many. people a company can operate without,Why is it that at class reunions. you feel younger than everyone else,No one has more driving ambition than.
the teenage boy or girl who wants to,There are no new sins the old ones. just get more publicity,YURA Executive,John Lennox Co President. jlennox yorku ca,Jane Crescenzi Co President,gemma crescenzi yahoo ca. Janet Rowe Past President YURA Office Hours,janet R rogers com Tuesday 11 00 a m to 3 00 p m. Gill Teiman Secretary Wednesday 11 00 a m to 3 00 p m. gteiman yorku ca Thursday 11 00 a m to 3 00 p m,Marilyn Cartmill Treasurer.
cartmim yorku ca, Members at Large The YURA Newsletter is published by. the York University Retirees,Margo Gewurtz Association. mgewurtz yorku ca,Cliff Jansen Anne Marie Ambert Editor. jansenc rogers com,levyjr yorku ca,Billie Mullick, bmullick yorku ca York University Retirees Association. Colin Deschamps,101 Central Square York University.
colind yorku ca 4700 Keele St Toronto ON Canada,Mildred Theobalds M3J 1P3. theobald yorku ca,Michelle Young Telephone 416 736 2100 ext 70664. myoung yorku ca,Ross Rudolph E mail yura yorku ca,rrudolph yorku ca. Anna Hoffmann Website http www yorku ca yura,annahoffmann rogers com. Ex Officio members,Anne Marie Ambert Editor,ambert yorku ca.
Fred Fletcher ARFL,ffletch yorku ca,David Smith,dmsmith yorku ca.

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