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G O O G L E C LO U D 2,Executive summary, With the right technology you can transform people s behavior Take the case of fitness. devices As they track and give feedback on our activity levels the phenomenon of behavioral. awareness kicks in knowing how we re performing can inspire us to take the stairs over. the elevator Organizations are even creating incentives for employees to take better care of. themselves 1, It s the same in business Technology helps shift our behavior to render it reality Transitioning. to the cloud helps companies boost operational efficiency and cost savings So it s no surprise. that the business world is embracing the cloud and everything it has to offer. We re guessing that moving your company s tools to the cloud is probably on your to do list. already but it can be an intimidating leap for IT managers to implement change Google Cloud. has been supporting Fortune 500 small to medium businesses and educational institutions. in the cloud for over ten years and we ve seen cloud adoption go from cutting edge to. mainstream As cloud technology becomes more and more intuitive and users naturally more. savvy implementing change is getting easier and easier for IT. Still you d probably like to know a little more before you take the leap to the cloud right. In this white paper we ll examine the benefits of cloud based collaboration tools how to prove. the cost savings and value add to your board and what lies under the hood for the IT manager. with some of our best practices for integration migration and change management. Let s fly Read on to learn more,The G Suite team,Want to continue the discussion. Learn more about G Suite or call us now at 855 778 5079. Source goo gl vvVma0,G O O G L E C LO U D 3,of contents. Why change now 4 The business case for the Integration migration and. board 8 a world of possibilities 11, The cloud as competitive Affordability combined with Integration with your.
advantage 4 high value 8 existing infrastructure 11. Intuitive tools inspire better Cost savings and A thriving ecosystem 12. adoption 5 value add 9, Collaboration just good Built for scale security Migration best. business 7 and privacy 10 practices 13,What about change. management 14,Conclusion 14,G O O G L E C LO U D 4. Why change now, Cloud based technology is no longer for the Businesses using. progressive few and those who choose to cloud mobile tools. stay out of the cloud risk getting left behind,grow 26 annually.
The cloud as competitive, A report commissioned from Deloitte revealed some crucial. insights for companies weighing a move to the cloud. organizations using the cloud grow 26 faster and are 21. more profitable than organizations that do not 2 And we re. not just talking about startups 79 of relatively mature. companies3 those older than 5 years growing at less than. 10 per year believe in cloud technology as a way to gain. access and exposure to new markets and revenue streams. For companies working with demanding business partners. in a fast moving marketplace having the right tools is. essential to building a culture of efficiency collaboration. and security, Deloitte Small business big technology How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs September 2014. http www2 deloitte com content dam Deloitte global Documents Technology Media Telecommunications gx tmt small business big technology pdf. G O O G L E C LO U D 5, Still how do we choose the tools that won t just solve. our business challenges today but allow us to anticipate 4 great reasons to go to the cloud. tomorrow s needs and adapt for the future And how to. 1 Operational efficiency,handle the risks inherent in big change. 2 Reliable expertise of security champions, Versatile Scalable Affordable This is what the cloud is.
3 Efficient and productive collaboration,4 Mobility access across devices. Intuitive tools inspire,better adoption, IT and business leaders today are grappling with the ever Last time we checked. increasing use of personal devices and unauthorized apps. More than two million paying organizations,at the office often referred to as Shadow IT. are actively using G Suite including, This rapidly emerging trend comes as a natural response companies like The New York Times. to employees looking for ways to create and collaborate Salesforce Roche Whirlpool Veolia Air. with the same ease efficiency and freedom that they do in Liquide and BBVA. their everyday lives While the rise of Shadow IT can pose More than 1 800 customers sign up for. numerous security risks to companies it also offers unique Google Drive every week. opportunities for businesses to rethink their traditional tools. and processes in ways that both support productivity and. There are more than 900M active,innovation while minimizing risk.
Gmail users,60 of Fortune 500s use Google Cloud, Instead of fighting Shadow IT embrace it by introducing. a legitimate technology that s intuitive and familiar to all. users With G Suite IT can capitalize on users inherent. tendency to collaborate with familiar tools in a way that s. simple and secure,G O O G L E C LO U D 6, For IT professionals charged with making the decisions. that will inspire employee adoption and influence their Tools like Gmail and Google Docs. companies trajectories the choices are daunting,have other benefits too staff are. Expensive complex systems might dazzle with their, capability promises but users prefer simple and familiar with these tools from their. familiar apps personal lives and when given a, This is one of the reasons G Suite has seen choice 73 of our employees voted to.
incredible momentum It s familiar It s intuitive,use G Suite. And it works,Ernest L Cu President and CEO Globe Telecom. What s available to you when you choose G Suite s integrated suite of tools. Communicate Store,Gmail Hangouts Calendar Google Drive. Collaborate Manage,Docs Sheets Slides Forms Sites Admin Vault. On September 29 2016 Google Apps for Work was renamed as G Suite Original references in this document to the names Google Apps or Google Apps for Work may have been updated to reflect this change. G O O G L E C LO U D 7, Collaboration just good business Collaboration applies to every corner of business from.
planning to project management from R D to business. Some special magic happens when two people put their development Yet when handled incorrectly collaboration can. heads together Ideas are sparked creativity flows quickly devolve into a laborious cycle of back and forth emails. solutions manifest as teams wait for input and signoff from various players When. we talk about collaboration what we re really talking about is. Organizations agree that the level of collaboration between. more efficient collaboration, employees and teams has huge impact on company growth. In fact in a study Google conducted with Raconteur surveying. senior staff and C suite executives at 258 North American. companies more than half ranked collaboration related. measures as the 1 thing they d do to increase profitability 4. 73 of respondents believe that their,organization would be more successful if. employees had the tools to work in a more, WATCH DEBORAH BOTHUN S INTERVIEW flexible and collaborative way 5. By giving our teams the right tools to collaborate we re helping them to create and. compete in new ways With G Suite tools our teams are more engaged productive and. mobile And we re adding more value for our clients at a faster pace as a result. Deborah Bothun U S Entertainment Media and Communications Leader PwC. Google and Raconteur Working better together A study of collaboration and innovation in the workplace June 20 2015 goo gl aA6EXc. On September 29 2016 Google Apps for Work was renamed as G Suite Original references in this document to the names Google Apps or Google Apps for Work may have been updated to reflect this change. G O O G L E C LO U D 8,The business case for the board. By now everyone can agree that collaboration and mobility positively impact day to day work But when faced with a move. to cloud based apps your board will probably have questions about the cost value and security of G Suite You need real. numbers and tangible facts to make a case for G Suite and we have them here. Affordability combined with high value, SoftWatch s survey recently unveiled that the average worker spends 4 minutes a day in Word 10 minutes a day in Excel and.
1 minute a day in PowerPoint As companies get larger individual usage goes down even more 6 So why invest in multiple. complex systems when efficient tools easy to manage and easy to use are all you really need. G Suite s straightforward 5 or 10 per user per month pricing gives you access to email file storage and sharing video. conferencing calendars docs and more And G Suite is compatible with Office files You pay as you grow and there s no. hardware to purchase or software to update, Our priority has been to pick tools that can transform our business and for this. we rely on G Suite Moving from Microsoft Exchange saved us 50 in IT costs alone. Tom Percival Co founder graze com,Read more about graze s story. SoftWatch Benchmark SoftWatch Benchmark Real Usage of MS Office Applications April 2014. On September 29 2016 Google Apps for Work was renamed as G Suite Original references in this document to the names Google Apps or Google Apps for Work may have been updated to reflect this change. G O O G L E C LO U D 9,Cost savings and value add, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic. When I did a cost and, Impact TEI study to answer the question Just how much value do G Suite benefit analysis it was clear. customers get,we needed to move to the, By examining six of Google s current customers over a three year period cloud We discovered that.
Forrester created an example composite organization representative of the. Microsoft Office 365 would, typical G Suite customer experience Within this organization employees. streamlined their business processes by working together in real time using cost about 13 times more for. Google Docs Sheets and Slides created project collaboration spaces in us than G Suite. Google Sites and accessed and shared files in Google Drive. Jim Nielsen Manager of Enterprise, Here are some of the highlights of what this composite company achieved Technology Architecture and Planning. using G Suite Shaw Industries,P Return on investment of 304 over 3 years. P Risk adjusted benefit of 1 708 per user, RISK ADJUSTED BENEFIT OF 170 800 PER 100 EMPLOYEES. Prior to using G Suite it,took our editors 24 hours to.
interview a celebrity create,a blog post and to publish. the post online Now the,Payback period of 1 month ROI of 304 over 3 years. process is cut down to 1 2, Source Forrester Consulting s Total Economic Impact of Google Apps for Work G Suite 7 hours which gives us a huge. competitive advantage over,P Payback period of 1 month. other online publications,P Saved each employee up to 2 hours a week.
Bjorn Pave Director of Information, G Suite also created a positive environment for employees one where they Technology POPSUGAR. could work together to innovate and improve business performance no. matter where they were in the world Read the full story. g co Appseconomicimpact, On September 29 2016 Google Apps for Work was renamed as G Suite Original references in this document to the names Google Apps or Google Apps for Work may have been updated to reflect this change. G O O G L E C LO U D 10,Built for scale security and privacy. Google s ability to build,Unparalleled scale,organize and operate a huge. G Suite was built as a 100 cloud based solution from the very start 10 years. ago leveraging the same cloud infrastructure that allows Google to return billions network of servers and fiber. of search results in milliseconds serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per optic cables with an efficiency. month and provide storage for 900 million Gmail users and services to more. and speed that rocks physics,than 5 million businesses who have chosen G Suite.
on its heels This is what,Making security a priority. makes Google Google its, Google employs more than 500 full time engineers including some of the. physical network its thousands, world s most recognized security experts to protect customer data And all. of our data centers have received ISO 270110 certification of fiber miles and those many. thousands of servers that in, But it s not just about Google being more secure we give you the tools so you. can be more secure We ve recently launched many security enhancements aggregate add up to the mother. including Information Rights Management IRM custom audit alerts new of all clouds. sharing controls Password Alert new password recovery options Whitelisted. Domain sharing increased email security and compliance with attachment WIRED Magazine 8. scanning and file type detection and the Security Key We also make sure we 9. and our partners are always here when you need us offering you the right. support 24 7,What about privacy, G Suite customers own their data not Google The data that companies.
schools and students put into Google s systems is theirs Google does not sell. this data to third parties We offer a detailed Data Processing Amendment to. elaborate on this commitment, WATC H T H E D I S C U S S I O N B E T W E E N D AV I D B U R G. Read more about how Google protects your data, PwC S G LO B A L C Y B E R S E C U R I T Y E X P E RT A N D. E R A N F E I G E N B A U M G O O G L E C LO U D S D I R E CTO R. OF SECURITY,goo gl FBPX1l, Reference G Suite blog security and compliance section http goo gl uIshpD. G O O G L E C LO U D 11,Integration migration and,Easy secure email migration. This is often a big question for companies looking to move. a world of possibilities to the cloud If you re using Microsoft Exchange servers. now we have the tools to migrate your email system to. Every company has its own industry specific technical Gmail in a stress free way that won t mean lost data or a. requirements and tools and you ve probably worked pretty big installation production Check the best practices. hard to build the solutions you re already using Do you have. to scrap them and start over Not at all Microsoft Office interoperability. Some collaborators within your organization may still be. G Suite has the flexibility to integrate the systems that. using Microsoft Office files Not a problem with G Suite. are already working for you with new cloud based tools. They can edit download and convert Office files in Google. Leveraging our apps and partners you can customize a. Docs Sheets and Slides, solution that perfectly blends the best of what you already.
have with the benefits of the cloud completing the puzzle To edit an Office file they can either. Edit the file using Office Compatibility Mode OCM, Integration with your existing Convert the file to Google Docs Sheets or Slides. infrastructure Use Google Drive plug in for Microsoft Office Open. Word Excel and PowerPoint documents stored in, You want better functionality without losing any existing. Drive and save changes back to Drive Windows, data or capabilities We get it G Suite can seamlessly. replace or add on to your current solutions Once they ve edited a Google Docs Sheets or Slides file you. can then save and export it as an Office file to share with. For instance if Microsoft s Office Suite has been the. others Read more, backbone of your productivity until now you are probably. wondering how it will integrate with G Suite Our partners. and teams have a proven methodology for this,G O O G L E C LO U D 12.
A thriving ecosystem Integrate G Suite with your other apps and workflows using APIs. We have integration with key enterprise partners like SAP and Salesforce. Good collaboration solutions don t exist, and partners like AODocs to help migrate legacy SharePoint repositories to. in a vacuum they are part of a rich, G Suite while preserving all the custom document properties permissions. ecosystem that extends way beyond the,and version history. Google domain To help you thrive in that, ecosystem we have a library of closely The Google Drive API lets you sync data from your app directly with users. vetted third party apps that sync tightly Google Drive accounts And our REST APIs let your app work with users. with G Suite we work closely with key mail calendars contacts and other data Our rich API capabilities help you. enterprise partners to ensure compatibility keep your typical workflow intact Read more. and we offer a robust Google Drive API,Extend your apps with G Suite Marketplace.
Hundreds of third party apps integrate,directly with G Suite like BetterCloud. which automates management of your,domain and LucidChart which helps you. create beautiful diagrams within Drive,G Suite Marketplace enables. administrators and employees to find,applications to help them get work done. From Asana a team management tool to,Zapier a way to connect apps you use and.
automate tasks you can find the right app,to solve your organization s needs. G O O G L E C LO U D 13,Migration best practices,Motorola Solutions moved. We ve seen a lot of companies migrate to our cloud based apps and we can. recommend experienced partners to help you integrate G Suite with your its entire workforce of 17 000. legacy infrastructure and guide you in best practices employees and about 5 000. In our experience the most successful deployments consist of three phases contractors and vendors to. Google Cloud The company set, Phase 1 Core IT gives your IT team about 4 weeks to become familiar. with the features before actual data migration occurs up drop in training centers in. the cafeteria IT staff worked, Phase 2 Early Adopters 5 10 of your company representing a broad. cross section of roles and office locations begin data migration the help desk for two days. Phase 3 Global Go Live aka The Big Day,And 1 000 staffers trained.
beforehand to help ease the, During each phase you ll progressively configure more G Suite features. migrate more data over from your legacy system and progressively move process for others wore bright. users to G Suite orange shirts and tied orange,balloons to their cubicles so. they were easy to spot,CIO com How Motorola Solutions and its. 22 000 workers ditched Microsoft for Google, On September 29 2016 Google for Work was renamed as Google Cloud Original references in this document to the name Google for Work may have been updated to reflect this change. G O O G L E C LO U D 14,What about change management.
Kim Wylie Global Lead Change Management Google Cloud has several tips. for making change happen, Engage with one of our partner experts who can ensure a smooth. transition Our partners are intimate and adept with Google s. transformation methodology and they can maximize the value your. WATC H K I M W Y L I E G LO B A L L E A D C H A N G E. organization will get from a switch to the cloud, M A N A G E M E N T G O O G L E C LO U D S H A R E H E R TO P. TIPS FOR MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN, Encourage your leaders to lead by example making sure they re. using the new technology right up front and embracing the power of. collaboration that it brings, Create an engaging and fun communication plan that will explain the. details of the move to G Suite and exactly what benefits the employees. are going to see, Understand the profile of your employees so you can train them on how.
they can best use G Suite to collaborate with each other customers and. vendors in new and more efficient ways,Conclusion, So there you have it With Google s cloud collaboration tools your organization can shuffle yesterday s installations upgrades. and patches out the door By integrating features that all your users can tap into on their devices anywhere collaboration and. productivity become the normal everyday experience companywide G Suite s experienced team and partners will help you make. your journey to the cloud a positive one, Want to continue the discussion Learn more about G Suite or call us now at 855 778 5079.

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