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Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep,Yoga Nidra practice methods are linked below. Intro Track of CD plus video This file contains the. audio of the Introduction track of the Yoga Nidra CD It. explains the process of Yoga Nidra and the guided, 8 minutes practices on the CD The guided practice itself is on the. other tracks of the CD This video file also has,graphics to help explain the audio narration. Intro Track of CD Listen to the Introduction track. same sound as above of the Yoga Nidra CD which,explains the process of Yoga Nidra and the guided. practices on the CD The guided practice itself is on the. other tracks of the CD,Yoga Meditation Visualized This 7 minute video.
summarizes the process of Yoga Meditation which is. extremely thorough and deep It includes Yoga Nidra. and how authentic Yoga Nidra fits into the overall. process of Yoga Meditation, Yoga Nidra has been known for thousands of years by the sages and yogis Of the three. states of consciousness of Waking Dreaming and Deep Sleep as expounded in the. Upanishads particularly the Mandukya Upanishad Yoga Nidra refers to the conscious. awareness of the Deep Sleep state referred to as prajna in Mandukya Upanishad This is. the third of the four levels of consciousness of AUM mantra relating to the state. represented by the M of AUM The four states are Waking Dreaming sleep and turiya the. fourth state The state of Yoga Nidra conscious Deep Sleep is beyond or subtler than the. imagery and mental process of the Waking and Dreaming states As a state of conscious. Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra is a universal principle and is not the exclusive domain of any more. recent teachers or traditions,In Yoga Nidra you leave the Waking state. go through the Dreaming state,and into the Deep Sleep state. yet remain fully awake,Contents of this web page,Yoga Nidra and Meditation. How consciousness recedes,Not Yoga Nidra,Page 2 of 25.
Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep,Brain waves are at Delta. Parachuting and Yoga Nidra,Purifying samskaras deep habit patterns. Like the backdrop of a stage,Emptying process,Destination not the journey. Chakras and Yoga Nidra,Tantra and the three levels. Methods are many and simple,Methods of practicing Yoga Nidra.
Yoga Nidra begins to come naturally,See also these articles. 5 Yoga Nidra method 1 2 3 4 5,OM and the Seven Levels of Consciousness. 4 Levels and 3 Domains of Consciousness,Relaxation methods before meditation. Yoga Nidra CD from SwamiJ com, Meditation Imagine that you are in the WAKING state with all of its distractions of mind. You systematically do this and that with directing your attention You are practicing. concentration and letting go leading you towards meditation The thoughts and pictures of. the DREAMING state start to come to the surface even though you are still in the WAKING. state Gradually the distractions fade away your mind becomes focused and you are. having a nice meditation You are deeply relaxed You are still in the WAKING state of. consciousness which is the nature of meditation, Yoga Nidra Now imagine that at some point you DROP or FALL or EMPTY or other such.
words into the STATE of DEEP SLEEP much like you would normally do at bedtime when. not Dreaming However this time you fell all the way THROUGH the Dreaming state and. came to rest in the DEEP SLEEP state though paradoxically you remained aware and alert. This is the level UNDERNEATH both the WAKING and DREAMING states and all of the. thoughts and impressions that go along with those two states Now you are in the STATE of. CONSCIOUS DEEP SLEEP This state is the state of YOGA NIDRA Yoga Nidra refers to a. state of consciousness not just the methods that lead you there Nidra means sleep not. Dreaming and Yoga means union where all of those other thoughts and impressions have. receded back into the unified field from which they arose. Swami Rama describes sleepless sleep,and it s greater depth than alpha brain waves. in this 1973 cover story,PDF cover story More research here. One of the popular terms arising from exploration into the mind is alpha wave Again. the Swami points out a common misconception and says emphatically Alpha and. meditation are not the same Alpha is created by relaxation It is not a high state. Once when I hooked my German Shepard dog to the biofeedback machine he created. 75 percent alpha,Page 3 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Yoga Nidra Conscious Deep Sleep,See also the article. Bindu Pinnacle of Yoga Vedanta and Tantra, Companions to the higher goal This is not yet the higher goal of sadhana spiritual.
practices which is to experience consciousness itself independent of any grosser false. identification etc one might call this purusha atman or the experience of the state of. turiya the fourth but that s a different thing which is just beyond the level of conscious. Deep Sleep the goal of Yoga Nidra However Meditation and Yoga Nidra work together as. companion practices in preparing one for such higher experience. See also these articles on the Levels of Consciousness. OM and the Seven Levels of Consciousness,4 Levels and 3 Domains of Consciousness. Mandukya Upanishad,Yoga Nidra and,Yoga Meditation are Companions. In Meditation you remain in the,Waking state of consciousness and. gradually allow the layers of the,unconscious and subconscious to come. forward expanding the Waking state,with one pointed concentration and non.
attachment to the streams of impressions,flowing in the field of mind. Waking state,Waking state A of AUM,Page 4 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. In Yoga Nidra you leave the Waking,state of consciousness and go to the. Deep Sleep state of consciousness yet,paradoxically remain fully awake It is an. extremely relaxing state in which,samskaras of attachment and aversion.
the driving force behind karma are,attenuated in strength. Deep Sleep state,Deep Sleep state M of AUM M of AUM. Reverie that is experienced between the,Waking and Dreaming states such as. when you sometimes wake up in the,morning with a pleasant half here and. half there feeling is not Yoga Nidra This,reverie is often the goal of relaxation and.
visualization exercises but Yoga Nidra is,far deeper. Transition reverie,Transition reverie,Yoga Nidra brings access to the to. latent or subconscious level of mind,that is underneath even the processing. fantasizing imaging level of mind It is,the doorway to the causal level of reality. out of which springs the subtle psychic,astral plane of reality which in turn.
brings forth the gross level,Deep Sleep state,Deep Sleep state M of AUM M of AUM. Meditation and Yoga Nidra work,together as companion practices. through which you purify the deepest,levels of the mind and expand the. conscious state to include what was,previously unconscious Finally the. expansion includes the realization of the,pure consciousness that permeates all of.
the levels,Expansion Realization Expansion Realization. Page 5 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. See also these articles on the Levels of Consciousness. OM and the Seven Levels of Consciousness,4 Levels and 3 Domains of Consciousness. Mandukya Upanishad,Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness. not the methods that lead you to that state,Consciousness recedes in Yoga Nidra.
Waking State In the Waking state of consciousness all three. levels are active and being used The Conscious mind is. obviously being used The Unconscious mind is also, processing though typically out of view much like the active. microprocessor of a computer during Meditation this comes. Waking into view The Subconscious is also active in that it its data is. AUM available when needed much like the data on the hard disk of. a computer Note that sometimes people reverse the names. for the Unconscious and Subconscious The choice of words in. not important the meaning behind them is what counts. Dreaming State In the Dreaming state of consciousness the. level we call Conscious functioning has receded back into the. field of mind from which it arose Only the Unconscious. processing is still there along with the storage source of the. Subconscious The impressions from the Subconscious stir and. Dreaming become part of the dream process that is going on in the. U of AUM Unconscious level of mind, Deep Sleep In the Deep Sleep state of consciousness both. the Conscious and Unconscious levels have receded back into. the field of mind from which they arose where memories are. stored Only the Subconscious level is still active At this. Subconscious level the memories are in a formless form and. Deep Sleep there are therefore no pictures or images as in the dream. M of AUM state Rather this is the level that gives birth to those images. At this level there is also no playing out of thoughts and. actions in the Conscious state either This deep stillness is the. domain of Yoga Nidra when experienced consciously rather. than inertly as in typical sleep,Page 6 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Receding process The significance of this receding process cannot be overstated It has. become very common in modern Yoga circles to think that Yoga Nidra is merely another. terminology for relaxation exercises This is not the case Almost all relaxation exercises. operate when one is in the Waking State or in the reverie between Waking and Dreaming. Some modern practitioners consciously dream a process which has become known as Lucid. Dreaming While this may be a useful exercise as a Meditation exercise particularly if used. to cultivate non attachment vairagya this too is not Yoga Nidra Non attachment or. vairagya is one of the two core principles of Yoga See Yoga Sutras 1 12 1 16. Conscious Deep Sleep To repeat Yoga Nidra is the state of conscious Deep Sleep It is. beyond or deeper than these other practices however useful they may be. Yoga Nidra Conscious Deep Sleep, Compatible not contradictory It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because the. state of consciousness of Yoga Nidra is beyond or deeper see above than that of some. other practices this also necessarily means better One might then seek and do what is. perceived to be the better practice avoiding what is perceived to be the lesser practice. Regardless of what names or terms one uses such as Yoga Nidra Dhyana meditation or. Smriti mindfulness the practices with the three levels of Waking Dreaming and Deep. Sleep states of consciousness are compatible not contradictory For the Yogi practices are. done with all three levels regardless of what he or she might call those levels and the. methods of practice This would still be true if the name Yoga Nidra had never been used by. anybody for any practice or state of consciousness. The Yogi consciously explores the Waking state,The Yogi consciously explores the Dreaming state.
The Yogi consciously explores the Sleeping state, The Yogi seeks to experience all three collectively. The Yogi seeks to experience the Absolute beyond all three. Formless thoughts To understand Yoga Nidra it is imperative to understand that. thoughts are in a formless form There are literally no pictures and no words as there are. in the Waking and Dreaming states There is no visual awareness of any form whatsoever. including the physical aspects of your own body or of any dream sequence Yet there is a. truer deeper knowledge than any of the knowledge that is of pictures and words This level. has been called the infinite storehouse or knowledge or the infinite library Deep Sleep. Page 7 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Birth of dreams While there are no pictures at this level attention may drift slightly. outward thus starting to leave Yoga Nidra through the transition stage between the Deep. Sleep state and the Dreaming state Here the birth of images leading to dream sequences. and mental processing is experienced In Yoga Meditation science this transition stage is. called Aladani somewhat like the story of Aladin s lamp where the genie who was in latent. form like in Deep Sleep goes through a transition stage of being like a wispy cloud before. taking the human like form first in the Dreaming or subtle level and then in the Waking or. gross level, Beyond archetypes Some schools of psychology refer to deep impressions of archetypes. However these archetypes are referred to as having form In the context of these. archetypes Yoga Nidra is touching the causal level that is prior to or underneath the. archetypes It is the seed or bija level out of which the archetypes and subsequent dramas. Attenuating Karma It is because of the access to the seed or bija level that one is able to. directly attenuate the samskaras or deep impressions that drive karma or actions. Page 8 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Consciousness is there 24 hours Another way to view this process is that the. consciousness at the subtler level is existent 24 hours per day Sometimes that. consciousness comes outward expressing into the subtle psychic or astral level which we. commonly know as Dreaming state At other times consciousness comes even further. outward expressing into the gross external world through the physical body Viewed this. way it is also easier to see how it is that the sages have said that death Deep Sleep and. samadhi are very similar or related like siblings, See also these articles on the Levels of Consciousness.
OM and the Seven Levels of Consciousness,4 Levels and 3 Domains of Consciousness. Mandukya Upanishad, It is a universally known feature of Deep Sleep that there. are no images in the mind If there are images that is the. Waking or the Dreaming state not the Deep Sleep state. Yoga Nidra relates to conscious Deep Sleep,Nidra means Deep Sleep not Dreaming. Dreaming and Not Dreaming are NOT the same thing,NOT Yoga Nidra. The depth of Yoga Nidra has become almost lost in recent years as has happened with Yoga. in general Here are a few points that should help to clarify the nature of Yoga Nidra. Not merely relaxation It has become popular to use the term Yoga Nidra for any method. that might help induce relaxation Yoga Nidra is not mere relaxation as very useful as. relaxation exercises might be Yoga Nidra is a specific state of consciousness which has to. do with the conscious experience of dreamless Deep Sleep This may seem unimportant. but if one does not discern the difference between relaxation and Yoga Nidra the greater. depth of Yoga Nidra might be completely missed Better that one see the difference enjoy. relaxation for its own value and then pursue the depths of Yoga Nidra when he or she is. ready for this deeper practice,Page 9 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep.
Not guided imagery If one is in the process of guided imagery that is not Yoga Nidra. Guided imagery may be a very useful practice and may be used as preparation leading up. to Yoga Nidra but it is not itself Yoga Nidra In the depth of Yoga Nidra the aspects of. mind used for visualizing have receded as described in the last section. Guided imagery is not itself Yoga Nidra,Affirmations are not Yoga Nidra. Music is not Yoga Nidra,Yoga Nidra is not new, Not affirmations or autosuggestion Yoga Nidra is also not a practice of autosuggestion. or verbal affirmations whether affirming desired personal qualities or worldly objects that. are desired It is also not a process of verbally affirming that you are in Yoga Nidra If you. are still in such a conscious level that you are still making oral affirmations of any kind then. you are definitely not in the subtle state of Yoga Nidra In such a case the conscious. Waking state mind has not yet receded into the cause from which it arose. Not music Yoga Nidra is also not music as relaxing as music might be to the conscious. mind It is not that music is a bad thing to experience It might be very pleasant but it is. simply not Yoga Nidra No amount of pretending that it is will make it so Yoga Nidra is the. experience of conscious Deep Sleep Prajna and that does not occur while you are. listening to music,NOT Yoga Nidra, Not alpha or reverie Between the Waking and Dreaming states there is a transition. stage that is often called reverie We have virtually all experienced this relaxing. intriguing insightful and useful state from time to time in the early morning transition as we. awaken from sleep This stage of awareness is often cultivated in relaxation training and. correlates with alpha brain waves However useful and pleasant this may be it is however. NOT the stage of Deep Sleep which is characteristic of true Yoga Nidra Unfortunately it. has become common to use the term Yoga Nidra for any type of relaxation. Page 10 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. NOT Yoga Nidra, Not visualizing or Dreaming The state of conscious Deep Sleep is a formless state where.
there are no pictures or words Exploring the images and pictures of the mind field is a very. useful if not essential part of meditation However one of the unique features of Yoga. Nidra is that it is experienced beyond these gross and subtle levels of mental process It is a. sometimes exasperating thing to have to keep explaining but it is a universally known. feature of Deep Sleep that there are no images If there are images that is Dreaming state. NOT Deep Sleep state Yoga Nidra relates to conscious Deep Sleep To understand this is. very difficult for modern students because of the increasing number of articles books. seminars and lectures that incorrectly claim that Yoga Nidra is about exploring these. images Again those are useful processes but by failing to understand the depth of Yoga. Nidra that depth will never be experienced It is imperative to understand that Dreaming. and Not Dreaming Deep Sleep are two different processes or levels of consciousness. Some phases of meditation deal with those Dreaming level images but Yoga Nidra relates. to conscious Deep Sleep, Not new Yoga Nidra is an ancient most universal process that has neither been invented. nor rediscovered in recent years as is claimed by some This practice has been known to. the sages of the Himalayas for a very long time With some reflection on the nature of Yoga. Nidra as conscious Deep Sleep Prajna it is self evident that this is a universal process. These levels of consciousness are addressed throughout the Upanishads and particularly. the Mandukya Upanishad, Not a brand name practice Many of the modern so called styles of Yoga have a. man s name in front of it as if that man had invented Yoga Sadly the same thing is now. happening with Yoga Nidra as well with a person s name being put in front of the words. Yoga Nidra The egotism and arrogance of modern so called teachers knows no limits. This IS the domain of Yoga Nidra,Page 11 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep It is a state of conscious Deep Sleep In Meditation you. remain in the Waking state of consciousness and gently focus the mind while allowing. thought patterns emotions sensations and images to arise and go on However in Yoga. Nidra you leave the Waking state go past the Dreaming state and go to Deep Sleep yet. remain awake, Depth comes in time What if you are practicing Yoga Nidra but not yet attaining the. state of Yoga Nidra The practices leading up to Yoga Nidra are very useful It is good to. enjoy that relaxation and training of the mind At some point the practice deepens maybe. just for a moment like a flash when one experiences the depth of Yoga Nidra It may come. soon or it may come later but it will definitely come with patience and practice. Brain waves are at Delta, Correlation with brain waves While the goal of Yoga Nidra is spiritual insight and.
experience not just to change the physical brain activity there is some correlation with the. brain wave patterns as is summarized in the following. Name of Frequency in hertz,Level cycles per second Description. Beta 14 30 Typical level of daily mental activity alert active It is. also the level of activity associated with tension or. Alpha 8 13 Relaxed passive attention reverie often considered. the goal of relaxation exercises While this is a very. relaxing state and useful to be practiced it is, sometimes incorrectly thought to be the goal of Yoga. Theta 4 7 Normally considered to be unconscious possibly. drowsy or half asleep This level is also sometimes. incorrectly considered to be the level of Yoga Nidra. where there is still the experience of images and,streams of thoughts. Delta 5 3 5 Considered to be unconscious dreamless Deep Sleep. Prajna In Yoga Nidra the brain waves are at, this level as the practitioner is in conscious Deep. Sleep beyond the activity experienced at the other. Relaxation may come first When first practicing Yoga Nidra there is a good chance that. one might not experience Yoga Nidra itself The practices might be very relaxing with brain. waves slowing from Beta to Alpha or Theta but not slowing to the Delta level Or the other. possibility that often happens initially is that one falls asleep into the Delta level losing. conscious awareness and thus not experiencing true Yoga Nidra. Be patient It is important to be very patient over time in practicing Yoga Nidra The. relaxation that comes with the Alpha and Theta levels can be extremely useful for mental. emotional and physical health It is not bad that one does not initially experience the depth. of Yoga Nidra by consciously entering Deep Sleep and Delta These relaxing experiences are. a very nice part of life and also prepare one for the later experience of the depth of Yoga. Delta brainwaves not Alpha There has been some degree of confusion circulating about. Yoga Nidra and brain waves Possibly due to the fact that many experience only the Alpha. Page 12 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep.
level of brain waves initially many teach that Alpha is the goal of Yoga Nidra While the. Alpha or Theta levels can be very useful steps along the way the ultimate goal of Yoga. Nidra is the experience of conscious Deep Sleep Prajna which correlates with Delta brain. waves True Yoga Nidra practice ultimately leads to awareness beyond any level of physical. brain functioning,Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep,not Yogic Dreaming. Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep,not Yogic Dreaming,Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. not Yogic Dreaming, Yogic Sleep not Yogic Dreaming Remember the aspirant wants to reach Yoga Nidra. conscious Deep Sleep so that the samskaras which are the driving force behind karma can. be purified in their latent formless form And this process happens beyond or underneath. all of the activity in the Waking and Dreaming states of mind Yoga Nidra means Yogic. Sleep not Yogic Dreaming,Yoga Nidra and parachuting. State of consciousness versus methods The methods used for Yoga Nidra are for. training the mind to focus to go inward subtler and subtler until finally attention dives off. into stillness and objectless ness The methods themselves are not Yoga Nidra They lead. up to Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness not the methods that lead. you there This is a very tricky point to understand It takes a bit of reflection to grasp. Then it requires direct experience, Methods are preparation Think of parachuting You get into an airplane.
The airplane takes off It climbs up to its altitude The pilot positions the. airplane in just the right place and then slows down Then finally you jump. out of the airplane and start to parachute None of the steps leading up to. that were themselves parachuting nor is the airplane itself really related to. parachuting directly The airplane and the actions of taking off climbing and. moving here and there were only preparation for the moment where one can do the part. called parachuting, Variety of methods In addition there are different types and sizes of airplanes from. which one could parachute One could also parachute off of a cliff a tall building or a high. bridge Each of these are methods of bringing you to the point of parachuting The same is. true of the various methods of bringing you to the point of jumping off into the state of. Yoga Nidra, Jumping off Entering Yoga Nidra is like jumping out of the airplane There are many. methods one can do to train the mind to move the attention here and there so that you. can then jump out of the Waking and Dreaming states of consciousness into the fully. conscious experience of Deep Sleep Prajna That is the experience of Yoga Nidra. Page 13 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. Yoga Nidra is beyond any creative visualization,that might lead you towards Yoga Nidra. Seek the depth beyond imagery There is a reason that it is so important to know that. Yoga Nidra is a state rather than the methods It is very easy to practice the techniques. but to incorrectly think that the goal is merely to relax through creative visualization. Creative visualization alone might be a useful practice but by staying in those shallow. waters the deeper value of Yoga Nidra will be missed One can practice visualization. exercises for many years and not be aware of the depth of Yoga Nidra Remember the. parachute metaphor and that while creative visualizations might be useful in the practice. leading up to Yoga Nidra the Yoga Nidra itself comes by going beyond all of the imagery. Emptying By being aware of the differences in the levels of practice one can consciously. work on reaching the end of the practice the point where it is time to jump out of the. plane into the emptying practice that is Yoga Nidra This emptying process is further. described in a later section of this article,Purifying samskaras.
the deep habit patterns, Examining While Yoga Nidra is very relaxing it is also an extremely useful state for. spiritual practices The yogis use Yoga Nidra to examine thought patterns in their latent. non active form,Yogis use Yoga Nidra,to attenuate samskaras. the driving force behind karma, Samskaras This level of consciousness is the place where thoughts emotions images. and sensations go when they recede from their actions in the Waking and Dreaming states. These formless forms or deep habit patterns are called samskaras which are the driving. force of actions or karma, Reducing deep habits Thus Yoga Nidra is a tool for examining attenuating and. eliminating habit patterns or samskaras which are not useful Habitual negative actions. normally arising from these deep impressions can thus be reduced and eliminated through. the practice of Yoga Nidra, Undistracted by the formless In the Waking state thought patterns can be troubling In.
the Dreaming state they can form trains of thoughts that seem to drag you around. However imagine that you could observe your thought patterns when they were not active. when they were in a latent sleeping form while you were awake Then they would not. disturb or distract you This is what happens in Yoga Nidra The paradox is that while they. are not in active form they are still there This can be frustrating to try to conceptualize. but this is as close as we can get to just say they are in a formless form. Subtle thoughts with little charge Imagine a photo on the screen of your computer It. might be a picture you find pleasing or offensive However imagine that you saw a print of. Page 14 of 25,Yoga Nidra Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep. the binary numbers all of the zeros and ones that mathematically formed those pictures in. the memory of the hard disk There would be no reaction whatsoever There would just be a. bunch of numbers without any emotional charge to them This is what happens when. witnessing samskaras deep impressions that drive karma or actions while you are in Yoga. Nidra There may be subtle traces of emotions but they are very very subtle and do not. seem to have the charge of active desires wants wishes dislikes or aversions. Transformation of samskaras By witnessing the samskaras in the state of Yoga Nidra a. certain transformation happens They start to lose their coloring of attraction and aversion. They start to weaken and are less and less able to later control our thoughts and actions. In this way we use Yoga Nidra to reduce or soften the impact of our samskaras that play. out as karma, Who I am Through Yoga Nidra there is an ever increasing awareness that Who I am is. different from my thoughts In Yoga Nidra you experience consciousness underneath or. prior to all of the active mental process both conscious and that which is normally. unconscious Being awake in this place underneath or behind the thinking process can. seem quite strange bewildering at first Gradually it brings increasing peace of mind and. insight about the nature of who we truly are, Doorway beyond In Yoga Nidra one touches the doorway to the awareness that still. operates beyond all of the levels of mind that leads to realization of the center of. consciousness or Self, It comes in time Once again you may or may not reach the state of Yoga Nidra in the. beginning It does not matter The deeper experience of Yoga Nidra may come soon or it. may come later but it will definitely come with practice In any case you will surely find. Yoga Nidra to be a very relaxing part of your life. Yoga Nidra is like,the backdrop of a stage, Reverie Imagine that you are sitting in the audience of a live theater The.
curtain is closed such that you cannot see the set of the play This is like. being in the Waking state The curtain forms that reverie state between. Waking and Dreaming While you may have left the noisiness of the busy city. street you are still in the Waking state when sitting in the theater with the. curtain still closed This is like coming into some quiet physical place where. you intend to do your practices a place such as your private Meditation room or a Yoga. classroom Sitting in the theater off the street resting in a pleasant state is somewhat like. the many relaxation practices people do but it is not true Meditation which permeates the. subtler states Nor is it Yoga Nidra, A halfway step Gradually the curtain opens and you see the objects on the set of the. play and the actors This is like viewing the Dreaming state of consciousness the. unconscious mind This is a stance of Meditation where you stay in the Waking state allow. the veil to open and the unconscious comes forward while staying focused However. Meditation and Yoga Nidra are two different things Sometimes it can seem that Yoga Nidra. is that state halfway between the Waking and Dreaming states but this is not so This. halfway place is only a step along the way,Page 15 of 25.

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