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01 02 The Queen s Award for Enterprise,CIMA QUALIFICATION. In 2013 LSBF won the Queen s Award for Enterprise, 03 one of the highest accolades for business in the UK. CIMA REQUIREMENTS, Outstanding performance in international trade innovation. 04 and sustainable development that s what it takes to win the. CIMA SYLLABUS Queen s Award for Enterprise, 05 This award is recognition of LSBF s commitment to constant. improvement and its commitment to students,EXAM REGULATIONS.
WAYS TO STUDY,MEET THE TEAM,CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT,HOW TO APPLY. 01 CIMA QUALIFICATION,What is CIMA, Chartered Institute of Management Accounting CIMA is the. only international accountancy body that focuses exclusively. on business addressed to those who practice management. accounting and are responsible for planning budgeting. business strategy and financial management, The benefits that CIMA offer focus on the assessment of a. company s business performance leadership and management. in terms of financial analysis,Who is CIMA for, The qualification is directed at those who aspire to have. a successful and diverse career in financial and business. management CIMA is a broad qualification which develops key. decision making management strategic and analytical skills. How does CIMA work, The Certificate in Business Accounting is the entry level to the.
CIMA qualification and consists of five papers Students might. get exemptions from some or all of the papers depending on. their previous degree or qualification relevancy, Students with no accounting background must complete. all certificate papers before progressing on to the CIMA. Professional Qualification, The Professional Qualification consists of three levels. Operational Management and Strategic To complete the. qualification students have to pass 12 exams nine multiple. choice objective tests and three integrated case studies. Go to page 04 to see the CIMA Syllabus,02 CIMA QUALIFICATION. How long will it take to complete the What will your starting salary be. qualification Once qualified chartered accountants are found working in high. level jobs all over the world They can expect a starting salary in. There is no specified time limit in which you are required to pass the region of 44 000 rising to 80 000 and above as they gain. However students are normally studying the objective test papers more experience see graph below. in parallel over three months and sit the case study exam on the. following month thus completing one level in four months. Average annual salary for CIMA members in United Kingdom per EXPERIENCE. NEWLY QUALIFIED 44 623,1 3 YEARS 49 125,4 5 YEARS 53 578. 6 9 YEARS 61 361,10 19 YEARS 73 082,20 YEARS 86 803.
Where will you work, Source These graphs were created using CIMA s official 2014 salary calculator with data. Those who successfully obtain the CIMA qualification can work collected from a 2014 CIMA salary survey conducted between 12 May and 2 June To. in a variety of different industries You will have the potential to download the salary survey or to use the calculator visit http myjobs cimaglobal com. work in whichever sector you re interested in article cimas official 2014 salary calculator. Average annual salary for CIMA members in United Kingdom per INDUSTRY. EDUCATION 53 452,ACCOUNTANCY 61 072,HEALTHCARE AND PHARMACEUTICAL 62 599. MEDIA MARKETING ADVERTISING AND PR 66 422,OIL GAS AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGY 67 742. FINANCIAL SERVICES 67 854,BANKING 74 318,03 CIMA REQUIREMENTS. Registering as a CIMA student, Enrolment as an LSBF student does not automatically register.
you with CIMA All students who wish to sit CIMA examinations. must register with CIMA separately,Exemptions, You may receive exemptions if you already hold a relevant. degree or professional qualification CIMA judges the relevance. of your previous studies and can award exemptions for some. papers in the Certificate in Business Accounting and CIMA. Professional Qualification, CIMA requires up to 20 days to process exemption applications. Visit http www cimaglobal com Study with us Exemptions. to learn all about exemptions and how to apply,Practical experience. To become CIMA qualified students need to satisfy the. practical experience requirements PER This means providing. evidence of a minimum of three year s relevant supervised. work experience,CIMA contact details,For more information on CIMA registration entry. requirements examinations and exemptions please visit the. CIMA website www cimaglobal com,04 CIMA SYLLABUS, The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting is the entry There are three subjects per level and each subject is assessed.
route to the CIMA qualification Students with no exemptions by an objective test Each level has an integrated case study ICS. must complete all five subjects to be able to progress on to the which combines the knowledge and learning at each level of the. Professional Qualification qualification, The CIMA Professional Qualification consists of three levels Upon completing the three objective tests for one level students. progressing from the Operational level to the Management and can take the level s integrated case study exam In total there are. Strategic levels nine multiple choice objective tests and three integrated case. study exams at the professional level,1 CERTIFICATE. LEVEL 2 OPERATIONAL,LEVEL 3 MANAGEMENT,LEVEL 4 STRATEGIC. AWARD CIMA AWARD CIMA AWARD CIMA Advanced AWARD Membership of. Certificate in Diploma in Management Diploma in Management the Chartered Institute of. Business Accounting Accounting Accounting Management Accountants. and the CGMA Designation, C01 Operational Case Study Management Case Study Strategic Case Study Exam. Fundamentals of Exam Exam,Management Accounting,Organisational Project and Strategic.
Fundamentals of Financial,Accounting Management Relationship Management. ENTERPRISE PILLAR Management,Fundamentals of Business P1 P2 P3. Mathematics,Management Advanced Risk Management,C04 Accounting Management. Fundamentals of Business PERFORMANCE PILLAR Accounting. C05 Financial Reporting Advanced Financial Financial Strategy. Fundamentals of Ethics,and Taxation Reporting,Corporate Governance. and Business Law FINANCIAL PILLAR,05 EXAM REGULATIONS.
CIMA Certificate in Business CIMA exam information. Accounting Exams For more information on CIMA exams and to access exam. resources visit, At the certificate level there are no restrictions on the. order in which papers are taken http www cimaglobal com Students Exam resources and. All papers are computer based assessments CBAs information Assessment. Students without exemptions must pass all five exams to be. able to proceed to the CIMA Professional Qualification To view exam dates and entry deadlines visit. Our campus is an official CIMA computer based exam centre http www cimaglobal com Students Exam resources and. Please contact us for details of CBA dates see back of information Exam timetable. Objective test exams,90 minutes long,Computer based available on demand. Three objective tests for each level, Students may sit the objective tests of each level in. Exam results available immediately, Students must complete all three objective tests for. each level before sitting the integrated case study exam. Integrated case study ICS exams,Three hours long,Computer based.
One ICS for each level,Include both pre seen and unseen material. Exam sittings are available 4 times a year,February May August and November. 06 WHY LSBF, Our CIMA course thoroughly prepares you for both the objective tests and the integrated case study examinations You will be. taught by our award winning tutors who are always committed to helping you gain a profound understanding of your subject. In addition you will also benefit from ultimate flexibility our LSBF s Pass 1st Time Guarantee and financial support through our. flexible payment plan, Here are a few great reasons why you should consider LSBF for your CIMA qualification. Award winning tutors, Our expert tutors have many years of professional experience and they have been awarded for their.
teaching methodology and passion with David Laws having recently been awarded the 2015 Lecturer of. the Year PQ Award and Hafeez Qazi the 2014 Accountant of the year AIA Award. Flexible payments, With LSBF financing your CIMA doesn t have to be a worry you can now make payments. over the course of three or six months, Payments must be made on or before the specified date and failure to comply will render the agreement null and void. 07 WHY LSBF,Tutor written course notes, Our tutors write the course notes and Mock Exams which means you re learning from tutors who. know the specifics about each subject,Pass 1st Time Guarantee. This guarantee shows our confidence in the quality of tuition we provide should you fail any paper on. your first sitting we will allow you to re sit the paper the following term free of charge. LSBF Pass 1st Time Guarantee requires 100 attendance and covers the failed CIMA paper only and cannot be used for any other papers Please visit our website for full terms and. conditions,08 WAYS TO STUDY, 1 ON CAMPUS As part of your course you will benefit from one to one.
consultation with your tutor 2 complete case study mock exams. Our courses are taught by specialists allowing you to master the and personalised feedback. most difficult areas of the subject Our highly experienced tutors. are selected for their deep knowledge of the topic so they can Study resources. deal with any academic queries you have, Your on campus CIMA course also includes study materials. You will study the objective test as well as the case study topics and access to our award winning online platform powered by. for the particular paper that you are studying You will be InterActive so you can review and revise whenever you see. prepared for both levels with extra questions to make sure you necessary. have understood what you have studied during class. CIMA text book and tutor written course material, Courses can be studied on a weekend evening or block basis Mock exam for each subject and 2 mock exams for the. Studying in blocks means you can learn about one subject Case Study course. intensely over a four day period including the weekend Pass 1st Time Guarantee. After reviewing the course material you can then quickly sit the Electronic lecture notes. real exam I pass MCQ generator and question bank,The Case Study Course. The course is delivered on campus over 6 evenings and focuses. on key tactics to maximise your Integrated Case Study ICS. exam score, LSBF Pass 1st Time Guarantee requires 100 attendance and covers the failed CIMA paper only and cannot be used for any other papers Please visit our website for full terms and. conditions,09 WAYS TO STUDY,2 LIVE ONLINE 3 STANDARD ONLINE.
Live Online classes are just like on campus classes where You can learn from our award winning tutors 24 7 via HD. students can engage with tutors in real time ask questions and online studio lectures using our innovative learning platform. interact with other fellow students InterActive, The lectures are delivered via our award winning learning Online study allows you to rewind pause fast forward and. platform InterActive and each level will be taught over the watch the recorded lectures again and again in your own time. course of three weeks and at your own convenience,Study resources Study resources. Introductory Live Session explaining how the product 6 months access. works and methods of study Recording of the Live Online sessions. 6 months access HD video lectures, Recording of the Live Online sessions Study notes written by LSBF Tutors. HD video lectures Mock exam, Study notes written by LSBF Tutors Online tutor support. Mock exam Online student community,Online tutor support.
Online student community,Powered by,10 MEET THE TEAM. Robert Wood Rob Sowerby, FCCA and FCMA qualified Robert Rob has taught professional and. brings over 30 years of professional master s courses for over 25 years. and academic experience to LSBF both in London and overseas He has. He is currently our director of CIMA gained an excellent reputation for his. studies accessible and motivational tuition,Hafeez Qazi David Laws. Hafeez is a vastly experienced David is ACA qualified and began. accountant and academic ACMA teaching following a career in. qualified he has specialist knowledge mathematics He now has over 20. of management accountancy across years of lecturing experience making. several major industries 2014,him a key asset to LSBF. Accountant 2015,of the Year Lecturer of,AIA Award the Year PQ.
Anwar Hossain Regwana Uddin, Anwar has substantial experience Regwana graduated in Mathematics. in mentoring bachelor and master s from Queen Mary University of. degree research He has completed London and is now a member of the. the Mentor Development Workshop ACCA She has been teaching over 5. at Oxford Brookes years and currently teaches ACCA. CIMA and the AAT,11 MEET THE TEAM,Joel Romaner Yelda Arif. Joel has over 10 years experience Yelda gained experience at multi. teaching CIMA both in the UK and partnered accountancy firms. overseas He specialises in financial Her fresh insight into finance is. management papers instrumental in helping students to. Isaac Osei Kwame Debbie Crossman, Isaac is an expert in business and Debbie is a qualified barrister and has. accountancy With more than 10 taught law on accountancy courses. years teaching experience he has a for many years Debbie brings both. proven record of guiding students to experience and skill in delivering one. academic and career success of the more challenging papers. Brigita Petrova Phil Brabin, Over the years Brigita has gained Philip trained as a Chartered. vast practical all round experience in Accountant with a UK top 20 firm. accounting which combined with her of accountants within their audit. strong academic skills brings life to department He now teaches ACCA. any classroom,12 CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT, At LSBF you can consolidate and further advance in your chosen career path by combining your CIMA qualification with a.
Master s degree or complementing it with one of our executive education programmes. 1 OUR EXCLUSIVE FUNDED CIMA MBA At LSBF you can complete your MBA in as few as three. extra modules and a dissertation when you combine it with. OR MA PROGRAMMES your CIMA qualification, You can boost your career prospects by combining an. MBA or MA in Finance and Investment with your CIMA With an MA in Finance and Investment you can. qualification By studying for both qualifications you will grasp the vital accounting skills that underpin financial. acquire the focused accountancy skills from the CIMA operations while gaining the ability to push organisations. course and the broader business and leadership expertise forward through key financial decisions and strategies. from the postgraduate degree,Key benefits of studying CIMA MBA MA. Plus when you combine the two courses you will get. exemptions and be able to complete the dual programme LSBF will help fund your MBA MA. in a few extra modules Increase your earning potential by up to 21. Set yourself apart by gaining a degree alongside your. The MBA is a well recognised programme with a strong CIMA qualification. reputation around the world It provides accounting Match accounting excellence with financial. professionals with strong leadership capabilities and a well management skills. rounded understanding of organisational practices, To complete the MBA MA course students must pass all CIMA papers Students may be admitted onto the MBA MA course prior to passing their final three CIMA Papers SUBSEQUENT TO. COMMENCING THE MBA MA COURSE SHOULD A STUDENT DISCOVER THAT SHE HAS FAILED ANY CIMA PAPERS SHE WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT PAID The. awarding body for the MBA MA course will be one of LSBF s partner universities however awarding bodies are subject to change from time to time The School reserves the right to change. the awarding body and will notify the student as soon as reasonably practicable In light of this the student agrees that they shall have no claim based on changes to the awarding bodies The. School reserves the right to offer the MBA MA portion of the dual programme either online or on campus depending on availability For the avoidance of doubt the decision concerning. such availability whether online or on campus shall be at the sole discretion of the School Oracle Capital Group sponsorship programme for the masters course fees covers the tuition fees. only and does not include incidentals, Salary calculations based on starting salary of a CIMA qualified accountant at 40 000 compared to the average salary of a CIMA qualified accountant with an MBA based at 48 654 Sources. Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2012 and PayScale 2012. This applies to the MBA Global Financial Management course only This programme is only applicable to UK EU nationals or applicants with the right to work and live in the UK. 13 CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT,2 EXECUTIVE EDUCATION,PROGRAMMES.
These programmes run several intakes per year and are. typically based at our central London campus, The portfolio of executive education programmes at. LSBF is designed to accommodate the needs of busy, professionals offering a number of scheduling options. Whether you prefer a full day week long study or study. sessions spread over 12 weeks we offer a wide range of. flexible full time or part time customisable programmes. and short courses tailored to suit your career aspirations. Our programmes include,Postgraduate Certificate Programmes. Management Development Programme,Investment Management Programme. Advanced Certificate Programmes,miniMBA Executive Development Week.
Short Individual Courses,Leadership Development Programme. For more information and to see the full list of available. programmes visit http www lsbf org uk programmes,executive education.

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