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Please record your equipment s It s a good idea to record the model and serial number s of your equipment and. model and serial number s and the date you received it in the User Guide Our service department uses this infor. the date you received it in the, mation along with the manual number to provide help for the specific equipment. spaces provided,you installed, Please keep this User Guide and all manuals engineering prints and parts lists. together for documentation of your equipment,Manual Number UGD032 0407. Serial Number s,Model Number s,Display Firmware Version. Control Firmware Version, NOTE Displayed upon initialization during power up or on a data tag.
inside the door, DISCLAIMER Conair shall not be liable for errors contained in this User Guide or for incidental. consequential damages in connection with the furnishing performance or use of this information. Conair makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this information including but not limited. to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Copyright 2007 l Conair l All rights reserved,Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s. 1 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n,Purpose of the user guide 1 2. How the guide is organized 1 2, Using the Carousel Plus W Series as a central dryer 1 3. Your responsibilities as a user 1 3,ATTENTION Read this so no one gets hurt 1 4.
How to use the lockout device 1 6,2 1 D e s c r i p t i o n. What is the Carousel Plus W Series Dryer 2 2,Typical applications 2 2. How it works 2 4, Specifications Carousel Plus W Series Dehumidifying Dryers 2 6. Carousel Plus W Series Dehumidifying Dryer options 2 7. 3 1 I n s t a l l a t i o n,Unpacking the boxes 3 2. Preparing for installation 3 4,Positioning the dryer on the floor 3 4.
Connecting the main power 3 5,Connecting the process RTD probe 3 6. Connecting the setback RTD probe Optional 3 6,Checking for proper air flow 3 7. Connecting the air hoses 3 10,Connecting the dryer to the hopper 3 10. Connecting the air hose adapters 3 11,Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s l i. Connecting the aftercooler and optional precooler 3 12. Mounting a loader on the hopper 3 13,Testing the installation 3 13.
4 1 O p e r a t i o n, Carousel Plus W Series Dryer control panel DC 1 4 2. Carousel Plus W Series Dryer control functions 4 3. Control function flow chart 4 3,Control function descriptions 4 5. To start drying 4 17,To stop drying 4 18,Using the auto start countdown function 4 19. How to disable the auto start on the DC 1 control 4 19. Setting the high setpoint limit 4 20,Using dewpoint control 4 21. Using the setback feature Optional 4 22,Setback feature guidelines Optional 4 23.
5 1 M a i n t e n a n c e,Preventative maintenance checklist 5 2. Checking the dewpoint 5 3,Cleaning the hopper 5 5,Cleaning the process filter 5 6. Cleaning the regeneration filter 5 7,Cleaning the aftercooler coils 5 8. Cleaning the precooler coils 5 9,Inspecting hoses and gaskets 5 9. i i l Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s,6 1 Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g.
Before beginning 6 2,A few words of caution 6 3,DIAGNOSTICS. How to identify the cause of a problem 6 4,Alarms 6 5. Dewpoint troubleshooting 6 21,Poor material drying troubleshooting 6 22. Replacing the fuses 6 27,Checking the heater solid state relays 6 28. Checking or replacing temperature sensors 6 29,Replacing the heaters.
Regeneration heater tube 6 30,Process heater tube 6 32. Replacing the desiccant wheel assembly 6 34,Replacing the desiccant wheel motor 6 35. A Appendix,We re here to help A 1,How to contact customer service A 1. Before you call A 1,Equipment guarantee A 2,Performance warranty A 2. Warranty limitations A 2,B Appendix,Cleaning the precooler coils B 1.
Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s l i i i,i v l Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s. Introduction,Introduction,Purpose of the user guide 1 2. How the guide is organized 1 2,Using the Carousel Plus W series. as a central dryer 1 3, Yo u r r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s a s a u s e r 1 3. AT T E N T I O N,Read this so no one gets hurt 1 4.
How to use the lockout device 1 6,Introduction l 1 1. Purpose of the User Guide, This User Guide describes the Conair Carousel Plus W Series Dryers and. explains step by step how to install operate maintain and repair this. Before installing this product please take a few moments to read the User. Guide and review the diagrams and safety information in the instruction. packet You also should review manuals covering associated equipment in. your system This review won t take long and it could save you valuable. installation and operating time later,How the Guide is Organized. Symbols have been used to help organize the User Guide and call your. attention to important information regarding safe installation and operation. Symbols within triangles warn of conditions that could be hazardous to users or. could damage equipment Read and take precautions before proceeding. 1 Numbers indicate tasks or steps to be performed by the user. A diamond indicates the equipment s response to an action performed by the user. An open box marks items in a checklist,A circle marks items in a list. Indicates a tip A tip is used to provide you with a suggestion that will help you with. the maintenance and the operation of this equipment. Indicates a note A note is used to provide additional information about the steps. you are following throughout the manual,1 2 l Introduction.
Using the Carousel Plus W Series,as a Central Dryer. Introduction, This manual incorporates the information necessary to use the Conair Carousel. Plus W Series Dryer as a central dryer Throughout this manual information. particular to central dyer application of the W series dryer is called out by the. following treatment, This box will contain information or highlight system differ. ences particular to the application of the W series dryer as a. central dryer,Yo u r R e s p o n s i b i l i t y a s a U s e r. You must be familiar with all safety procedures concerning installation opera. tion and maintenance of this equipment Responsible safety procedures include. Thorough review of this User Guide paying particular attention. to hazard warnings appendices and related diagrams. Thorough review of the equipment itself with careful attention. to voltage sources intended use and warning labels. Thorough review of instruction manuals for associated equipment. Step by step adherence to instructions outlined in this User Guide. Introduction l 1 3,AT T E N T I O N,Read this so no one gets hurt.
We design equipment with the user s safety in mind You can avoid the potential. hazards identified on this machine by following the procedures outlined below and. elsewhere in the User Guide, WA R N I N G I m p r o p e r i n s t a l l a t i o n o p e r a t i o n o r. servicing may result in equipment damage or,p e r s o n a l i n j u r y. This equipment should be installed adjusted and serviced by qualified. technical personnel who are familiar with the construction operation. and potential hazards of this type of machine, All wiring disconnects and fuses should be installed by qualified elec. trical technicians in accordance with electrical codes in your region. Always maintain a safe ground Do not operate the equipment at power. levels other than what is specified on the machine serial tag and data. WA R N I N G Vo l t a g e h a z a r d, This equipment is powered by three phase alternating current. as specified on the machine serial tag and data plate. A properly sized conductive ground wire from the incoming power. supply must be connected to the chassis ground terminal inside the. electrical enclosure Improper grounding can result in severe personal. injury and erratic machine operation, Always disconnect and lock out the incoming main power source before.
opening the electrical enclosure or performing non standard operating. procedures such as routine maintenance Only qualified personnel. should perform troubleshooting procedures that require access to the. electrical enclosure while power is on,1 4 l Introduction continued. AT T E N T I O N,Read this so no one gets hurt continued. Introduction, We design equipment with the user s safety in mind You can avoid the potential. hazards identified on this machine by following the procedures outlined below and. elsewhere in the User Guide,CA U T I O N H o t S u r fa c e s. Always protect yourself from hot surfaces inside the dryer and hopper. Also exercise caution around exterior surfaces that may become hot. during use These include the hopper door frame the exterior of an. uninsulated hopper the return air hose and the dryer s process filter. housing and moisture exhaust outlet, WA R N I N G D o n o t p l a c e a e r o s o l c o m p r e s s e d.
gas or flammable materials on or near this, The hot temperatures associated with the drying process may cause. aerosols or other flammable materials placed on the dryer or hopper to. Introduction l 1 5,How to Use the Lockout Device, CAUTION Before performing maintenance or repairs on this product you should. disconnect and lockout electrical power sources to prevent injury from unexpected. energization or start up A lockable device has been provided to isolate this prod. uct from potentially hazardous electricity, Lockout is the preferred method of isolating machines or equipment from energy. sources Your Conair product is equipped with the lockout device pictured below. To use the lockout device,1 Stop or turn off the equipment. 2 Isolate the equipment from the electric power Turn the rotary. disconnect switch to the OFF or O position, 3 Secure the device with an assigned lock or tag Insert a lock or tag.
in the holes to prevent movement,4 The equipment is now locked out. WARNING Before removing lockout devices and returning switches to the. ON position make sure that all personnel are clear of the machine tools. have been removed and all safety guards reinstalled. To restore power to the dryer turn the rotary disconnect back to the ON position. 1 Remove the lock or tag, 2 Turn the rotary disconnect switch to the ON or I position. 1 6 l Introduction,Description,Description,What is the Carousel Plus W Series Dryer 2 2. Ty p i c a l a p p l i c a t i o n s 2 2,How it works 2 4. Specifications Carousel Plus W Series,Dehumidifying Dryers 2 6.
Carousel Plus W Series Dehumidifying,Dryer options 2 7. Description l 2 1,What is the Carousel Plus W Series. The Carousel Plus W Series Dehumidifying Dryer produces hot low dewpoint air. that removes moisture from hygroscopic plastics The dryer pulls warm moist air. from a drying hopper and circulates it through a dehumidifying desiccant wheel. The dryer then heats the air to the drying temperature you selected and circulates it. through the material in the hopper, The dryer s closed loop design ensures a continuous supply of hot dehumidified. air while preventing contamination from moisture in the plant. Ty p i c a l A p p l i c a t i o n s,1 Dryer on the floor hopper on the throat 15 100. 2 Hopper on a floor stand the dryer next to it,3 Central dryer with ResinWorks.
The Carousel Plus W Series Dryer can be used successfully in applications. that require,A contamination free drying environment. Drying temperatures within the ranges shown in the following table continued. 2 2 l Description,Ty p i c a l A p p l i c a t i o n s continued. Model Drying Temperature Range,Low temperature with precooler 100 150 F 38 66 C. Standard 150 240 F 66 116 C,High heat with aftercooler 150 375 F 66 191 C. Low high with aftercooler precooler 100 375 F 38 191 C. Description,See page 3 12 and Appendix B,When supplied for central drying.
Throughput rates of 15 to 100 lbs 6 8 to 37 3 per hour some materials applications the W series dryer. can be run at a higher rate is not equipped with a process. Dewpoints of 40 F 40 C heater Therefore as a central. dryer the W dryer will only sup,ply dry air to the hoppers. Use the aftercooler when,You are drying at temperatures over 240 F 116 C. Throughput rates are less than 50 of the dryer s rated capacity. You are pre drying material at temperatures over 150 F 66 C. Dryer Options,Dewpoint monitor dewpoint control,Audible and visual alarm.

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