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AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16, WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. 4 ASTM E413 16 Classification for Rating Sound Insulation CSDMA Selection and. Usage Guide for Steel Doors and Frames 2009, 5 FSC Forest Stewardship Council Standard for Chain of Custody Certification. 6 HMMA 802 07 Manufacturing of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames. 7 HMMA 840 16 Installation and Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames. 8 NFPA 80 16 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. 9 ANSI ICC A117 1 2003 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities Standard and. Commentary, 10 UL 10C 16 Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies. 11 USGBC LEEDv4,1 4 REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS, Include this article only if fire rated doors are specified AMBICO can supply acoustic wood door and. steel frame assemblies with 45 or 90 minute fire rating labels Maximum size of AMBICO fire rated wood. openings vary based on acoustic rating single or paired configurations Consult AMBICO for specifics. 1 Installed Door and Frame Assembly Conform to NFPA 80 UL 10C for. fire rated class as scheduled as indicated, Include the following paragraph requiring national handicap codes when doors are supplied with heavy.
weight butt hinges AMBICO wood door and frames assemblies with sound ratings up to STC 50 and. heavy weight butt hinges can qualify for this standard. 2 Conform to ICC ANSI A117 1,1 5 SUBMITTALS, Include this article to identify particular submission items. 1 Section 01 33 00 Submission procedures, 2 Product Data Provide product data on door construction and. 3 Shop Drawings Indicate door and frame elevations anchor types and spacing closure. methods finishes location of cut outs for hardware and cut outs for glazing. 4 Samples Submit manufacturer s door finish samples frame corners and perimeter. acoustic gaskets,5 Test Data, 1 Submit test data indicating compliance with the Sound Transmission Class STC. requirements Include laboratory name test report number and date of test. AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16, WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. 2 Submit certification from test laboratory qualified under the National Voluntary. Accreditation Program NVLAP of the U S Bureau of Standards. 6 Installation Instructions Submit manufacturer s installation instructions. Include the following ONLY if specifying for a LEED project Specify only the technical requirements. necessary to achieve the credits desired for this project The Type 3 EPD is normally required for. LEED v4 certification AMBICO STC products offer significant advantages to firms interested in. supporting LEED certification In particular AMBICO products comply with both LEED for Schools as. well as LEED for Healthcare,7 Sustainable Design,1 Section 01 35 18 LEED documentation procedures.
2 Provide required LEED documentation for Product, 3 Submit Type 3 Environmental Product Declaration EPD for Products of this. 4 Submit Chain of Custody Certificates certifying that doors and frames comply. with FSC certification requirements, 5 Manufacturer s Certificate Certify that Products meet or exceed specified. requirements,1 6 QUALITY ASSURANCE, Include this article to identify a quality reference source affecting the work of this section only one. reference should be selected to avoid potential conflicts. 1 Perform Work to requirements of CSDMA Canadian Steel Door Manufacturers. Association HMMA Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association WDMA Window. and Door Manufacturers Association standards, 2 Provide Products of this section from a single manufacturer unless components are. referenced specifically in other sections, 3 Manufacturer Minimum five 5 years documented experience manufacturing sound.
control door assemblies, 4 Pre installation Meeting Convene a pre installation meeting 2 weeks before. installation of acoustic door and frame assemblies Require attendance of relevant. subcontractors consultants and manufacturer s representative Review installation and. coordination with other work,1 7 DELIVERY STORAGE AND PROTECTION. 1 Section 01 61 00 Transport handle store and protect products. 2 Comply with WDMA I S 1A for wood doors, 3 Comply with HMMA 840 for steel frames and manufacturer written instructions. 4 Weld minimum two temporary jamb spreaders per frame prior to shipment. 5 Remove frames from wrappings or coverings upon receipt on site and inspect for damage. AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16, WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. 6 Store doors in horizontal position frames in vertical position spaced with blocking to. permit air circulation between components, 7 Store materials out of water and covered to protect from damage Use covering that.
enables air circulation and does not permit light to penetrate. 8 Store doors between 10 to 32 degrees C 50 to 90 degrees F and 25 to 55 percent relative. 9 Clean and touch up scratches or disfigurement to wood and metal surfaces. 1 8 WARRANTY, 1 Manufacturer s Limited Warranty Five 5 years from date of supply covering material. and workmanship,Part 2 Products,2 1 MANUFACTURERS, List the manufacturers acceptable for this project Edit the subsequent descriptive specifications of Part 2. to identify project requirements and to eliminate any conflict with specified manufacturer s products. 1 AMBICO Limited,1120 Cummings Avenue,Ottawa Ontario Canada K1J 7R8. Toll Free Phone 888 423 2224,Phone 613 746 4663,Toll Free Fax 800 465 8561. Fax 613 746 4721,2 Other Acceptable Manufacturers, 3 Substitutions Refer to Section 016000 Not permitted.
2 2 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS, Include this article if all doors should meet the same STC requirement otherwise specify individual STC. for door types in Part 2 or in a schedule AMBICO doors can provide a range of wood door and steel. frame assemblies with acoustic ratings from STC 33 to STC 54. 1 Acoustic Performance Minimum Sound Transmission Class STC 31 54 tested. to ASTM E90,2 3 MATERIALS, Include this article to identify the base materials comprising this section. 1 Sheet Steel,AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16, WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. 1 Galvanized steel to ASTM A653 A653M ZF75 A25 minimum 1 5 mm 16 ga. 2 Recycled Content Minimum,2 Reinforcement Same material as sheet steel. 3 Wood door panel FSC Certified Urea formaldehyde free acoustic core with wood. veneer plastic laminate facing,1 Door facing,1 Wood face veneer species cut minimum thickness.
before sanding 0 6 mm 1 42 inch, 2 Plastic laminate selected from manufacturer s standard range. 2 Door edging, 1 For wood faced doors provide hardwood stiles with stiles to match wood. face and hardwood rails, 2 For plastic laminate doors provide hardwood stiles and rails. 3 Bottom rail may be omitted if required to meet acoustic performance. requirements, 4 Glass Type as tested to achieve STC and fire ratings factory installed. 2 4 FABRICATION, If more than one type of acoustic door rating is required include the STC in a door schedule and delete.
the paragraph below Consider maximum sizes when selecting STC requirements for doors. 1 Manufacture doors and frames to STC rating of 33 54 measured in accordance. with ASTM E90, Specify door thickness and other values with caution they may vary in order to meet the STC and fire. ratings available Higher STC ratings may require thicker doors and fire ratings may limit door sizes and. the STC rating AMBICO doors are typically lighter in weight than other manufacturers doors for the. same STC rating ensure that door hardware considers this impact. 2 Wood Doors, 1 Fabricate doors to ANSI WDMA IS1A Provide suitable thickness design and. acoustic core to achieve specified STC and fire performance ratings. 2 Reinforce doors where surface mounted hardware is required. 3 Drill and tap steel acoustic core for mortised templated hardware. 4 Astragals Metal acoustic with integral acoustic seals for double doors Standard. overlapping active inactive Meeting stile both active for vertical rod devices. Concealed vertical rod cable devices must be specified as top latch only less bottom rod Where. concealed vertical rod exit devices are required the door thickness will be 2 1 4 to accommodate the. acoustic structure necessary for reinforcement of the door hardware. 5 Exit Device Vertical Rods Surface mounted with concealed top rod. coordinate with exit hardware devices specified in Section 08 71 10. 6 Factory installed glazing,3 Steel Frames,AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16. WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. 1 Sheet steel metal thickness and appropriate to maintain door STC and fire ratings. mitred corners fully welded seams,2 Factory assemble and weld frames. 3 Install and adjust perimeter and bottom acoustic seals around frames and. 4 Mullions for Double Doors Fixed Removable type, Removable mullions are not recommended over STC45 Acoustic glazing in frames is recommended to be.
supplied as an integral part of the door and frame assembly. 5 Supply glazing loose ready for field assembly, 4 Affix permanent nameplates to door and frame indicating manufacturer s name and STC. 2 5 FINISHES, This article may be a simple statement of a finish or may require a more elaborate identification of. expected finishes Edit the following paragraphs for special finishes. 1 Metal Frame Factory applied zinc phosphate primer. 2 Factory Door Finish Catalyzed lacquer premium grade finish to WDMA I S 1A clear. coat only stain and clear coat paint as selected, 3 Top and Bottom Rails Factory sealed with wood sealer. 2 6 ACCESSORIES, AMBICO acoustic assemblies rely on a range of hinges coordinate hinge types identified here with. Section 08 71 10 Specify heavy weight butt hinges for assemblies up to and including STC 52 and cam. lift hinges for STC 53 59, 1 Hinges Cam lift type by door manufacturer Heavy duty butt type refer to Section 08.
71 10 Glazing stops for frames Formed galvanized steel channel butted mitred. corners prepared for countersink style tamperproof screws for side lite and borrowed lite. 2 Glazing stops for doors Formed galvanized blade stops mitred corners prepared for. countersink tamperproof screws, 3 Primer Rust inhibitive zinc phosphate on frames VOC compliant with local indoor air. quality regulations, 4 Threshold To provide a seal for door in closed position. 5 Astragal Overlapping or meeting stile supplied loose for field installation Overlapping. astragal to be minimum 2 mm 14 ga thick, 6 Acoustic seals Provide perimeter and bottom seals manufacturer standard. AMBICO Limited Section 08 34 73 16, WOOD SOUND CONTROL DOOR AND STEEL FRAME ASSEMBLIES. Part 3 Execution,3 1 INSTALLATION, 1 Install components to manufacturer s written instructions.
2 Install wood doors and frames to ANSI WDMA IS 1A standards and in accordance with. NFPA 80 UL 10C and local authority having jurisdiction. 3 Utilize welders certified by Canadian Welding Bureau CWB American Welding. Society AWS for field welding,4 Install factory supplied glazing to frames. 5 Coordinate with masonry gypsum board concrete wall construction for. anchor placement, 6 Set frames plumb square level at correct elevation in accordance with Section 05 50 00. 7 Allow for deflection to ensure that structural loads are not transmitted to frame. 8 Adjust operable parts for correct clearances and function. 9 Install and adjust perimeter and bottom acoustic seals. Include finish paint requirements only if factory painting is not specified. 10 Finish paint in accordance with Section 09 91 15. 11 Touch up finishes where damaged,3 2 ERECTION TOLERANCES. 1 Section 01 73 00 Tolerances, 2 Maximum deviation from square alignment twist and plumb 0 75 mm 1 32. 3 3 FIELD QUALITY CONTROL, 1 Provide qualified manufacturer s representative to instruct installers on the proper.
installation and adjustment of door assemblies, 2 Provide manufacturer s representative to inspect door installation and test minimum five. 5 cycles of operation Correct any deficient doors,END OF SECTION.

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