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About the author,Jonathan Gray is an internationally recognised. researcher author and speaker on international affairs. His world wide radio audiences number tens of millions. The author has hosted newspaper columns and,contributed to various magazines. First published 2009,Copyright Jonathan Gray 2009,All rights reserved. Limited portions of this work may be copied,for study or review purposes without written. permission provided that the source is duly,Other books by Jonathan Gray.
Dead Men s Secrets,More Dead Men s Secrets,Sting of the Scorpion. The Ark Conspiracy,Curse of the Hatana Gods,64 Secrets Ahead of Us. Bizarre Origin of Egypt s Ancient Gods,The Lost World of Giants. Discoveries Questions Answered,Sinai s Exciting Secrets. Ark of the Covenant,The Killing of Paradise Planet.
Surprise Witness,The Corpse Came Back,The Discovery That s Toppling Evolution. UFO Aliens The Deadly Secret,Stolen Identity Jesus Christ History or Hoax. Who s Playing Jesus Games,The Da Vinci Code Hoax,The Sorcerers Secret. What Happened to the Tower of Babel,Was This a Miracle. Welcome Then Betrayal,The 2012 Prophecy,How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb.
The Great Dating Blunder,The Weapon the Globalists Fear. Modern Religious Myths About Genesis,Update International Volume 1. Update International Volume 2,Update International Volume 3. Update International Volume 4,Update International Volume 5. Update International Volume 6,E books also available from.
http www beforeus com shopcart ebooks html,DVDs and physical books available from. http www beforeus com shopcart hc html,1 Is our comfortable time over 9. 2 Will there be famine 17,3 The financial meltdown 25. 4 Riots and revolution 40,5 How to survive a financial collapse 50. 6 A big city stay or leave 68,7 Country quality living 84.
8 Water liquid life 95,9 What to store and how 105. 10 Power packed sprouts and seeds 121,11 Save money and eat well 132. 12 Herbs for taste and health 145,13 Cute cooking equipment 156. 14 Brilliant shelters 176,15 Protection and self defence 181. 16 Safe from radiation and vaccination 189,17 Spiritual preparation 197.
18 Most important of all 209,INTRODUCTION,This book is written to help you survive. And may I start by quoting Tim Wood Professor of History at Southwest. Baptist University Bolivar Missouri He says I am a student of history. Professionally I have written 15 books in six languages and have studied. it all my life I think there is something monumentally large afoot and I. do not believe it is just a banking crisis or a mortgage crisis or a credit. crisis Yes these exist but they are merely single facets on a very large. gemstone that is only now coming into sharper focus. Something of historic proportions is happening I can sense it because I. know how it feels smells what it looks like and how people react to it. Yes a perfect storm may be brewing but there is something happening. within our country that has been evolving for about ten fifteen years. The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two. And may I add that what is happening in America now and also behind. the scenes in every country largely hidden to the public eye is precisely. what occurred in Germany in the 1930s At that time the world was. enduring the pain of the Great Depression and Adolf Hitler emerged to. make changes, Men from the same organization that was behind Adolf Hitler then are. behind Barak Obama now They tried to accomplish their plan through. Hitler and failed But now they plan to bring it about on a global scale. through Obama And this time they are better prepared. The organization of which I speak has unlimited financial resources And. whether you know it or not it is even more powerful than America itself. It has at least a million spies in virtually every country and enormous. spiritual resources Humanly speaking it is unbeatable This system is. identified with detailed evidence in my book Welcome Then Betrayal. However it is not within the scope of this present work to go into that. What I propose is to first portray a range of physical perils threatening. your survival and mine at this moment 2009 and then guide you. through a series of practical steps that will help you and your family to. physically survive the coming crisis, These steps to survival are time honoured and successful coming. ultimately from our ancestral heritage in the ancient book of Genesis. History repeats itself Survival strategies that have worked in the past will. work again You may need to tweak them to match the immediate crisis. but the principles never change, Of course controlled censorship wants us to regard the biblical book of. Genesis as just myths and fairytales Don t believe it Evidence from. archaeology now shows Genesis to be real history recorded by eye. witnesses who wrote from first hand information,This present report is the third in a series.
If you haven t yet seen the other two new reports in this trilogy I suggest. you get hold of them as soon as you can, Book 1 an archaeological historical and scientific sizzler which. narrates the blow by blow battle between the biblical book of Genesis. and the learned skeptics It is The Weapon the Globalists Fear. Book 3 is a truly fascinating investigation into the mysteries of our. origins and our past Modern Religious Myths About Genesis. And Book 2 is what you now have in front of you the current world. crisis and how you and your family can physically survive it You are. about to discover that the Genesis survival secrets work now in this 21st. Okay are you ready Let s go,COMFORTABLE TIME, Ash is falling on our town Now most people are evacuating So I am. packing my trailer and heading off too No way am I staying here for. tomorrow It is almost like a ghost town Only few are still sitting on their. front lawns and verandas smoking or having a drink Mitch signed off. this email packed up his laptop and fled, As I write this Australia is sizzling in its worst drought on record The. state of Victoria is in flames families incinerated in cars caught in. 1 000 degree heat which is making the car body solder flow out like. molten lava,Big river drying up, Australia s breadbasket the Murray Darling Basin produces 40 of. Australia s fruit vegetables and grain However the Darling River. which once carried steam boats inland as far as Bourke is now little more. than a chain of stagnant waterholes Since 2003 drought has driven more. than 10 000 Australian farming families off the land. You may already know of the drought conditions in the United States. Southwest and Southeast Or you may have heard of depleting snow. packs that feed California with freshwater Or you may have even seen. headlines about diminishing aquifers in Texas or dire water warnings in. the Middle East or Africa or well you get the point. Natural disasters,up more than 400, The number of natural disasters around the world has increased by more.
than four times in the last 20 years according to a report released by the. British charity Oxfam Oxfam analyzed data from the Red Cross United. Nations and researchers at Louvain University in Belgium It found that. the earth is currently experiencing approximately 500 natural disasters. per year compared with 120 per year in the early 1980s The number of. weather related disasters in 2006 was 240 compared with 60 in 1980. David Gutierrez Natural News com June 5 2008,2 billion bees dead. The number of honeybees wiped out by virulent diseases which threaten. their ultimate survival as a species reached almost two billion in the last. year experts have warned This represents one in three bee colonies over. the past year Late in 2008 the British Beekeepers Association BBKA. calculated that up to two billion bees succumbed to sickness between. November 2007 and April 2008 with a similar number expected to be. wiped out by March 2009,Bats dying out, BBC News Service reports that a mystery illness that has scientists. baffled is wiping out tens of thousands of bats across the north east of the. It is a massive bat die off happening Their extinction in the United States. is threatening and no one knows why, Bats are the world s greatest insect eaters A single nursing bat can eat. half its weight in insects every day A small brown bat can eat as many as. 600 mosquitoes in an hour Bats are nature s primary means of controlling. mosquito populations Bats are significant controllers of many crop. destructive insects Implications for agriculture are enormous The spread. of severe communicable diseases could be devastating. In the north eastern US the moose population are dying in record. numbers and nearing extinction and this is the area most concentrated. with genetically modified crops,Fears Grow Over,Biosphere Collapse. Also there are fears of the imminent and catastrophic collapse of the. United States agriculture sector due to the rampant and unforeseen. results of rapidly mutating genetically modified strains of crops spreading. far and wide, A report by US Center for Food Safety says It has been estimated that.
70 75 percent of processed foods on supermarket shelves from soda to. soup crackers to condiments contain genetically engineered. ingredients Heidi Stevenson Fellow British Institute of Homeopathy April 11. Dead and dying trees, Many trees have died or are in the process of dying in large areas of the. globe What is triggering such a broad decline and die off response to. entire suites of plant and tree communities, Whether in forestlands in public parks along rivers and streams in. watered areas golf courses or on private property trees are showing signs. of major health problems or dying in record numbers In some areas the. majority of trees have died and left entire watersheds in jeopardy. Rosalind Peterson NewsWithViews com, You probably won t be surprised if I tell you that there are now 14. ongoing wars around the world five in Africa four in Asia two in the. Americas two in the Middle East not to mention the world wide war on. On February 19th 2009 the Financial Times reported that Iran now. holds enough weapons grade uranium for an atomic bomb Daniel. Dombey Financial Times Feb 19 2009 It is no secret that Iran intends to. destroy the State of Israel from the face of the earth. And in response on March 5th 2009 the Jerusalem Post reported that. Israel is seriously considering military action against Iran Hilary Leila. Krieger The Jerusalem Post Mar 5 2009 It is just a matter of time before the. entire Middle East explodes into a horrifying war, And to think that Victor Hugo said In the twentieth century war will be. dead the scaffold will be dead hatred will be dead. Yes security has vanished from human life,Water crisis.
And just as important about one third of the world s population currently. live in areas that are water stressed, In less than 20 years that number will rise to two thirds. That means there will only be enough water for one household out of. yours and your two neighbors, Globally more than one third of all child deaths occur in the first 28 days. of life mostly due to lack of clean potable water,New diseases. And if you didn t know there have surfaced 40 new diseases 1 100. epidemics over the last five years and now there are 20 drug resistant. diseases a record Worse old diseases have re emerged such as cholera. and yellow fever, Now I am not a pessimist But what s going on here With our super. modern science shouldn t things be better by now,Not forgetting the whole world economy.
Financial crash has begun, With decisions too heavily influenced by their lust for personal power. the banking and political camps have triggered a financial tsunami And. this is bringing down financial disaster upon us, The life savings of millions are being wiped out as investments plunge in. value Just look at the headlines,Six Year Lows on the Stock market. Stock Downturn Continues,Market Hits New Crisis Low. Dow Plummets,Wave of Selling Spans the Globe, The headlines are brutal It s a sickening reminder of how much money.
we ve lost in the market Right now those losses are being measured in. the trillions If you are an investor you re afraid to open your retirement. account statements The losses are horrific Some people s life savings. have crashed 10 percent or 20 percent in just a month. We see the stock market bounce back for a few weeks Does that mean. this crisis is over Not by a long shot, How safe is your bank How safe is your broker What would happen to. your money and your investments if your bank or broker failed. The recession cum depression is still in its early phase But already we. have one of the largest bank failures in history and the largest brokerage. firm failure in history And there is a threat that the US dollar will be. World wide shipping is down 47 percent almost half of the ships are. sitting idle Not to mention railroads, The evaporation of 45 percent of the world s wealth has caused a rapid. plunge in global manufacturing leading to a 49 percent collapse in US. trade exports, Many hope that China s growing economy may insulate the world from. financial disaster But as other nations cut back on imports from China in. southern China alone 70 000 factories have been shut down Job losses. and economic deterioration are approaching catastrophic levels. The World s Factories Are Falling Silent Former US Fed Chairman. Paul Volcker has called attention to the unprecedented slowdown in the. world s factories He stated that the present slowdown in world factory. production was happening faster than in 1930 Factory output is. collapsing at the fastest pace ever Bill Buckler March 12 2009. investmentrarities com thebestofbb, Here is the global roundup The annualized figures for February are as. follows Taiwan 43 percent Ukraine 34 percent Japan 30 percent. Singapore 29 percent Hungary 23 percent Sweden 20 percent. Korea 19 percent Turkey 18 percent Russia 16 percent Spain 15. percent Poland 15 percent Brazil 15 percent Italy 14 percent. China 12 percent Germany 12 percent France 11 percent US 10. percent and Britain 9 percent This is a catastrophe So dangerous for. business everywhere The global factory slowdown already reported. here will have real and physical consequences soon There will. suddenly be gaps on the shelves of stores which were normally filled with. retail goods of certain kinds Ibid,Losing the family home.
Striking closer to home for many is the American real estate and. mortgage crisis, In January 2009 the median sales price for Southern California homes. fell 40 percent from the same month a year prior Economists believe. home prices have another 25 percent to 30 percent to drop. One in five mortgage holders are now under water Did you know that. ONE IN FIVE It just gets worse from here We have another two to three. years of a residential and commercial real estate collapse on the way. On March 5 2009 Bloomberg News Service reported that 8 3 million. mortgages are in default in the United States Homes are being foreclosed. upon at a rate of 250 000 per month as large numbers of people continue. to lose their jobs Dan Levy Bloomberg News Service Mar 4 2009 In. Southern California in January foreclosures accounted for 60 percent of. But what will happen as the recession deepens and the subprime. mortgage crisis spreads to the far larger prime mortgage market. As I write out of 90 million houses in the United States a record 19. million US homes stand empty and homeownership falls as banks seized. homes faster than they can sell them You can work it out yourself It. means that one in five US houses is empty Yes countless thousands of. beautiful homes stand empty and someone should be living in them. Unemployment, In tandem with a worsening jobs downturn a record 31 8 percent of. Americans are now on Food Stamps with 660 000 to 700 000 joining the. rolls each new month, Jobs are so scarce that one school janitor job opening in Ohio had seven. hundred applicants Benjamin Duer CantonRep com Mar 6 2009. Unemployment is worsening around the globe,Global food catastrophe. As if that were not enough even without the financial downturn 37. countries face a food crisis Did you know that nearly three billion people. subsist on less than 2 a day, In the newest threat to the global environment thick brown clouds of.
soot particles and chemicals stretching from the Persian Gulf to Asia. endanger health and food supplies in the world AP Nov 13 2008. And there is the effect of global droughts Depending on their severity. and length the world is heading for a drop in agricultural production of. 20 to 40 percent Food producing nations are imposing food export. restrictions Food prices will soar and in poor countries with food. deficits millions will starve Believe it, There is now a global call for help as the nations of the world are looking. for a man to lead them into a new age and a new world order British. Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an appeal to the US Congress on. March 4 2009 to help save the world Andrew Porter Toby Harnden. London Daily Telegraph Mar 4 2009, This is the perfect setting for establishment of a New World Order said. Henry Kissinger the former secretary of state under Nixon World Net. Daily January 6 2009,Financial collapse prophesied. The Bible forecasts a final financial collapse, Go to ye rich men weep and howl for your miseries that shall come. upon you Behold the hire of the labourers which is of you kept back. by fraud Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days James. The merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn for no man buyeth. their merchandise any more And every shipmaster and all the. company in ships and sailors and as many as trade by sea weeping. and wailing For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.

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