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A fresh voice for the sector, Luminate is an online resource for student and graduate. labour market information featuring advice views and. trends Luminate dissects the latest research making. it easier to apply and use in a work context, Luminate is aimed at careers advisers recruiters employers. and anyone interested in labour market information. For the latest insights events and reports,sign up to our monthly newsletter at. luminate prospects ac uk,4 Scotland,Introduction by Northern. Gabi Binnie AGCAS Ireland 34 North East,What do graduates 40.
do in the regions by Yorkshire,Charlie Ball Prospects and the Humber. Data explained 10,East Midlands,43 North West,National averages 16 East of. West Midlands,South West,South East, WHAT DO GRADUTES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20 is written by PROSPECTS HECSU www prospects ac uk Laura Greaves Information analyst. Charlotte Hobson Information analyst Micha Shannon Smith Assistant information analyst Dan Mason Editorial manager. Charlie Ball Head of higher education intelligence Gabi Binnie Policy and research manager AGCAS. Prospects Material from this publication may be reproduced for non commercial purposes provided What do graduates do Regional edition 2019 20. is acknowledged If material is required for commercial use please contact Prospects in the first instance Published by Graduate Prospects Ltd Prospects House. Booth Street East Manchester M13 9EP 0161 277 5200 admin hecsu ac uk www hecsu ac uk Company registration No 2626618. Made with in Manchester, Prospects are the experts in graduate careers inspiring life changing choices with our unrivalled information advice and opportunities for success We produce the market leading Prospects portfolio of graduate employment and postgraduate. study guides online digitally and in print as well as providing unique career tools like Prospects Planner which matches skills and interests with the best career options Prospects is the commercial trading subsidiary of the Higher Education. Careers Services Unit HECSU a higher education agency and registered charity Unlike commercial competitors Prospects is not responsible to a remote body of shareholders and instead reinvests its profits back into the higher education. system to the benefit of careers services students and graduates and recruiters What do graduates do Regional edition Prospects 2019. 3 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,choices This is reflected in the new Graduate.
Outcomes survey which now asks questions about,how meaningful they believe their employment. to be and how they are progressing towards their,future goals. Looking to the future,Discussions about graduate migration are very. much centred on the context of the current world,of work where people are typically employed. by a specific organisation and tied to that,location New technologies and an increase.
in short term self employed contracts will change,how we all work In a virtual workplace where. a physical presence is unnecessary will we see,the rise of glonacal graduates graduates who. are simultaneously global national and local,Introduction. who are rooted in a region but mobile in the,short term or virtually 10. The future of work is often considered,with trepidation with fears about automation.
and precarity dominating discussions but,perhaps we should be optimistic about the. by Gabi Binnie policy and research manager AGCAS,opportunities that new ways of working could. provide to those graduates who need or want,to remain in a particular region. Implications for the sector, There are a few myths about higher education Using their knowledge and expertise AGCAS Graduate mobility is far more complex and. and what it means to attend university and members have been instrumental in leading and nuanced than a simple conveyor belt to London. one of these is that students move to university developing many of these initiatives Many of our graduates consciously choose to. and then leave en masse for London after they The OfS Challenge Competition has shone remain in a region and innovative partnerships. graduate 1 This is not a true reflection of student a national spotlight on graduate migration but between universities local authorities and other. and graduate migration the importance of supporting our graduates organisations are supporting graduates to find. For the first time this edition of What do into work in their local regions has been long professional level employment in their regions. graduates do will delve into the graduate recognised by AGCAS members An example There is a real divide between graduate. employment data for each region to provide vital is RISE a city wide graduate recruitment scheme outcomes in areas of high earning potential. information to better support those graduates who in the Sheffield City Region and ScotGrad 7 and those in areas with weaker economic. remain in their university region after they study circumstances We were pleased to see that. There s no place like home, or return to their home regions post graduation the Department for Education has proposed to.
It has commonly been assumed that graduates, provide additional regional information with future. Rising to the challenge who remain in their home region after university. publications of Graduate Outcomes LEO data 11, The higher education sector is increasingly or return to it after moving elsewhere to study do. This will offer useful contextual information about. aware of the crucial role that universities play so because they are unable to move where the. graduate migration patterns regional retention, in their local region The recent Augar review jobs are However in research with graduates who. and the difference between average graduate, highlighted the importance of universities and studied in the North West the 73 8 of graduates. and non graduate salaries within a region, colleges working together to improve employment who wanted to continue to live in the region did.
But the value of employment and the, in their regions 2 In May more than 50 British so for a variety of reasons Many of these were. contribution of a graduate cannot be measured, universities signed a Civic University pledge to put positive including their connection to friends. by salary alone As a sector we should continue, the economy and quality of life of their region and family their sense of belonging and positive. to try to better understand why graduates make, at the top of their priority list 3 features of the region such as proximity to the. the migration decisions they make and use our, Supporting place based graduate labour countryside and vibrant urban culture.
collective voice to further influence regional, markets has been a key strategic theme for AGCAS Graduate mobility pathways are complex and. and national initiatives, since 2017 it was the focus for both the October the choice to leave or stay in a region is revisited. 2018 edition of Phoenix the AGCAS journal often 9 Graduates themselves are not homogenous Find out more. and one full day of our 2019 annual conference each individual has their own values beliefs and Search the database of AGCAS. Aspiring and achieving Impacting social experiences that inform their post graduation member careers services. mobility through innovation 4,Graduate migration is not only a priority for. universities Graduates are at the heart of both References 7 Regional growth programme RISE celebrates funding success. 1 Graduate labour market myths by Charlie Ball in Graduate Sheffield City Council News accessed September 2019 and. the national industrial strategy and local industrial careers in context ed Ciaran Burke and Fiona Christie 2019 Programme Overview ScotGrad accessed September 2019. strategies 5 In May the Office for Students OfS 2 Post 18 review of education and funding independent 8 No place like home graduate attitudes towards place. announced that a number of projects would panel report GOV UK accessed September 2019 and mobility Luminate accessed September 2019. be awarded part of a 5 6million fund to boost 3 Over 50 universities pledge commitment to local communities 9 Geography mobility and graduate career development. through Civic University Agreement UPP Foundation by Rosie Alexander in Graduate careers in context. opportunities for graduates who seek work close accessed September 2019 ed Ciaran Burke and Fiona Christie 2019. to home 6 While each of these 15 projects 4 Annual Conference 2019 AGCAS accessed September 2019 10 No place like home graduate attitudes towards place. addresses challenges unique to their region they 5 Industrial Strategy Building a Britain fit for the future and mobility Luminate accessed September 2019. all involve working collaboratively with other GOV UK 2017 11 Graduate Outcomes LEO Regional outcomes. universities and partners including colleges local 6 No place like home OfS accessed September 2019 2016 to 2917 GOV UK 2019. enterprise partnerships and regional employers,4 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20. What do graduates,do in the regions, by Charlie Ball head of higher education intelligence Prospects.
A good deal of discussion of graduate But each of these jobs markets has its own. employment looks at data for the whole UK and makeup and qualities Understanding the. talks of the UK graduate labour market But characteristics of these labour markets and the. detailed examination of the available figures challenges they represent is crucial in the modern. shows us that there is no UK graduate labour graduate jobs market Graduates tend not to be as. market as such Instead the UK is made up mobile as many people realise and consequently. of a complex set of interlocking sometimes tend to stay close to areas they know either. overlapping local and regional labour markets where they lived before they went to university. These labour markets tend to be centred or where they studied. on a large city or in the south of England 58 of graduates from 2016 17 remained. on populated areas of the London commuter in the region they d studied in to work. belt They have their own character issues 69 went to work in their home LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT OF. of occupational supply and demand and UK DOMICILED GRADUATES FROM. domiciled region,2016 17 OF KNOWN DOMICILE, their own guidance and employability support 45 of all graduates never moved they. London 22 7, challenges What may work in Newcastle upon attended the local university and went. South East 12 2, Tyne may not work in Newcastle under Lyme to work locally to home and institution. North West 10 9, Although some of the rhetoric about graduate This poses a particular question for the UK West Midlands 7 9. employment implies that graduate level university model which is based on the core South West 7 4. opportunities are concentrated in London in fact assumption that a student will move away to Scotland 7 4. the majority of graduates do not work there study having chosen using league tables and Yorkshire and the Humber 7 4. upon graduation and in all likelihood most associated metrics from all of the appropriate East of England 7 1. graduates never work in the capital universities in the UK The graduate is then East Midlands 5 9. Nevertheless the size and strength of the expected to move to another location for work Wales 4 4. London jobs market means that UK level data generally motivated by the best available salaries North East 3 6. is disproportionately affected by the unique Much of the infrastructure of the sector from Northern Ireland 3 1. character of this highly finance industry focused halls of residence to league tables has these. labour market Outside London the South East assumptions as a basis Unfortunately this is not. and North West are the largest English regions what most graduates do Only 18 of 2016 17 the individual characteristics of each area. in terms of graduate employment and the graduates moved away from home for university That is why this publication has been produced. North East the smallest and then moved somewhere else on graduation If we break graduates into groups based. Although Westminster is the most important and nearly half of them moved to London on domicile location of study and location of. of the graduate labour markets in the UK and From this flows a series of challenges Since employment we find four separate groups. London boroughs do feature strongly there most graduates at most institutions hail from Loyals who were domiciled and who studied. are thousands of jobs for graduates in each of relatively close to that institution and most in the same region and now work there. the major cities of the UK The picture is of an graduates will also work relatively close to their as well in other words they have not left. urbanised jobs market based around London institution it therefore follows that a focus on their home region 45 of 2016 17. and its environs and the larger regional centres local labour markets should be at the forefront graduates were Loyals. of the country There are few opportunities in of guidance and support activity But much Stayers who moved away from home to. London that are not available albeit not always of the literature treats the UK as a single another region to study and stayed there. in the same volumes for new graduates in larger labour market and follows on from there to work 13 of 2016 17 graduates were. regional centres such as Birmingham Manchester This is not as effective as taking a more Stayers They tend to have slightly better. Leeds Edinburgh and Glasgow local view on labour markets to draw out outcomes than the average. Returners who moved to another region,to study and then returned home on.
WHERE DID GRADUATES FROM 2016 17 GO TO WORK,graduation to work 24 of 2016 17. graduates were Returners They are more,Westminster 6 080 Liverpool 2 445. likely than the other groups to be in,Birmingham 4 670 Bristol 2 390. employment below professional level,Manchester 4 420 Belfast 2 385. Incomers who work in a region they were,City of London 4 065 Southwark 2 295.
Leeds 3 625 Oxfordshire 2 145 neither domiciled nor studied in 18 of. Camden 3 490 Sheffield 2 145 2016 17 graduates were Incomers and 43. Glasgow 3 370 Cardiff 2 115 of 2016 17 Incomers worked in London. Surrey 3 180 Cambridgeshire 2 045 In particular the Returners represent a guidance. Hertfordshire 3 090 Islington 1 985 challenge Many have studied at institutions. Kent 3 035 Newcastle 1 945 some way from their homes and then return. Hampshire 2 725 Nottingham 1 790 home sometimes to difficult jobs markets. Edinburgh 2 530 West Sussex 1 675 in rural or small town locations with weak. Tower Hamlets 2 470 Gloucestershire 1 610 graduate labour markets It is not always clear. Essex 2 465 Leicester 1 545 whose responsibility it is to support them into. Lancashire 2 455 employment and this publication may be. of value to this often overlooked group,5 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20. Data explained, The data in this publication comes from SOC 2010 DLHE These SOC 2010 DLHE used on these pages where they refer to people. HESA s Destinations of Leavers from Higher codes are used to calculate the types of occupation are rounded to the nearest five in accordance. Education DLHE 2016 17 survey which categories used in What do graduates do The with HESA s data reporting requirements. provides a comprehensive picture of graduate change to SOC 2010 DLHE was only introduced The skills shortage data is taken from the. activity six months after graduation for the 2011 12 survey onwards and comparisons Employer Skills Survey 2017 provided by the. Respondents to the DLHE survey are asked cannot be made with data prior to 2011 12 Department for Education and analysed by HECSU. to give their main job title and a brief description Due to rounding of percentages to one decimal The Standard Occupational Classifications. of their role This information is used to derive place on all data pages the percentages may not 2010 DLHE that are under each type. their Standard Occupational Classification equal 100 0 when added together All numbers of work category are described below. Managers development professionals Web design and Clerical secretarial and. Chief executive officers and senior officials development professionals IT technicians numerical clerk occupations. Senior officers in protective services Financial Other IT and telecommunications professionals National and local government administrators. institution managers Advertising and marketing Book keepers payroll managers and wages clerks. directors Managers and directors in transport Business HR and finance professionals Bank and post office clerks Other financial. and logistics retail and wholesale Managers Actuaries economists and statisticians administrators Records clerks and assistants. and proprietors in agriculture hospitality and Management consultants and business analysts Pensions and insurance clerks and assistants. leisure health and care services and other services Chartered and certified accountants Estimators Stock control and transport and distribution. Property housing and estate managers valuers and assessors Brokers Insurance clerks and assistants Library clerks and assistants. Research and development managers underwriters Finance and investment analysts and Human resources administrators Sales. Production and functional managers advisers Taxation experts Financial and accounting administrators Office managers Medical. managers and technicians Human resources legal and other secretaries Personal assistants. Health professionals and industrial relations officers Vocational Receptionists. Medical practitioners Nurses Midwives and industrial trainers and instructors. Paramedics Pharmacists Dental practitioners Retail catering waiting and bar staff. Ophthalmic opticians Medical radiographers Marketing PR and sales professionals Sales supervisors Sales and retail assistants. Physiotherapists Occupational or speech Public relations PR professionals Buyers and Retail cashiers and check out operators. and language therapists Podiatrists procurement officers Business sales executives Customer service managers and supervisors. Other health associate professionals Marketing associate professionals Estate agents Kitchen and catering assistants Waiters. and auctioneers Sales accounts and business and waitresses Bar staff Leisure and. Education professionals development managers Conference and theme park attendants. Teaching professionals in higher education exhibition managers and organisers. further secondary primary and nursery education Other occupations. and special needs education Senior professionals Arts design and media professionals Farmers Gardeners and landscapers Groundsmen. in educational establishments Education advisers and Journalists Artists Authors writers and translators and greenkeepers Metal machining fitting and. school inspectors Other educational professionals Actors entertainers and presenters Dancers and instrument making trades Vehicle trades Electrical. choreographers Musicians Arts officers producers and electronic trades Plumbers carpenters and. Legal social and welfare professionals and directors Photographers audio visual and joiners Bricklayers Painters and decorators Textile. Barristers and judges Solicitors Legal associate broadcasting equipment operators Graphic and garment trades Printers Food preparation. professionals Other legal professionals designers Commercial artists Interior designers occupations Catering and bar managers Florists. Clinical education and occupational psychologists Industrial designers Textile clothing furniture Glass ceramics and furniture makers Sports. Counsellors Probation officers Social workers and jewellery designers Other design occupations and leisure assistants Travel agents Air and rail. Youth and community workers Child and early Clothing advisers consultants travel assistants Hairdressers and beauticians. years officers Housing officers Welfare and Housekeepers Pharmacy and other dispensing. housing associate professionals Clergy Other professionals associate assistants Sales related occupations Merchandisers. professionals and technicians and window dressers Call and contact centre. Science professionals Conservation and environment professionals occupations Market research interviewers Process. Chemists Biologists Physicists Physiologists Media and other researchers Librarians archivists plant and machine operatives Assemblers and. Geophysicists Geologists and meteorologists and curators Quality control and regulatory routine operatives Construction operatives Road. Social and humanities scientists Bacteriologists professionals Laboratory technicians Science transport drivers Other drivers and transport. microbiologists Biochemists medical scientists engineering and production technicians operatives Farm and forestry workers Postal. Other natural and social science professionals Draughtspersons and related architectural technicians workers and mail sorters Cleaners and domestics. Protective service occupations Sports and fitness Security guards Other elementary occupations. Engineering and building professionals occupations Air craft controllers and aircraft pilot. Civil mechanical electrical electronics engineers and flight engineers Careers advisers and vocational Unknown occupations. Design and development engineers Production guidance specialists Public services professionals Graduates who indicated that they were in. and process engineers Architects town planners employment in the UK but the occupational. and surveyors Construction project managers Childcare health and education occupations information provided was inadequate for. and related professions Nursery nurses and assistants Childminders coding purposes. Playworkers Teaching assistants Educational support. Information Technology professionals assistants Animal care and control occupations. IT specialist managers IT project and programme Nursing auxiliaries and assistants Dental nurses. managers IT business analysts architects and Care workers and home carers Other caring. systems designers Programmers and software personal services. 6 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,North East. increase in graduates,entering business HR,and finance professions. 7 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,North East.
The North East of England is one of the smallest There has also been an increase of 6 6 in the The region does suffer from skills shortages and. regions in the UK by geography and population number of university leavers entering professional there is a strong demand for graduates in nursing. but despite its smaller jobs market as many as level employment since 2015 16 While the HR and software development However the small. 6 570 graduates managed to secure employment regional figure 71 2 is still slightly below the UK size of the North East s economy means the region. here within six months of graduation This average of 73 9 it is hoped that it will continue has a lower density of skills shortages compared. amounts to 3 6 of new graduates working to rise as the North East is on target to achieve with other UK regions. in the UK in 2016 17 its goal of adding an additional 100 000 jobs to Graduates looking for jobs in the region tend. Three quarters of graduates who worked the labour market by 2024 70 of which will to cluster in urban areas most notably Newcastle. in the North East were originally from the area be better jobs defined as managers directors upon Tyne 28 1 County Durham 12. and a large proportion had studied there 76 4 and senior officials professional occupations and Sunderland 9 7 and Middlesbrough 8 3. meaning the area retains a significant share of its associate professional and technical occupations 2 The region has a rich cultural heritage and natural. graduates Those who migrate to the region from Graduates in the region are drawn to jobs environment and people generally report good. elsewhere typically come from Yorkshire and the in health with a 6 8 increase in the number quality of life with high satisfaction and low. Humber 7 3 the North West 4 4 and of health professionals year on year The anxiety so the region is desirable for graduates. the East Midlands 2 5 majority of these 57 were nurses but medical looking to reside here 3. Data from the Office for National Statistics practitioner 14 6 and pharmacist 5 5 Graduates in the North East have an average. ONS shows the North East has a lower were other popular career choices starting salary of 21 170 which is below the. employment rate and higher unemployment The business HR and finance profession UK average of 22 399 The averages for both. rate compared with other UK regions but continues to attract jobseekers with a significant males 21 652 and females 20 904 were. regardless of this the DLHE data suggests rise in graduate starts by 25 since 2015 16 below the national figure. outcomes for graduates are improving 1 The This occupational group is now the third most References. full time employment rate in the region increased popular among graduates up from sixth place 1 Regional labour market statistics in the UK. August 2019 ONS accessed September 2019, by 4 5 year on year and combining work and in the previous year. 2 Our progress North East LEP accessed September 2019. study was a popular option 10 2 with a 12 8 Not all occupations benefited from a growth in 3 Our Economy North East LEP accessed September 2019. rise in the number of individuals pursuing this graduate entrants though with fewer people opting. type of activity to start their careers in marketing PR sales and IT. TOP 10 INDUSTRIES ENTERED TOP 10 PROFESSIONAL LEVEL JOBS. Human health activities Nurses, Retail trade except of motor vehicles and motorcycles Medical practitioners. Education Primary and nursery education teaching professionals. Food and beverage service activities Marketing associate professionals. Public administration and defence compulsory social security Programmers and software development professionals. Financial service activities except insurance and pension funding Welfare and housing associate professionals. Social work activities without accommodation Business and related associate professionals. Computer programming consultancy and related activities Social workers. Legal and accounting activities Pharmacists, Architectural and engineering activities technical testing and analysis Human resources and industrial relations officers. 8 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,North East. OCCUPATIONS,Health professionals 26 2,Retail catering waiting and bar staff 13 8.
Business HR and finance professionals 7 0,Other occupations 6 1. Legal social and welfare professionals 5 8,Education professionals 5 5. Numerical clerk clerical and secretary occupations 5 0. Marketing PR and sales professionals 4 9,Engineering and building professionals 4 6. Other professionals associate professionals and technicians 4 6. Information technology professionals 4 5,Childcare health and education occupations 4 0. Arts design and media professionals 3 7,Managers 3 2.
Science professionals 1 3,INDUSTRY GROUPS,Health 26 7. Retail 11 9,Education 10 5,Business and finance 8 6. Hospitality and tourism 7 4,Manufacturing 6 5, Construction engineering research and development 5 1. Local and central government 4 4,Social care 4 3,Arts sports and leisure 3 8. IT and telecoms 3 4,Legal and accountancy 2 2,Media and publishing 1 5.
Other industries 1 3,Marketing and PR 1 2,Logistics 0 9. Management consultancy 0 2,EMPLOYER SIZE,1 to 9 5 1. 10 to 49 8 2,50 to 99 5 7,100 to 249 4 3,250 to 499 4 3. 500 to 999 6 5,1 000 and over 65 9,CONTRACT TYPE,On a permanent or open ended contract 61 3. On a fixed term contract lasting 12 months or longer 16 2. On a fixed term contract lasting less than 12 months 6 0 OCCUPATIONAL SHORTAGES. On a zero hours contract 5 4 Nurses, On an internship placement 3 3 Medical practitioners.
Self employed freelance 3 1 Human resources and industrial relations officers. Temping including supply teaching 1 7 Programmers and software development professionals. Other 1 2 Graphic designers, Voluntary work 1 0 Design and development engineers. Starting up own business 0 4 Probation officers, Developing a professional portfolio creative practice 0 3 Solicitors. 9 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,of graduates working in the. North West had studied here North West,10 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20. North West, In 2016 17 19 910 first degree graduates level jobs are spread across a range of sectors Cities tend to draw in the majority of graduates.
began their career in the North West within six demonstrating the diverse range of opportunities with almost a fifth 17 working in Manchester. months of graduation which amounts to 10 9 available for graduates in the region Lancashire 12 3 and Liverpool 11 6 are. of graduates working in the UK Three quarters The North West is home to Manchester and also major urban areas in the North West that are. of graduates employed in the North West were Liverpool two of the core cities that make up the desirable employment locations for graduates. originally domiciled here demonstrating their Northern Powerhouse and with many strong A few worked in Cheshire East West and Chester. loyalty to their home region sectors such as manufacturing engineering 10 but over half of these individuals were. Those migrating here for work tend to come business and finance and digital and technology from the area or nearby localities such as the. from neighbouring regions such as Yorkshire it is an ideal place for graduates to start their Wirral or Flintshire reinforcing the idea that. and the Humber 4 4 and the West Midlands career 1 The most common occupations generally graduates tend to seek out opportunities. 3 8 The North West also sourced talent from align with the most popular industries entered close to their home. Wales 2 9 although they were typically from by graduates in the region Graduates working in the North West. northern areas such as Flintshire Wrexham Although the region has a strong set of diverse shouldn t expect to earn a generous income. Conwy and Denbighshire sectors most graduates in the North West are straight after leaving university as they have the. The North West retains a large portion still attracted to the leading graduate roles in third lowest average starting salary in the UK. of its graduates with 69 4 having studied health retail and business Health occupations 20 841 This is below the national average. at a HE provider in the region A fifth of university are particularly popular with growth in graduate salary for UK domiciled first degree graduates. leavers continued working in the North West numbers year on year of 6 6 of 22 399 As with all regions a gender pay. after graduating here despite being from In 2017 5 6 of graduates employed in the gap is evident in the North West with men. another region initially region were working in arts design and media earning a higher average salary 21 543. The majority of graduates worked full time occupations The North West possesses the than women 20 405. 75 6 while a small proportion secured part time largest media hotspot outside of the capital Reference. employment 17 The proportion of graduates MediaCityUK so those employed in these 1 Manchester s Industries Invest in Manchester. and Growth Sectors Liverpool City Region LEP, working in professional level employment in the professions tend to work in the Salford and both accessed September 2019. North West rose from 70 in 2015 16 to 72 2 Manchester area where key organisations. in 2016 17 The most popular professional such as the BBC and ITV are located. TOP 10 INDUSTRIES ENTERED TOP 10 PROFESSIONAL LEVEL JOBS. Human health activities Nurses, Retail trade except of motor vehicles and motorcycles Medical practitioners. Education Primary and nursery education teaching professionals. Food and beverage service activities Marketing associate professionals. Legal and accounting activities Business and related associate professionals. Public administration and defence compulsory social security Programmers and software development professionals. Social work activities without accommodation Legal associate professionals. Employment activities Pharmacists, Computer programming consultancy and related activities Human resources and industrial relations officers. Financial service activities except insurance and pension funding Welfare and housing associate professionals. 11 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,North West. OCCUPATIONS,Health professionals 22 1,Retail catering waiting and bar staff 12 0.
Business HR and finance professionals 8 5,Marketing PR and sales professionals 7 2. Other occupations 6 2,Legal social and welfare professionals 5 8. Arts design and media professionals 5 6, Other professionals associate professionals and technicians 5 6. Education professionals 5 6, Numerical clerk clerical and secretary occupations 5 3. Engineering and building professionals 4 0,Childcare health and education occupations 3 9.
Information technology professionals 3 9,Managers 3 3. Science professionals 1 0,INDUSTRY GROUPS,Health 22 3. Retail 15 2,Education 11 3,Business and finance 8 7. Hospitality and tourism 7 1, Construction engineering research and development 6 0. Manufacturing 4 9,Arts sports and leisure 4 5,Legal and accountancy 3 9.
Social care 3 5,Local and central government 3 4,IT and telecoms 3 2. Media and publishing 1 8,Marketing and PR 1 6,Logistics 1 1. Other industries 1 1,Management consultancy 0 5,EMPLOYER SIZE. 1 to 9 7 3,10 to 49 8 5,50 to 99 6 8,100 to 249 4 7. 250 to 499 5 1,500 to 999 5 3,1 000 and over 62 4,CONTRACT TYPE.
On a permanent or open ended contract 62 1, On a fixed term contract lasting 12 months or longer 14 4. On a fixed term contract lasting less than 12 months 6 2 OCCUPATIONAL SHORTAGES. On a zero hours contract 4 6 Nurses,Self employed freelance 4 3 Medical practitioners. On an internship placement 2 9 Human resources and industrial relations officers. Temping including supply teaching 2 2 Sales accounts and business development managers. Other 1 5 Programmers and software development professionals. Voluntary work 0 8 Construction project managers and related professionals. Developing a professional portfolio creative practice 0 6 Welfare and housing associate professionals. Starting up own business 0 5 Youth and community workers. 12 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,Yorkshire and. the Humber,of new graduates employed,in the region s business and. finance sector work in Leeds,13 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20.
Yorkshire and the Humber, In 2016 17 13 455 UK graduates secured The region plays an important role in the UK s new graduates employed as business finance. employment in Yorkshire and the Humber within financial sector Leeds is specifically important and related associate professionals in the region. six months of graduation equivalent to 7 4 of in this respect generating over 10billion for the highest concentration of all cities in Yorkshire. all first degree graduates from that year Most of the national economy and continuing to grow 3 and the Humber Sheffield comes in second. these were originally domiciled in Yorkshire 69 Nevertheless the diversification of industries within place in this respect with 15 4 of all of the. though some came from further afield 7 3 from Yorkshire and the Humber isn t to the complete region s business finance and related associate. the North West and 6 6 from the East Midlands detriment of traditional industries manufacturing professionals being employed here. Graduates also tended to have studied in still accounts for one fifth of the region s economy The average starting salary for graduates. Yorkshire 66 5 with institutions from elsewhere and forecasts predict that this sector will continue working in Yorkshire and the Humber is 20 855. making up significantly smaller proportions of to grow and retain its position of significance That s 1 544 less than the UK average of. those working here For example 7 9 studied in more so than in other regions 4 22 399 This is the fourth lowest average starting. the North West and 6 5 in the North East Continued growth in traditional and more recently salary for graduates out of all UK regions. Despite being home to large metropolitan acquired industries cement Yorkshire and the On a more positive note the gender pay gap. areas such as Leeds Bradford and Sheffield Humber s position as part of the so called Northern between graduates working in Yorkshire and the. Yorkshire and the Humber is the third least Powerhouse However the region does face some Humber is 1 014 smaller than that of UK average. populated region in the UK with many rural areas serious challenges including skills shortages and starting salaries Female graduates working in. such as the Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire barriers to inclusion and social mobility 5 this region start on an average salary of 20 425. Dales 1 Traditionally the region s economy The health industry attracted the highest which is 1 119 less than their male counterparts. relied on heavy industry manufacturing textiles proportion of graduates in Yorkshire and the on 21 544 In comparison the UK average gender. and agriculture Now it hosts a more diverse Humber in 2016 17 followed by education and pay gap among new graduates is 2 133. range of industries including retail Three quarters of all 2016 17 graduates References. environmental technology working in Yorkshire and the Humber secured full 1 Yorkshire and the Humber European Commission. accessed September 2019, construction time work a decrease of 1 3 percentage points. retail compared with the previous year and most were 3 Yorkshire s contribution to the UK s financial services industry. real estate located in urban centres such as Leeds 23 7 hailed by Economic Secretary GOV UK and Yorkshire and the. public services primarily primary and Sheffield 14 9 71 3 managed to secure Humber Swinton Business both accessed September 2019. 4 Yorkshire and the Humber Swinton Business, and secondary education professional level employment accessed September 2019. transport and storage The strength of Leeds financial sector is 5 Yorkshire and Humber s potential 5 4bn growth boost. tourism 2 reflected in the fact that it attracted 36 7 of all Grant Thornton accessed September 2019. TOP 10 INDUSTRIES ENTERED TOP 10 PROFESSIONAL LEVEL JOBS. Human health activities Nurses,Education Medical practitioners. Retail trade except of motor vehicles and motorcycles Primary and nursery education teaching professionals. Food and beverage service activities Marketing associate professionals. Public administration and defence compulsory and social security Programmers and software development professionals. Legal and accounting services Business and related associate professionals. Social work activities without accommodation Welfare and housing associate professionals. Computer programming consultancy and related activities Pharmacists. Financial service activities except insurance and pension funding Legal associate professionals. Architectural and engineering activities technical testing and analysis Social workers. 14 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20,Yorkshire and the Humber.
OCCUPATIONS,Health professionals 20 7,Retail catering waiting and bar staff 11 7. Business HR and finance professionals 8 1,Legal social and welfare professionals 6 7. Education professionals 6 5,Other occupations 6 4,Marketing PR and sales professionals 6 2. Other professionals associate professionals and technicians 6 0. Numerical clerk clerical and secretary occupations 5 7. Childcare health and education occupations 5 0,Arts design and media professionals 4 4. Information technology professionals 4 1,Managers 3 7.
Engineering and building professionals 3 6,Science professionals 1 3. INDUSTRY GROUPS,Health 22 1,Retail 13 4,Education 13 1. Business and finance 8 4,Hospitality and tourism 6 8. Manufacturing 6 0,Construction engineering research development 5 7. Local and central government 4 4,Arts sports and leisure 4 2.
Social care 4 1,Legal and accountancy 3 5,IT and telecoms 3 3. Media and publishing 1 5,Marketing and PR 1 3,Other industries 1 2. Logistics 1 0,Management consultancy 0 2,EMPLOYER SIZE. 1 to 9 6 7,10 to 49 8 2,50 to 99 7 6,100 to 249 5 7. 250 to 499 4 9,500 to 999 6 3,1 000 and over 60 7,CONTRACT TYPE.
On a permanent or open ended contract 63 5, On a fixed term contract lasting 12 months or longer 15 3. On a fixed term contract lasting less than 12 months 6 1 OCCUPATIONAL SHORTAGES. On a zero hours contract 4 7 Nurses,Self employed freelance 3 5 Electrical engineers. Other 1 8 Marketing associate professionals, On an internship placement 1 8 Engineering professionals. Temping including supply teaching 1 6 Business sales executives. Voluntary work 1 0 Business sales executives, Developing a professional portfolio creative practice 0 4 Business and financial project management professionals. Starting up own business 0 4 Social workers,15 WHAT DO GRADUATES DO REGIONAL EDITION 2019 20.

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SMARTBOOK Make sure all text is left aligned lined up

unit of assignment review the smartbook within the first 90 days of assignment. 3. Hold your chaplains accountable for the training they received. 4. Use the smartbook as a starting point to develop meaningful training. Leverage Resources: 1. Recent CHBOLC graduates. The training they received is better than yours. 2.CAR. The Central Army Registry is the repository of all Army tasks. Brief ...

Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and ...

Department of Applied Statistics Social Science and

The Applied Statistics for Social Science Research (A3SR) MS degree prepares graduates for a career as an applied statistician and data scientist in the private or public sector, working in fields such as psychology, education, political science, public policy, media research, and healthcare. Students will have the

Who is included in this report - College of Registered ...

Who is included in this report College of Registered

Who is included in this report This report provides statistics on the performance of graduates of Manitoba nursing education programs who wrote the NCLEX-RN in 2015 and 2016 as a part of their registration/licensure application process with a provincial or territorial Registered Nurse (RN) regulator in Canada. These writers are referred to as ...

Curriculum Standard for Engineering and Technology ...

Curriculum Standard for Engineering and Technology

application of principles from mathematics, natural sciences, and technology and applied processes based on these subjects. Course work includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology. Graduates should qualify to obtain occupations such as technical service providers, materials and technologies testing services, process improvement technicians, engineering ...

Always Safe means - fairvale-p.schools.nsw.gov.au

Always Safe means fairvale p schools nsw gov au

A huge thank you to the team of teachers who organised the day! PaT H (Parents as Helpers/ lassroom Teachers) A huge congratulations to our 2017 PaTH graduates. Our dedicated group of parents attended fortnightly learning sessions and supported students in classrooms on a weekly basis during Terms 3 and 4. The aim of PaTH is to empower our community to be able to support student learning in ...

Course Code: Course Name: Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Course Code Course Name Introduction to Forensic Psychology

demand in the workforce (particularly in corrections) for graduates with skills in forensic psychology. There is a growing awareness of the value of studying and applying psychological principles to the legal system. This course offers an introduction to forensic psychology.

CPA (U) COURSE - Harvest Training & Consultancy Uganda Ltd

CPA U COURSE Harvest Training amp Consultancy Uganda Ltd

Certified Public Accountants of Uganda [(CPA(U)] Course The CPA (U) Course is designed to produce competent professional accountants, capable of making a positive contribution to the profession and the national economy in general. The graduates of this course are expected to serve as financial and

INTRODUCTION Graduate Programme

INTRODUCTION Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme SET YOUR CAREER FOR TAKE OFF Find out more at smbc.aero/careers/graduates INTRODUCTION SMBC AVIATION CAPITAL Every year, we select a small number of high-flying graduates looking for opportunities in the fast-paced, global and dynamic business of aircraft leasing. Our graduates are given real responsibility and direct involvement on major projects as well as the opportunity ...



existing e? orts of the Jamia Islamia Minhaj-ul-Quran. The Jamia Islamia Minhaj-ul-Quran is the Sharia faculty of the Minhaj University, Lahore, and it has been training Islamic scholars and faith leaders since 1986. Many of its graduates have been posted around the world providing spiritual and religious services to Muslim societies and ...

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no units for ...

Credit Restrictions Students will receive no units for

Founded in 1903, the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley is well known for the excellence of its teaching and advising, with a strong reputation for producing outstanding PhD graduates as well as rigorous and innovative economic research. In recent years, Berkeley economics PhDs have been hired at many other leading institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, the U.S. Federal Reserve, and ...

Gateway to a wider world Euroexam Testing

Gateway to a wider world Euroexam Testing

The majority of the Euroexams are taken at CEFR levels B2 and C1. These candidates are primarily students, many of whom wish to follow their dreams and study abroad. Student Enrolments from Central and Eastern Europe UK Germany 2012 2016 2012 2016 First Degree 7,245 10,580 7,800 8,185 Post-graduates 2,580 3,765 3,300 3,465 Euroexam Testing The ...

Two Letters of Recommendation (SNU ... - Paris 13 University

Two Letters of Recommendation SNU Paris 13 University

Seoul National University has achieved a great deal in Korean history. As an indisputable leader of higher education in South Korea, SNU is known for the outstanding achievements made by the school itself as well as by its graduates. Founded in 1946 as the first national university of Korea Built on the largest campus in Seoul 16 Colleges, 1 Graduate School and 10 Professional Schools 2,620 ...



using advanced technological concepts. e. The graduates will be able to identify and use modern tools/equipments/softwares used for analysis and design of structural engineering components. 1 Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur Published by Dr. R.S. Pande Principal Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management

PDUs towards CDCS Recertification

PDUs towards CDCS Recertification

Certified Documentary Credits Specialist Accreditation offered by BAFT-IFSA and IFS. 1500+ Professional Graduates 2 International Certifications 70 Countries in Trade Network Fully revolving elearning program 87% Received their First Trade Qualification thanks to eBSI 16 PDUs towards CDCS Recertification FIT CERTIFICATE Key Indicators

Student Catalog & Handbook 2015

Student Catalog amp Handbook 2015

Phlebotomy/EKG Technician 26 Additional Information ert if c atio nd L censi g Exams 15 Placement, Retention Rates, Completion/ Graduation Rates 16 Drop/Add Courses & Program Changes 14 Externships 15 Graduation Requirements 15 Holiday Schedule 16 Hours of Operation and Closings 16 Plagiarism and Academic Honesty 16 Program Transfers 14 Refresher Courses for Graduates 14 Transfer Credits 19-20

of JARGON - Latham & Watkins

of JARGON Latham amp Watkins

and business school graduates seeking initiation into the world of Wall Street, and a desktop reference for not-so-recent graduates. In this book, you will find the key to the secret verbal handshakes that make up the code of the Wall Street finance community. While this publication

Eagle Academy Awesomeness! ings

Eagle Academy Awesomeness ings

Eagle Academy Awesomeness! In June, Eagle Academy graduated its largest class ever. Eagle Academy staff and students wish the 2013 graduates the best of luck in their upcoming adven-tures! In September, Eagle welcomed new and veteran students to the start of an excit-ing and action-packed school year. 2013 was amazing but 2014 will be EPIC!

Orange Coast College Catalog

Orange Coast College Catalog

Orange Coast College is committed to providing a unique learning community where freedom of thought and personal and intellectual growth is valued by all. As an outcome of their academic study, graduates of Orange Coast College possess proficiency in four core areas: Communication, Thinking Skills, Global Awareness, and Personal Development and

TAA Email Directory - Taft Alumni Association

TAA Email Directory Taft Alumni Association

TAA Email Directory To be listed, contact eagleemail@taftalumni.org. Non-graduates listed as year "None Year Class First Name Grad Last Name Current Last Name Address

CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System

CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System

through the The American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals (AAFCP)Fertility and Care Centers of America (FCCA). For graduates seeking to operate internationally, the graduate becomes part of this new profession through The American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals (AAFCP) and CareFertility Centers International (FCCI). The AAFCP ...



Contents Foreword Revisiting City ... Table 5.7 Bandits & Outlaws High School Graduates & Drop-outs .....498 The In-School Experience ...



5 p. 68 | Connect the Dots. From start-up capital and internships to top fellowships and a worldwide network of alumni, Yale positions graduates for success



Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company 100 Careers in Film and Television Opportunities in Film Careers Short Films 101: How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career Your Film Acting Career Video Scriptwriting What I Really Want to Do Is Direct: Seven Film School Graduates Go

PPC Textbook 20060612 - unipr.it

PPC Textbook 20060612 unipr it

advanced control strategies that are reliable, and perhaps most important, easy for practitioners to use. He strives to teach process control from a practical perspective. Thus, the focus of this book is on proven control methods and practices that practitioners and new graduates can use on the job. Author Publisher Prof. Douglas J. Cooper Chemical Engineering Dept. University of Connecticut ...

Factors that Influences Students Academic Performance: A ...

Factors that Influences Students Academic Performance A

them to live a economically self-sufficient life and to deal with the increasingly complex social, political, and cultural issues they will face. Earning a baccalaureate degree is the most important rung in the economic ladder (Pascarella and Terenzini 2005; Trow 2001), as college graduates on average earn almost a million dollars more

TO WORSHIP IN THE PARK - Arthur Mennonite Church

TO WORSHIP IN THE PARK Arthur Mennonite Church

Opening Prayer Call To Worship: Psalm 24:1-6 P ... (MOPS) is selling little ministry year (September-May). If you would like to support this group, please see Jenni Marner. KEEPING UP WITH AMC Community Life Our Relationships with Each Other Next Sunday we will recognize graduates during worship. If you have a college grad please let the church office know. Glen, Rhonda, and Derek R. are in ...



Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization) to W (Workaholics Anonymous). Overall, this fourth edition of The Counseling Dictionary is the most thorough yet. It should be useful to both students in and new graduates of counseling programs as well as more experienced professionals. It is apolitical and attempts only to supply informa-