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Teamwork Teamplay, Building Unity Community Connection Leadership Teamwork. Through Active Learning,Staff Training, Each year new staffs gather to begin the process of working together For more than three decades. Dr Jim Cain from Teamwork Teamplay has been helping programs just like yours build unified staffs. Using a wide array of simple yet powerful activities Dr Cain can help bond your staff and teach them useful. activities that they can use with their campers students and program participants throughout the year In. addition to traditional teambuilding sessions Jim is prepared to teach dozens of valuable program sessions. including recreational dancing song leadership games without props hundreds of Raccoon Circle. activities boomerangs disc golf air powered rockets processing and debriefing activities rainy day games. and activities opening and closing activities and many other useful program ideas that will enable your staff. to fill every minute of the day, A day of Teamwork Teamplay staff training typically begins with a large group session with all. staff Building unity community and connection is essential Afterwards additional sessions with specific. program areas age group counselors CIT s and teambuilding staff are organized Evening sessions are. designed to teach additional programs such as music singing and dance. Jim Cain Ph D Teamwork Teamplay, 468 Salmon Creek Road Brockport NY 14420 Phone 585 637 0328. Email jimcain teamworkandteamplay com Website www teamworkandteamplay com. The books Teamwork Teamplay A Teachable Moment and The Book of Raccoon Circles. are available from Kendall Hunt Publishers at www kendallhunt com or 1 800 228 0810. Teambuilding equipment from Teamwork Teamplay is available from Training Wheels Inc at. www training wheels com or 1 888 553 0147,For a large format double deck of character.
cards printed in full color including character,quotations contact Creative Concepts at. www GivaGeta com or 860 657 0770 With this,deck of 58 cards you can facilitate 12 different. icebreakers teambuilding challenges and character, building activities plus play all your favorite card. games Instructions are included,You can also purchase these cards from. Training Wheels Inc at 1 888 553 0147 or,www training wheels com.
Essential Staff Training Activities, A new book by Jim Cain Clare Marie Hannon and Dave Knobbe. Available from Kendall Hunt Publishers, Building Unity Community Connection with Raccoon Circles. With one piece of tubular climbing webbing you can facilitate more than 200 different team. activities Download a sample of 30 activities at www teamworkandteamplay com or buy the. 275 page collection of activities contained in The Revised and Expanded Book of Raccoon. Circles from Kendall Hunt Publishers at 800 228 0810 or www kendallhunt com. While a variety of knots can be used to tie flat webbing together the water. knot is one of the strongest and best The water knot is so named because. river rafting guides use such a knot with flat webbing so that even when. wet the knot can easily be removed, W A M F stands for Wrapped Around My Finger and pretty much explains this entire activity Begin with an. unknotted segment of webbing One person in the group begins wrapping the webbing around their index finger and. while doing so provides the group with some information about themselves where they were born family members. school experiences childhood pets dreams goals favorite foods etc The goal is for this person to continue talking. until the webbing is completely wrapped around their finger. Tossing the Pizza This activity definitely fits into the harder than it looks. category Begin with a group of 5 8 participants holding onto a knotted Raccoon. Circle hands upward elbows straight with no slack in the circle The challenge is. for the group to toss this Raccoon Circle pizza into the air at least to the height of. their heads and then for everyone in the group to catch the circle as it drops back. down without anyone moving their feet, The Electric Box Here is a great variation of the traditional spider web or Window of Opportunity activity and one. that requires a bit more planning and strategy The Electric Box is simply a raccoon circle opening through with the. entire team must pass The unusual feature of this Electric Box however is that it starts as a vertical rectangle and. ends up as a horizontal rectangle For each person passing through the Electric Box the box changes shape. The Missing Link This consensus building and group problem solving activity is. designed to assist groups in building life skills The goal is for the group to decide if. the two Raccoon Circles are linked or connected like links of a chain or unlinked. without touching them, Believe It or Knot With the entire group holding a Raccoon Circle either seated or standing the knot is used as a.
pointer to identify the person talking Begin by passing the knot to the right around the group Someone says right. there the knot stops and the person nearest it has the opportunity to disclose some interesting fact about themselves. such as I have seen three movies this week It is now the discussion and responsibility of the rest of the participants. to decide whether they believe that this information is true or false After some discussion the group gives their. opinion of the validity or falseness of the disclosure and the person providing the comment can tell the real story. Inside Out This is a great initial problem solving activity Begin with a Raccoon Circle on the. floor Have the entire group step inside the circle The task is now for the entire group to go from the. inside of the circle to the outside by going underneath the Raccoon Circle without anyone in the. group using their hands arms or shoulders, Not Knots A doodle is constructed see examples and the group is given the. choice of whether this doodle will create a KNOT or NOT A KNOT when the. ends of the webbing are pulled, A B C 1 2 3 Shape Up Using a Raccoon Circle with all member of the group holding on form the. following letters numbers and shapes as quickly as possible. Raccoon Circles have become the world wide webbing. Hello my name is,Autographs, First write your first name in the block to the right Then. find another person who has done sign the top portion of the. block or has not done sign the bottom portion of the block. any of the activities listed below You can sign up to two. blocks on anyone s autograph page,Your first name here in great big letters. I have done this signature Knows how to,program their VCR.
Has an unusual or DVD player,Example Has gone water hobby. skiing Knows,I have not done this signature someone. Has ridden a musical,camel or unicycle instrument,Has been to. Mount Rushmore,Has many siblings,Collects something Had an unusual. interesting job,Can speak a,Foreign Language,Has been on TV Likes their dentist.
Looks the most,Would bungie,jump if the chance,occurred Has not flown. Has been to on an airplane,Has performed on summer camp. 2010 teamworkandteamplay com,Modern Hieroglyphics,Words that say one thing and mean another. Teambuilding, You are to decode each of the cryptic messages below and write the true message below each clue. For example message L below decodes as a little bit more. A GESG J it S S S S S,B Traveling K LOOK KOOL CROSSING.
C 2 UM 2 UM L bit MORE T SOM,D EILN PU M ME NT U OR OR ZERO. E HIJKLMNO N E V WIRE,F YOU JUST ME O ISSUES x 10 W BAN ANA. G RLD P THEHANGRE X SSSSSSSSSSC,H Often Often Often Q nafish nafish Y SIGHT LOVE. Not Not SIGHT,I T I M E more more more Z Wheather,abdefgh R more more.

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