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WE magazine for women 2,First Words, When thinking about what to write for the Inaugural Issue of WE the word firsts kept coming to mind After all this. is the First Issue of a brand new magazine for women And it s like no other Women s firsts also came to mind and. I thought I d share a few interesting firsts some you may or may not have heard of For instance did you know that Ann. Franklin was the first woman to hold the title of newspaper editor 1796 Mary Kies was the first woman to be. issued a US patent 1809 Arabella Mansfield was the first woman lawyer 1869 Lucy Walker was the first. woman to successfully climb the Matterhorn in Switzerland 1871 or that 15 year old Annie Moore from County. Cork Ireland was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island 1892 Vida Goldstein was the first woman in the. British Empire to run for a national office She ran for the Australian Senate 1902 Baroness Raymonde de la. Roche of France was the first licensed woman pilot 1910 Rosika Schwimmer was the world s first woman. ambassador She was appointed the Hungarian ambassador to Switzerland 1918 Marie Cecile Yvonne Emilie. and Annette Dionne were the first quintuplets to survive infancy They were born near Callender Ontario to Oliva. and Elzire Dionne 1934, You may know that Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova Russian cosmonaut was the first woman in space. 1963 and that Elizabeth P Hoisington was the first female general in the US armed forces 1970 Barbara. Walters was the first female newscaster on a US TV network news program 1976 and Wilma Mankiller. gotta love that name was the first woman to lead a major American Indian tribe She was elected Principal. Chief of the Cherokee Nation 1985 But did you know that Elizabeth Ann Oliver was the first woman to have. her baby s birth broadcast live over the Internet 1998 Makes you think that some women will do anything to. say they were first, Then there are those FIRSTS most of experience First steps first words first dates first kisses first babies first. business FIRSTS are something WE often celebrate and share with others And I want to celebrate WE with. Inside these pages are many firsts articles written by women who have never written for a major magazine. before You will find women who have never been profiled in a major magazine before you will find one woman. who has never appeared on the cover of a magazine before a woman who has never been a layout editor for a. major magazine and there s even a first man in WE And the list goes on. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who participated in making WE a reality I am looking forward to. working with you again And to our readers what can I say I hope you enjoy reading WE as much as WE. enjoyed writing and putting WE together for you,Wishing you many firsts and then some. Heidi Richards Mooney Editor in Chief,Source Corsinet com Famous Firsts.
WE magazine for women 3,Meet the Editors,WE magazine for women. Publisher Editor in Chief,Heidi Richards Mooney Tell us about yourself. Heidi WeChamber org,In October we will be launching the Women s. Technology Editor, Suzannah Richards Global Registry If you would like to be informed. Suzannah WeChamber org about it send a message with Women s Global. Registry in the subject line to Info WeChamber org and we will. Layout Design Editor add your name to our list When it is launched you will receive an. Gina Aronoff, invitation to submit your company information to our new online.
Info WeChamber org,directory it s FREE,Travel Editor. Linda Pereira,Networking Editor,Betty Dobson,Lifestyle Editor. Meri Raffetto,Contributors,Scott Allen,Miss Cellania. Laurel Delaney,Dina Giolitto,Loral Langemeier,Gabriella Cora Locatelli UPCOMING EVENTS. Susan Miller,Gina Rafkind,Claudia Schmitz,Rosalind Sedacca October 27 28 2006.
David Teten Women s Internet Marketing Summit, Daisy Wright www WomensInternetMarketingSummit com. Advertising Sponsorship,Suzannah Richards,Suzannah WeChamber org November 7 2006. Women s Internet Marketing Post Summit Lab, Cover Design www WomensInternetMarketingSummit com. Maria Bell Images,www MariaBellImages com,January 2007. Website Development Networking Social at Dress Barn. Sandeep Gaykhe Davie Florida,http www ConnectingDomains com.
The opinions expressed by contributors, are not necessarily those of WECAI Network Check out our schedule of Wire side Chats. or its subsidiaries for who s being interviewed when. www wire sidechats com,WE magazine for women Fall Issue Volume 1. Published by WUN Publications Inc,10890 SW 27 Court Davie FL 33328. www WUNPublications com,WE magazine for women 4,WE magazine for women 5. What s Inside,Cover Story,Meet the Destination Diva.
Linda Pereira of CPL Events is Going Places and taking people with her. In His Words, 9 You Control Your Life Why Not Your Money Tech Toys. 12 Money Money Finding Wealth In All The Right Places 19. Technology, 15 Technology Strategy Your Silent Business Partner. 17 I Am Not A Number,Pentax OPTIO W20,Maximize The Use of Technology While You Manage. 20 Work in Life, 22 What Makes Web Press Releases Different From Traditional. Women s Internet,24 Woman s Ways of Mentoring,Marketing Summit.
29 The Passion of the Choice,31 Yoga for the Small Business Owner. 34 Creating Your Small Business Disaster Plan FREE Stuff. Advertising,37 Ahhhhh Portugal,Estoril Beach 36,WE magazine for women 6. Going Global,5 Reasons Women Are Going Global,21 Lifestyle. 51 Does This Make my Butt Look Big,Must Tell Messages to Prepare the Kids for. 55 NAME THAT WINE Entertaining FUN,58 Four Ways to Stay Motivated.
Networking,Worth Reading,59 Be Heard the First Time. 27 60 How Networking Works and Doesn t,62 I AM a Name to Remember. Marketing Crossword Profiles of Success,Puzzle 63 Louisa Bird Marketing for Women. 64 Leslie Grossman Andrea March,Co Founders of The Women s Leadership Exchange. About the 65 Daisy Wright Wright Career Consulting. 67 66 EWMD International Network,WE magazine for women 7.
WE magazine for women 8,You Control Your,Why Not Your. by Loral Langemeier, From single moms to corporate executives from the poor to the middle class to the wealthy women are taking. control of their financial destiny While most women are committed to having financial security the women in. the Live Out Loud community are committed to having FINANCIAL FREEDOM All women have arrived at. where they are today for one reason or another what women need to realize is it doesn t matter what your. situation is today what matters is that you realize your reality today does not have to affect where you will be. tomorrow Now is the time for women to take control of their lives If you ve ever seriously dreamed of being. wealthy and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen you must take action today. As a millionaire myself and as one who trains people to be millionaires there s one thing I know for sure. millionaires always have a plan they have a team and they are always in action They determine their financial. goals and take action to make them happen You ll never find millionaires sitting around crossing their fingers. They don t wait for their wealth they create it, After creating my own wealth I decided I wanted to help educate and empower other women to do the same I. created Live Out Loud www liveoutloud com a financial coaching and wealth building community that focuses. on teaching people to create wealth from the inside out and through the use of a team One of the first steps we. use in making our clients millionaires includes creating what I call a financial freedom day Your financial. freedom day is the day when you ve reached your financial goals To define yours you need to first have a vision. What s in your future, Your vision is your ultimate picture of how you want to be living sometime in the not to distant future. People who lack a clear vision are like ships without rudders they sail aimlessly and without a final destination. They may head toward opportunities that appear on the horizon but then veer off course unable to reach them. In order to keep you motivated your vision must include three elements It should. 1 Be exciting enough to fuel your energies,2 Be realistic enough to be doable.
3 Never compromise your values, Most importantly you need to exercise what I call No Limit Thinking To practice No Limit Thinking you. have to imagine what your life would look like if it were impossible to fail. WE magazine for women 9,Declaring Financial Freedom Day. Your financial freedom day is your vision defined as a. measurable goal This allows you to map out a strategic. plan that will get you there There are three things you. need to decide in order to declare your financial freedom Getting from here to there is what my proprietary. day Wealth Cycle process is all about and what I have. dedicated my new book The Millionaire Maker s, 1 Your monthly cash flow Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing to entirely. 2 Your total net worth real estate stocks,oil and other investments. 3 The specific day month and year that In my first book I explain what each of the five steps. you want this to occur are and show you through examples how they come. together In this new book I delve deeper into the, I know very well that if you start writing down numbers five steps above and teach you how to begin to put.
they can get a bit discouraging It s one thing to say that each of these steps in action making your financial. you d like to have a net worth of 3 million and a cash freedom day one step closer. flow of 30 000 a month by the time you re 50 years. old But if you re 40 years old currently making 35 000. and are 20 000 in consumer debt it may seem I profile dozens of clients from Live Out Loud s wealth. impossible But I assure you it is anything but building community showing how they opened doors. to tremendous direct investment opportunities to grow. There s a gap between where you are and where you their portfolios in businesses real estate gas and oil. want to be While not insurmountable here s the five well ownership and much more that you can do as. things you need to define and plan I review these in detail well The examples in the book demonstrate that if. in my first book The Millionaire Maker you learn these basic steps inside and out and follow. them then you too can create enormous wealth from, 1 Your Financial Baseline where you are a variety of situations that fit your hobbies passions. 2 Your Freedom Day goals where you re going and skill sets when it comes to creating your own. 3 Wealth Cycle Activities how you ll get personal investment portfolio. 4 Leadership of your Team people who will Some examples include. 5 Financial mental emotional conditioning why 1 A man that had no assets and created something. it will work with nothing,2 A W 2 working woman psychologist making. My hope is for women to identify themselves and their 40 000 a year who wanted to learn and invest. situations with the strategies and stories of the people in in a string of Laundromats. my books and through my company Live Out Loud 3 A cash poor millionaire mom with two. Women hold the strength and the power to change their teenagers that had poorly invested money. lives and their family s future if it s something they seriously. want to do At this early stage you need to make a,commitment make a plan and get a team behind. you to help keep you motivated to stay in action,WE magazine for women 10. Just looking at this list it seems as if there is no way. any of these individuals could have anything in,common However even though each of these.
individuals have completely different backgrounds,what they each have in common is they took action. used the skill sets they already had and the,resources provided to them at Live Out Loud to. find a team that could mentor support and guide, them through the process of becoming a millionaire. All of these people followed the steps to lead their. own wealth My book teaches anyone can do the,same but they have to be willing to show due. diligence to take the responsibility and time to,educate themselves on the full process before.
proceeding blindly into their investments,And I assure you no matter how far away you. may be from your Financial Freedom Day with,commitment patience and the right guidance by. using my Wealth Cycle you really can become a,millionaire The key is to view every hurdle as an. opportunity to learn a new lesson and make a better. As I said before however the very first thing you,should do is make a decision and a commitment to. take action I invite you to start today, About Loral Langemeier Langemeier started her financial career by designing and.
implementing personal and organizational development plans for Fortune 100 companies. Chervon Franklin Covey Home Depot Marriott and DuPont On the side she developed. her own multi million portfolio containing a diverse mix of traditional and non traditonal. investments The experiences led her to create Live Out Loud a financial coaching and. mentoring company that focuses on teaching people to create wealth from the inside out In. 2004 she wrote Guerrilla Wealth with Jay Conrad Levinson whose series was published in. 39 languages and had sold over 14 million copies worldwide As a result she launched an. international seminiar called Team Made Millionaire focusing on building financial indepen. dence through teamwork Langemeier s ventures have resulted in helping thousands of. people achieve financial success and she has emerged as one of the most successful business. and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform For more information on Loral and Live. Out Loud visit http www liveoutloud com,WE magazine for women 11. Money Money Finding Wealth in All the Right Places. How to Create Multiple Streams of Income to Add to Your Bottom Line. by Heidi Richards, Multiple income streams allow you to diversify your efforts and your talents If you loose one income stream. you have others to fall back on while you replace the one you lost. When it comes to making money some people just You can increase your customer client base by. seem to be lucky and money comes to them with providing a needed wanted product or. what looks to the world like little or no effort Others service You can make money while you sleep. just cannot figure out how to add passive income When. to the income they already earn you have passive income. Even hard work doesn t seem to streams you can leverage. help them get ahead Maybe your time and use it for. that s the problem It isn t about those things you want to put. luck at all or even hard work effort into whether it be. Multiple streams of income work family recreation or. require a person to have a plan otherwise Having multiple. a process and a pocketbook or income streams give,bank account investment people the opportunity to. account in which you put all that choose a product or service. extra money they can afford and try you,out Multiple income. Having multiple streams of, streams allow you to diversify your efforts and your.
income has several advantages It offers more,talents If you loose one income stream you have. security helps build your nest egg and gives you more. others to fall back on while you replace,peace of mind So just how do you create those. the one you lost,income streams to achieve all this and more Do. you have a full time job working for someone else There is more than one way to make money. Do you have a small business that is not yet turning a Multiple income streams could be products and. profit Are you retired or semi retired or services you add to your current business or it. could be a totally different source for creating more. There are many benefits to harnessing the POWER income There are many ways to add income. of multiple income streams streams to the one s you currently have working. Here are just a few, 1 Add a new product line to your offerings I have a retail florist and when mylar balloons hit the. market several years ago it was a product we did not offer I started out small buying only a. few pieces of a select number of styles a moderate initial investment When people started. asking for them I knew they were a hit and increased the line from 5 styles and sentiments to. well over 250 This added 17 to my bottom line the first year. 2 Add a service to your offerings A dentist I know bought a software program that showed. people what they would look like with straighter whiter teeth Teeth whitening soon became a. staple of hers rather than an option She told me that the first month it was used the software. program paid for itself five times This one service added 37 to her bottom line. WE magazine for women 12, 3 Help someone else with a job they don t want to do and that you are skilled at and capable of doing.
The Virtual Assistant emerged because business owners realized there were tasks they just didn t. want to do or were not good at accomplishing, 4 Create a home based business Multi level marketing companies have captured many. entrepreneurs who want to add to their income stream and some have gotten rich from MLM. products Make sure you have a passion for the product and a willingness to sell others on the. idea The real money is made in building your team, 5 Informational products are sought after by the masses Be sure you have information someone. wants to buy and that can t be gotten all over the WEB for Free Informational products can. include ebooks special reports audio video offerings software printed books booklets and. 6 Sell stuff on ebay Many a wealthy person started out with her own eBay market Check out. www ebay com for information on how to become an eBay Power Seller. 7 Create a website and sell products services and advertising space on your site. 8 Become an affiliate of several companies and market market market via your website email. messages ezines brochures postcards and letters, 9 Bundle your products and services to sell at a package rate and sell more of what you already. 10 Offer a teleclass seminar workshop or other event Charge an entry fee Sell informational. products with the event Record the event to resell to those who were unable to attend. 11 License your program or service The key to building wealth is duplication duplication. duplication Offering your programs to other resellers give you a way to duplicate your brand. without the effort involved in delivering it yourself. 12 Start a product of the month club We have a flower of the month club to which people pay an. annual fee and get flowers every month for a year A great way to sell your product ONE Time see. http www edenflorist com detail asp pid 1000678 You could create a monthly ezine or newsletter. and charge a subscription fee, 13 Create a monthly weekly service offering A good friend of mine was a massage therapist and. many of the clients she saw were on a weekly or monthly schedule She offered this service at a. lower discounted rate This guaranteed income helps you plan how to use your free time to get. more business, 14 Tutor teach write for others If you have a specialized knowledge or skill capitalize on it charge.
for it Add to your income stream, 15 Sign up to participate in online and in person surveys and focus groups Some pay money for your. input others pay with products I signed up with Plaza Research and participate in two focus. groups a year The pay ranges from 75 to 250 dollars for a one or two hour session so I make on. average an extra 400 per year for less than 4 hours work If you did this with several companies. you could add a lot to your bottom line without creating any product or service. 16 Freelance in an industry in which you are proficient There are many industries that hire part time. seasonal staff and pay premium dollars for the extra help. WE magazine for women 13, Here are eight tips to help you carry out your Multiple Streams. of Income Campaign, 1 Brainstorm ways to add to your 5 Learn to manage your time Balance begins. income Record your ideas to look at think with time management If you are out of balance. about and mull over Make sure the ideas you chances are you have not managed your time. decide to pursue are those you have a passion well Time management practices help you. for or desire to achieve You will make alot become more efficient and proficient at the job. more money when you like what you are doing at hand. than when you don t,6 Be flexible Change happens Unforeseen. 2 Get organized In many cases pursing events and challenges come up Learn how to. multiple streams of income require multi adapt to those challenges and changes. tasking Creating an organized system will,enable you to tackle each task as it come up.
7 Read read read Stay up on trends Find,out what people are willing to pay good money. 3 Participate in a mastermind group Turn for One of the best motivational books I have. those ideas into reality Find people to bounce ever read on the topic is the best selling book. ideas off mentors are also a great source of The One Minute Millionaire The Enlightened. motivation and inspiration Masterminds are Way to Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen and. your own personal board of directors The right Robert G Allen If you have not yet read that book. people can help you achieve your goals as you put it on your list check it out at the library buy it. help them achieve theirs online or at your nearest bookstore Do it TODAY. 8 Keep your eyes on the goal The ultimate, 4 Take it one step at a time It is better to goal being to increase your income If something. start one income stream get it going until it can isn t working analyze why if it can be fixed fix it. run itself and then begin another Juggling If it cannot loose it and find another stream of. several at a time without one success can lead income to pursue. to burnout and failure for all your projects, Heidi Richards Mooney is the author of The PMS Principles Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow. Your Business and 7 other books She is also the Founder CEO of the WECAI Network a. Global Network of Organizations and Resources that Helps Women Do Business on and off the WEB. You can list your company for free at www WECAI org Heidi can be reached at. Heidi SuccessAndThenSome com or Heidi Wecai org,WE magazine for women 14. Technology Strategy Your Silent Business Partner,By Lena L West.
Among many other things women are hat wearers The best way to cultivate and develop technology. We wear hats at home nurse accountant chauffer your silent business partner is through. project manager chef gardener the list is endless planning. Then we go to our offices and wear just as many hats. It s what we do And we re good at it Sounds Great But Why. In the same way that you would plan your, But what if just maybe you didn t have to wear so finances or develop a marketing plan smart. many hats What if gasp you could have a partner entrepreneurs develop technology plans as well. But not just any old partner A partner that would But what does that mean It means that you. help you to grow your business increase your client plan your technology to make sure that it. base protect your business from risk and organize your supports your business goals is aligned with. personal and professional lives all without making a your business strategy and promotes growth. peep or asking for a paycheck Sounds ideal doesn t. it Some larger firms have already tapped into the,timesaving productivity enhancing benefits of. What if I told you that right now you have access to technology planning In fact many large firms. this wonderful partner this superior helper What if review their technology strategies regularly to. I told you that the partner is technology ensure that they are keeping costs low and. productivity high Now it s time for small, Now I know whenever I bring up the T word facial businesses to get with the program However. expressions go blank and people mentally check out smaller businesses have mistakenly taken the. But truthfully technology has gotten a bad rap Viewing stance that technology planning is only for. technology as a necessary evil instead of as a Fortune 500 companies and can wait until more. productivity tool can and will cost you This is a cost clients come in This couldn t be further from. that most entrepreneurs simply cannot afford So the truth Smaller business owners need every. what s the solution Plunge head first into the latest advantage they can get to keep the doors open. technology gadgetry or start using every piece of remain competitive and grow Technology is. software available on your computer Not exactly that advantage. Baby Steps, But what does a technology plan entail and how can you start to develop one Here are the eight. critical considerations in developing a technology plan. 1 Get your priorities straight Examine your 5 Timing is everything Tie deadlines to. most important business goals and write them your technology projects A to do without. down in order of importance a deadline simply doesn t get done. 2 Create your Dream Team Who are the 6 Count your chickens Determine what. people with the know how the experience and portion of your budget will be required to. the savvy to land your company where it needs implement your plan Are those funds. to be Who can serve as a sounding board immediately available If not how will. Contact them and enlist them you gain access to the monies required. 3 Take stock Make a list of the ways your 7 Check yourself Add small challenging. company currently uses technology as well as easily measured milestones to your plan. what technology you currently own or lease and carve out time to review it regularly. both hardware and software Then add to Be sure to include the members of your. this list any technologies you think you may Dream Team in this process. 4 Play match maker Match the priorities from 8 Put it in writing Create a working. step 1 to the technologies in step 3 If you document that you can adapt and change. have any items that are not a pair carefully as your company grows Refer to the. evaluate them to ensure that the technology document often and use it as a guide. or the priority is essential for your business Remember your plan is written on paper.

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