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At its core Waltons eLine is a seamless,and secure B2B ecommerce procurement. platform providing a cheaper easier and,faster shopping experience. E ortless and user friendly,shopping experience, Attractive and practical interface and informative. content allow for ease of navigation and simple,painless procurement. Punchout integrations,Customers can shop directly from their enterprise.
procurement systems without needing to access an,additional platform eLine supports multiple. procurement integrations including SAP Ariba Coupa. and Oracle Supplier Network,Reporting and analytics. Track and monitor spending within your organizations. with dynamic charts and data tables that provides, detailed insights into spending activity at individual. and group levels,Bidvest Waltons Online Procurement. seamless and secure procurement,Features and,Multi user business accounts and.
shipping addresses,Companies can assign users that are allowed to. purchases on behalf of their employer The main, administrator can add or delete authorised users as. Approval work ows, Businesses retain full control and transparency with. that allow,that allow,administrators,administrators. to customize,approvals set,manage limits,organization.
manage buying,Personalised products and pricing, Dynamic functionality allows users the option of only. presenting speci c,speci c contracted,contracteditems. andpricing,the platform preventing employees from purchasing. products not included on sales agreement or,purchasing at prices not previously negotiated. Dedicated customer and,technical support,Supported by a competent team of trained.
support sta to assist with any queries or,di culties experienced. eLine Shopping carts with selected,products can be viewed and edited. throughout the shopping process,Search results can Stock levels particular to the. be ltered based on selected warehouse are visible in. brand and category real time Should products be on. backorder this is clearly displayed,to the customer. Bidvest Waltons Online Procurement,seamless and secure procurement.
High resolution National customers,images are can buy from. displayed for each multiple,product together warehouses in. with further various regions,product detail from one account. Product quantities can,be easily adjusted,eLine THE ELINE PURCHASING SOLUTION WAS. BUILT WITH THE BUSINESS USER IN MIND,AND PROVIDES BUSINESS FOCUSED.
FEATURES TO REMOVE OBSTACLES FROM,THE BUSINESS PURCHASING PROCESS. Responsive search,features allow,products to be,found quickly and. e ortlessly,Products can be,searched by,category or using. full or partial words,Menus are customizable and,can be personalised to best. suit each customers work ow,Bidvest Waltons Online Procurement.
seamless and secure procurement,Browse products by. categories such as,Newly available products,Products on special. Previously purchased products,Auto Order Form,allows for previously. purchased products,to be instantly,reordered Business. can also customise,Businesses can also,and save tailored.
customise and save,order forms,tailored order forms. The carousel on the homepage is used to,communicate news relating to our products. promotions or general happenings,Waltons eBusiness. T 011 620 4463,E h e l p d e s k g p wa l t o n s c o za.

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