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the contents,www wagstaffgroup co uk, innovation trust professionalism longevity expertise efficiency wagstaff. desking meeting systems 3 22,04 Gasgo 06 Benik 08 Bond 10 Hoop 12 Vepa. 14 Altis 16 Poise 18 Kanto 20 Revo 2 21 Revive 22 Tilto. seating tables 23 59,24 Nomad 26 Invert 27 Invert Mesh 28 Mitre. 30 Method Method Mesh 32 Aquilla 33 Wogan, 34 Zeppelin 36 Ella 38 Revert 2 Revert 4 40 Hitch Hitch Mesh Hitch Perforated Back. 42 Grace 43 Pacer 44 Ami 45 City 46 Squash 48 Ernest 49 Lanyard 50 Kash Kt. 51 Sling 52 Ripple 53 Ringo 54 Mia 55 Tubby 56 Deuce 57 Bomford. 58 Dining Tables 59 Coffee Tables,storage 60 65, 61 Construct single door tambour units 62 Construct double door tambour units.
63 Construct side filers 64 Construct lockers 65 Construct storage units. innovation trust professionalism longevity expertise efficiency wagstaff. the wagstaff collection, Welcome to the second edition of the Wagstaff Collection Amongst these. pages you will find product which falls specifically under our Wagstaff. Construct brand This brand represents our ability through years of. experience to virtual manufacture product for ourselves in order to produce. quality furniture at an extremely competitive price Having the history and. experience that we do has allowed us to form great relationships with our. suppliers Construct also represents furniture products that we source from. these suppliers at a great price allowing us to pass the savings on to you. The Collection should allow you to fit out a complete office with essential. items please refer to our complete furniture directory for further outstanding. product choices,The Wagstaff Team,desking meeting systems 3 22. As ways of working change and evolve so has desking design Our range covers all working. practices with different products to fill differing applications All these products are robust practical. and stylish to enhance any work environment We will continually invest to make sure we can offer. you tomorrow s product to meet your ever evolving office needs. section desking meeting systems,Single workstations or back to back bench. systems available,Available in four unique end frame options. Instant and safe height adjustment,Rigid 30 recycled steel construction.
The new Gasgo range is the ultimate desk for new and improved ways of 10 year guarantee replaceable moving parts. 97 recyclable, working promoting a healthy workforce for the future Built to last to reduce CO2. Instant height adjustment means the freedom to move at the pull of a Designed with safety in mind. lever Go from sit to stand and everywhere in between with complete Increase work productivity by 45. gas lift control Promotes movement for a healthier workforce. 04 gasgo bench system,05 gasgo bench system,section desking meeting systems. MFC or laminate tops available in numerous finishes. Interchange oval corner legs, Central cable slot for tidy work surfaces and cable tray. Hard anodized aluminium screens with frosted acrylic. The latest contemporary telescopic bench system by Benik Designed for panels fabric panels available. ultimate strength and stability A high quality feel with interchangeable 10 year guarantee 95 recyclable. oval legs to convey both strength and lightness An uninterrupted Benik optional mesh panel detail to hide CPU s and. expandable system to grow and adapt with your business. 06 benik bench system,07 benik bench system,section desking meeting systems. Shallow work surface options ensure the optimum,use of space.
Complete steel under frame,Sliding top options for easy cable tray access. Cable management leg option, Bond bench system allows complete flexibility to reconfigure and plan for 02. the future Compact work surface options ensure the optimum use of Optional dealer mesh panels to hide CPU and cable. space Bond inspires and enhances the working environment redefining 03. Bond Flip Screen computer desk the latest addition. the workplace to the Bond bench system,08 bond bench system. 09 bond bench system,section desking meeting systems. Continuous Loop End Frame Design,assembled from two separate parts for ease of.
transport and handling,Telescopic rail and cable management systems. Intermediate leg with mass cable dump as standard, Hoop has been designed with practicality form and function at its heart Sliding top and height adjustable option. The end frame designed as a two piece framework for ease of transport Shared leg frame components. and handling offers a clean continuous profile and incorporates a Traditional screen fixing available in either acrylic or. fabric finish, chrome finishing detail to highlight the design principal of the system. Utilising the flexibility of a telescopic rail and cable tray system. 10 hoop bench system,11 hoop bench system,section desking meeting systems. Telescopic cable trays with substantial capacity,to accommodate power and data modules cables.
Radiused and scalloped tops with slide option,Height adjustable from 720 760mm. Vepa combines the flexibility of a telescopic rail and cable tray system. Integrated programme of desking with configurations. with modern leg styling Engineered to enable the sharing of leg as stand alone and single sided runs or as a back. to back bench style system, components it is aesthetically balanced with inset intermediate legs 02 03. provide a clutter free framework Its design philosophy extends from Vepa optional sliding tops also available. as a single desk, chrome detailing to clean lines to energise the office 04. Short screens available to give a feel of privacy,at a lower cost 04. 12 vepa desk system,13 vepa desk system,section desking meeting systems.
altis Altis has been designed to use a minimum of,components making it easy and intuitive to build. Radiused and scalloped tops harmonise perfectly, with the flowing lines of the post and striking legs. Frame and legs available in silver or white with, Altis is a highly flexible office furniture system based around a post and standard chrome detail to feet and post caps. Table tops finished in white or walnut, tile primary structure Its versatile concept has been intelligently designed 02. to provide a multiplicity of solutions to today s work styles and workplace Altis 120 delta workstation. requirements Altis meeting tables also available,14 altis desk system.
15 altis desk system,section desking meeting systems. poise Telescopic support beam with integral cable,management. Unique design offers leg sharing both side to side. and back to back,Height adjustable mobile and intermediate leg. Poise incorporates the ingenuity of the beam with a contemporary crisp options. look Floating tops combine with a linear design to produce a Poise 120 delta workstation and executive desking. also available, class leading product Loop end frame also available upon request 04. Short screens available to give a feel of privacy,at a lower cost.
16 poise desk system,17 poise desk system,section desking meeting systems. kanto Telescopic beam support system with integrated. cable management,Available in two leg options,With integrated cable management. Kanto is a steel frame beam desking system that offers flexible and. Crank height adjustable from 620 820mm high, modular desking solutions Desks and screens integrate yet stay Shared leg option to reduce cost. independent to allow ease of assembly and reconfiguration Cable 02. Kanto wave desk cluster, management can be retro fitted and facilitates easy access allowing 03. equipment to be cost effectively moved or upgraded without disruption Kanto 120 delta workstation. and at low cost,18 kanto desk system,19 kanto desk system.
section desking meeting systems section desking meeting systems. revo 2 revive, Revo 2 offers a flexible furniture solution for the 01 02 Revive is a comprehensive highly flexible modular 02. modern office The stylish silver cantilever frame 01 02. office furniture system available with a panel end or 01. Steel cantilever frame,Vertical cable management as. incorporates vertical cable management as standard standard cantilever leg frame Revive is capable of responding to with white MFC tops. Sliding tops optional, with the option of horizontal cable management Horizontal cable management. as optional,a variety of your office planning requirements 02. which can be retro fitted It s designed to utilise office space when it s MFC tops and end panels. available as a cost saving,at a premium options,20 revo 2 desk system.
21 revive desk system, section desking meeting systems innovation trust professionalism longevity expertise efficiency wagstaff. Tilted frame rectangular table,with braked castors Feet are. made from anodized aluminium,brushed nickel detail with. Multi purpose tables suitable for small or large,matching collar fittings and. black texture upright,Circular tilted base table,seating tables 23 59.
meeting rooms conferences and the classroom with 4 star base. Task meeting and breakout seating The importance of well designed good quality seating has. as well as being economically priced never been so important Being comfortable promotes relaxation and productivity further more we. Both tables can be swivel upwards into have a range of clean and simple table designs which complement any chair. a vertical position with one easy operation,22 tilto meeting tables. section seating section,sectionseating,Synchronised mechanism. together with a seat slide,Adjustable lumbar support. Using the latest technology in manufacturing Seat inclination adjustment. included as standard, processes the Nomad task chair is designed to Available in upholstered or. mesh backrest, provide a high degree of ergonomic comfort enabling.
the chair to adapt to the movements of the human Visitors chair with cantilever. chrome frame,body whilst at work,24 nomad task seating.

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