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Visual replay Display amp switching Smoke amp Mirrors
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Screen truss frame 7 x 4 metre Not DIY large events only POA. Vision switcher Kramer VP725N presentation switcher 150. Vision mixer Roland High Definition V800 HD 450,VGA distribution 2 out 20. VGA distribution 4 out 30,VGA over CAT5 TX RX set 50. HDMI distribution 4 out 50,HDMI extender HDBaseT 100 metre TX RX set 50. HDMI extender 15m 30,SDI splitter HD Kramer 50ea,SDI HDMI converter HD Kramer 50. Visual record,LG 3D Bluray recorder burner 100, Panasonic HD pro cam recorder Memory cards not inc 200.
Canon digital video Memory cards not inc 50,Audio Replay. Radio CD portable 20,CD player 5 disk 30,CD player denon pro dual rack mount 50. CD Player Numark USB Mp3 rackmount 30,CD Player Stanton Mp3 rackmount 30. CD Tuner rack mount 30,Digital radio tuner 30,FM radio tuner 20. Sports tone generator 30,Audio Record,Denon digital recorder USB rack mount 100.
Marantz digital recorder MP3 portable 80,Sony dictation recorder 30. M Audio Fast Track 30,Teleconference,Polycom Soundstation 2W 80. Polycom Soundstation IP7000 80,Polycom microphone extension suit IP7000 50. Polycom wireless IP 4G Call,Conference Aids,Disposables not inc. Flip charts 27 50,Easel steel 20,Laser pointer 10,Laptop with office suite 150.
Presenters timer 20,Laptop remote 25,Color printer laser 35. MAC adaptor 15,Assistive Listening, Mipro MTS Digital transmission bodypack with neckloop or headphones. 6 Receiver system 300,includes signage,Portable PA Systems. Battery operated speech BG music only These are not suitable for performance work. Chaiyo Challenger CD player 1 wiresless mic 100,Chaiyo Challenger self powered slave speaker 50. Mipro MA808 CD player 1 wireless mic 100,Mipro MA808 slave speaker 50.
MA707 CD player 1 wireless mic 100,MA705 CD player 1 wireless mic 100. Loudhailer inc 1 set of batteries 30, Stage sections are 1200 x 1800mm Heights are 300 600 900mm Base top required. 300mm base 15,600mm base 15,900mm base 30,Stage top 15. Skirt fire retardant black wool 10 metre length 20. Step 1 teir 10,Steps 2 teir 20,Steps 3 teir 30,Steps 4 teir 40. Step handrails 5ea,Stage safety rail 1800mm suit 600mm stage 15ea.
Stage safety rail 1200mm suit 600mm stage 15ea,Stage safety rail 3 6m suit 900mm stage 25. Stage accessories,Lectern standard black 60,Lectern Lectrum L2001 with clock countdown 100. Lectern Lectrum classic black 90,Lectern truss with clear top 110. Lectern standard woodgrain finish 60,Lectern portable foldaway 30. Plinth black 20,Drape 2 2 x 1 5 black velvet 20,Drape 3 1 x 1 5 black velvet 20.
Drape 4 x 4m black wool Fire rated 50,Drape 6 x 3m black wool Fire rated 75. Backdrop 10 x 5 metre shade cloth 150,Backdrop 5 x 3 metre shade cloth 50. Backdrop 5 x 2 1 metre shade cloth 50,Autopole base spigot pole 1 5 metre 20. Auto pole base spigot pole 4 2 metre 25,Autopole base spigot pole 6 metre 25. Autopole crossbar 1 3 2 1m 10,Autopole crossbar 3 metre 10.
Truss global box 1m 20,Truss global box 1 5m 25,Truss global box 2m 30. Truss global box 3m 35,Truss global base plate 900 x 900 35. Truss global corner cube 30,Winch up stand 4 metre 50. Towerlift VMB 6 5m 300kg 120,T piece suit winch up 5. Self Powered speakers, Powered speakers have amplifiers and processing built in stand cables inc.
RCF D Line 1x15 500watt 120 pair,Mackie SW1801 1 x 18 sub bass 100ea. Turbosound 1 x 15 sub bass 80ea,JBL EON G2 1 x 15 400watt 120 pair. JBL PRX 515 1 x 15 500 watt 120 pair, JBL PRX 512m 1 x 12 500 watt monitor angle 120 pair. JBL PRX 525 2 x 15 650 watt 180 pair,JBL PRX 735 3 way 700 watt 180 pair. EV SXA100 1 x 12 200watt 120 pair,Passive speakers.
Passive speakers need an amplifier and may need other processing equipment This is additional to. the speaker hire cost,EAW KF750 Concert speaker 100ea. EAW KF755 Concert speaker 100ea,EAW SB750 Concert sub bass 80ea. EV ZX5 1 x 15 500watt 25ea,EV SX100 1 x 12 200 watt 22 50ea. EV KW 2 x 18 1000watt sub bass 40ea,AM XR12 1 x 12 300 watt 22 50ea. AM Slam 2 x 15 1000 watt sub bass 40ea,Turbosound TQ315 1 x 15 750 watt 75ea.
Turbosound TQ425 2 x 15 1000watt sub bass 75ea,Turbosound TXD12m 1 x 12 monitor 22 50ea. ARX powermax 1 x 10 monitor 22 50ea,RCF Event3000 1 x 15 monitor 22 50ea. TOA horn 500mm 100v 30watt 30ea,TOA long horn 100v 30 watt 35ea. TOA horn 8 ohm pair on T bar 50 pair,DJ Equipment,Technics 1200 35ea. Pioneer CDJ850 60ea,Pioneer CDJ1000mk3 75ea,Pioneer DJM700 60ea.
Pioneer DJM800 75,Headphones,Beyer DT770 30,Beyer DT190 75. AKG K 44 30,Sony P180 30,Microphones Cabled,1 x 10 metre cable inc stands 5 50ea. AKG3000 30,AKG 3700 300,AKG drum kit 1 x D550 4 x D440 clips 50. AKG GN series goose neck CK31 capsule 30,Beyer 29s 11. Beyer 59 15,Beyer Opus 99 30,EV RE200 30,EV BK31 25.
RODE NT5 matched pair 35,Senheiser 817 10,Sennheiser 835s 10. Senheiser 421 20,Shure Beta 52A 25,Shure Beta 57 15. Shure Beta 58 15,Shure Beta 87 25,Shure Beta 98 20. Shure SM57 15,Shure SM58 15,Wireless Microphones,Patch cable 1 battery day inc. Shure ULXD Beta58 100,Shure ULXD Beta87A 125,Shure UC Beta58 75.
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Powered Audio Mixers,These have amplifiers built in Speakon out. Dynacord Powermate 600 2 x 300watt 6mic 2stereo 2FX 1AUX 80. Dynacord PM502 2 x 270watt 5mic USB 65,Mackie 406m 2 x 250watt 6 mic line 1 FX 55. Yamaha EMX5000 12 2 x 500watt 8mic 2 stereo 1FX 65. Yamaha EMX5000 20 2 x 500watt 16 mic 2 stereo 2 FX 75. Passive Audio Mixers,Yamaha QL5 digital mixer 600,Yamaha RIO digital snake 150. Dynacord CMS1600 3 16 mic line 6 sends 60,Midas Venice 320 24 mic 4 stereo 6 sends 200. Mackie Oynx 320 32 mic line 8 sends 150,Mackie Oynx 1640 16 mic line 6 sends 45.
Yamaha MG16 12 mic 2 stereo 2 sends 35,Yamaha MG16FX 12 mic 2 stereo 3 sends 1 FX 45. Yamaha MG 32FX 24 mic 4 stereo 6 sends 2 FX 100,Peavey RQ2310 6 mic 2 mic line 4 sends 35. Peavey 16FX 10 mix 2 stereo 1 sends 1 FX 30,Mackie VLZ1402 6 mic 4 stereo 2 sends 40. Sountracks Topaz 14 4 10 mic 2 stereo 2 sends 40,Soundtraks Topaz 24 4 20 mic 2 stereo 2 sends 60. RANE MLM 8 input rack mixer 30,TX6000 6 input rack mixer 20.
TX8000 8 input rack mixer 25,Tapco mix220 4 mic 2 stereo 30. Tapco mix50 1 mic 1 line 20,Power amplifiers, Power out varies with load on amplifier Max RMS quoted. Lab Gruppen FP10 000Q 4 x 2500watt 150ea,Lab Gruppen FP13000 2 x 6500watt 150ea. Lab Gruppen FP 7000 2 x 3500 watts 125ea,Lab Gruppen FP6400 2 x 3200 watts 100ea. Lab Gruppen FP3400 2 x 1700 watts 75ea,Lab Gruppen FP2400Q 4 x 370watts 150.
QSC powerlight 2 0 2 x 1000watts 75ea,AM KA1500 2 x 750watt 65ea. AM KA1200 2 x 600watt 65ea,AMIS250 250watt 100v line 45. AMC 250 250watt 100v line 45,Phase 4 250 250 watt 100 v line 45. Phase 4 125 125 watt 100v line 45,TOA A1712 120watt 100v line 45. Audio Processing,Di ARX 6 gate 25,Di ARX active 6 way 50.
Di ARX active mono 20,Di ARX active stereo 25,Di passive 15. EQ ARX 2 x 15 20,EQ ARX 1 x 31 25,EQ Alesis digital 8 x 31 50. EQ ART 1 x 31 20,EQ RANE 2 x 31 25,EQ DBX 2 x 31 25. EQ Sabine 2 x 31 delay 25,Compressor ARX afterburner 25. Compressor Alesis stereo 25,Compressor RANE stereo 25.
Crossover RANE 25,Compressor Lab Gruppen 25,Driverack DBX 25. Driverack EV DCone 25,Driverack Turbosound CMSD4 30. FX Digitech DSP16 25,FX Lexicon MPX100 25,FX Lexicon MX200 25. FX Peavey Deltafex 25,FX TC electronics M One 25,Audio distribution 6 out 40. Sharc delay processor 25,Audio Multicore,12 x 0 15m 30.
12 x 4 15m 30,16 x 4 30 metre 35,24 x 4 30 metre 40. 24 x 4 50 metre 50,8 way TRS XLR 2 metre 5,8 way XLR XLR 2 metre 5. 8 way XLR XLR 8 metre 20,8 way XLR XLR 50 metre 50. Specialist Cable,NL4 25 metre 20,NL4 50 metre 30,NL4 Y split 15. NL8 1 metre 5,NL8 10 metre 20,NL8 20 metre 30,VGA 1 metre 2.
VGA 5 metre 2,VGA 10 metre 10,VGA 20 metre 15,CAT5 20 metre 20. CAT6 30 metre 20,CAT6 50 metre 30,SDI High definition 3Gb s. 10 metre 5,20 metre 10,50 metre 50,Martin M2Go controller 200. AMDJ controller 35,Color 4 15,Followspot 600 watt 100. Dimmer AMDJ 15,Dimmer JANDS 12 channel 3 phase 100.
P64 tri LED 30,LED bar 20,Martin Rush profile 120, Mini PAR 50 watt chrome Suit Display lighting 15ea. Martin SCX500 55,Spinmaster 3 55,Blacklight various 40. Strobes various, Mushroom Mystic Photon Pluto Quadgem DualGem Razor Sparkle Stormbird Triphase Traffic. lights iColor 4,Smoke machine 40,Low Fog 200,Power supply. Generator inc 1 tank of fuel per day,Honda 2kva inverter 99.
Honda 6 5kva inverter 150,Honda 7kva 100,Battery pack 12v 40AH 25. Battery pack 24v 7AH 30,Battery pack 24v 40AH 50,Power inverter 12v 380 watt 30. Power inverter 24v 1000watt 50,3 phase distro board 20amp 50. 3 phase distro board 32 amp 60,3 phase extension 20 metre 32 amp 60ea. Specialist equipment,FM broadcasting Event radio station.
A V microwave transmitter Kuhne 25km,Wireless video cameras suit commentary security. UHF audio transmitter 150m high quality stereo link. Motorola 2 way UHF,Motorola 2 way VHF, Event caravans custom built for commentary score keeping etc.

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