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FOREWORD BY ERIK HUGGERS CEO, Music creates transformative experiences It has the power to connect people in personal. and meaningful ways unlike any other medium For music fans it s an essential part of. how they live their day to day lives Finding the songs and melodies that speak to them. directly and reflect their unique personas isn t so much a desire but a need. Different fans express their passion for music in vastly different ways For this reason. we need to understand the unique personalities and behaviors that define the latest. generation of music fans both in the direct and indirect ways they interact consume. love and share these experiences, The Millennial influence is changing the landscape of music and pop culture With always. on connectivity and social media they have a limitless 24 7 reach By instantly connecting. with artists and global fan communities they are crossing oceans and blurring borders. With digital platforms they are discovering the next big thing in unconventional ways. and helping lift these artists to the forefront of the music industry Through a culture of. discovery engagement and sharing along with a strong technology acumen Millennials. have demonstrated a voracious appetite for music consumption and interaction This. audience challenges the media industry to innovate and break away from the trends of. the past Brands are equally challenged when trying to activate within this influential and. complex audience where attention spans are short rush to judgment is fast and the right. call to action can yield incredible results, Within this report we have identified four different tribes of music fans based on. data from quantitative research in person interviews and in depth behavioral analysis. We look at this report as a framework for how we understand the complexities and. intricacies of Millennial behavior It has been built with passion and respect for the music. fan a sentiment which continues to be at the core of everything we do at Vevo. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 2,MUSIC DRIVES AND. CONNECTS MILLENNIALS,Millennials are the largest generation in.
history and more diverse than any before,them but there is something that unites them all. music is a huge passion point,The majority of young consumers agree that they. cannot live without music and that music is part of. what defines them,want to say music is say the,feel music important music. through my to me someone,whole body likes can,tell you a. that person,Vevo Music Fan Report,VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 3.
Music is also their connector It Fan armies both niche and. connects them to emotions to mainstream are completely. memories and to each other devoted to their music fandoms 72 65. Millennial music fans build and each other by extension These. passionate communities around groups spend massive amounts of say music helps of avid music. the music and artists they love time and energy online to discuss them connect fans belong to. These fan armies devote time activate and create around their with friends a fan army. and family, energy and creativity building collective music passions building. relationships with both artists and a shared culture of content There are over 10x. other fans that thanks in large Videos remixes fan art and more more conversations. about music on social, part to social media far surpass are all broadcasted shared and. media than there are, the fan clubs of old re shared by these passionate about TV. visual communication driven,young consumers Source Vevo Music Fan Report. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 4,MUSIC SEES THE HIGHEST VOLUME OF SOCIAL MENTIONS.
COMPARED TO OTHER ENTERTAINMENT CATEGORIES,VOLUME OF MENTIONS IN MILLIONS. 10 1 10 15 10 29 11 12 11 26 12 10 12 24 1 7 1 21 2 4 2 18 3 4 3 18. Music Social Stars Sports Television Movies,Source Crimson Hexagon Social Category Analysis. HOW DO MUSIC CELEBRITIES COMPARE TO OTHER TYPES,I care about I admire them They have the. them the most the most most talent, Social media has made it possible 29 14 15 35 17 12 51 18 12. for Millennials to connect with the,musicians they love in completely.
new ways Young consumers,are given a personal window. into artists lives creativity and,thoughts and have unprecedented. access to them Of all of the,different celebrities they know. Millennials by far have the deepest Music Celebrities Hollywood Celebrities Online Celebrities. connections with music celebrities, who they see as more talented Source Ypulse Q2 2015 Trend Report n 1000. and admirable,VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 5.
Not all music fans are the same and different groups of. Millennials have distinct ways of emotionally connecting. to and consuming music Vevo has identified FOUR music. tribes within the Millennial generation,METHODOLOGY. Quantitative Study these super music fans are and,Pieces of the Millennial. Online survey fielded in Q1 2015 how they use music we then. Avid Music Fan Pie,layer consumption data and,2 000 US respondents Within Total Millennial. qualitative data to create a fully 13 34 Population. fleshed out persona,Data weighted to the 14,Method Q Factor cluster. U S Population,analysis combining 2 10, Batter of questions configured attitude arrays Q Factor 42.
to understand emotional and creates variables for each. attitudinal nuances of music factor using a regression 21. fandom along with daily media technique Each respondent. consumption habits 13,receives a factor loading,Created Personas on the similar to a correlation. Talent Scouts, Super Fan to understand coefficient for each factor. Front Row Fans, how this segment of fans A respondent is placed into. engage emotionally with the factor where he has the Crowdsurfers. music Personas are built highest loading Soloists, on psychological concepts Qualitative In Depth Interviews. Not Avid Music Fan,with narrative reporting and,Personal interviews.
visualization as key components,Q1 2015 and Q3 2015. to bring them to life Given our,15 participants age 13 34 MILLENNIAL U S. research objective we used a,and Avid Music Fans AUDIENCE SIZE. factor analysis of the attitudinal,Total Avid Music Fans 55M. battery as the primary data 45 minute interviews,Talent Scouts 13M.
source with which to build a combining discussion and Front Row Fans 10M. psychological profile We first task based activities Crowdsurfers 20M. develop a construct of who Soloists 12M,VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 6. BRANDS CAN REACH,TALENT SCOUTS THIS TRIBE THROUGH THE. LATEST TECH AND MUSIC,Be the voice not the echo DISCOVERY TOOLS. Tastemakers Males 25 to 34 Affluent, Talent Scouts see music as social currency they re all about hearing. the latest hot tracks first impressing friends with the newest in music. tech and setting the mood at social events with the perfect playlist. This group is most likely to use music to get pumped up whether during. a party exercising or at live shows and events scouting for new ACTIVE IN THE MUSIC SCENE. up and coming artists ONLINE AND OFFLINE, These are music influencers who want to spread the word on the DEMAND AND SEEK.
newest talent and brands to know They re willing to pay more for OUT QUALITY SOUND. quality tech and music experiences and are always on the hunt for AND PRODUCTION. new music content via radio apps music sites and blogs and. discovery identification apps LOOK TO THEM AS,MUSIC TASTEMAKERS TO. I remember when the Beyonc album came out like surprise and SPREAD THE WORD. she released the whole album with a video for every song I watched. every video because I had to you know DEFINING GENRES. Dance Alternative,Electronic,VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 7. BRANDS CAN REACH,FRONT ROW FANS THIS TRIBE THROUGH. EXPERIENCES THEY CAN,You are what you listen to SHARE AND CONNECT ON. Music defines them Females 18 to 24 Students Suburban. For Front Row Fans music is that intangible thread that ties them. to friends family social events and more A day without music is. incomplete and they crave the connection Music for them is an emotional. experience not about impressing anyone but instead personal used to. CULTURAL INFLUENCERS, express themselves influence their mood and connect with others Front.
Row Fans are most likely to use music to relax and forget their worries. like school and family obligations to instead enjoy life and just have fun THEIR FRIENDS WILL. RALLY AROUND THEIR, Their strong passion makes them cultural influencers PASSION POINTS. They re motivated to share the music movies shows restaurants. decorating fashion and beauty that they love using social media. DEFINING GENRES,and word of mouth,Rock Country,Pop Alternative. On the computer I ll go more towards the video than the song. I learn more about the artist because they ll show their story. and that s another way that you can relate more,VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 8. BRANDS CAN REACH THIS,CROWDSURFERS TRIBE THROUGH TOOLS AND. CONTENT THAT MAKE THEM,Entertain me FEEL IN THE KNOW.
Looking for the buzz 25 to 34 Parents Cities, Crowdsurfers are an active group that use music to. enhance life s moments both big and small They re,looking for songs to get them through their day. and to turn the everyday into something more These. young parents and go getters are most likely to use music to celebrate. after a long day at work with their families cooking dinner with friends or. toasting a personal achievement, Though busy Crowdsurfers still want to stay in the loop on the latest. music news and buzz This tribe misses the days of top ten TV countdowns. LOOKING FOR, and music videos on repeat and they re looking for guidance and. RECOMMENDATIONS ON, influence to keep up to date on entertainment using all of the apps and WHAT TO LISTEN TO AND.
services available to them to find what is popular WATCH NEXT. Crowdsurfers are constant consumers of entertainment content. They have music videos on throughout the day to keep them ENTERTAINMENT LOVERS. company and they re the most interested in entertainment buzz TUNED INTO POP CULTURE. TV MOVIES AND MUSIC, They re using social media to share music read tweets like artist. posts and watch video premieres,DEFINING GENRES, I don t think there s a week I could go by without watching videos Latin Hip Hop Rap. It s just so accessible I m from that era of TRL and 106 and Park and Indie Pop Dance. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 9,BRANDS CAN REACH THIS. SOLOISTS TRIBE THROUGH INCREASED,ACCESS TO THE ARTISTS. Tune in to tune out THEY RE INVESTED IN,Lost in the music 18 to 24 Single Independent.
Soloists feel a personal connection to the music they. love They are living in an in between moment figuring. out what lies next for them stuck in between student life. and adulthood They re most likely to use music to relax. escape the real world and other thoughts For Soloists music is more of a. solitary experience than a shared one They re intellectual listeners diving. into lyrics and analyzing meaning This tribe values their freedom and. independence and are confident in their personal music taste They aren t. as likely to say they like just any artist but once they re hooked as a fan. FOCUSED INDEPENDENT, they are fully invested and their love of the music is tied to their love of. CONFIDENT FANS,the artist, Soloists will spend on concerts for the full music experience and CRAVE BEHIND THE SCENES. merchandise to bring home a piece of the event and musicians FOOTAGE LIMITED EDITION. Because they want to know more about artists as people they seek MERCHANDISE. out non mainstream channels for alternative access and behind the. scenes information,It s not about genres for this,tribe They care more about. Beyonc Drake did a music video for the song Mine That s a. the artist and the emotion of, good one because you have to think about it A lot of videos are just. the artists wearing fancy clothes and stuff This one s more artistic. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 10. A TRIBAL BREAKDOWN, Front Row Fans are the tribe most likely to rate Focused loyal fans the Soloists are more likely than.
their passion about music at the highest level other tribes to have only one or two favorite genres. HIGHEST MUSIC FAN PASSION HAS ONLY 1 2 FAVORITE GENRES. 46 55 37 44,T SC O ROW F,SURF LOISTS,TALENT FRONT CROWD SOLOISTS. SCOUTS ROW FANS SURFERS, All tribes use a variety of services to consume music with Vevo and Pandora as the highest used services. Crowdsurfers eager to find out the newest hits are most likely to pay for a music subscription. CURRENTLY PAY FOR A MUSIC SERVICE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE THEY RE MORE LIKELY TO. USE COMPARED TO OTHER TRIBES,TALENT SCOUTS,Last fm Sirius. 48 16 56 27,FRONT ROW FANS,CROWDSURFERS,TALENT FRONT ROW CROWD. SOLOISTS Xbox music,SCOUTS FANS SURFERS,Soundcloud.
VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 11. THEIR INFLUENCE AND CONSUMPTION PATTERNS SPEAK TO, THEIR PERSONALITIES SOCIAL BEHAVIORS AND APP USAGE. Talent Scouts Front Row Fans,Crowdsurfers Soloists. INFLUENCE CONSUME,LEAN IN LEAN OUT PUMP UP LET GO, Create their own unique Expect music to find Use music in a more Connect more. music world by seeking them by plugging in functional way to get internally with music. out new content and to curated platforms energized and set the whether as an escape. sharing personalized and being open to social atmosphere emotional driver or. experiences influencer opinions intellectual interest. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 12. WHICH MILLENNIAL,FAN TRIBE ARE YOU, Q1 You listen to music to Q3 Choose a quote that Q5 Your social media. A Get pumped up sounds like you history would reveal. B Forget worries and have fun A Be the voice not the echo A Searching for show dates. B You are what you listen to and posting song links. C Celebrate happy moments,C Entertain me B Curating my profile and.
D Relax and tune out,uploading concert selfies,Q2 What do you value D Tune in to tune out. C Watching music videos and,most Q4 How do you find out. scrolling for entertainment buzz,A Originality about music. D Not too much I look around,B Passion A Reading new music blogs. more than I post,C Family B Friends posts on social media.
D Independence C Playlists on apps and the radio,D Subscribing to artist pages. Drum roll please,Mostly A Mostly C Tied between two tribes. You re a Talent Scout You re a Crowdsurfer Click here to take the. Mostly B Mostly D tie breaker survey,You re a Front Row Fan You re a Soloist. VEVO MUSIC FAN REPORT THE MILLENNIAL FAN TRIBES 13.

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