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INTRODUCTION 4,INNER SPHERE MECHS BA VEHICLES,Mosquito 7 Djerassi Battle Armor 68. Cricket 9 Fox Battle Armor 69,War Eagle VTOL 71,Panther II 11. Gazelle VTOL 73,Won Gung 13 Magpie Infiltration Vehicle 75. Ranger 15 Sprite Light Tank 77,Dragoon 17 Cossack Heavy Tank 79. Hippogriff 19 Magella Heavy Omnitank 81,Kitsune 21 Warlock Heavy Tank 83.
Mattock 23 Stahltropfen 85,Black Angel 25 Apocalypse Fire Support Tank 87. Hammerhead 27 Heavy Gauss Carrier 89,Stahlgewitter 91. Nightmare 29,Leviathan 31,Almighty 33,CLAN MECHS,Switchblade 39. Widowmaker 41,Carnage 45,Falchion 47,Crab IIC 49,Soul Reaver 51. Crusader Knight 53,Gorilla 55,Ulkrata 59,Stalker IIC 61.
Raging Bull 63,Ragnarok 65,Technical Readout Lords of the Battlefield. Design Writing and Artwork Production Staff,Ace Darkfire Project Managers. Ava Mango Two AWPrime,AWPrime Desgra marauder,Bannockburn. Layout Assistants,Davion Boy Ckampson,Desgra Marauder TaurianSheep. Fokker07 Cover Art,Flashhawk Rad,HentaiZonga, JE from Vegas Battletech Mech Battlemech Omnimech and Mechwarrior are.
Loopy Copyrighted and Registered Trademarks of WizKids LLC. LtRico90278 This product is a free fan made product If you had to pay for this product then. Metal Carnage you were cheated,Of Monkeys,Prometheum5 The TRO can be downloaded at. Rad http www lordsofthebattlefield com,Rommel Twee. Shadows Version 1 00 Feb 2006,Squigglysquid,Warpflame Special Thanks. To the makers of Classic Battletech for giving us a great game and continuing. the game universe after so many years, To the highly active members of the Classic Battletech fan community for. providing inspiration the needed information the tools and the spirit for. creating this fan Technical Readout, And special thanks to Loopy for writing most of the missing fluff.
INTRODUCTION, Welcome to Technical Readout Lords of the Battlefield The main. purpose of this document is threefold The first is to take some long. adored designs created by members of the Lords of the Battlefield. Community and archive them in the proper format Second to flesh out. the pages we put together the best of a series of admissions designed. strictly for this publication which gives the world a glance at the caliber of. gamer we have here in the LotB community Lastly we wanted to show. off some of our best artists work so all of the art herein has been created. strictly by LotB ers, Readers should consider the collection of obscure Mechs. and vehicles in TRO LotB as an addendum to TRO 3067 Many of the. designs are token units which have been production for a long time but. have never been published Yet others are more mainstream yet. ingenious designs such as the much lauded Black Angel. This document is a testament to the creativity and diversity. of the LotB community We love this game and this TRO is a product of. that adoration We hope you enjoy it,Members Lords of the Battlefield. Online Battletech community specializing,in miniatures Mech design and tactical. superiority,Inner Sphere Mechs, At the moment I am dictating this introduction I stand at my office window Beneath me is the sprawling landscape of the new Arc Royal trial grounds In the.
distance I see a lance of ARDC Crusaders firing a barrage of low yield dummy missiles into a star of Wolf lights There are no Wolf s Dragoons to be seen but I. know they are in the lake waiting to pounce on whomever comes out worse in this exchange. Closer to the compound a Mad Cat lies on its side amidst an array of other damaged or slagged Mechs A crew of fifty or so techs are trying to. remove the engine out of the beaten machine but it is slow going It is in such a fragile state they dare not lift the Mech with a crane for fear of damaging the. equipment inside I know from the acquisition reports that this engine is intended for a much larger Inner Sphere machine They shouldn t have much trouble. Inner Sphere technology is quickly closing in on that of the Clans just as Clan tactics are quickly adapting to the Inner Sphere warriors and commanders There are. literally hundreds of Inner Sphere Mech designs in production now each one claiming to serve some purpose against the Clan threat Whether they are. succeeding or not is irrelevant though How they are used is. Phelan Kell,Khan Wolf In Exile,10 October 3067 Arc Royal. MSQ 2d Mosquito,Mass 25 Tons Armament Type Mosquito. Chassis MS Type 2D 3 Diverse Optics Sunbeam ER Medium Lasers Technology Base Inner Sphere Battlemech. Power Plant Omni Fusion 175 XL 1 Wunderland Beagle Active Probe Tonnage 25. Cruising Speed 75 6 kph 1 Model 2B Guardian ECM BV 893. Manufacturer NAIS,Maximum Speed 118 8 151 2 kph,Location New Avalon. Jump Jets None Equipment Mass,Communications System Achernar HID 8. Jump Capacity 0 meters Internal Structure 2 50,Targeting and Tracking System Federated Hunter.
Armor StarGuard CIV Ferro Fibrous Engine 175 XL 3 50. Type Fusion,Overview Capabilities,Cruising MP 7, Without doubt the greatest technological windfall of The original Mosquito prototypes showed a marked. Flanking MP 11 14, the past century has been the discovery of the Star advantage compared to older designs such as the Stinger. Jumping MP 4 2 00, League memory core on Helm by the Gray Death Wasp and Commando The weight savings netted by the use. Heat Sinks 10 20 0 00, Legion in 3027 Once the computer core arrived at the of Endo Steel and Ferro Fibrous armor enabled the NAIS team. R D department of the New Avalon Institute of Science to add additional armor protection and weaponry without an Cockpit 3 00. the tedious work of decrypting the elaborate Star increase in weight The single greatest boost to the Mosquito s MASC 1 00. League era security codes began After almost four performance came when the NAIS produced the first extra Armor Factor 89 FF 5 00. years of failure the Gray Death memory core was light fusion engine using the recovered Star League data. successfully decrypted Once the NAIS scientists were The Mossy was re fitted with a new XL engine and an Internal Armor. able to access the core they were left with the task of immediate boost in performance was achieved as the top Head 3 9. trying to figure out what to do with the information they speed of the Mech jumped from 98 kph to nearly 120 kph Center Torso 8 12. had With the weight of its power plant cut in half a jump jet system Center Torso rear 4. An early focus of the NAIS team was to search for any was added to improve the overall performance profile L R Torso 6 9. Star League era weapon technology Among the earliest The original weapon load out of the 2D version consisted of L R Torso rear 3. recovered lostech were the formulas for EndoSteel and an SRM 4 launcher and two medium lasers This arrangement L R Arm 4 8. Ferro Fibrous armor Hanse Davion ordered the NAIS to worked well in the ongoing test program As further advances L R Leg 6 12. reproduce them as soon as possible in order to test were made by the NAIS further modifications were made to. them on new BattleMech designs the Mosquito The active probe and ECM systems now used Weapons and Ammo. The first attempt to produce a BattleMech design throughout the Inner Sphere were first tested on the Mosquito Component Location Critical Tonnage. using the recovered Endo Steel and Ferro Fibrous chassis at the NAIS proving grounds As new technologies. technology was the 1D Mosquito Never intended for were proven in the field they soon found their way into regular 2 ER Medium Lasers RA 2 2. active duty service the Mosquito is a technology production Mechs ER Medium Laser LA 1 1. demonstrator The NAIS used the Mossy to test new Beagle Active Probe RT 2 1 5. technologies as they were re developed from the Gray Deployment Jump Jet RT 1 0 5. Guardian ECM LT 2 1 5, Death core Since the Mosquito served as an NAIS test bed Mech it was.
Jump Jet LT 1 0 5, As a test bed Mech the Mosquito has an unusual never issued to line units of the Federated Suns It did see RL 1 0 5. appearance when compared to more modern front line combat during the War of 39 where its new Jump Jet LL 1 0 5. BattleMech designs using EndoSteel frames and technologies proved themselves well against Kurita light. FerroFibrous armor Since the Mosquito was the first and medium Mechs The fifteen surviving examples of the. Mech to be constructed with the recovered metal Mosquito were sold and found their way into service with. technology the EndoSteel frame and FerroFibrous several mercenary commands These Mosquitoes were sold. armor are noticeably bulkier than modern versions stripped of any advanced systems and have been modified by. their new owners,MSQ 2d Mosquito INNER SPHERE MECHS 7. CRKT 01 Cricket,Mass 35 Tons Armament Type Cricket. Chassis Brittle Bone V Endo Steel 1 XXV Eyeballer ER Large Laser Technology Base Inner Sphere Battlemech. Power Plant GM Fusion 280 XL 1 Siege Maser LRM 5 Tonnage 35. Cruising Speed 86 4 kph 1 VI Eyeballer ER Small Laser BV 1 014. Manufacturer Terrafirm Mechyards,Maximum Speed 129 6 kph. Location Texas Terra,Jump Jets 8 Springboard 5000 Equipment Mass.
Communications System Keller Listening Gear C, Jump Capacity 240 meters Internal Structure Endosteel 2 00. Targeting and Tracking System Eagle Eye II X, Armor Xandes Featherweight Ferro Engine 280 XL 8 00. Fibrous Type Fusion,Overview Capabilities,Cruising MP 8. Many generals during the last House War found their Recently Terrafirm Mechyards has released the new. Flanking MP 12, military secrets intercepted by one of the most unlikely machine with the very soul of the super crickets in mind aptly. Jumping MP 8 4 00, of sources This common spy became one dubbing it the Cricket The 35 ton Mech s purpose perfectly.
Heat Sinks 10 20 0 00, of the most hated yet successful intelligence agents mirrors that of its tiny cousin to stay at a distance and observe. fielded at the time earning enough prestige with the enemy activity Should the Cricket be spotted eight Cockpit 3 00. populace that many popular holovids feature the Springboard 5000 jump jets and a GM 280XL engine can Armor Factor 116 FF 6 50. uncommon agent Never Before had the tides of war easily help the Mech to avoid any unwanted confrontations. been effected by any insect or to be more specific a The CRKT 01 Cricket is also equipped to take the role of fire Internal Armor. cricket support spotting an ER large laser in the large rifle it carries in Head 3 9. After discovering that the insect was perfectly suited to its right hand and an LRM 5 launcher affixed to its left Center Torso 11 16. carry a microscopic microphone scientists were able to forearm This arsenal allows long range bombardment The Center Torso rear 5. genetically engineer a new Cricket is not meant to close range with the enemy however a L R Torso 8 12. breed that could respond to electrical stimuli for finer single ER small laser was added for that eventuality L R Torso rear 4. control in the field This six legged tool became quite Nevertheless most pilots report that the ER small laser rarely L R Arm 6 12. useful as few security devices scanned for the creature sees any action L R Leg 8 15. It wasn t long until opposing military forces discovered Specially crafted rear canting legs were needed to allow the. the machine to absorb the immense forces that resulted when the Weapons and Ammo. not quite silent threat and instituted more widespread machine jumps The legs also had to be reinforced to weather Component Location Critical Tonnage. use of white noise generators to hide the content of the pressure of the 35 ton Cricket when running at its projected. conversations This practice effectively squashed the speed of over 120 kph ER Large Laser RA 2 5. cricket s career LRM 5 LA 1 2, Recently several Houses have expresses the desire Deployment Ammo LRM 24 LA 1 1. Jump Jet RT 4 2, to revitalize their scouting units in an effort to bring new No Crickets have been sold to any mayor power since the. Jump Jet LT 4 2, life to the important yet extremely takeover of Terra by the WOB The lack of any Crickets in ER Small Laser HD 0 5. dangerous role of espionage and data gathering One WOB forces suggested that the factory has been shutdown or. designer Dr Ashton Kupric recalled the success of the retooled. aforementioned pest and quickly hit the drawing board. with the idea for the new Mech,CRKT 01 Cricket INNER SPHERE MECHS 9.
PNT2 O Panther II,Mass 35 Tons Armament Type Panther II. Chassis Alshain 66 Omni Endo Steel 15 tons of pod space available Technology Base Inner Sphere Omnimech. Power Plant Fusion 140 Hermes Manufacturer Alshain Weapons Tonnage 35. Cruising Speed 43 2 kph Location Tok Do, Maximum Speed 64 8 kph Communications System Sipher OmniComm 8D Equipment Mass. Targeting and Tracking System Matabushi Omni Internal Structure Endo steel 2 00. Jump Jets None,Jump Capacity 0 meters Engine 140 5 00. Armor Maxmillian 42 Type Fusion,Cruising MP 4,Overview Flanking MP 6. There are a great many in the Draconis Combine The weapons layout of the Prime is geared more towards Jumping MP 0. Mustered Soldiery who are firmly rooted in the old ways younger DCMS warriors and has a impressive damage output Heat Sinks 10 20 0 00. They are nostalgic of the old days This nostalgia is at range The primary has a ERPPC mounted in the right arm Gyro 2 00. shared by the populace of the Draconis Combine and there are a pair of ER medium lasers in the center torso Cockpit 3 00. In an effort to increase morale within Combine space Jump jet packs are mounted for the Mech to negotiate difficult Armor Factor 119 7 50. the DCMS has ordered the design and construction of a terrain or make a fighting retreat and there are three extra. new Omnimech the Panther II double heat sinks to make up for the heat generated by the Internal Armor. This machine is slated to replace every Panther on the lasers A C3 slave rounds out this unit Head 3 9. front lines of the Combine s Clan borders The machine The Alpha is more like the original design Panther Instead of Center Torso 11 17. is still built around a firm belief in the importance of a a pair of ER Medium lasers and the extra heat sinks this Center Torso rear 5. heavy firepower yet low cost line fighter The Panther design mounts a pair of SRM4s sharing 1 ton of ammunition L R Torso 8 12. has always been one of the most resilient and powerful The Beta is a pure C3 Mech and utilizes older tech and the L R Torso rear 4. light Mechs available but the advent of new technology new MRMs with better heat dissipation for increased firepower L R Arm 6 12. and ever difficult heat problems have relegated most Gamma is designed to fill the same role as other Panthers L R Leg 8 16. Panthers to garrison duty but does it with missiles instead The ends of its arms are not. The DCMS Corps of Engineers have left the rest of equipped with hand actuators or large missile launching drums Weight and space allocation. the Inner Sphere in the dust as far as the advent of the but instead have five rapid reload missile tubes at the end of Location Fixed Space remaining. Omnimech is concerned The first Panther II is already each HD 1 Endo Steel 0. halfway through its first test trials when only a year and It is unknown with the Delta that the use of an LBX CT 2. a month ago it was only a decision at a board meeting autocannon would be very popular among the warriors or their RA 1 Double Heatsink 7. The vehicle has been splashed all over the media and commanders LA 2 Endo Steel 2. the Kuritan propaganda machine Epsilon literally deals the damage of most older heavy 2 Double Heatsinks. Mechs It was designed to support most larger units It creates RT 6 Endo Steel 3. Capabilities a powerful diversion in this capacity 1 Double Heatsink. The actual Panther II is a fantastic machine Some LT 5 Endo Steel 3. armies scoff at its role in the Mustered Soldiery and Deployment 1 Double Heatsink. claim that forcing a light Mech into the role of an assault The first shipments of this Omnimech have already been 1 CASE. or a heavy is not only wasteful but deadly The DCMS sent all over Kuritan space with priority to each of the front RL 2. disagree they have developed several strategies line units facing the Clans in the hopes that the light Mech s LL 2. surrounding this type of design over the hundreds of increased firepower will do well in future battles with the Clans. years it has been in service The DCMS realizes that they will never replace all Panthers in. their space with this unit but it is possible that this machine will. have replaced all front line Panthers in 3070,Pnt2 o Panther II INNER SPHERE MECHS 11.
Weapons and Ammo,Component Location Critical Tonnage. Primary Weapons Configuration BV 960 124 C3s,ERPPC RA 3 7. C3 Slave RA 1 1,2 ER Medium Lasers CT 2 2,2 Jump Jets RL 2 1. 2 Jump Jets LL 2 1,Alternate Configuration A BV 860 107 C3s. ERPPC RA 3 7,C3 Slave RA 1 1,2 SRM 4s CT 2 4,Ammo SRM 25 LT 1 1.
2 Jump Jets RL 2 1,2 Jump Jets LL 2 1,Alternate Configuration B BV 752 106 C3s. 2 Large Lasers RA 4 10,C3 Slave RA 1 1,MRM 10 CT 2 3. Ammo MRM 24 LT 1 1,Alternate Configuration C BV 901. 2 LRM 5s RA 2 4,2 LRM 5s LA 2 4,2 ER Small Lasers RT 2 1. Ammo LRM 48 LT 2 2,2 ER Medium Lasers CT 2 2,2 Jump Jets RL 2 1.
2 Jump Jets LL 2 1,Alternate Configuration D BV 759. LB 10 X AC RA 6 11,3 ER Small Lasers RT 3 1 5,Ammo LBX 10 LT 1 1. Jump Jet CT 1 0 5,Jump Jet RL 1 0 5,Jump Jet LL 1 0 5. Alternate Configuration E BV 765,Large Laser RA 2 5. Large Laser LA 2 5,Large Laser CT 2 5,WO GN3 Won Gung.
Mass 35 Tons Armament Type Won Gung, Chassis Hellespont R Endo Steel 1 Diverse Optics ER Medium Laser Technology Base Inner Sphere Battlemech. Power Plant GM Fusion 280 XL 2 Diverse Optics ER Small Lasers Tonnage 35. Cruising Speed 86 4 kph 1 Zeus LRM 15 BV 803,1 Apple Churchill Guardian ECM. Maximum Speed 129 6 kph,1 Hotshot Flamer,Jump Jets None Equipment Mass. Manufacturer Hellespont Mech Works, Jump Capacity 0 meters Internal Structure Endosteel 2 00. Location Sian,Armor Hellespont Lite Stealth Engine 280 XL 8 00.
Communications System Ceres Metals Model 666,Type Fusion. Overview Targeting and Tracking System Apple Churchill 2000. Cruising MP 8,In 3065 Chancellor Sun Tzu Liao commissioned. Flanking MP 12, Hellespont Mech Works of Sian to produce a new light. Jumping MP 0, Battlemech for covert scouting and raiding operations Deployment Heat Sinks 10 20 0 00. The machine was to be very swift incorporate the latest After four years in development the first Won Gungs are Gyro 3 00. in ECM and Stealth armor and carry a versatile being deployed to the Capellan Confederations Death Cockpit 3 00. armament Commandos who specialize in covert operations The Armor Factor 116 FF 5 50. Hellespont engineers opted to use the very successful Commando s have developed tactics specifically for the Won. Raven scout Mech as a template for the new design Gung and are compiling a field manual for new pilots Internal Armor. After modifying the Raven s chassis to accept a For strikes on fixed instillation pilots have developed a method Head 3 8. larger more powerful engine and an Endosteel of rushing into a camp doing extensive damage with its lasers Center Torso 11 10. structure designers began to build what would be and flamer and laying minefields while retreating When Center Torso rear 4. known as the Won Gung scout mech advance scouting pilots will be laying Thunder minefields to L R Torso 8 9. slow down enemy troop movements L R Torso rear 3, Capabilities As these tactics can be applied almost anywhere we do not L R Arm 6 9.
With a top speed of 130 kph the Won Gung is know exactly where these new Mechs will be deployed Until L R Leg 8 12. designed to make lightning fast attacks on bases of they are actually spotted in action we have no idea as to their. operation or act as an advance scout The Mechs exact location of deployment Weapons and Ammo. primary weapon is an LRM 15 rack allowing the Won Component Location Critical Tonnage. Gung to carried mixed monition loads Backing up the. massive missile launcher are a battery of small and ER Medium Laser RA 1 1. medium lasers as well as an anti personnel flamer ER Small Laser RA 1 0 5. What separates the Won Gung from other scout LRM 15 LA 3 7. Guardian ECM RT 2 1 5,Mechs is its null signature systems Sheathed in. Ammo LRM 24 LT 2 2, Hellespont Lite Stealth armor the scout becomes much Flamer CT 1 1. harder to spot on radar In addition to the advanced ER Small Laser CT 1 0 5. armor an ECM suite has been installed to further cloak. the Mech from the enemy These systems allow the,Won Gung to ambush Mechs and deploy Thunder. minefields unnoticed as well as sneak up on fixed,installations. WO GN3 Won Gung INNER SPHERE MECHS 13,Mass 40 Tons Armament Type Ranger.
Chassis Dorwinion Alpha Endo Steel 14 tons of pod space available Technology Base Inner Sphere Omnimech. Power Plant Robinson Fusion 280 XL Manufacturer Robinson Standard BattleWorks Tonnage 40. Cruising Speed 75 6 kph Location Robinson, Maximum Speed 118 8 151 2 kph Communications System Wunderland XXXV 1 Equipment Mass. Targeting and Tracking System Wunderland Internal Structure Endosteel 2 00. Jump Jets None,Raptores 3 Engine 280 XL 8 00,Jump Capacity 0 meters. Armor Valiant Scutum Standard Type Fusion,Cruising MP 7. Overview Flanking MP 11 14, In the wake of Prince Victor Stiener Davion s decision Armed with a mix of long and short range energy weaponry Jumping MP 0. not to divert AFFC funds towards Omnimech the Ranger Prime is also a lethal recon mech A Johnston Heat Sinks 12 24 2 00. development it fell to private interests to jump start Industries ER PPC provides heavy firepower at any range Gyro 3 00. Omnimech production for the FedCom In conjunction Backing up the particle cannon for concentrated close range Cockpit 3 00. with Duke George Hasek s financing of the Templar fire are four Intek Hellborer medium class lasers paired in the MASC 2 00. Omnimech Duke James Sandoval bankrolled the initial right and left arms respectively Armor Factor 128 8 00. development and production of a second Omnimech The Ranger B configuration is designed to serve as a fast. design moving cavalry strike Mech tasked with hunting enemy recon Internal Armor. Turning to Robinson Standard Battleworks Duke Mechs It is armed with a state of the art rotary cannon Four Head 3 9. Sandoval commissioned an Omnimech in the medium extended range medium lasers back up the rotary cannon for Center Torso 12 16. weight class to be produced as soon as possible heavy knock out punch against opposing recon assets Center Torso rear 5. The new design was to be used in the recon strike role The C variant of the Ranger is outfitted as a headhunter L R Torso 10 14. and would be initially deployed with the Duke s beloved mech It mounts an advanced targeting computer system L R Torso rear 5. Robinson Rangers In anticipation of these intentions linked to a battery of laser weapons An ER large laser L R Arm 6 11. the new design was named the Ranger provides long range capability and a trio of ER medium lasers L R Leg 10 19. give the it close in firepower, Capabilities The least common configuration of the Ranger is the D Weight and space allocation.
Weighing in a forty tons the Ranger is comparable This variant mounts four LRM 5 racks paired in the arms for a Location Fixed Space remaining. the Draconis Combine s Strider Omnimech The Ranger respectable volley of fire Backing up the missile system are a HD 1. makes use of an XL fusion plant to form the foundation pair of ER medium lasers for them close encounters CT 2. of the design which boasts substantially superior Armed with ten medium lasers the Ranger E is a Mech RA 10. performance to the Combine Strider Powered by a pilots worst nightmare The Ranger E can quickly bring it s LA 10. larger 280 rated XL engine the Ranger is capable of a massive battery of lasers to bear RT 4 Endo Steel 5. top speed of nearly 120 kph With the inclusion of LT 6 Endo Steel 1. myomer accelerator circuitry the Ranger s top speed Deployment 2 MASC. can be boosted to almost 150 kph for short periods With the Ranger program being financially backed by Duke RL 2 Endo Steel 0. The primary configuration of the Ranger is designed James Sandoval the Ranger was initially assigned to scout LL 2 Endo Steel 0. as a hard hitting recon Mech Equipped with Beagle lances within the Robinson Rangers In the midst of the tense. Probe and Guardian ECM systems the Ranger is political climate within the FedCom Duke Sandoval has limited. capable of serving as a recon command Mech or an the distribution of the Ranger to units loyal to himself and. advanced scout capable of providing detailed Victor Steiner Davion The first such units within the Federated. information on enemy force dispositions while keeping Suns half of the Commonwealth to receive the new Ranger. it s own position difficult to detect Omnimech are the 20th and 41st Avalon Hussars along with. the 2nd Davion Guards RCT,Ranger INNER SPHERE MECHS 15. Weapons and Ammo,Component Location Critical Tonnage. Primary A Weapons Configuration BV 1 183,2 Medium Lasers RA 2 2. Beagle Active Probe RA 2 1 5,2 Medium Lasers LA 2 2. Guardian ECM LA 2 1 5,ERPPC RT 3 7,Alternate Configuration B BV 1 027.
ER Medium Laser RA 1 1,Medium Laser RA 1 1,ER Medium Laser LA 1 1. Medium Laser LA 1 1,Rotary AC 2 RT 3 8,Ammo RAC 45 RT 1 1. CASE RT 1 0 5,ER Small Laser HD 1 0 5,Alternate Configuration C BV 1 192. TAG RA 1 1,Beagle Active Probe RA 2 1 5,3 ER Medium Lasers LA 3 3. ER Large Laser RT 2 5,Targeting Computer RT 2 2,Guardian ECM CT 2 1 5.
Alternate Configuration D BV 933,2 LRM 5s RA 2 4,Ammo LRM 24 RA 2 2. 2 LRM 5s LA 2 4,Ammo LRM 24 LA 2 2,2 ER Medium Lasers RT 2 2. Alternate Configuration E BV 1 272,4 Medium Lasers RA 4 4.

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