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REFERENCES, Abuodha J O Z 1989 Morphodynamics and sedimentology of the Malindi Fundisa coastal area. associated with the heavy mineral deposition Unpubl M Sc thesis Univ Nairobi 258p. Abuodha J O Z 1993 Lithology geochemistry and dispersal patterns of sediments in the. Western Indian Ocean the Kenyan Basin Report on the Kenya Dutch Indian Ocean. Expedition RVTYRO 1992 1993 Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Abuodha J O Z Nyambok I O 1991 Petrology geochemistry and evaluation of heavy. mineral deposits coastal Malindi and Ungama Bay Kenya Marine Mining 10 337 351. Abuodha J O Z in prep Hydrology and sediment transport capacity of the Sabaki river. measured at its estuary, Abuodha P A W 1992 Geomorphology and sedimentology of the Mombasa Diani area. Implications for coastal zone management Unpubl M Sc thesis Univ Nairobi 155p. Allen J R L 1970 Physical processes of sedimentation An introduction In Sutton J Ed. Earth Science Series 1 George Allen Unwin Ltd 248p. Anderson R S Willets B B 1991 A review of recent progress in our understanding of. aeolian sediment transport Acta Mechanica 1 1 19, Anonymous 1981 The general water movement off the Kenya coast Project KEN 74 023 work. report no 1 2 and 3 respectively the survey activities in 1979 1980 and 1981 Unpubl. manuscript Kenya Marine Fisheries Res Inst, Antia E E Nyong E E 1988 Beach morphodynamics along the Nigerian coastline. implications for coastal engineering projects Journ Afr Earth Sci 7 3 553 559. Arens S M 1994a Aeolian processes in the Dutch foredunes Ph D thesis Univ Amsterdam. Arens S M 1994b Actual aeolian transport rates on a beach in a temperate humid climate Paper. presented at the workshop Response of aeolian processes to global change 22 30 March. 1994 Zzyzx California, Arens S M van der Lee G E M 1993 Saltation sand traps for the measurement of aeolian.
transport into the foredunes Poster presented at the Prof De Ploey Memorial. Symposium 22 26 March 1993 Leuven Belgium Soil Technology. Arens S M Wiersma J 1994 The Dutch foredunes inventory and classification Journ. Coast Res 10 189 202, Arthurton R S 1992 Beach erosion Case studies on the East African coast Paper presented at. the BORDOMER 92 Workshop International Convention on Rational Use of the Coastal. Zone Bordeaux France UNESCO IOC REP in press, Ase L E 1978 Preliminary report on studies of shore displacement at the southern coast of. Kenya Geografisker Annaler 60A 3 4 209 221, Ase L E 1981 Studies of shores and shore displacement on the southern coast of Kenya. especially in Kilifi District Geografisker Annaler 63A 3 4 303 310. Ash J E Wasson R J 1983 Vegetation and sand mobility in the Australian desert dunefield. Z Geomorph 45 111 123, Augustinus P G E F Laeven M P Ruwe J de Vries J B 1989 Dune formation and. degradation in the Carmague France Unpubl manuscript Dept of Phys Geog Univ. REFERENCES 171, Baba J Komar P D 1981 Measurements and analysis of settling velocities of natural quartz.
sand grains Journ Sediment Petrol 51 631 640, Bagnold R A 1954 The physics of blown sand and desert dunes 2nd edition Methuen. London 265p, Bagnold R A 1960 The re entrainment of settled dust Int Journ Air Pollut 2 357 362. Barker J R Herlocker D J Young S A 1989 Vegetal dynamics in response to sand dune. encroachment within the coastal grasslands of central Somalia Afr Journ Ecol 17 277. Barndorff Nielsen O E Christiansen C 1988 Erosion deposition and size distributions of. sand Proc Royal Soc London A417 335 352, Barndorff Nielsen O E Christiansen C and Hartmann D 1991 Distributional shape. triangles with some application in sedimentology Acta Mechanica 2 37 47. Barrie J V 1981 Hydrodynamic factors controlling the distribution of heavy minerals Bristol. Channel Estuarine Coastal Mar Sci 12 609 619, Bascom W 1951 The relationship between sand size and beach face slope Trans Am. Geophys Union 32 866 874, Battistini R 1969 Le Quaternaire du littoral Kenyan entre Mombasa et Malindi Bulletin.
Association Francais Etude Quaternaire 3 191 201, Beinge F W 1957 Report on Kenya coastal sand Sabaki river area Unpubl manuscript. Mines Geological Department Nairobi, Bertlin Partners 1977 Wave records and analysis East African Ports Development Studies. Kenya Ports 4 180 182, Bird E C F 1969 Coasts An introduction to systematic geomorphology The MIT Press. Cambridge 246p, Bird E C F 1985 Coastline changes A global review Checheter Wiley Sons Ltd 219p. Blom J van der Hagen H van Hove E van Katwijk M van Loon R van Meier R 1985. Decline of Malindi Watamu reef complex Lab of Aqua Ecol Catholic Univ 195p. Blum M Jones J R 1985 Variations in vegetation density and foredune complexity at. Northern Padre Island Texas The Texas Journ Sci 37 1 64 73. Boxel J H van 1990 WINDROOS Dept of Phys Geog Soil Science Univ Amsterdam. Braithwaite C J R 1984 Depositional history of the late Pleistocene limestones of the Kenya. coast Journ Geol Soc London 141 685 699, Brakel W H 1984 Seasonal dynamics of suspended sediment plumes from the Tana and Sabaki.
Rivers Kenya Analysis of Landsat Imagery Remote Sensing of Environ 16 165 173. Cannon R T Simiyu Siambi W M N Karanja F M 1981 The proto Indian Ocean and a. probable palaeozoic Mesozoic triradial rift system in East Africa Earth and Planetary. science Letters 52 419 426, Carter R W G Wilson P 1990 The geomorphological ecological and pedological. development of coastal foredunes at Magilligan Point North Ireland In Nordstrom K F. Psuty N P and Carter B Eds Coastal dunes Form and Processes Chichester Wiley. Sons Ltd 129 157, Castillo S Popma J Moreno Casasola J 1991 Coastal sand dune vegetation of Tabasco. and Campeche Mexico Journ Vegetation Sci 2 73 88, Caswell P V 1953 Geology of the Mombasa Kwale area Geol Surv Kenya Rep 24 69p. Caswell P V 1956 Geology of the Kilifi Mazeras area Geol Surv Kenya Rep 34 54p. Christiansen C Moller J T 1980 Beach erosion at Klim Denmark A ten year period. Coastal Engineering 3 283 296, Christiansen C Hartmann D 1988 On using the log hyperbolic distribution to describe the. textural characteristics of aeolian sediments a discussion Journ Sediment Petrol 58. Cooper W S 1958 Coastal sand dunes of Oregon and Washington Mem Geol Soc Am 72 1. David P P 1977 Sand dune occurrence in Canada A theme and resource inventory study of. aeolian landform in Canada Indian and Northern Affairs National Parus Branch Contract. No 74 230 123p, Delft Hydraulics 1970 Malindi Bay Pollution II Delft Hydraulic Laboratory Rep R611 28p.
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characteristics Journ Sediment Petrol 31 514 529, Friedman G M Sanders J E 1978 Principles ofsedimentology New York Wiley 792p. Fryberger S G Dean G 1979 Dune forms and wind regime In McKee E D Ed A study. of Global Sand Seas US Geol Surv Prof Paper 1052 137 170. Fuechtbauer H Mueller G 1977 Sedimente und sedimentgesteine Stuttgart 784p. Gock E Jacob K H 1978 Method of processing used to obtain synthetic titanium dioxide. through the direct dissolution of rutile using sulphuric acid German patent application. Deutsche Patentanneldung No 2855 4678 12 19, Goldsmith V 1985 Coastal dunes In Davis R A Jr Ed Coastal Sedimentary. Environments 2nd edition New York Springer Verlag 171 236. Goldsmith V 1989 Coastal sand dunes as geomorphological systems In Gimingham C H. Ritchie W Willets B B Willis A J Eds Coastal Sand dunes Proc Royal Soc. Edinburgh 96B 3 15, Goudie A S 1977 Environmental Change Oxford University Press 244p. Guza R T Inman D L 1975 Edge waves and beach cusps Journ Geophys Res 80 2997. REFERENCES 173, Hagen van der H 1989 Floristic composition and vegetation ecology of the dunes north of. Malindi Unpubl manuscript, Halse J E P 1980 Formosa Bay heavy mineral beach sand deposits Initial exploration report.
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transport rate by trench trap Coastal Engineering 9 503 526. Hove A R T 1980a Some aspects of current sedimentation depositional environments and. submarine geomorphology of Kenya s submerged continental margins Univ Nairobi. IDS OP 28 127 144, Hove A R T 1980b The 38 metre sea level a reconstruction of the early Pleistocene. Palaeogeography of the south Kenya coast Communique Colloque International. Geologique 8 Symp 23 661 p, Howard A D Morton J B Gad El Hak M Price D B 1978 Sand transport model of. barchan dune equilibrium Sedimentology 25 307 338, Hsu S A 1971 Wind stress criteria in aeolian sand transport Journ Geophys Res 76 8684. Hunter R E Richmond J B Alpha T R 1983 Storm controlled oblique dunes of the. Oregon coast Bull Geol Soc Am 94 1450 1465, Ibe A C 1988 Coastline Erosion in Nigeria Ibadan University Press 217p. Illenberger W K and Rust I C 1986 Venturi compensated eolian sand trap for field use Journ. Sediment Petrol 56 541 543, Illenberger W K and Rust I C 1988 A sand budget for the Alexandria coastal dunefield S A.
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with erosion pins and sequential air photos Catena 16 4 5 369 376. Kawamura R 1951 Study of sand movement by wind Univ Tokyo Rep Institute of Science. and Technology 5, Kent P E 1974 Continental margins of E Africa A region of vertical movements In Burk. C A Drake C L Eds The geology of continental margins Springer NY 13 24. Kenya Meteorological Department 1984 Climatological statistics for Kenya Nairobi 87p. Kenya Ports Authority 1993 1994 Tide tables for Kenya and Tanzania. Komar P D Cui B 1984 The analysis of grain size measurements by sieving and settling. tube techniques Journ Sediment Petrol 54 603 614, Komar P D Wang C 1984 Processes of selective grain transport and the formation of. placers on beaches Journ Geoi 92 637 655, Kroon A Hoekstra P 1990 Eolian sediment transport on a natural beach Journ Coast Res. Krumbein W C 1938 The analysis of observational data from natural beaches Beach Erosion. Board Tech Memo 130 Corps of Engineers Washington D C. Krumbein W C Pettijohn F J 1938 Manual of sedimentary petrography Appleton Century. Crofts Inc New York 549p, Kubota S Horikawa K Hotta S 1982 Blown sand on beaches Proc 18th Coastal. Engineering Conf ASCE 1181 1198, Kuhlman H 1958 Quantitative measurements of aeolian sand transport Geografisk Tidsskrift.
Lancaster N 1982 Dunes on the Skeleton Coast Namibia South West Africa. Geomorphology and grain size relationships Earth Surf Proc Landf 7 575 587. Lancaster N 1985 Variations in wind velocity and sand transport on the windward flanks of. desert sand dunes Sedimentology 32 581 593, Lancaster N 1989 The dynamics of star dunes an example from the Grand Desierto Mexico. Sedimentology 36 273 289, Leader M R 1982 Sedimentology Process and product Allen Unwin London 479p. Leatherman S P 1978 A new aeolian sand trap design Sedimentology 25 303 306. Leatherman S P 1979 Barrier dune systems a reassessment Sediment Geoi 24 1 16. Lettau K Lettau H 1977 Experimental and micro meteorological field studies of dune. migration In Lettau K Lettau H Eds Exploring the world s driest climate I E S. Rep 101 Univ Wisconsin Press Madison 110 147,REFERENCES 175. Maarel E van der Boot R Dorp D van Rijntjes J 1985 Vegetation succession on the. dunes near Oostvoorne The Netherlands a comparison of the vegetation in 1959 and 1980. Vegetatio 58 137 187, Mahoney P J B 1980 Africa Pilot Vol III south and east coasts of Africa from Cape Agulhas to. Ras Binnah including the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba Third edition Hydrographer of. the Navy 25 44, Mcllveen R 1992 Fundamentals of weather and climate Chapman Hall London 281 p.
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reference to the Kambe Limestone rocks of the Kilifi area In Natural and Man Induced. Environmental Changes in Tropical Africa Case studies in Cameroon and Kenya A. preliminary report of the Tropical African Geomorphology and Late Quaternary. Palaeoenvironments Research Project 1982 83 Sapporo Japan 117 127. Oliver J E Fairbridge R W 1987 The Encyclopedia of Climatology Encyclopedia of Earth. Sciences XI New York VanNostrand Reinhold 478 479, Ongweny CM 1978 Erosion and sediment transport in the Upper Tana catchment with special. reference to the Thiba Basin Ph D thesis Univ Nairobi 203p. Oosterom A P 1988 The geomorphology of southeast Kenya Ph D thesis Wageningen. Agricultural Univ 227p, Parker D E 1973 Tropospheric winds and the occurrence of rainfall near the Equator. Meteorological Magazine 102 26 30, Ploey J de 1980 Some field measurements and experimental data on wind blown sand In de. Boodt M and Gabriels D Eds Assessment of Erosion Wiley 541 552. Pulfrey W 1942 Report on alleged Gedi silver lead deposits Unpubl manuscript Mines. Geological Department Nairobi, Pye K 1982 Morphological development of coastal dunes in a humid tropical environment. Cape Bedford and Cape Flattery North Queensland Geografisker Annaler 64A 3 4 213. Pye K 1983 Coastal dunes Progress in Physical Geography 7 531 557. Pye K 1991 Beach deflation and backshore dune formation following erosion under surge. conditions an example from Northeast England Acta Mechanica 2 171 181. Rais Assa R 1988 Stratigraphy and geodynamics of the Mombasa Basin Kenya in relation to. the genesis of the proto Indian Ocean Geol Mag 125 2 141 147. Ranwell D S 1972 Ecology of salt marshes and sand dunes Chapman Hall London 258p. Rasmussen K R Mikkelsen H E Preprint 1989 The transport rate profile and the efficiency. of sand traps, Read A N 1981 Sedimentology and lithificaiion of Quaternary reef rock on the coast near.
Mombasa Kenya Unpubl Ph D thesis Univ Leeds 287p, Reid I Frostick L 1985 Role of settling entrainment and dispersive equivalence and of. interstice trapping in placer formation Journ Geol Soc London 142 739 746. Rice M A 1991 Grain shape effects on aeolian sediment transport Acta Mechanica 1 159. Rutin J 1983 Erosionalprocesses on a coastal sand dune De Blink Noordwijkerhout The. Netherlands Ph D thesis Univ Amsterdam Publicaties van het Fysisch Geografisch en. Bodemkundig Lab 35 144p, Ryan W A 1953 Report on an investigation of the silversands beach sands near Malindi. Unpubl manuscript Mines Geological Department Nairobi. Sarre R D 1989a Aeolian sand drift from the intertidal zone on a temperate beach potential and. actual rates Earth Surf Proc Landf 14 247 258, Sarre R 1989b The morphological significance of vegetation and relief on coastal foredune. processes Z Geomorph 73 17 31, Schroeder J H 1974 Sedimentology of coast and shelf environments Notes for Regional. Training Course Malindi Kenya TU Berlin 1 OOp, Schroeder J H Jacob K H Gock E 1980 Coastal heavy mineral deposits of Kenya.
Characteristics new methods of processing economic potential The Red Sea and Gulf of. Aden Environmental Programme Jeddah ALECSO, Sharp R P 1964 Wind driven sand in Coachella Valley California Bull Geol Soc Am 75. Shepard F P 1973 Submarine geology Third Edition NY Harper Row 225p. Short A D 1979 Three dimensional beach stage model Journ Geol 87 553 571. Short A D Hesp P A 1982 Wave beach and dune interactions in Southeastern Australia. Mar Geol 48 259 284, Sikes H L 1930 The drowned valleys on the Kenyan coast J East African historical society. and national museum 18 1 9, Sindowski K H 1956 KorngroBen und korngformen Auslese beim Sandtransport durch Wind. nach Messungen auf Nordeney Geol Jahrbuch 71 Hannover 517 526. Sorensen M 1991 An analytic model of wind blown sand transport Acta Mechanica 1 67. Svasek J N Terwindt J H J 1974 Measurements of sand transport by wind on a natural. beach Sedimentology 21 311 322, Thorn B G Hall W 1991 Behaviour of beach profiles during accretion and erosion. dominated periods Earth Surf Proc Landf 16 113 127. REFERENCES 111, Thomas D S G Tsoar H 1990 The geomorphological role of vegetation in desert dune.
systems In Thornes J B Ed Vegetation and erosion 471 480. Thompson A O 1956 Geology of the Malindi area Geol Surv Kenya Rep 36 63p. Tilmans W M K 1991 Coast erosion management The Kelantan case Ocean Shoreline. Management 15 87 124, Toya H Kadomura H Tamura T Hori N 1973 Geomorphological studies in the. southeastern Kenya Geographical Report Tokyo Metropolitan Univ 8 51 137. Trask P D 1932 Origin and environment of source sediments of petroleum Houston Gulf. Publ Co 323p, Turyahikayo G R 1987 Wave characteristics off the east African coast Kenya Journ Sci A8. Visher G S 1969 Grain size distributional processes Journ Sediment Petrol 39 1074 1106. Westhoff V Maarel E van der 1978 The Braun Blanquet approach In Whittaker R H. ed Classification of Plant Communities 2nd edition Junk The Hague 287 399. White B R 1979 Soil transport by wind on Mars Journ Geophys Res 84 4643 4651. Williams F 1970 The sport fishing for sailfish at Malindi Kenya 1958 1968 with some. biological notes Bull Mar Sci 20 830 852, Williams L A J 1962 Geology of the Hadu Fundisa area North of Malindi Geol Surv Kenya. Rep 52 59p, Willis A J Folkes B F Hope Simpson J F Yemm E W 1959 Braunton Burrows The. dune system and its vegetation Journ Ecol 47 2 249 288. Wright L D Short A D 1983 Morphodynamics of beaches and surf zones in Australia In. Komar P D Ed CRC Handbook of Coastal Processes and Erosion CRC Press Boca. Raton FL 217 231, Wyrwoll K H Smyth G K 1985 On using the log hyperbolic distribution to describe the.
textural characteristics of aeolian sediments Journ Sediment Petrol 55 471 478.

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