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Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. 5 Classification, Ownership of Property Category of Property Number of Resources within Property. Check as many boxes as apply Check only one box Do not include previously listed resources in the count. Contributing Noncontributing,private x building s 1 1 buildings. x public Local district district,public State site site. public Federal structure structure,object object, Name of related multiple property listing Number of contributing resources previously.
Enter N A if property is not part of a multiple property listing listed in the National Register. Historic Public Schools of Kansas 0,6 Function or Use. Historic Functions Current Functions, Enter categories from instructions Enter categories from instructions. EDUCATION School EDUCATION School,7 Description,Architectural Classification Materials. Enter categories from instructions Enter categories from instructions. LATE 19 AND 20 CENTURY REVIVALS Late,Gothic Revival Collegiate Gothic foundation STONE. walls BRICK,roof METAL,Belleville High School Republic County KS.
Name of Property County and State,Narrative Description. Belleville High School is a two story Collegiate Gothic building located three blocks west of downtown Belleville. in a primarily residential neighborhood The school site is comprised of three city blocks including a spacious. playground Completed in 1931 the school occupies the southeast corner of the site bordered by 18th Street. on the south and K Street on the east The symmetrical front facade faces south and is defined by gabled. projecting bays at the center and end bays The east facade provides access to the auditorium and the west. facade to the gymnasium each designed for separate use The Collegiate Gothic school is variegated red. brick with an ashlar limestone foundation and detailing The building has a side facing gable roof and. truncated gable roofs on the rear projecting auditorium and gymnasium wings The modest school building is. nicely articulated with detailed features including projecting bays pilasters buttresses and finely carved stone. surrounds The building embodies typical characteristics of the Collegiate Gothic style including pointed. arches gabled dormers and stone quoining Full height window and entry surrounds provide vertical. emphasis contrasting the rectangular massing Designed by Wichita architect S S Voigt Belleville High. School is an excellent example of a high style school constructed to meet the educational and budgetary. needs of a small community in north central Kansas. Elaboration, The high school is located on the northwest corner of K Street and 18th Street facing south The building. occupies the southeast corner of the site a one block area that would have been bordered by the vacated J. Street on the west now an alley and 17th Street on the north site of metal building at the rear of the school. When the 1931 high school was constructed the former high school built 1914 became the junior high This. school was located north of the new high school on the southwest corner of 16th Street and K Street facing K. Street on the east A single dwelling was in place between the two schools fronting K Street 1702 K Street 1. The junior high school has since been demolished and area along 16th Street from I Street to K Street is open. land used for a playground creating an L shaped site for the high school The single home fronting K Street. has been removed and a large metal building was constructed north of the high school Single family. dwellings remain along I Street and 18th Street west of the high school. The high school faces 18th Street on the south setback from its corner location at 18th and K Streets with a. grass lawn mature trees and a perimeter sidewalk Sidewalks extend to building entrances in the center of. the front south facade and the auditorium entry near the south end of the east facade The vacated J Street is. a paved alley on the west side of the school with angled parking along the building A third primary entry to. the gymnasium is located on the south end of the west facade accessed off the alley The paved alley turns. to the east and runs along the rear of the school exiting onto K Street on the east A courtyard between the. gymnasium and auditorium at the rear of the school is also paved and a small paved parking area is located. northwest of the school off the alley A large one story metal building used as auxiliary classroom space is. located immediately north of the school The open space north of the buildings is used for the school. playground,A Design of the Times, According to S S Voigt the school s designer The architecture of the Belleville senior high school building is. what is known as modern American Tudor Gothic design which lends itself to the location 2 Varied. classifications of this style include English Gothic Perpendicular Gothic Tudor and Collegiate Gothic. According to Cyril M Harris book Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture Gothic architecture was the. style of the High Middle Ages in Western Europe emerging from the Romanesque and Byzantine forms in. France in the later 12th century Cathedrals are the classic representatives of the style characterized by the. 1933 Sanborn Map, Combining Design and Best Materials School is Arranged for Most Efficiency The Belleville Telescope November 19. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State.
pointed arch rib vault exterior flying buttress and richly decorated fenestration 3 The Gothic period lasted until. the 16 century in English architecture the style is typically divided into three periods Early English. Decorated and Perpendicular Harris defines the Perpendicular style as the last and longest phase of Gothic. architecture in England 1350 1550 the final development 1485 1547 is referred to as Tudor architecture. Collegiate Gothic is a secular version of Gothic architecture prevalent around the turn of the 20 century in. the United States and England particularly on college campuses Introduced to educational buildings at Bryn. Mawr College in Pennsylvania Collegiate Gothic emerged as a dominant style on the campuses of Princeton. Yale Duke and the University of Chicago Defining characteristics of the style pointed arches. crenellations and towers are rooted in the 16 century English Perpendicular style Collegiate Gothic. generally dates from 1890 to 1930 Although named for its emergence on college campuses Collegiate. Gothic was the dominant style of public school buildings across the nation by the end of the First World War. Architect S S Voigt did not appear to favor a particular style in his school designs but rather embraced the. popular styles of the times His early school commissions were Progressive Era Commercial Style buildings of. the 1920s Other Collegiate Gothic schools designed by Voigt included The Rural High School District No 2. Lost Springs in 1921 and Southern Coffey County High School in LeRoy in 1928 By the mid 1930s his. school designs reflected Modern and Art Deco stylistic influences. Belleville High School is a modest example of the Collegiate Gothic style lacking prominent characteristics of. the style such as towers and crenulations However like most Collegiate Gothic buildings Belleville High. School is a red brick building with elaborate stone detailing The building embodies other prominent features. that are characteristic of the style including gabled roofs pointed arch openings at doors and windows. checkerboard detailing stone quoining and a symmetrical facade with central entrance Even without a. tower features such as the two story stone surrounds at the three primary entrances provide vertical breaks in. the overall horizontal massing, Belleville s new high school was designed in 1931 near the end of the Progressive Era in Kansas This period. was significant in terms of its effect on the design of public schools which resulted in the emergence of spaces. being designed for specialized uses within a school The term modern school design does not reference. architectural style but rather the plan configuration The layout of interior spaces and basic form of the. building are the most distinguishing features of schools designed in this period The plan configuration. represented an emerging trend in school design one based on interior configuration This approach reflects. a break from the established tradition of the rectangular or T shaped buildings characteristic of the. Progressive Era and resulted in a plan shape determined in large part by the major interior spaces Schools. of this era are distinguished by the inclusion of separate gymnasiums and auditoriums as compared to a single. multi use assembly space common to earlier schools These key public spaces were located with individual. entrances so that major activities could occur simultaneously in the school building Classrooms were. clustered by use with attention to specialized needs such as outdoor access for manual training shops and. sound isolation for music classrooms The configuration of interior spaces was the predominant factor in the. building form, Belleville High School is a two story structure with a partial basement constructed of reinforced concrete The. footprint is U shaped with the auditorium and gymnasium forming the stems of the rear facing U The. gymnasium is located on the west side of the building the auditorium on the east The primary roof form is a. side facing gable with gabled wall dormers at the center and end bays on the front facade The roofline is. further distinguished by a large square chimney with stone detailing near the center of the building on the rear. The auditorium and gymnasium wings have truncated gable roofs All roofs were originally finished in green. asbestos shingles the existing metal roof was installed in 2008. Cyril M Harris Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture New York Dover Publications Inc 1983 254. Marcus Whiffen American Architecture Since 1780 A Guide to the Styles Cambridge MIT Press 1992. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. The exterior facade is variegated red brick laid in a running bond over an ashlar stone foundation The front. facade is comprised of five distinct bays Bays two and four comprise the body of the facade where window. openings have one tier brick stretcher course lintels and simple stone sills The end bays bays 1 5 on the. front facade are defined by a projecting gabled wall dormer with a stepped gable parapet with stone cap and. small finials A subtle diamond pattern in the brick defines the gable end The gable end also features a small. arched leaded glass window with quoined stone surround Three quarter height stone buttresses frame the. end bays with quoining and a carved stone panel featuring quatrefoil patterns and a gothic arch terminated by. a beveled cap Sets of four windows feature quoined stone surrounds on each floor. The wide center bay is comprised of three distinct sections that are stepped at the parapet and project from. the front facade Flanking the center bay are stone surrounds framing a pair of windows on each floor and. terminating in a pointed arch above the upper windows Brick and stone pilasters frame these bays with. quoining and carved stone panels Square stone panels form a modified checkerboard pattern above the. windows The outer bays have a flat parapet with a stone cap The center of the entry bay is distinguished by. a steep gabled parapet with a small arched leaded glass window and checkerboard brick and stone surround. The second floor is comprised of a set of four windows with arched stone surrounds The front entrance is. defined by a one story gabled projection with pointed arch openings on each side and stepped buttresses at. the corners Quoined stone surrounds frame two pointed arched openings on the front through which is the. recessed doorway into the front of the school Original lantern style light fixtures flank the outer archways. The projecting entry bay has a shed roof with a gabled parapet featuring small stone finals like the end bays. The existing doors are contemporary aluminum framed glass doors with sidelights set beneath the original. multi light wood transom, The original masonry openings have been retained on the front facade of the school but most doors and. windows have been replaced The only remaining original windows are the leaded windows in the gable ends. of the center and end bays The original windows were generally paired and sets of 6 6 double hung wood. windows with a dark painted finish The existing replacement windows were installed in 1997 The. replacement units are simple 1 1 single hung metal windows Lacking a central air conditioning system. window air conditioning units have been installed in numerous windows around the building. Although clearly secondary to the front south facade the east facade facing K Street is a prominent street. facade that features the entrance to the auditorium The east side of the building is comprised of the. auditorium with rear stage and fly loft the entry and stairway near the south end and a classroom in the. southeast corner These interior functions are reflected on the building s exterior The auditorium comprises. the body of the facade with six bays defined by brick pilasters with beveled stone caps Each bay features a. large multi light steel window with operable central awning panel on each floor Lower level windows have a. flat brick lintel and upper windows have an arched brick lintel with stone corners and keystones A two story. single tier brick header course surrounds the two windows upper and lower in each bay creating a vertical. element that further articulates the large mass of the auditorium The bay at the south end of the east facade. is a solid brick wall with a small inset stone panel featuring a carved gothic arch. The second bay from the south end is the east entrance which aligns with the center hallway and provides. access to the auditorium through the center hall The entry bay is distinguished by a gabled wall dormer with. a small arched leaded glass window and checkerboard pattern of brick and stone in the gable end similar to. the front entry The two story entry bay is framed by stone and brick pilasters with quoined and carved. detailing also similar to the front facade Historic photos illustrate the side entrances were originally. comprised of three doors on the lower level with stacked sets of four double hung windows in the tall arched. opening over the entry The large window opening corresponded to a split stairway inside the entrance A. stone band between the doors and windows is inscribed AUDITORIUM The doors and windows have been. replaced and the large arched opening was downsized to accept two contemporary windows The only other. The end bays originally had five windows per floor reduced to four windows when replacement units were installed in. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State.
modification on the east facade was removal of one lower window and infill of the opening to accommodate a. single fire door The west facade of the auditorium facing the rear courtyard is similarly configured. The west side of the school is comprised primarily of the gymnasium originally with industrial and vocational. classrooms located in the basement below the gym Fronting a paved alley the west facade does not have. the public exposure that the east facade has but is nearly identical in configuration and detailing The west. entry provides access to the gymnasium via the central hallway The entry bay is in place with the inscription. GYMNASIUM over the door and has been modified with replacement windows and doors like the east The. gymnasium is comprised of five bays similar to the auditorium each defined by brick pilasters Multi light. steel windows were originally located on the first and second floors in each bay Additionally horizontal two. light basement windows were set at grade providing light into the original basement classrooms now the. cafeteria The sixth bay counting from the north was originally compromised of two small narrow windows in. contrast to the large single windows in the other bays The first floor windows along the west facade and the. narrow windows in bay six have formerly been infilled with brick A fire door has been installed at the north. end of the west facade providing a fire exit from the gymnasium balcony The east facade of the gymnasium. wing is similarly configured with the original steel upper windows in place and the lower window openings. infilled with brick Basement windows have been infilled with concrete block on the east side of the gym wing. A fire door is located at the south end of the east facade on the upper floor and in bay three on the first floor. A one story bay extends from bay two of the east side of the gymnasium This gable roofed bay has metal. siding and encloses a basement stairway, The north rear facade is utilitarian in nature generally lacking the detailing of the other three facades There. are no openings on the north facade of the gymnasium and only a single door accessing the stage at the back. of the auditorium Each of these facades features three carved stone panels as the only fenestration The. north facade of the primary classroom wing is brick and originally featured a set of five windows per bay at the. upper floors The replacement windows generally fill the entire masonry opening except where fire exits have. been installed Fire doors have been installed with exterior steel fire escapes at the east end of the second. floor and in the center bay of the first floor, A defining characteristic of the Belleville High School is the attention to detail in the treatment of the primary. facades and building entrances The gymnasium and auditorium wings have a base industrial design with. brick facades and multi light industrial steel windows But the primary facade is carefully articulated with the. use of projecting bays buttresses quoining and other fine detailing Window treatments including leaded. glass and varying brick and stone surrounds further articulate the building facade. With the exception of the replacement doors and windows and the infilled openings on secondary facades. the exterior of the building closely resembles its original appearance The exterior of the school particularly. from public view retains a high degree of historic integrity. The plan form of the school is a U shape with the main body being the rectangular classroom wing The. projecting east and west wings on the north facade complete the U shaped plan and enclose a center. courtyard at the rear The plan configuration and circulation patterns are symmetrical with the main entrance. centrally located on the south front facade and matching side entrances at the south end of the east and. west facades Access to the gymnasium on the west and auditorium on the east is provided through the entry. foyer at each side entrance allowing these areas to be closed off from the main school The side entry foyers. also feature split stairways providing access to the upper floor and basement floor at the west end. Gymnasium and auditorium balconies are accessed from the second floor foyers An elevator was formerly. installed at the west building entrance requiring removal of the south half of the original stair. The primary circulation is a t shaped corridor the east west corridor is bisected by a perpendicular stem that. extends from the front building entrance to the north classrooms located between the auditorium and. gymnasium A small vestibule is provided at the front building entrance and a door provides direct access into. the school administrative offices located east of the front entrance The administrative offices include a. reception area principal s office a vault storage closets private bathroom and the school s electric clock and. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. bell system with an adjacent teachers lounge Restrooms are located on the north side of the hallway on the. first and second floors, On the upper two floors classrooms are generally located off the main corridor along the south side of the. building and on the north side of the corridor between the gymnasium and auditorium Classrooms were. originally grouped by function with the domestic science rooms located on the north side of the first floor the. commercial department located in the southwest quarter and the music room in the southeast corner near the. auditorium On the second floor science rooms were located in the SW corner with history English and. recitation rooms along the south side of the hall A large study hall library was located on the north side of the. hall between the auditorium and gymnasium, The design of the school and corresponding curriculum offerings were consistent with small town high schools.
of the period Although specially designed classrooms were not incorporated to the extent seen in larger city. schools the manual training and domestic science departments in particular reflect the Progressive Era. influence of designing for specialized classroom functions The domestic science cluster included a model. bedroom and dining room a pantry and fitting room in addition to a large classroom with complete kitchen. facilities The kitchen classroom was located near the gymnasium in order to serve the duel function of meal. preparation for a banquet in the gymnasium and concession stand for sporting events The kitchen design. included a serving window open to the gymnasium Budget constraints reportedly prevented purchase of new. science equipment and equipment for the vocational agriculture and industrial arts shops was reportedly. moved from the old high school, A full basement is in place at the west gymnasium wing This area included a second set of shower rooms. and an office for the gymnasium above at the north end of the wing However the wing was originally. dedicated primarily to the Vocational Agriculture and Industrial Arts classrooms and shop facilities with exterior. access provided on the east side of the wing A boiler room and fuel rooms were located between the. gymnasium and auditorium wings on the basement level with steam tunnels extending below the main. classroom wing A partial basement was also located at the north end of the auditorium wing where two. dressing rooms and a music room were located beneath the stage. Following the opening of the school in 1931 the local newspaper featured numerous articles on the new. school One of the articles provided a description of the new school by architect S S Voigt. The exterior is the best grade of rug mingled shade brick with stone trim which perfects the architecture of the. building and made one of the most handsome buildings for its size and cost that you will find in a number of. There are five kinds of glass in this building namely plate double strength obscure wire obscure plate and. art glass which with the exterior painting gives the finishing touches All windows are caulked making them storm. and dust proof, Arrangement of the building is the best and latest having a separate gymnasium and auditorium and ample. class and recitation rooms also a study hall and library and a large vocational department. The corridors are faced with a soft shade of buff face brick with terrazzo floors and stairs of a harmonizing. color All being the most sanitary materials and easily kept clean Walls are a hard plaster painted to harmonize. and ceilings are a stippled celotex with exposed concrete beams stained to represent oak logs to carry out the. Gothic architecture, One of the greatest features is the domestic science room east of the gymnasium which can be used as a. kitchen in case the community or school has a convention and wishes to serve a large banquet It has ample. serving window space as well as kitchen space The commercial department has a bookkeeping and typewriting. room so one teacher can supervise both The music room is at one end of the building near the auditorium so as. not to disturb the entire school, The building has 18 rooms including the study hall and all rooms are floored with asphalt tile and are finished in. the most sanitary manner Each class room has its individual built in bookcases The building throughout is. equipped with metal lockers which are finished in baked gray. The tuberculosis epidemics of the 1910s 1920s brought public awareness to the importance of sanitary conditions in. buildings This period led to the widespread use of hard finish materials including terrazzo and tile in public buildings. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State.
The toilet rooms are finished as nice as any courthouse or capitol building All floors are terrazzo and wainscot. seven feet high is of polished marble Plumbing fixtures are all vitreous china from drinking fountains to toilets No. enameled iron fixtures were installed, Heating is the best the latest type Kewanee boiler being used and all the radiation is concealed in the walls. and is of the most sanitary type and requires much less room Unit heaters are installed in the large rooms to give. greater result and may be used for ventilation All are thermostatically controlled The electrical fixtures are of a. late design and add much to the building, A complete program clock system has been installed with a master clock in the office and each classroom. Twelve telephones have been installed in classrooms and the study hall the school having its own intercom. system A master fire alarm has also been installed. This building is more modern and has more modern conveniences than any other building of its size in this. section of Kansas, The President of the School Board Dr H D Thomas also described the school just prior to its dedication. The grounds about the new high school building have been seeded with blue grass and with proper. landscaping which we hope can soon be added will make a suitable setting for the building. One can enter the building either from the east or the west into the corridor or through the main entrance to the. south The halls are lined on each side by 264 individual lockers Each floor has two recessed drinking fountains. of two spouts each At the west end of the lower corridor is the trophy locker making a delightful niche in the wall. To the north is the auditorium seating 904 with 286 in the balcony opening from the second floor hall There. are no supports to obstruct view either in the balcony or the auditorium as the balcony is supported by a 15 ton. beam The stage is equipped with a regular theatrical light system as to brightness and color effect The curtains. and equipment are all of the best quality There is one dressing room off stage and two under it with a music room. opening into the orchestra pit which will accommodate our splendid orchestra There is a projection room for. movies in the balcony The acoustics could not be improved The heating is by two unit heaters with proper. The gymnasium is the northwest wing With the balcony surrounding the playing floor it has a seating capacity. of 600 The ceiling is covered with celotex which greatly improves its appearance The playing space is 45 x 80. feet One unusual feature is a drinking fountain and cuspidor at the north end for use of the players a memorial to. the class of 1930, Superintendent W O Stark has worked untiringly with the board and his experience from years of work as an. educator has been a big asset in helping to make the building practical and efficient as well as beautiful The. building belongs to District No 14 and the board of education hopes the patrons will use it accordingly. The above description of the original building illustrates the board s and architect s efforts to provide a quality. facility within budget Many of the original features and finishes remain in place Constructed in 1931. Belleville High School served as the city s high school for nearly 30 years A new high school was constructed. in 1962 and the old high school was converted to the junior high and later a middle school This change in use. resulted in only minor alterations to the original building. Alterations, The first major documented alterations occurred when the building was converted to the junior high school in.
the early 1960s The Vocational Agriculture and Industrial Arts classrooms were removed and the west side of. the basement beneath the gymnasium was converted to a cafeteria with a kitchen on the north end The. home economics classroom was moved to the east side of the basement Interior modifications have included. installation of suspended ceilings throughout classrooms and corridors in the 1970s 80s a project which. included replacement lighting The exterior masonry walls were repointed c 1980 and the windows on the. lower level of the gymnasium were removed and the openings infilled with brick in 1986 The elevator was. installed in 1988 and the windows and exterior doors were replaced in 1997 A new boiler and the existing. metal roof were installed in the 2000s Window air conditioners have been installed at numerous windows. around the building Classrooms have undergone minor changes in configuration to meet the varying. curriculum changes New vinyl tile flooring has been installed in classrooms and the restrooms have been. remodeled with new fixtures and finishes, S S Voigt Building is Substantial and Convenience in Structure and Arrangement Auditorium and Gymnasium. Outstanding The Belleville Telescope November 19 1931 1. Dr H D Thomas Most Efficient Plans Utilized in New Building The Belleville Telescope November 19 1931. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. The auditorium and gymnasium closely resemble their original design With the exception of the added fire. exit on the east side of the auditorium no modifications are evident in the auditorium The gymnasium has. experienced some alterations including the addition of fire exits on the east and west sides installation of a. suspended ceiling and replacement of the original seating Historic views illustrate wooden chairs used at. perimeter seating in the lower level of the auditorium Concrete benches have formerly been installed to. provide fixed seating around the perimeter of the gym. The existing site reflects the evolution of Belleville s schools in this location since 1914 The first school on. this site was a high school built in 1914 located north of the existing school That building served as a junior. high school when the new high school was built in 1931 and was demolished when the high school vacated. the 1931 building in the 1960s The 1931 high school then became the junior high later a middle school and. will be vacated by the school district at the end of the 2013 school year The north portion of the school site. along 16 street is vacant land formerly used as an athletic field and playground A metal building was. constructed immediately north of the school in 1977 for storage and expanded in the 1980s for auxiliary. classroom space The metal building remains in place and is a non contributing resource. The Belleville High School retains a significant level of architectural and historic integrity The school. maintains integrity of location setting design feeling and association Integrity of materials and workmanship. have been somewhat compromised by former modifications The primary exterior modifications include. replacement windows and doors infill of lower level windows of the gymnasium addition of fire doors and the. installation of a new metal roof The exterior retains its original form and massing original masonry walls and. detailing and with few exceptions the original masonry openings. Accommodations to transition from a high school to a junior high and later middle school are minor The. industrial arts and vocational agriculture basement classrooms were converted to a cafeteria and the home. economics classroom was moved to the east side of the basement Fire safety and accessibility upgrades. have included the addition of fire exits installation of an elevator at the west entry and remodeling of the. restrooms Other interior changes were generally limited to fixture and finish upgrades including new flooring. in classrooms and installation of suspended ceilings with new florescent lighting in classrooms and corridors. Extant original features include the basic plan configuration with entry foyers and stairways primary spaces. such as the auditorium and gymnasium built in features including chalk boards and cabinets in many. classrooms lockers in the corridors lighting and seating in the auditorium and interior doors and wood trim. throughout Original finishes include plaster walls celotex ceilings in the auditorium terrazzo flooring in. corridors and stairways and brick wainscoting in the corridors. According to The Historic Public Schools of Kansas MPS11 alterations such as replacement windows and. doors and suspended ceilings are common among those schools that remain in their intended use and will. not automatically render a school ineligible for register listing The original masonry openings at doors and. windows have generally been maintained and are clearly visible The plan configuration with separate. gymnasium and auditorium and course specific classrooms reflect the expanded curriculum and design of the. modern high school plan that emerged from The Progressive Era The school embodies distinctive. characteristics of the Collegiate Gothic architectural style including gabled dormers quoining checkerboard. patterns and pointed arches, Belleville High School clearly communicates its historic function as a public high school and embodies the. characteristics of the City Schools property type as defined in the Historic Public Schools of Kansas MPS. Brenda Spencer and Christy Davis Historic Public Schools of Kansas Multiple Property Nomination to the National. Register 2004,Belleville High School Republic County KS. Name of Property County and State,8 Statement of Significance.
Applicable National Register Criteria Areas of Significance. Mark x in one or more boxes for the criteria qualifying the property Enter categories from instructions. for National Register listing,ARCHITECTURE, A Property is associated with events that have made a. x significant contribution to the broad patterns of our EDUCATION. B Property is associated with the lives of persons. significant in our past, C Property embodies the distinctive characteristics. x of a type period or method of construction or, represents the work of a master or possesses high Period of Significance. artistic values or represents a significant, and distinguishable entity whose components lack 1931 1963. individual distinction, D Property has yielded or is likely to yield information.
important in prehistory or history,Significant Dates. Criteria Considerations,Mark x in all the boxes that apply. Significant Person, Property is Complete only if Criterion B is marked above. Owned by a religious institution or used for religious. A purposes, B removed from its original location Cultural Affiliation. C a birthplace or grave,D a cemetery,Architect Builder.
E a reconstructed building object or structure,Samuel Siegfried Voigt Wichita architect. F a commemorative property,Alex Helwig Hoisington Contractor. G less than 50 years old or achieving significance. within the past 50 years,Period of Significance justification. The period of significance for the Belleville High School is 1931 to 1963 This period begins with the school s date of. construction and ends with the fifty year cutoff for periods of significance where historic functions and characteristics. continue to have importance and no specific date exists for ending the building s historic or architectural significance. Criteria Considerations justification,Belleville High School Republic County KS. Name of Property County and State,Narrative Statement of Significance.
Constructed in 1931 Belleville High School is nominated to the National Register of Historic Places under the. multiple property documentation submission Historic Public Schools of Kansas as a representative of the City. High School property type The school is significant under National Register Criteria A and C in the areas of. Education and Architecture During the droughts and dust storms and the economic challenges of The Great. Depression residents of Belleville Kansas voiced their support of public education and confidence in the. future by approving 115 000 in local bonds to finance construction of a new high school The school served. the city of Belleville as their public high school for thirty one years and then as a junior high and later middle. school for fifty one years, The school is significant architecturally Criterion C as an excellent representative of a Collegiate Gothic. public school building a high style design built in a rural Kansas community in 1931 The school embodies. traditional characteristics of the Collegiate Gothic style with its red brick exterior and stone detailing multiple. gable roofs and pointed arches The design of the school reflects the latest trends in school planning with. separate auditorium and gymnasium and specialized classrooms for the manual training and domestic. science departments Belleville High School is also significant as the work of Wichita architect S S Voigt a. talented designer specializing in church and school design. Elaboration,The Town of Belleville12, Named for the river that flows through the county Republic County was established in 1860 by the Kansas. Legislature and organized by the governor in 1868 The town named Belleville in honor of founding father. A B Tutton s wife Arabelle was confirmed as the county seat in 1870 and incorporated as a third class city in. 1878 Belleville experienced the state s economic boom of the 1880s and by 1890 had a well established. business district Like most rural Kansas communities agriculture was the mainstay of Belleville s economy. Their first railroad was a branch of the Union Pacific that reached the town in 1884 Two years later the Rock. Island railroad arrived and grew to be an important influence on the development of the town Belleville. became a division point for two Rock Island lines providing an essential connection to stock and grain markets. in Kansas City Omaha and Chicago The first three decades of the twentieth century brought modernization. to the town By 1930 most downtown business buildings were brick By 1937 the city had installed electric. lighting a new water system and a new sewer system Local civic leaders were vocal proponents of the. automobile and good roads Belleville is located in the center of Republic County at the junctions of U S. Highways 81 and 36 giving the town the name The Crossroads of America This moniker was introduced by. local newspaper editor A Q Miller in 1914 The Progressive Era saw many civic improvements but the. drought and dust storms of the Great Depression brought hard times to Republic County like the rest of the. nation Federal assistance programs led to the construction of the municipal swimming pool band shell the. park and stone grandstand at the fairgrounds and perhaps most significant a new Republic County. Courthouse following a devastating fire in 1938 National trends in the period following World War II were. experienced locally in Belleville including the decline of railroad transportation the development of the. interstate highway system and the movement of populations from rural areas to cities The population of. Republic County now stands at approximately 5 600 with the city of Belleville having approximately 2 100. population Agriculture remains the primary economic base of the county Local residents continue to take. pride in their community and their schools, Dale Nimz Project Report Belleville Downtown Historic Preservation Survey Belleville Main Street Program 2008. Primary sources within this report include I O Savage s A History of Republic County Louise Cartensen s Belleville City. in History of Republic County 1964 and The Belleville Telescope. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. History of Schools in Belleville, The earliest schools in Belleville were taught in a log cabin and in the upper floor of the 1872 courthouse In.
the 1880s the North Ward School was built the first purpose built school structure in the town The building. was a frame structure located southwest of the fairgrounds later moved The first high school taught in. Belleville was a three year course taught in one room of a brick school constructed in 1886 east of. downtown 14 In 1898 a two story stone structure was built south of the brick school on the same site The. upper floor was dedicated to the high school the lower floor housed the lower grades This school was. doubled in size with an addition in 1907 Steady growth of the community rendered these schools. overcrowded in a short time A new three story brick high school was built in 1914 at the corner of 16 and K. Street west of downtown Badly damaged by fire in 1918 but quickly repaired this school remained in. continued use until 1962, In 1930 with the 1914 high school badly overcrowded and the 1885 brick school deemed unsafe local. residents narrowly approved a bond election for construction of a new high school to be located on K Street. south of the 1914 high school Anticipating the need for expansion the school board had purchased this lot. from E A Fulcomer for 7 000 The new high school opened in 1931 and the old high school became the. junior high, In better economic times following WWII the school board made plans for construction of a new grade school. A bond issue was passed in early 1950 and the one story blond brick building was dedicated January 28 1952. on the site of the former east schools The former stone school buildings were razed for a spacious. playground adjacent the new school Functional obsolescence and the pressing need for a new athletic field. prompted the school board to plan for a new high school in 1960 A 17 acre site at P and 23rd Streets was. selected on the southern edge of town A 494 000 bond was passed and a new high school was dedicated. September 29 1962 Following construction of the new high school the junior high vacated the 1914 school. and the building was later razed The junior high moved into the 1931 high school on K Street and later. became a middle school, One historian observed Belleville s record concerning school buildings is commendable Its citizens are. proud of the fact that when existing facilities became inadequate new buildings were provided and their. children have been able to attend classes in school buildings as good as or better than comparable. communities 17,Belleville High School, Like most schools Belleville s new high school was built to relieve crowded conditions at other city schools. This school was constructed during the Great Depression prior to federal aid programs that were introduced. later in the decade The fact that local residents approved funding for the school reflects the community s. support for local quality educational facilities, The Belleville Telescope the local newspaper was an advocate of the proposed school bond Press.
coverage prior to the election detailed crowded conditions at the existing schools and concluded that the bond. issue was the only solution The week prior to the election the paper ran the architect s rendering of the. proposed school and provided detail of the design for the new building During The Great Depression the. Belleville Centennial Committee Centennial Days Belleville KS 1869 1969 Belleville Centennial Committee 1969. Larry L Cates A Historical Study of Belleville High School A Thesis presented to Fort Hays State College in partial. requirements for Master of Science 1965, This school was deemed unsafe and razed in 1930 the primary impetus for the new high school on 18 Street. Centennial Days Belleville KS 1869 1969, These school buildings were razed in 1952 following construction of the new grade school Centennial Days Belleville. KS 1869 1969,The Belleville Telescope April 10 1930. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. front page article stated Now is a strategic time to build in as much as both construction costs and bond. interest rates are low It is estimated by some that the school district would save from 10 to 15 percent of the. cost of a building by letting a contract this summer on account of an over supply of building materials on the. hands of most contractors due to a slack in construction work through the country 18. Eight months after the stock market crash of 1929 the citizens of Belleville passed the bond election by a. margin of 36 votes The local Board of Education reiterated its promise to keep the construction costs of the. building within the 115 000 bond issue The superintendent and board members planned a trip to visit a. number of new school buildings and to confer with school officials to determine the proper arrangement of the. new building 19 As was typical Wichita architect S S Voigt had previously been hired by the board to prepare. a preliminary design and cost estimates before the bond election Following approval of the bond Voigt stated. that no longer than six months would be necessary to complete the building after the contract was let. Due to both the tough economic times and the board s promise to keep the school within the original budget. planning and construction of the school was not without its challenges The project went out for bids in August. 1930 Twelve bids were received and all exceeded the architect s estimate therefore none were accepted. The board eliminated the planned gymnasium from the building A second round of bids absent the. gymnasium were opened August 25 1930 Alex Helwig of Hoisington was the low bidder Electrical. plumbing and heating contracts brought the total contract to 106 577 21. The board s fiduciary responsibility was not appreciated by the community After the construction contract was. awarded local residents circulated and then submitted a petition to the Board of Education asking the board to. reinstate the gymnasium in the design of the new high school The petition was signed by approximately. eighty percent of the eligible voters and the board reversed their action The gymnasium was restored as part. of the school project at an additional cost of 20 000 22. The new Belleville High School was dedicated November 19 1931 with Hon Henry J Allen former United. States Senator and former Governor of Kansas giving the dedicatory address 23 The building served as the. Belleville High School for the next 31 years and remains in use as the USD 490 Republic County Middle. School After 82 years as a public school the building will be vacated by the school district in 2013 and sold to. a private developer for conversion to senior housing. Architect S S Voigt of Wichita24, Samuel Siegfried Voigt 1885 1937 was born in Leipzig Germany and came to Wichita as a child After.
working for Wichita architect F G McCune Voigt established his own practice in Wichita and was widely. known for his design of schools and churches over the state His obituary said that he had drawn plans for. more than 400 school buildings and approximately 200 churches Notable Wichita projects included St Paul s. African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1914 Westside Presbyterian Church in 1915 the Barnes Building and. Fourth National Bank Building in 1919 Salem Evangelical Church in 1920 the Orpheum Theater Building in. 1922 Southwestern Osteopathic Sanitarium in 1924 University Friends Church in 1925 Midian Shrine. Temple in 1927 St Mary s American Syrian Orthodox Church in 1935 and Stanley African Methodist. Episcopal Church in 1937 Kansas schools known to have been designed by Voigt are located in Beeler. Caldwell Chase Coffey County Derby Elmdale Harper Lakin Lorraine Lost Springs Leroy Medicine. Will Ballot on a School Bond Issue Tuesday The Belleville Telescope June 12 1930. School Bond Election Carries by Margin of 36 Votes Tuesday The Belleville Telescope June 19 1930. Larry L Cates Historical Study of Belleville High School A Thesis presented to Fort Hayes State College 1964 and. The Belleville Telescope September 1 1930, Ibid The Belleville Telescope November 13 and 20 1930. Will Hold Open House At New Building Afternoon and Evening The Belleville Telescope November 19 1931. Architectural commissions and biographical information on Voigt was summarized from the Historic Public Schools of. Kansas MPS and references found in Tiehen Notes online Index to Wichita Eagle and Beacon newspapers online at. http specialcollections wichita edu collections local history tihen index asp. Belleville High School Republic County KS,Name of Property County and State. Lodge Moran Piedmont and Uttica in addition to the 1931 Belleville High School Voigt died unexpectedly at. age 52 following a brief illness in 1937,Historic Public Schools of Kansas25. As defined in The Historic Public Schools of Kansas MPS City Schools are generally schools located in cities. of the first and second class over 2 000 population however population is not the sole criterion for the. property type The distinguishing factor for this property type is the type of school City Schools almost. always include a separate high school or multiple high schools to serve the residents of the city and City High. Schools were typically centrally located to serve the entire city. Belleville High School is classified as a City High School as defined in The Historic Public Schools of Kansas. MPS and meets the property requirements set forth in the MPS The Belleville school embodies distinguishing. characteristics of the property type including separate gymnasium and auditorium located for public access. and classrooms designed for specialized courses like home economics and manual training features that. emerged from Progressive Era educational reforms The school reflects the Collegiate Gothic style the most. popular architectural style of public schools built during this period. The decades following WWII saw suburban campus high schools constructed as populations shifted from the. center city and modern construction materials and techniques led to a new style of building the sprawling. one story school plant Even smaller cities like Belleville built new high schools during this period and the. former high schools were often converted to junior high or elementary schools Belleville High School served. as the city high school from 1931 to 1962 and as the Belleville Junior High and later as Belleville Middle. School from 1962 through 2013 a change in use that resulted in little alteration of the physical building. Belleville High School is eligible for listing on the National Register under Criteria A and C in the areas of. Education and Architecture The school is significant on a local level as a representation of local residents. commitment to public education Constructed in 1931 the building served needs of the city for more than. eighty years, The property retains integrity of location setting design materials workmanship and association The. building has experienced only two major exterior alterations the replacement of doors and windows and infill. of the lower windows on the gymnasium Minor exterior changes include the addition of fire doors on. secondary facades and installation of the existing metal roof The primary interior modifications were the. conversion of the original manual training department to a school cafeteria and kitchen and the installation of. an elevator The interior of the building has undergone minor remodeling including fixture and finish upgrades. and alterations to meet life safety and accessibility codes Some rooms have been re configured and. suspended ceilings and contemporary lighting installed throughout The original corridor configuration has. been maintained and significant interior features and finishes are in place The building retains a significant. degree of integrity on the interior and exterior clearly portraying its origins as a public school. Belleville High School is nominated to the National Register of Historic Places under the multiple property. documentation form Historic Public Schools of Kansas as a representative of the City High School property. Brenda Spencer and Christy Davis Historic Public Schools of Kansas Multiple Property Nomination to the National. Register September 2004,Belleville High School Republic County KS.
Name of Property County and State,9 Major Bibliographical References. Belleville Centennial Committee Centennial Days Belleville Kansas 1869 1969 Belleville KS Belleville. Centennial Committee 1969, Belleville High School Yearbooks Belleville KS Telescope Press 1933 1944 1956. The Belleville Telescope, Bicentennial Edition The Belleville Telescope June 3 1976. Cates Larry L Historical Study of Belleville High School Belleville Kansas A Thesis presented to Fort Hays. State College for the degree of Master of Science 1965. Cloud Dana and Sally F Schwenk National Register Nomination for Republic County Courthouse 2000. Domestic Engineering 86 February 15 1919 329, Golden Jubilee Edition The Belleville Telescope July 1 1937. Lumber Manufacturer Dealer 64 August 4 1919 53, Miller A Q 60 Years Republic County Progress special edition The Belleville Telescope November 27.
Nesmith D A Belleville An Industrial Survey Kansas State University 1963. Nimz Dale Project Report Belleville Downtown Historic Preservation Survey Belleville Main Street. Program 2008,Republic County Historical Museum Photo files. Republic County Historical Society History of Republic County 1868 1964 Belleville KS Belleville. Telescope 1964, Sanborn Fire Insurance Co Maps for Belleville Republic County Kansas 1923 1933 and 1950. Savage I O A History of Republic County Kansas Topeka KS Daily Capital Printing House 1883. Spencer Brenda Topeka High School Nomination to the National Register 2004. Spencer Brenda and Christy Davis Historic Public Schools of Kansas Multiple Property Nomination to the. National Register 2004, The American Contractor October 16 1915 and September 2 1922. Tihen Dr Edward N Notes from Wichita Newspapers Special Collections and University Archives Wichita. State University Libraries accessed on line at, http specialcollections wichita edu collections local history tihen index asp. USD 490 School District Interview with Superintendent Brian Harris Mark Van Nortwick and Marlan.

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