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UniGear type ZS1 SSC Switchgear System Connectivity. State of the art of M V Switchgear 2 1,Switchgear System Connectivity 2 2. Fields of Application 2 3,Reference Standards 3 4,Main Functions 3 5. REF542plus Protection and Control Unit 4 6,Intelligent Modules 4 7. System Architecture 4 8,Conventional vs SSC Solution 5 9. Main Advantages 5 10,SSC Switchgear System Connectivity.
1 State of the Art of M V Switchgear,At the moment electric power distribution. switchgear for indoor use is designed as a,sequence of one or more panels. Each panel has a piece of primary apparatus,such as a circuit breaker or an isolator and a. certain amount of secondary apparatus such as,protection relays measuring instruments. pushbuttons and other mixed apparatus,This apparatus is generally mounted inside the.
low voltage compartment,In each panel wired in accordance with the. detailed functions requested by the Customer all,the apparatus is connected inside and towards the. field by means of point to point wiring,The secondary apparatus shares the information. of the analog and digital signals for interlocks The digital high speed bus selected as the solution. protection coordination by means of these wired for the SSC is the CAN Controller Area Network. connections The REF542plus multi function protection and. The cabling is strictly dependent on each single control unit and the I O modules are provided with. plant and the secondary apparatus is highly a specific CAN interface. customised As a result there are long times in all The CAN interface is able to manage the. the secondary engineering design construction following. testing start up and putting into service stages Digital Inputs Outputs. The conventional solution normally has a low level Analog Inputs Outputs 0 20mA 4 20mA. of integration of the control measurement and PT100. protection functions with a heavy impact on the All these signals are shared on the CAN field bus. number of low voltage components and on the by means of messages between the protection. cabling and control unit and or the CAN units of third. Furthermore the conventional solution has little parties such as the I O modules sensors etc. flexibility in the case of modifications during the. 3 Fields of Application,2 Switchgear System Connectivity. The CAN system Controller Area Network is a,bus system used in a wide range of applications.
ABB is always working to look for innovative,This system which is normally used to physically. solutions in the Medium Voltage sector both for,connect two or more pieces of micro controller. primary and secondary distribution The SSC,based apparatus was officially introduced on the. solution is the result obtained following continual. market in 1986,development of technology,The main fields of application of the CAN system. The high level of flexibility and of possible,configurations obtained with this system are.
Automobiles, achieved by integration and rationalisation of all. Trucks and buses,the low voltage components,Passenger and goods trains. The SSC Switchgear System Connectivity is an,Electronics for naval application. automation solution based on introduction of a,Electronics for aeroplanes and aerospace. digital high speed communication bus to be able,to replace the point to point connections inside.
Industrial automation,Medium Voltage switchgear,Medical apparatus. Intelligent centralised I O modules e g DCS, 4 Reference Standards PLC etc as requested by the Customer. From the above it can be deduced that the new, The SSC system based on CAN protocol is an secondary parts of the switchgear are made up of. International Standard defined in ISO 11898 REF542plus protection and control unit with. Interchange of digital information controller area specific bus interface. network for high speed communication conventional I O modules replaced by intelligent. Along with the protocol itself the conformity tests I O modules. are defined in accordance with the ISO 16845 Point to point inter panel cabling replaced by the. Standards Controller area network digital bus, conformance test plan All this leads to a drastic reduction in the. complexity of the cabling,5 Main Functions,With regard to the engineering part the cabling.
The SSC system makes it possible to have a high which is now conventional becomes software. level of standardisation since the standardised managed by a graphic engineering tool Therefore. cabling of the main switchgear components there is. secondary engineering do not depend on the A system which is fully configurable via software. plant or on the Customer High modularity of the solutions proposed. The vertical wired inside the panels made in the The software design tool allows configuration and. conventional way circuit breaker earthing switch analysis of the whole electrical network and. transformers etc which leaves and arrives in the configuration of the system by means of a laptop. REF542plus protection and control unit is PC connected directly to the SSC network. simplified,The new standard interfaces of the Medium. Voltage switchgear towards the outside are,Serial bus e g Connection to SCADA systems. Conventional cabling,M V components, SSC details of integration in Medium Voltage Switchgear. SSC Switchgear System Connectivity, 6 REF542plus Protection and control unit 7 Intelligent modules. The REF542plus unit integrates all the secondary With the SSC solution the Customer terminal. functions for Medium Voltage switchgear in a boxes of the whole switchgear are grouped. single device together in a single instrument compartment are of. Protection intelligent type i e connected to the digital bus. Control A Customer terminal box for the SSC system. Measurement consists compulsorily of a first interface module a. Monitoring and watchdog last terminal module and inside it it can contain. Communication both input and output analog or digital modules. Medium Voltage switchgear provided with the In the case where there is a higher number of. REF542plus unit becomes a complete and modules than those allows no 110 modules per. efficient system for the power distribution and terminal box or if the space available in the. management instrument compartment is exceeded linked to the. The wide variety of protection functions available width of the panel it is necessary to provide. makes the unit suitable for any type of application another Customer terminal box with the relative. The REF542plus unit is able to manage four interface and terminal modules. different communication protocols which allow,direct access to any architecture of a control.
system Furthermore the CAN interface is,present which can allow connection to the SSC. The REF542plus unit is made up of two parts a,basic unit and a local detached human machine. interface LD HMI connected together by a serial,The basic unit base houses the power supply the. main module the binary and analog Input Output, modules as well as optional modules for additional. The HMI interface is a user friendly unit for local. control of the Medium Voltage switchgear and is 8 System Architecture. used to locally control the switching parts to set. the protection parameters and to display the The system foresees that all the controls and. events and measurements signals of every functional unit panel be. connected to the REF542plus unit present in the,same functional unit.
All the REF542plus units present in all the, functional units belonging to a piece of switchgear. are connected together by means of a CAN,communication bus. The intelligent Input output terminals at which the. Customer is headed are also connected to the,CAN communication bus. The Customer terminals are all concentrated in a,functional unit generally the busbar or. measurement riser or in a dedicated low voltage,panel separate from the Medium Voltage.
switchgear,9 Conventional vs SSC Solution 10 Main Advantages. The instrument compartment wired conventionally High level of reliability and continuous. is a highly complex solution and takes up a lot of Monitoring of the system. space The system SSC compared with conventional point. High number of Input Output terminals to point cabling offers greater reliability. Greater number of cards required in the multi Continuous monitoring is carried out of the. function protection and control units connections and function of each module connected. in the network considerably increasing the system, Monitoring and automatic control of the digital bus is. carried out This means the malfunction of a, component and or of the digital bus itself is detected. and signalled in real time,Maximum service continuity and great safety for. the personnel, Malfunction of a REF542plus protection and control.
unit does not jeopardise the function of the system. and vice versa the digital bus does not jeopardise the. function of the protection, All this leads to a drastic reduction in ordinary plant. maintenance with consequent increase in safety,The solution wired using the SSC system would. provide the following Watchdog, Reduced and standardised cabling The Medium Voltage switchgear designed with the. Engineering carried out at software level SSC system shares all the information contained. High level of diagnosis inside the REF542plus protection and control unit. and intelligent modules on the digital bus and which. can therefore be read both internally and externally. This information is available locally e g Human, Machine Interface and is also available remotely by. means of the supervision system e g SCADA,Drastic Reduction in Design and Delivery Times.
of the Switchgear,The SSC system allows a considerable saving in. delivery times of the Medium Voltage switchgear, since the design process goes from being serial to. This is linked to the fact that this switchgear does not. require customisation at electric cabling level,depending on the plant or differences in the. protection functions or control unit, At design level it allows simple implementation of the. The intelligent Input output modules are installed design specifications and has a very reduced impact. inside the empty Medium Voltage units on the modifications required at the last minute both. measurement and or bus riser unit to the diagrams and to additional of any intelligent I O. SSC Switchgear System Connectivity, By moving the intelligence closer to the process within Drastic Reduction in Installation and Putting into.
the Medium Voltage switchgear the following benefits Service Times. are obtained, Reduction in construction times customised solutions For the installation and putting into service activities. are not required in the protection and control functions on site there is a notable reduction in the. of the units commissioning times with consequent solution of. Reduction of engineering highly standardised,cabling problems during assembly of the panels. components are used,Drastic Reduction in Plant Modification and. any Extension Times,There is an increase in flexibility with the SSC. system which allows extension and updates to, the plant logics simply by increasing the intelligent.
modules in relation to those already existing, without having to carry out an modification to the. existing cabling on the Medium Voltage,switchgear The only activity to be carried out is. implementation of the new intelligent modules and, the relative cross reference in the software of the. Example of SSC system architecture, Communication System of the External Station Software. Engineering,Digital Bus,management,Protection and,Control Unit Standard external.
connections to the,switchgear binary and,Standard Cabling analog I O as. breaker Intelligent,Input Output Modules,Panel A Panel B Additional panel or. unit with empty low,compartment e g,Riser Unit, The data and images are not binding We reserve the right to make changes during technical development of the product. 1VCP000239 Rev it Brochure 2006 01,ABB Power Technologies S p A. Unit Operativa Sace,Via Friuli 4,I 24044 Dalmine,Phone 39 035 395 111.
Fax 39 035 395 874,E mail sacetms tipm it abb com,Internet www abb com.

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