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02 What types of unit linked funds are there, 03 How does Standard Life calculate the value of its funds. 05 How are the prices of the units calculated, 06 How does Standard Life calculate the value of my plan. 07 What types of charges can be applied to unit linked funds. 08 How are unit linked funds taxed, 09 What discretion does Standard Life have in operating its. unit linked funds, 11 What steps does Standard Life take to manage my plan fairly. 12 What if I have a complaint,13 Glossary,The purpose of this guide is to explain how.
Standard Life s unit linked life and pension funds. work and our current approach to managing them, It also outlines the steps we take to treat our customers. fairly and manage their different interests When,we refer to Standard Life we mean Standard Life. Assurance Limited,Within Standard Life the importance of putting. customers at the heart of what we do has long been. part of our culture and practices and is actively,championed by our senior management. Your plan may invest in a range of investments including. investments based on stocks and shares which carry. different levels of risk The value of your investment. can go down as well as up and may be worth less than. you paid in, If there are differences between your plan documentation.
and this guide the terms and conditions as set out in. your plan documentation will apply, Key terms are explained in the glossary on page 13. If you are unsure about any of the details in this guide. we recommend that you speak to a financial adviser. There may be a cost for this,Which funds does this guide cover. The funds we will be referring to are the unit linked funds sometimes. also referred to as insured funds excluding with profits funds which. are offered on our products The guide applies to unit linked funds. offered by Standard Life Assurance Limited SLAL in the UK but. excludes those offered by Standard Life International. Understanding unit linked funds 01,What types of unit linked. funds are there, A unit linked fund also referred to as an What is a collective investment scheme. insured fund is a fund that is linked to a plan, issued by an insurance company which allows A collective investment scheme CIS is.
you to combine your money along with other an arrangement which allows investors to. planholders This gives you the opportunity to invest money along with other investors. invest in a much wider spread of investments It enables them to hold a wider range of. than if you were to invest on your own Along assets than they would otherwise be able. with the other planholders who invest in a to invest in alone CISs are usually managed. fund you share in the investment performance by fund management companies which. of the assets held within the fund make the investment decisions Examples of. Please note that mutual funds are not covered CISs are unit linked funds themselves unit. in this guide trusts investment trusts and open ended. investment companies OEICs,What does unit linked mean. A unit linked fund is divided into units of equal,What types of unit linked funds. value The value or price of each unit depends does Standard Life offer. on the value of the assets of the unit linked Our unit linked funds include. fund The unit price determines the number of,Standard Life funds Internal funds. units you receive when you invest money in the,These are unit linked funds where Standard Life. fund and the sum you receive when you sell,is responsible for the investment decisions.
your units,External fund links,The mix of assets held in a unit linked fund. External fund links EFLs are Standard Life,varies from fund to fund and may include. unit linked funds which invest in a re insured,direct or indirect investments. unit linked fund or a CIS which is not managed, Each fund you can choose to invest in may have a by Standard Life EFLs include funds operated. different mix of assets and different level of risk by Aberdeen Standard Investments and also. funds managed outside the Standard Life,Units represent the way that a fund is split to.
Aberdeen group We make EFLs available,identify a value that we can attribute to each. to our customers to give you a wider choice,customer s holding Standard Life is the legal. of investment options The investment,owner of these units. performance of the Standard Life version of a, What is an asset fund will be different from what you would see. if you invested in the underlying fund directly, Asset is a term that s used to describe There can be several differences including.
an item which is owned and has a value charges cash management tax and the timing. Examples of investment assets are company of investing. shares corporate bonds property and cash,Want to know more about our. What are direct and indirect investments unit linked funds. To read and download our range of fund, A direct investment is where the fund holds factsheets and other information on our funds. the actual asset such as company shares or please visit www standardlife co uk. an actual property An indirect investment is, where the fund holds assets by investing in a The fund factsheets are written for people who. collective investment scheme are familiar with investment terminology. If you are a member of a group pension,scheme your scheme mini site will also. contain useful information on our fund range,An explanation of some of the key terms used.
in this document can be found in the glossary,on page 13 Please contact your financial. adviser if you need any further explanation of,the terms used. 02 Understanding unit linked funds,How does Standard Life calculate. the value of its funds, We aim to use up to date asset values to If a fund is contracting we generally cancel. value our unit linked funds We calculate a units in the fund which involves assets being. value for most of the assets in each fund on a sold We calculate the fund value based on the. daily basis For example if an asset is listed selling price for these assets and an allowance. on a stock exchange we use the quoted price for any costs or taxes associated with selling. to value it However for some assets such them In this instance we say that the fund. as land and buildings the value is based on pricing is on a cancellation basis. independent periodic valuations,In general the value placed on an individual.
For EFLs we will use the prices provided by the fund if its pricing is on a creation basis will be. external fund manager higher than if it was on a cancellation basis. Funds investing in asset classes with high,We combine the value of all the assets within. transaction charges eg property give rise to,each fund to get a total asset value for the. larger differences between the creation and,fund Values chosen seek fairness between. cancellation basis,all customers Any income due is added to. the value of the assets and any anticipated A typical transaction charge for an equity. costs and taxes are allowed for to calculate fund is approximately 0 20 to 1 20 For a. the fund value property fund due to higher transaction costs. including Stamp Duty the cost could be 7 or,The value placed on the assets within each.
higher in exceptional circumstances,fund also depends on whether the fund is. expanding in size or contracting We normally take a longer term view when. deciding whether a fund is expanding or, What is an expanding or contracting fund contracting By doing this we ensure that. planholders are not normally impacted by, When a fund is expanding more units unexpected short term investment activity of. are being bought by planholders than are other planholders When making our decision. being sold we take into account the recent past and look. When a fund is contracting more units at expectations for the near future We review. are being sold by planholders than are all our funds regularly in this way usually on. being bought a monthly basis,Customers should expect to enter a fund on. If a fund is expanding we generally create a creation basis and leave on a cancellation. additional units in the fund and invest in more basis but they may transact on a more. assets We work out the fund value based on favourable basis depending on what other. the price at which we can buy into these transactions take place on the day If. assets allowing for any costs or taxes significant transactions occur we may change. associated with the purchase of those assets the basis on that day to make sure that we. In this instance we say that the fund pricing is treat all investors fairly Our aim is to ensure. on a creation basis customers who generate transaction costs pay. those costs and not other customers,At Standard Life we try to make sure that we.
price our units in a way that is fair to all our,customers whether they re buying units. selling them or staying invested in the fund,Understanding unit linked funds 03. You can access up to date,information on your plan online. by registering your details at,www standardlife co uk. 04 Understanding unit linked funds,How are the prices of.
the units calculated, We normally calculate the value of our funds each working day We then. calculate a unit price for each fund based on the valuation of all the. assets within it, We take the fund value for each of our unit linked funds and divide this figure. by the number of units within the fund to obtain a unit price We allow for. charges and rounding as outlined in the terms and conditions to give us the. price for that day,What is rounding, Rounding refers to the way we adjust the price of a unit up or down. When we apply rounding to our unit prices this does not significantly. affect the price of the units Prices are normally rounded by no more. than 0 1 pence, We usually value our unit linked funds at a set time or pricing point on. each working day We use these valuations to calculate the unit prices. The unit prices calculated at each pricing point are normally published. on our website the next working day, In exceptional circumstances and in order to ensure fairness to all our.
customers we may need to value funds and calculate unit prices at a. different time or in a different way For example if a significant event. occurs such as stock market crashes computer systems failures or. extraordinary events we will take action to price our funds appropriately. under those circumstances,Understanding unit linked funds 05. How does Standard Life calculate,the value of my plan. The value of your plan on a given date is We can delay cancelling your units if we. the number of units allocated to your plan believe that this will ensure fairness between. multiplied by the price of those units on that customers remaining in the fund and. date This is only indicative of the value on customers leaving the fund For Standard Life. a given date and is not a guarantee of any funds we can delay a sale of units for up to. potential cash in value one month or where the units are invested. in a fund that invests in buildings or land, At what price will I buy or sell units for up to six months We can delay a sale of. When you buy or sell units the price you pay units for longer periods if the sale involves. or receive for your units will not necessarily an External Fund Link EFL and the external. be the price published on the day we receive manager delays the cancellation If we delay. your instruction For example if you switch a sale of units the unit price used for the. between two funds the unit prices used will transaction will be that which applies on the. normally be those published two days after effective date the sale actually takes place. we have received your instruction in line with, your Terms and Conditions The unit price used How can I check the value of. for other transactions will depend on the type my plan. of transaction being carried out Details of the If you want to check the current value of your. cut off times for transactions are available by plan please register on our website at. contacting us www standardlife co uk,You can also check your annual statement to.
see the number of units you hold in each fund,and the total value of your plan at the date of. the statement,06 Understanding unit linked funds,What types of charges. can be applied to unit linked funds,Fund management charge Other charges and expenses. Unit prices of most unit linked funds are Our contract with you sets out the charges. subject to a fund management charge FMC which may be applied to your plan. The FMC is allowed for in the calculations Other charges and expenses in addition. whenever we calculate a unit price to the FMC and any initial charges may be. applied These may include,You can find details of the FMCs which. apply to our unit linked funds in your plan additional expenses taxes including. documentation or by contacting us income and corporation tax duties. and other charges for buying managing,The daily FMC is calculated by multiplying the.
maintaining valuing and selling assets,current day s value of each fund by the yearly. FMC rate and dividing by the number of days in interest on any money that we have. the year For all our unit linked funds which link borrowed for the fund. to EFLs we make allowances to avoid double,any other expenses taxes duties and. charging of FMCs,charges arising from our operation of the fund. Initial charges part or all of any tax charge or other. Initial charges are applied to some unit linked charge on us. funds as part of the unit price calculation performance fees. Where a fund s creation and cancellation prices, are the same there is no initial charge In addition where a Standard Life unit linked. fund links to or is a fund of funds a fund,that holds other underlying funds as its.
investments the additional expenses,may also include the cost of managing the. underlying funds,Where these expenses arise within the fund. they have been taken into account in the,calculation of the unit price The charges. and additional expenses are not guaranteed,They are regularly reviewed and may be. changed in the future Changes could result in,both increases or decreases in charges.
Unit allocation,For certain plans we invest a proportion of. the amount you invest into the plan This is,called the allocation rate If an allocation rate. is applicable to your plan your terms and,conditions will outline what allocation rate. applies to your plan,See page 13 for a full explanation. of the key investment terms used,in this brochure,Understanding unit linked funds 07.
How are unit linked,funds taxed, The basis for allowing for tax in the pricing of Losses. unit linked funds is intended to ensure fairness,The extent to which funds allow for taxable. between planholders shareholders different,losses arising as a result of a reduction in. unit linked funds and different generations,the value of fund assets depends on the. of planholders We take account of UK tax,source and nature of the losses and the future.
legislation and any overseas tax regimes,expected recoverability. which apply to the investments held in the,unit linked funds. UK pension funds, In calculating the tax part of a fund price UK pension funds are not liable to UK tax on. we treat each unit linked fund individually their income or gains However they might be. on a stand alone basis The tax position of liable for tax on income earned overseas They. one unit linked fund has no impact on the will receive credit for tax for certain income. tax position of another from CIS holdings The funds are also liable for. Managed funds and blended funds are not any appropriate taxes on the purchase or sale. calculated on a stand alone basis The tax of assets. on them is based on how much is held in, each of the underlying funds with no Personal taxation. offsetting between gains and losses in the,underlying parts.
non pension funds,The sum of the individual tax positions on. How will tax affect your investment, all the funds may be different to the actual Your tax situation will depend on your. tax paid by the Standard Life Aberdeen group personal circumstances You should. because all tax positions across the company speak to your financial adviser for more. are combined together including unit linked information. with profits and non linked business such,as annuities. Allowance for tax is applied differently Tax and legislation are likely to change. depending on the type of fund that you hold The information given in this guide is based. whether it s a pension or non pension fund on Standard Life s understanding of law and. HM Revenue Customs practice at June 2018,UK non pension funds. The funds are taxed in respect of the taxable,income and gains that arise based on the.
planholder tax rate This tax charge is taken,into account in the pricing of funds with each. fund being treated on a standalone basis,The funds are also liable for any appropriate. taxes on the purchase and sale of assets and,income from overseas assets. Tax is charged based on the planholder tax,rate on gains that arise through an increase in. the value of the unit linked fund assets prior,to sale of those assets unrealised gains or.
upon the sale of an asset realised gains,The gains may include an allowance for. inflation which can reduce the tax payable,on certain assets. 08 Understanding unit linked funds,What discretion does Standard Life. have in operating its unit linked funds, Use of discretion External fund link EFL performance. We try to make sure that we use our experience, and judgement to price our units in a way For a variety of reasons the performance.
that is fair to everyone invested in a fund of our EFLs will not exactly mirror the. This is why from time to time and in line with performance of the underlying fund The. regulations and industry best practice we may timing of investment minimum deal sizes. use our discretion in the management of our dealing conditions small cash holdings and. unit linked funds Here are some occasions pricing basis used will have an impact on. when we may decide to use discretion when the EFL performance when compared to the. we make decisions about the way we run and underlying fund. manage our funds These decisions may impact,your investment. What are indexed prices, Significant events Where there are significant movements. As we mentioned earlier if a significant event in the financial markets after our normal. occurs we will ensure our funds are priced pricing point we may amend the unit prices. appropriately under those circumstances applicable to that day to ensure fairness. This might include but is not limited to to customers. temporary suspension of fund trading,suspension of unit pricing Fund launches closures. use of indexed prices,and mergers,In order to increase customer choice we may. change to the pricing point sometimes launch new funds to give our. customers more investment opportunities,For commercial or practical reasons or to.
respond to market needs we may stop further,planholder investment in an existing fund or. close the fund altogether We may also merge,a fund with another fund. Where two funds are merging or a fund is,closing altogether planholders will normally. be advised in advance and given time to switch,to an alternative fund If this is not possible. in most instances we will switch investments,to a fund that in our opinion most closely.
matches the merged or wound up fund We will,not apply a switch charge if this happens but. the pricing basis applied may result in fund,transition costs being incurred. Pricing basis,We will decide the Creation or Cancellation. pricing basis for each fund to ensure the,fairness of customers joining leaving and. staying in the fund Details on how we apply,pricing bases are set out in the How does.
Standard Life calculate the value of its funds,section on page 3. Understanding unit linked funds 09,Investment objectives Standard Life unit holdings. The investment objectives for funds may We may hold a number of units in the. be adjusted at any time Where possible unit linked funds in addition to those held. planholders will normally be advised of any by our planholders to enable us to efficiently. significant change to the investment objective manage the operation of the funds We manage. in advance our unit holding within limits set on the value. of units we may own,Investment discretion, For Standard Life funds we may borrow use the Pricing point. assets of funds as security and may reinsure all We have the discretion to set the point in the. or part of a fund where appropriate in accordance day that funds are priced and to vary the. with any applicable guidance and regulation frequency of pricing. External fund managers may use assets of their,funds in this way and are responsible for their. Fund management charges, own controls and compliance with applicable We may increase fund management charges.
regulations and guidance to reflect increases in overall costs. Stock lending where assumptions used to set the charges. have changed,For Standard Life funds as part of, our investment strategy we may lend where the criteria on which special terms. some assets of these funds to selected were agreed have not been satisfied or. financial institutions with the objective of,to cover any other circumstances permitted. enhancing the returns to the fund In certain,by the terms and conditions. circumstances for example if the institution, encountered financial difficulties and was We will also take account of any relevant. unable to return the asset the fund could regulations when changing fund. suffer a loss We use a number of controls management charges. such as obtaining security from the borrower,and monitoring their credit rating in order.
to reduce the risk to the fund Managers of,External Fund Links EFLs may also lend assets. and are responsible for their own controls,10 Understanding unit linked funds. What steps does Standard Life,take to manage my plan fairly. You can be confident that your money is Correction of pricing errors. being managed by a professional team We make every effort to calculate prices. of investment experts and that you ll be accurately and do not publish any prices until. treated fairly The Board of Directors of we have thoroughly checked them If a material. Standard Life Assurance Limited SLAL is error does occur we will do everything we can. ultimately responsible for the supervision to correct it as soon as possible and we will. and management of the unit linked funds investigate any potential financial impact. sold through SLAL,We will normally recalculate the correct prices. These responsibilities include making sure your for an error over 0 5 of the fund price on any. chosen Standard Life funds are managed in line given day. with regulations appropriate guidance plan, documentation and expectations set in fund We aim to ensure that planholders are put.
literature We behave with our customers best back in the position that they would have been. interests in mind guided by our commitment in had the error not occurred subject to de. to our formal Treating Customers Fairly policy minimis limits This may be done by allocating. Where we apply any discretion it is done units to or removing units from a plan or. so fairly and reflects both our Terms and by making cash payments if the contract. Conditions and the expectations we set out in has terminated. customer literature,Applying good governance, Pricing errors Good governance is embedded in our culture. A pricing error is a mistake in any published It involves working to ensure that funds. unit linked fund price that Standard Life perform in line with our expectations and with. considers to have been caused by a failure by those we set for customers Our governance. Standard Life or where relevant any applicable process has two key components we look. third party to correctly apply processes at both at the fund groups which manage our. the point of pricing calculation All identified unit linked funds and at the funds themselves. pricing errors will be recorded and assessed The key aims of our governance process are to. for significance and whether there has been a check that. systemic error Any customer complaints will be the fund groups which manage our. dealt with in line with Standard Life s standard unit linked funds meet our requirements. complaint procedure,there are no significant structural or. Serial switching organisational problems that could. affect performance,We monitor all customer activity on our. unit linked funds and where we think that a we have a thorough understanding of. customer s activity has the potential to cause the funds that we re making available. detriment to other customers we may need to to customers. consider imposing restrictions,funds are being run in line with their. stated objectives where applicable,and in a way that s compatible with our.
operational requirements,customers are treated fairly. Understanding unit linked funds 11,What if I have a complaint. Service If SLAL were unable to meet its claims, We are committed to providing all our investors would be protected by the FSCS. customers with the best possible service which provide cover at 100 of the policy value. If however you aren t satisfied with any including the value of External Fund Link EFL. aspect of our service please let us know funds for long term contracts of insurance. We can send a leaflet summarising our Where a customer s investment is held in an. complaint handling procedures on request EFL which is subsequently unable to meet its. claims SLAL owns the assets on behalf of the, Please refer to your plan documentation customer and as such is not able to claim. for the appropriate area to contact You will on behalf of customers under the FSCS. also find contact details on our website, www standardlife co uk For further information on the compensation.
available under the FSCS please check their,website www fscs org uk or call the FSCS on. Compensation 0800 678 1100 Please note only compensation. The Financial Services Compensation queries should be directed to the FSCS If you. Scheme FSCS has been set up to provide have any further questions you can speak to. protection to consumers if authorised financial your financial adviser or contact us directly. services firms are unable or likely to be You can also find out more information at. unable to meet claims against them www standardlife co uk investor protection. It is important to note that different limits, apply to different types of investment In Explaining the words we use. some circumstances you might not receive We have included a glossary of common. any compensation under the FSCS investment terms used within this guide. The availability of compensation depends on overleaf If you re still unsure about any of. the investment terminology you should, The type and structure of the investments speak to your financial adviser who will be. you choose within your product happy to explain them to you. Which party to the contract is unable to,meet its claims whether Standard Life or. the underlying asset provider for example,deposit taker fund manager etc.
The country in which the investments,Whether you were resident in the UK at. the time you took out the contract with us,If you were not resident in the UK you. may be eligible for compensation from an,equivalent scheme in the country in which. you were resident,12 Understanding unit linked funds. Key investment terms explained Investment trust an investment trust is a CIS. which is run as a company The sole interest of,Asset class this is a category of investments.
the company is to buy sell and hold assets An,such as equity or bonds Normally assets in. investment trust has a fixed number of shares,the same class have similar characteristics. However they can have different returns Open ended investment company an open. and risks ended investment company OEIC is a CIS,which is run as a company The sole interest. Collective investment scheme a collective,of the company is to buy sell and hold assets. investment scheme CIS is an arrangement,Unlike an investment trust an OEIC can issue.
which allows people to invest money along, with other people or cancel shares depending on demand. Contracting fund a contracting fund is a Plan a plan is a contract which a customer. unit linked fund which in general over a short holds with a life insurance company The term. to medium term period has customers selling plan within this document also represents. more units in total than are being bought where applicable a policy. De minimis limit a small or minimal value Planholder a planholder is the owner of. below which a change will not be made a plan but not necessarily the beneficiary. of the plan The term planholder within this, Double charging double charging is where document also represents where applicable. a fund is charged the same type of costs on a policyholder. two separate occasions This might occur for, example when an external fund into which a Planholder tax rate the planholder tax. customer invests applies a fund management rate is the base tax rate which is applicable. charge but the assets that fund holds have to planholders This rate is currently 20. already had that charge applied Pricing error a pricing error is a mistake. Expanding fund an expanding fund is a in any published unit linked fund price that. unit linked fund which in general over a short Standard Life considers to have been caused. to medium term period has customers buying by a failure by Standard Life or where relevant. more units in total than are being sold any applicable third party to correctly apply. processes at the point of pricing calculation,External manager an external manager. is a fund manager who runs a fund which Stock exchange a stock exchange is a market. is offered to clients directly by that fund which provides the facility for traders to buy. manager or to our customers through a and sell shares and other securities. unit linked fund External managers are Suspension of unit pricing suspension of unit. fund management companies and these pricing is where a unit price is not calculated on a. include Standard Life Investments particular day or period of days A unit price will. Fund management charge a fund later be determined for the day or days when. management charge is applied to money pricing was suspended but there may be a delay. invested in our funds and is shown as an in this being carried out. annual rate However the charge is deducted Suspension of unit trading suspension of. from each fund on a daily basis which has the unit trading is where planholders are stopped. effect of reducing its unit price from buying or selling units in a unit linked. Independent periodic valuation this is a fund for a particular day or period of days. valuation which is carried out on an asset on Unit trust a unit trust is a CIS which is held. a regular but not daily basis The valuation is by trustees on behalf of investors Like an OEIC. carried out by a person or company which has a unit trust is open ended meaning it can issue. no beneficial interest in the asset or cancel units depending on demand.

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