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ASSESSMENT, The syllabus tells you specifically which items to prepare for from day to day In the interest of continuous. learning you are required to complete your reading assignments BEFORE the material is scheduled to be discussed. No graded work will be accepted after the due date noted on the schedule or stated in class. 1 Participation in class,2 Projects Tests Quizzes,3 Final Project. As the material is to be read prior to its discussion in class Chapter Section Lesson as the book calls them. Quizzes can be administered without notice, An unannounced materials check will occur once per grading period 4 times total worth 100 points each These. points cannot be made up, You will receive a weekly grade for your participation Participation is graded according to the following. guidelines, A You participate actively in free conversation without waiting to be called on You have prepared content well.
at home and almost always communicate correctly, B You wait to be called on but then respond You have content at home and usually respond correctly. C You wait to be called on are sometimes unable to respond You have not prepared well and only sometimes. respond correctly, D You hardly ever contribute in class and are often unable to respond. F You do not contribute and when called on respond incorrectly. OVERVIEW OF CLASSES, Dates may change due to school events or weather delays cancellations. Assessment,Date Topic Activity beyond,Participation. 8 10 8 Lesson Quizzes,Ch 1 Creating a Nation Beginnings to 1877 pg 1 70.
1 Origins of the American Nation,2 The Young Republic. 3 Antebellum America,4 Sectional Crisis,5 The Civil War and Reconstruction Ch 1 Test. Video Aftermath Beyond the Civil War 129 Min Analysis of Video. Paper w partner, 20 24 8 Ch 2 Settling the West 1865 1890 pg 71 88 Lesson Quizzes. 1 Miners and Ranchers,2 Farming the Plains,3 Native Americans. Ch 3 Industrialization 1865 1901 pg 89 110 Lesson Quizzes. 1 The Rise of Industry, 2 The Railroads Video The Trains that conquered the West.
3 Big Business Video Edison vs Tesla 1 hr,4 Unions Ch 3 Test. 4 9 7 9 Lesson Quizzes,Week 5 Ch 4 Urban America 1865 1896. 1 Immigration,2 Urbanization Video Steel Metropolis 30 min. 3 Social Darwinism and Social Reform 4 Politics of the Gilded Age 5 The Ch 4 Test. Rise of Segregation,Videos The Men Who Built America. 10 14 9 Video Discussion,Week 6 Above Videos continued.
Group Project Preparation Videos about Captains of Industry. 17 21 9 Group Project Robber Barons or Captains of Industry groups of 3 Per attached. Week 7 Essay and PowerPoint about one particular Industrialist Rubric. Per attached,Group Presentations Rubric referred to. 24 28 9 Lesson Quizzes, Week 8 Ch 5 Becoming a World Power pg 139 158 1 The Imperialist Vission. 2 The Spanish American War,4 New American Diplomacy. Ch 6 The Progressive Movement 1890 1920 pg 159 180 1 2 The Roots of. Progressivism The Roosevelt Years,3 The Wilson years Ch5 6 Test. 1 10 5 10 Lesson Quizzes, Week 9 Ch 7 World War I and Aftermath 1914 1920 pg 181 204.
1 The U S enters World War I 2 The Home front,3 A Bloody Conflict 4 The War s Impact. Video Analysis,Video Paris 1919 2 hrs,8 12 10 Video Analysis. Week 10 Preparation for group project Videos WWI through Arab eyes 1 hr quiz. Per attached rubic, Begin Group Project The Treaty of Versailles Are WWI and WWII one. cohesive war and are we still fighting it Essay groups of 3. Week 11 Above continued,Essay grade per, Groups present their arguments classroom discussion above rubric. Fall Break,29 10 2 11 Lesson Quizzes,Week 12 Ch 8 The Jazz Age 1921 1929 pg 205 228.
1 Politics of the 1920 s 2 A Growing Economy,3 A Clash of Values. 5 9 11 Ch 9 The Great Depression Begins 1929 1932 pg 229 244 Lesson Quizzes. 1 The Causes of the Great Depression,2 Life during the Great Depression. 3 Hoover s Response to the Great Depression Ch 9 Test. 12 16 11 Lesson Quizzes, Week 14 Ch 10 Roosevelt and the New Deal pg 245 262. 1 The First New Deal,2 The 2nd New Deal,3 The New Deal Coalition Ch 10 Test. 219 20 11 Video Hitler and Stalin Roots of Evil 44 Min. Week 15 Video Discussion,Video The Gathering Storm 56 Min.
Video Discussion,26 30 11 Above Continued,Lesson Quizzes. Ch 11 A world in Flames 1931 1941 pg 263 283,1 The Origins of World war II. 2 From Neutrality to War 3 Holocaust,3 Video Why We Fight 63 Min. Ch 11 Test Video,Discussion,3 15 12 Per attached, Week 17 18 Semester Final Project Hitler Stalin FDR Create a Video groups of 3 Rubric. 17 21 12 Graded per, Week 19 Finals Week Viewing Discussion of Group Videos attached Rubric.
Winter Break,2 4 1 Lesson Quizzes, Week 1 Ch 12 America and World War II 1941 1945 pg 283 314. 1 Wartime America,2 The War in the Pacific,3 The War in Europe. 4 The War Ends Ch 12 test, 7 11 1 Ch 13 The Cold War Begins pg 315 340 Lesson Quizzes. 1 The Origins of the Cold War,2 The Early Cold War Years. Week 3 3 The Cold War and American Society,Ch 13 test.
4 Eisenhower s Cold War Policies,21 25 1 Lesson Quizzes. Week 4 Ch 14 Post War America pg 341 358, 1 Truman and Eisenhower 2 The Affluent Society The Other Side of. American Life,Video Soviet War Scare Able Archer 2 hrs. Ch 14 Test, Week 5 Ch 15 The New Frontier and the Great Society pg 359 376 Lesson Quizzes. 1 The New Frontier,2 JFK and the Cold War,Video Discussion.
Videos On the Brink Doomsday Cuban Missile Crisis,Video Discussion. Video Man Moment Machine Wernher von Braun,Ch 15 Test. 3 The Great Society,Week 6 7 Ch 20 Lesson 4 The End of the Cold War. Video Discussion, Video Berlin Wall Military Version Reagan and the Cold War. 18 22 2 Per attached, Week 8 Group Project The Cold War Analytical Essay PowerPoint Rubric.
25 2 1 3 Graded per above, Week 9 Above continued and group presentations Rubric. 4 8 3 Lesson Quizzes,Ch 16 The Civil Rights Movement pg 377 396. 1 The Movement Begins,2 Challenging Segregation,3 New Civil Rights Issues. Video Discussion, Video LBJ and the Civil Rights Movement Ch 16 Test. 11 15 3 Ch 17 The Vietnam War 1954 1975 pg 398 414 Lesson Quizzes. Week 11 1 Going to War in Vietnam,2 Vietnam Divides the Nation.
3 The War Winds Down, Ch 18 The Politics of Protest pg 415 430 Lesson Quizzes. 1 Students and the Counterculture 3 Latino Americans Organize. 2 The Feminist Movement Ch 17 18 Test, Week 12 Ch 19 Politics and Economics 1968 1980 pg 431 456 Lesson Quizzes. 1 The Nixon Administration,2 The Watergate Scandal. 3 Ford and Carter,4 New Approaches to Civil Rights. 5 Environmentalism,Ch 19 Test,New Approaches to Civil Rights.
Spring Break, 1 5 4 Ch 20 The Resurge of Conservatism 1980 1992 pg 457 478 Per Attached. Week 13 Rubric,Reagan Poster Project,8 12 4 Ch 21 A Time of Change pg 479 497. Week 14 Lesson Quizzes,1 The Clinton Years,2 A New Wave of Immigration. 3 Technology and Globalization Video Stream of Consciousness 60 Video Discussion. 15 18 4 Lesson Quizzes, Week 15 Ch 22 America s Challenge for a New Century 2001 Present pg 497 424. 1 Bush s Global Challenge,Video Discussion,Video Killing Bin Laden 1 hr.
2 Focusing on Afghanistan and Iraq,3 Domestic Challenges. 22 4 26 4 4 The Obama Presidency, Video The End of the Road How Money Became Worthless 1 5 hrs. Video Discussion,Video Oil Apocalypse,Video Discussion. 39 4 3 5 Trump Presidency the USA in a global invironment Class discussions and. Week 17 debates about domestic and international challenges. Week 18 19 Group research possible key topics for Final Project. Above Continued,Per attached, Final project groups of 3 The USA s Global Role Past Present Future Rubric. 20 22 5 Graded per above,Week 20 Finals Project Presentations Rubric.
PLAGIARISM, A student must not adopt or reproduce ideas words or statements of another person without appropriate. acknowledgment A student must give credit to the originality of others and acknowledge an indebtedness. whenever he or she does any of the following, Quotes another person s actual words either oral or written. Paraphrases another person s words either oral or written. Uses another person s idea opinion or theory or, Borrows facts statistics or other illustrative material unless the information is common knowledge. Any assignment that is determined to have been plagiarized will receive a 0 without the opportunity to make it.

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