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The National Coaching and Accreditation Scheme NCAS was established in 1978 with the primary aim of up grading and expanding coaching. expertise across a wide range of sports Basketball Australia has embraced this scheme since its inception. This Resource Manual is a substantial revision on previous editions and supports the new NCAS structure for Basketball Australia s Club. Coach Level equivalent to the previous NCAS Level1 many thanks to the numerous coaches who have been kind enough to have input into. these resources over the years and in the current upgrade The manual remains the basis of Basketball Australia s NCAS Club Coach course. however has been produced in separate booklets to make it easier for coaches to identify specific information they are seeking. This resource is not designed to have all coaches around Australia doing the same thing rather it is to allow coaches at all levels to perform. more effectively and constructively The application of knowledge remains flexible according to the talent and ability of the individual coach and. the athletes they are working with,Introduction, Australia has a proud history in basketball and in 2004 was ranked 3rd amongst all nations This success is due in no small way to the tireless. work of coaches throughout the country from learn to play programs right through to the Boomers and Opals. The National Coaching and Accreditation Scheme NCAS was established in 1978 with the primary aim of up grading and expanding coaching. expertise across a wide range of sports Basketball Australia has fully embraced this scheme since its inception and has developed in. conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission a systematic and on going educational program for basketball coaches. Basketball Coaching Made Easy has been formulated to provide the background of knowledge and expertise for aspiring basketball coaches. This course applies covers general coaching principles and applies them specifically to basketball with an emphasis on having sound. knowledge of the skills and principles of basketball as well as better organisation of practice sessions appropriate methods of teaching and. correcting techniques and methods of analysing an athlete s performance. There is a wealth of resources available to coaches a simple search on the internet will identify many hundred websites with an amazing. array of information There are books and videos on all aspects of basketball coaching and a visit to the National Sports Information Centre at. the Australian Institute of Sport is a must for any coach visiting Canberra Indeed your local library is often a great source of coaching material. With all this information available a coach could easily find enough drills to fill many years of training sessions Drills are the tools of the trade. for coaches but the art of coaching is about the teaching points that you highlight in a given drill Coaches must focus on the teaching points as. these are what make their players better, Basketball Australia s responsibility in coach development is to provide the overall philosophy and direction to help coaches of all levels through. development and delivery of learning opportunities that equip basketball coaches to meet the needs of the athletes that they coach. Basketball Australia s role in coach development is to provide the strategic framework leadership direction and investment to support and align. the learning opportunities and activities to enable quality coach development The Coach Development Framework and National Curriculum. aligned to the National Pathways provides and underpins the philosophy and direction for coach development. The following foundation principles have been identified. Coaching is central to participation and performance in basketball and also benefits the community where it is largely responsible for. participants enjoying quality experiences through our sport. Basketball Australia s Coach Development programs addresses issues associated with the current coaching environment and is aligned. to athletes needs, It will deliver a co ordinated coaching approach that links regional and national activities and outcomes. The Basketball Australia Coach Development program represents a genuine commitment to ensuring that the key players in coaching. work more collaboratively for the benefit of athletes complementing the efforts of the many committed coaches and coaching. programmes operating around Australia, Accordingly the resulting programs and resources have been developed by coaches for coaches and belongs to the Australian. basketball community Basketball Australia has been the facilitator in this process. Whether you are coaching a team of beginners who are just learning to love the sport or a representative team Basketball Coaching Made. Easy has information relevant to you For further information on coaching clinics or resources contact your State Territory Association or log. onto the Basketball Australia website www basketball net au. Enjoy your coaching,List of Contents,Introduction 2.
Triple Threat Skills,Passing drills 5,Dribbling drills 11. Shooting drills 18,Drills to support Fundamental Skill Development. Body Movement Footwork drills 26,Ball Handling 30,Rebounding drills 31. Individual Development Drills,Individual Defence 35. Individual Offence 39,Team Development Drills,Offensive transition 41.
Defensive Transition drills 42,Modified Games 43,Combination drills 44. PASSING DRILLS,Pepper Passing Drill,Purpose Quick Hands and reaction time. A variety of passing techniques,Method O1 and O2 begin with basketballs. O1 passes to O3 at the same time O2 passes to O1,O1 then passes to O4 while O3 passes to O1. The drill continues around the semi circle as many. times as desired by the coach,Making the drill more challenging.
To increase difficulty the coach can then bring in a rule. where O1 cannot pass next to the person to whom they made the. first pass Therefore they cannot pass to O2 next to the ball but. can pass to any other player in the semi circle,Four Corner Passing Drill. Purpose A variety of passing techniques,Passing in traffic players running everywhere. O1 and O3 commence with basketballs, O1 passes to O2 and cuts to the diagonally opposite line O3 O7. O2 passes back to O1 who passes to O7,O1 joins the end of the line behind O7. After passing O2 cuts to the diagonally opposite line and receives a. pass from O7, At the same time as O1 passes to O2 O3 starts by passing to O4.
O3 cuts to the diagonally opposite line and receives a pass from O4. O3 passes to O5 and joins the end of the line, O4 after passing to O3 cuts diagonally opposite to receive a pass from. O4 passes to O6 and joins the end of the line,PASSING DRILLS. Five Star Passing Drill,Good warm up drill,Quickness accuracy concentration. Making the drill more challenging, Rather than O5 passing to O6 they can shoot a lay up whichO6. rebounds O5 then joins O6 s line,O1 begins with ball.
O1 passes to O2 and follows pass to join O2 s line. O2 passes to O3 and follows pass to join O3 s line. O3 passes to O4 and follows pass to join O4 s line. O4 passes to O5 and follows pass to join O5 s line. O5 passes to O6 and follows pass to join O6 s line. One or two balls can be used,Scattered Circle Passing Drill. Purpose Team communication,Lead passing,Players form a circle. Ball starts with O1 who hands off to O2 02 hands off to O3 O3 to O4. Ball continues around circle as each player hands it to the person to their. Each player must note the player they hand the ball to. Upon the coaches signal players break from the circle and scatter in the half. Each player must locate and pass to the person who they handed the ball to. in the initial circle, Each player must call and move for the ball All players must continue to. PASSING DRILLS,Three Corners Passing,Teach a variety of passes. Players running receiving and passing,O1 starts with a basketball.
O1 passes to X1 and runs around Triangle 1, Triangle 1 passes to O2 O2 passes to Triangle 2 and runs a round Triangle. Triangle 2 passes to O1, O1 passes to Triangle 3 and runs around Triangle 3. Triangle 3 passes to O2 O2 passes to O3,Both O1 and O2 re join lines behind O3 and O4. O3 and O4 are now in drill, Triangle 1 Triangle 2 and Triangle 3 remain as passes until the coach. them with three new passers,Deflections Drill also called Piggy in Middle.
Purpose Teach passing and use of pass fakes under pressure. N B the player in the middle should drop step in the direction. of the pass So if the pass went past their left hand side they. must drop step with their left foot,3 Player Drill. O1 and O2 start opposite in stationary positions, X1 starts in the middle and attempts to deflect the ball. O1 and O2 must pass until X1 touches the ball, X1 then takes the place of the player who passed poorly. PASSING DRILLS,Circle Drill, Same as Deflections drill above except that there are more players. X1 starts in the circle and attempts to gain deflections. Upon a deflection they replace the player who made the pass. A rule may be included that prevents a pass being made to the. players on either side of the player with the ball. Two or more players can be placed inside the circle. Diamond Passing,Players line up in shape of diamond.
Pass right cut left,Pass left cut right,Add different types of passes. Chest pass push pass overhead pass etc,PASSING DRILLS. Three Man Weaves,Purpose Running lanes,Passing and receiving on the run. O2 and O3 lead out for the ball,O1 passes to O2 and runs behind O2. O2 passes to O3 and runs behind O3,O3 passes to O1 and runs behind O1.
The ball continues down the court,Players can make a lay up at the end of the drill. Each line should ensure they run wide, Drill can also be run as a 5 man weave following the same teaching. points In a 5 man weave players run behind two people after making. 3 Lanes Drill,Purpose Teaching players to run in lanes. Pass and receive on the run,1 Ball Drill, O1 O2 and O3 run straight down their lanes O1 begins with. O1 passes to O2 O2 passes back to O1,O1 passes to O3 O3 passes back to O1.
Drill continues down the court, The player in the middle should run in a zig zag fashion leading. toward the outside player to receive a pass back,PASSING DRILLS. 3 lanes 2 balls,O2 and O3 start with basketball,O3 passes to 01 O1 passes back to O3. O2 passes to O1 O1 passes back to O2,Drill continues down the court. Players on the outside should dribble the ball with the hand closest to. the sideline while waiting to pass back to the middle. The player in the middles should run in a zig zag fashion and should turn. their head quickly to see the next pass,5 Man Weaves.
Players in 5 lines on the baseline one player in the centre and one player each. at least 2 3m away,Start with a ball in the centre line. When the ball is passed to any player the passer runs behind the receiver. This continues up the court creating a weave,Remember to keep spacing between players. No fumbles no travels no missed lay ups, Variation add number of completed circuits up to five with no mistakes. 10 P a g e,DRIBBLING DRILLS,Corridor Dribbling,Purpose Dribbling techniques. Dribbling without looking at the basketball,Players line up on the baseline in three lines.
Each line has a corridor within which to dribble, Each player at the start of each line dribbles down the court. Once they cross foul line extended the next player in the line goes. Forming a new line at the end of the court, Defence can be added to apply pressure and make the drill more. game specific,Dribble Knockout, Purpose To teach players to dribble with head up while protecting the ball. Each player begins with a ball, The coach specifies the area within which players are allowed. e g Inside keyhole if ball goes outside the player is ruled out. Players must dribble while attempting to knock their opponent s ball. outside the area, The coach reduces the area as more participants are eliminated.
The last player remaining is deemed the winner,11 P a g e. DRIBBLING DRILLS,Dribble Tag,Purpose To teach players to dribble with head up. Teach change of pace control under pressure, Once a player is out they should go to the sideline and continue to dribble their. ball while standing still, Each player has a ball in the area designated by the coach e g Half. One player is chosen as it and attempts while dribbling to tag the other. players whilst they dribble, Once a player has been tagged or their ball goes out of the designated.
area they are out, Depending on group numbers you may need more than one participant to. Massed Dribbling Drill,Purpose Keep head up while dribbling. Using a variety of dribbling techniques,Changing directions quickly whilst dribbling. Players spread out on the court as diagrammed, Each player dribbles in the direction the coach points. This should be done using a variety of dribbling techniques. Try using 2 basketballs for each player,12 P a g e.
DRIBBLING DRILLS,Obstacle Dribbling, Purpose To teach quick and sharp changes of direction. Coach sets up cones down the court as diagrammed, Each participant must move in and out of the cones whilst dribbling. The dribbler must alternate hands keeping the ball in the hand away. from the cone, All types of dribbles and cross overs should be utilised here. The distance of the cones should be shortened to increase the difficulty. of the drill,Follow the Leader,Purpose Dribbling techniques. Eyes up when dribbling,Players start in baseline corner as diagrammed.
The player at start of the line is the leader, The player at the start of the line may follow any line on the court. Each player must follow and execute the same skills as the person in. front of them, The coach may call change On this instruction the player last in the. line becomes the leader,13 P a g e,DRIBBLING DRILLS. Dribble Race, Purpose To teach players to execute dribble skills at speed and under pressure. Two teams are selected and commence opposite each other. Number each player in the group, Player 1 starts with the ball at opposing ends as diagrammed.
Both players complete a circuit around both, groups before handing it off to the next dribbler player 2. Include a lay up at each end,Dribble Relay, Purpose To teach players to execute dribble skills at speed and. under pressure,Players line up on baseline,Dribble to half court right hand. And return left hand,Team the completes required number of trips wins. 14 P a g e,DRIBBLING DRILLS,Three Cones, Purpose To teach players to execute dribble skills at speed and under pressure.
Players starts on the other side of half court, Ball starts in right hand and player does an inside out dribble at the 1st cone followed by. a quick crossover at the 2nd cone and then another inside out now with left hand at the. Player should get to rim in 1 dribble and finish with the strong hand Left on left side and. Right on right side Make 4 on each side,Coach may use a pad to create contact at the rim. Dribbling v Shooting Relay, Purpose To teach players to execute dribble skills and make layups at speed and under. Players are divided into 2 groups dribbling group and shooting group. As a group each player in the dribbling team dribbles from 1 baseline to the other and. back again twice, At the same time the shooting team makes as many layups as they can in the time it. takes the dribbling team to complete their task,Reverse roles.
Winning team has the most layups made at the end of the rotation. Use right and left hand shooting and dribbling,15 P a g e.

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