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Trading Commodities and Financial Futures A Step by Step
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Praise for,Trading Commodities and,Financial Futures Third Edition. Congratulations to George Kleinman for writing a comprehensive futures. compendium that should be mandatory reading for anyone considering futures. trading Kleinman dispels the myth that the individual trader always loses. against the Goliaths in the markets,Mary Cashman Head of International Operations. Global Commodity Intelligence, Discipline and execution are the two most important and difficult aspects in. trading George Kleinman offers the solutions to the problems and they are. superb Clear crisp writing that will keep you reading and help you become a. superior trader, Yiannis G Mostrous Editor Wall Street Winners Financial Advisory. Without a doubt the best book I have read on the industry Perfect for the. novice speculator yet comprehensive enough for the seasoned veteran to refer. back to time and again The trader who has been around awhile will enjoy read. ing the stories Believe me they are true,Joseph M Orlick The Chicago Board of Trade.
This page intentionally left blank,Commodities and. Financial Futures,This page intentionally left blank. Commodities,and Financial,A Step by Step Guide to Mastering the Markets. George Kleinman,Vice President Publisher Tim Moore. Associate Publisher and Director of Marketing Amy Neidlinger. Executive Editor Jim Boyd,Editorial Assistant Pamela Boland.
Operations Specialist Jodi Kemper,Marketing Manager Megan Graue. Cover Designer Alan Clements,Managing Editor Kristy Hart. Project Editor Jovana Shirley,Copy Editor Kitty Wilson. Proofreader Sheri Replin,Indexer WordWise Publishing Services. Compositor Gloria Schurick,Manufacturing Buyer Dan Uhrig.
2013 by Pearson Education Inc,Publishing as FT Press. Upper Saddle River New Jersey 07458, This book is sold with the understanding that neither the author nor the publisher is engaged in render. ing legal accounting or other professional services or advice by publishing this book Each individual. situation is unique Thus if legal or financial advice or other expert assistance is required in a specific. situation the services of a competent professional should be sought to ensure that the situation has been. evaluated carefully and appropriately The author and the publisher disclaim any liability loss or risk. resulting directly or indirectly from the use or application of any of the contents of this book. FT Press offers excellent discounts on this book when ordered in quantity for bulk purchases or special sales. For more information please contact U S Corporate and Government Sales 1 800 382 3419. corpsales pearsontechgroup com For sales outside the U S please contact International Sales at. international pearsoned com, Company and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respec. tive owners, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permis. sion in writing from the publisher,Printed in the United States of America.
First Printing March 2013,ISBN 10 0 13 336748 7,ISBN 13 978 0 13 336748 5. Pearson Education LTD,Pearson Education Australia PTY Limited. Pearson Education Singapore Pte Ltd,Pearson Education Asia Ltd. Pearson Education Canada Ltd,Pearson Educaci n de Mexico S A de C V. Pearson Education Japan,Pearson Education Malaysia Pte Ltd.
The Library of Congress cataloging in publication data is on file. This page intentionally left blank,Introduction 1,1 The Four Essentials 5. Do you have what it takes 7,Patience 8,Knowledge 8. Health and rest 9,2 How to Become a Successful Trader 11. 3 A Diabolical Story 17,4 The Futures Primer 21,Futures markets and the futures contract 22. It is as easy to sell short as to buy long 26,Margin and leverage 28.
Delivery months 31,Brokers and commissions 34,The players 34. Basis risk 36,The short hedge 37,The long hedge 38. The basis 39,Speculators versus hedgers 40,How is the price determined 40. Order placement 41,Another true story 44,x Contents. 5 The Options Course 45,An options primer 45,An option for what 46.
Advantages and disadvantages of options 47,Types of options 47. Strike prices 48,Styles of options 48,How are option prices quoted 48. Buy em and sell em 49, Advantages and disadvantages of selling options 49. How options work 49,How are option prices determined 51. How changes in the price of the underlying commodity change an option s premium 55. Exercising profitable options 55,Should you ever exercise an option 56.
If selling options puts the odds in my favor why not do it 57. Options as a hedging tool 59,Stock index options 61. Advanced option strategies 61,Straddles and strangles 66. Eight winning option trading rules 71, 6 The Intermediate Trading Course Or Just Enough Knowledge. to Be Dangerous 75,Fundamental analysis 76,Technical analysis 76. Which is best fundamental or technical analysis 77. The 4 futures groupings 78,Financial futures 78,Energies 80.
Agriculturals 83,Contents xi,Metals 102,Continuing your commodity trading education 107. Contrary opinion theory 109,Spreads 110,7 Algorithms Eliminating People 115. Open outcry is dead 117,Rogue algos 118,Exploding volatility 119. Speeds accelerating 121,Melding the old with the new 122. Panics manias and bubbles 123,Explosive commodity demand 124.
8 The Advanced Trading Course 127,Fundamentals versus technicals 127. Does technical analysis really work 128,The trend is your friend 129. Basic chart analysis 129,The trendline 130,Trend channels 134. Support and resistance 136,Breakouts from consolidation 137. Additional classic chart patterns 144,Volume 156,Open interest 156.
Stochastics 162,Elliot wave analysis 163,Point and figure charts 165. Japanese candlestick charts 166,Spreads a valuable forecasting tool 167. xii Contents,Head and shoulders 170,GK s significant news indicator 177. Breaking par 186,9 The Moving Averages Primer 193,Bottom pickers versus trend followers 193. A moving picture 195,The simple moving average 197.
How many days should you use in your moving average 199. Alternatives to the SMA 199,Exponential and weighted moving averages 200. Natural numbers 203,10 GK s Pivot Indicator 205,Generating the buy signal 206. Generating the sell signal 208,The pivot indicator method in practice 210. Diversification 216,11 And Finally 219,Determining your motive 219. Overcoming the six hurdles to trading success 220,Developing the winning touch 223.
If you don t feel right you won t trade right 225,Jesse s secret 225. Comments or questions 228,Appendix 25 Trading Secrets of the Pros 229. Secret 1 The trend is your friend 229, Secret 2 When a market is cheap or a market is expensive there probably. is a good reason 230, Secret 3 The best trades are the hardest to do 231. Secret 4 Have a plan before you trade and then work it 231. Secret 5 Be aggressive 232,Contents xiii,Secret 6 No regrets 232.
Secret 7 Money management is the key 232, Secret 8 Success comes easier when you specialize 232. Secret 9 Patience pays 233, Secret 10 Guts are as important as patience and more important than money 233. Secret 11 The tape quotes will trick you 233,Secret 12 Be skeptical 234. Secret 13 Be time cognizant 234,Secret 14 Watch the reaction to the news 235. Secret 15 Never trade when you re sick worried or tired 236. Secret 16 Overtrading your greatest enemy 236,Secret 17 Keep a cool head during blow offs 236.
Secret 18 Never let a good profit turn into a loss 237. Secret 19 When in doubt get out 237, Secret 20 Spread your risks by diversification 237. Secret 21 Pyramid the correct way 237, Secret 22 Watch for breakouts from consolidation 238. Secret 23 Go with the relative strength 239, Secret 24 Limit moves are important indicators of support and resistance 239. Secret 25 Never average a loss 240,Important Risk Disclosures. Before you trade with real money familiarize yourself with the risks. Commodity futures trading is speculative and involves substantial risks and you. should only invest risk capital, You can lose a substantial amount or all your investment and you should care.
fully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial con. The high degree of leverage that is obtainable in commodity trading can work. against you as well as for you and the use of leverage can lead to large losses as well. as large gains, If the market moves against your position to maintain your position you may on. short notice be called upon by your broker to deposit additional margin money If. funds are requested and you do not provide them within the prescribed time your. position may be liquidated at a loss and you will be liable for any resulting deficit. in your account Under certain market conditions you may find it difficult or impos. sible to liquidate a position This can occur for example when the market makes a. limit move The placement of contingent orders such as a stop loss or stop. limit order will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended amount. There is no guarantee that the concepts presented in this book will generate prof. its or avoid losses, Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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