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Records Available On line, There are two sets of records of the deed records that are currently available on line the. Philadelphia deed and sheriff books and the deed and sheriff book indices Using these. sources it is possible to trace the ownership any property in Philadelphia from 1682 to the. present This guide will focus on using the deed record sources prior to 1974 5. Philadelphia Deed Book Indices, http philadox phila gov phillyhistoricalindex index html. The Philadelphia Deed Book indices provide the key to locating any recorded deed With. the exception of the Exemplification Record book series all deed book indices prior to. 1977 are available on line for free through the Historical Index section of 6 The original. index books are available at the Philadelphia City Archives. The deed book indices are grouped into two categories grantor seller and grantee. buyer They are arranged by the first initial of the last name followed by the first initial. of the first name For example an entry for Benjamin Franklin would be found in the. index book for the letter F for Franklin and then on the pages for the letter B for. Benjamin Each index page has the date the deed was recorded deed book series. designation the deed book number and page the last name and then the first name of the. grantor or grantee depending upon which type of index it is and the name of the other. party in the transaction, Figure 1 Detail of Grantor Index for F Figure 2 Detail of Grantee Index for L for. for 1683 1800 1920 The deed book series JMH is at the top. of the page, Deeds from 1975 to the present are fully index by the name of the buyer and seller and available through. the subscription based service of PhilaDox http philadox phila gov. A full name index of the Exemplification Records series is available at the City Archives Historical. Society of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania in J M Duffin Guide to the Philadelphia. Exemplification Records Series Being True Copies of Philadelphia Land Records in the Master of Rolls. Office and its Successors 1669 1838 Philadelphia 1994. The Philadelphia deed book series designation is composed of a variety of letters. representing after 1799 the initials of the name of the Recorder of Deeds The pre 1799. books are labeled with simple letter designations of C E F G H and I for deeds. recorded before 1777 and the letter D for deeds recorded between 1777 and 1799 7 Any. other letter combinations except for X and M found in the indices for this period. generally refer to deeds that were recording in the Provincial Master of Rolls records. which were copied into the Exemplification Record books in the 1830s 8 The X and M. refer to the first mortgage book series which have only a handful of deeds recorded in. them by mistake 9 For a complete list of the deed book series see Appendix A. It is important to remember that the date in the index does not refer to the date of the deed. but the date the deed was recorded This is generally not a problem for deeds from. roughly the 1840s to the present which tended to have been recorded not much more than. a month after the transaction Prior to 1840 it was not uncommon for deeds to be. recorded several years decades and even a century after the transaction 10 When. searching for eighteenth century deeds it is best to look through the indices up to 1890. Figure 3 Grantor Index for F 1854 1857,Note entry for deed from Benjamin Franklin to.
Joseph Turner at Book No 92 The actual deed is,dated 1755. If a property recital for deeds recorded between 1777 and 1799 does not designate the deed book series it. is often referring to the D series The letter D was not assigned to these books until sometime after 1800. For a list of these records see page 27 below, These mortgage books are at the Philadelphia City Archives and are not currently available on line. This applies primarily to colonial era deeds The practice of recording older deeds fifty years old or. more to a property ended in the 1890s as title insurance companies made it unnecessary by offering. insurance to new property owners,Philadelphia Deed Books. http phila records com historic records web, The Department of Records Historical Land and Vital Records System has scans of over. 18 million images from the microfilm of all the Philadelphia Recorder of Deed and. Department of Records deed books from 1683 to 1974 and all recorded documents such. as mortgages and assignments of mortgages from 1952 to 1974 Access is available. upon a subscription basis, Searching for deeds in the on line deed book records is very similar to searching for.
deeds on microfilm The images are indexed only at the microfilm roll level which. means that the index has an entry for only the first and last deed book series. number and page for the entire roll of microfilm that was digitized The search. interface allows the user to put in any deed book series called the Recorder Initials. book number and page and will return a list of likely Rolls that contain the item from the. search There are generally only three and sometimes four deed books per roll. Figure 4 Result of search for JMH 843 508, The search results example in figure 4 shows that the images scanned from roll 3339. contains all the images found between JMH 842 202 and JMH 844 401 and therefore. contains all of JMH 843 and that the recording date of the first image is June 3 1920. The Land and Vital Records System does not include images of the Philadelphia County. sheriff deed books after 1852 The deeds to properties sold before 1905 as the result of a. court proceeding were recorded in the sheriff deed books for the court that issued the sale. order and not in the County Record of Deeds books The City Archives of Philadelphia. has all the Philadelphia County courts sheriff deed books and indices for the period 1736. to 1905 in addition to microfilm copies of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Eastern. District sheriff deed books for the period 1796 to 1876 11 In some cases the sheriff deeds. were recorded in the regular deed books but it was not a common practice. For a list of the Philadelphia County books see, http www phila gov phils Docs Inventor graphics archser S020 htm 20 16. Searching Deeds,Finding Deeds in the Grantor Grantee Indices. The Historical Index section of PhilaDox has scanned images of the Philadelphia County. grantor and grantee indices from 1683 to 1977 This section of PhilaDox does not require. a user to be registered and is available for free,1 Go to the website. http philadox phila gov phillyhistoricalindex index html. 2 The Historical Index page is divided into three rectangular frames The frame in the. upper left contains folders which expand and allow you to drill down the lists of what is. 3 To access the Grantor Grantee indices click on the plus sign by the either folder titled. Grantor or Grantee for the name you are searching for The grantor is the seller and. the grantee is the buyer of the property, 4 Click on the plus sign by the folder for the century of date the deed was recorded.
5 Click on the link for the year of the date the deed was recorded In this example the. year 1777 was used, Once the year is clicked another list of folders will appear in the frame in the lower left. corner Scroll down the list until you find the folder with the heading of the first initial of. the last name followed by the first initial of the first name and then click on the plus sign. by the folder for those initials In this example F B was used for Franklin. 6 To begin searching for the index click on the linked page numbers in the lower left. Clicking on any link in this panel will open up the index page image in Adobe Reader in. the viewer pane on the right, 7 Using the Acrobat Reader tools to zoom to the area you want to search and locate the. deed citation, 8 Note the deed book series book number and page number for the deed In this. example the deed of Benjamin Franklin to Samuel Corry recorded in series D book. number 17 page 228 will be searched, N B When going to the next section it is recommended not to close the PhilaDox. window or browser because you may need to go back to the check the index again. Finding the Deed Book Record, To search for the images of the actual deed record a person must have an established.
account and subscription to the Historical Land and Vital Records System There is. subscription information on the web site see User Signup section. https phila records com historic records web newUser jsp. 1 Open the Historical Land and Vital Records System website in separate browser or tab. 2 Click on the Enter button to access the site, 3 Log into the site with your User ID and Password This will take you to the main. search page, 4 To begin a search type in the deed citation in the first line of search fields Enter the. deed book series in the Recorder Initials field the book number in the Book field and. the page number in the Page field and click on the Search button In this example the. search is for series D book number 17 page 228, N B Always make certain that the checkbox next to the text When searching Land. Records leave the checkbox selected is checked,The search result is. This indicates that images scanned from roll 42 are from deed book series D book 17. page 137 through book 19 page 131, 6 Click on the link in the Document Type column to open up the viewer window with.
a list of all the images scanned from this roll, On the left side of the window is a list of all the images They are numbered in sequential. numerical order starting either with 0001 or 0002 Clicking on any View image link. will open the View Attachment window Note that the first and last image for every roll. will be a microfilm target sheet which identifies the contents of the original roll. 7 Clicking on the link for 0029 tif produces the following result. The scanned image of the deed book appears in an Adobe Reader viewer window at the. bottom of the screen which can be viewed fuller by using the scroll bar on the far right. 8 To rotate the image to see both scanned pages place the mouse over deed book page. image and right click and select the Rotate Clockwise option and repeat this step until. the image is properly rotated It is also possible to add a button to the Adobe Reader. toolbar which will rotate the image counterclockwise with one click. A closer look at the window reviews that the deed book page numbers are 189 and 190. 9 To get to page 228 you can either browse the images as you would on the microfilm. until you find it or you can do a rough calculation to figure out which image has page. Follow steps 10 through 12 below,To Calculate, a Find the out how pages are between the one you are viewing and the one you. want to find In this example image 0029 tif has pages 189 and 190 and. you are searching for page 228 There are 38 pages between the one you are. viewing and the one you want 228 190 38 Because each image has two. deed book pages per image going forward by 38 images would take you. farther than you need to go If you divide the page number difference 38 by. two you will find the number of images you need to move forward to get. close to the page you want In this case you need to move forward by 19. images 38 2 19, b Add 19 to the current image number and you get the number of the image you. need to select 0048 tif is the image you should select when moving forward. 10 Click on the down pointing caret symbol next to the 0029 tif number displayed. above the viewer window This will open a pull down list of all the image numbers. 11 Select a number by clicking on it This will close the pull down list. 12 Click on the green arrow pointing down located immediately to the right of the. selected image number This will open the new image in the viewer Rotate the image if. you cannot read the page number, In this example image 0048 tif has deed book pages 225 and 226. 13 To get to page 228 either follow steps 10 and 11 above or click on the green arrow. pointing to the right near the image number box see screen shot in step 11 This arrow. advances the images one image at a time, 14 Rotate the image counterclockwise and you now have page 228 in view.
15 Use the zoom tool features in the Adobe Reader tool bar to get a closer look at the. text of the deed, Reading the text in this case being somewhat tricky reveals that Benjamin Franklin was. acting as agent selling this property in 1766, Once the deed is located in the viewer it is possible to print the image and save it as a. If you find the scanned image too difficult to read you can always consult the original. microfilm at the Philadelphia City Archives The City Archives also has all the original.

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