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Crop Attachment m1,OPERATOR S MANUAL I J,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter Description Page,Warranty Inside Front Cover. I Introd uction 2,2 Safety 3,3 Specifications 4,Component Identification 5. 4 Operation 6 7,5 Adjustments 8 11,6 Lubrication 12 13. 7 Service 14,8 Preparing for Field Operation 15 17.
9 Storage 17,10 Troubleshooting 18,II Set up Assembly 19. 12 Optional Features Accessories 20,13 Decal Locations 20 21. 14 Maintenance Schedule 22, Standard Hardware Torque Specifications Inside Back Cover. SPECIFICATIONS,All Dimensions are in Inches Millimeters. Unless Otherwise Noted,Model Description TR3038 Two Row.
Corn Head Attachment,Overall Dimensions Approximate. Width For 30 Made Narrow 71 1803,For 38 Made Wide 76 1930. Length For 30 Made Narrow 88 2235,For 38 Made Wide 87 2210. Height 51 1295 5,Weight 1026 lb 465 kg,Standard Features. Crested Belt Gatherer Mechanisms,Spring loaded Gatherer Chains.
Self sharpening Rotary Sickles,Shear Bolt Drive Protection. Self adjusting Lower Drive Chains,Attachment Storage Stands. Optional Features,Customer Selected W ide Row 38 or Narrow Row 30. Factory Assembly Can be Field Repositioned,Accessories. Transport Wheels,Shear Bolt Kit,Throat Narrower Kit.
Adaptable GEHL Forage Harvester,CB400 CB600 CB700 CB750 CB800 CBIOOO CBl200. COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION,Right Side Front Left Side. Crop 1 of 3,Attachment,Drive Shaft,Idler 2 of 4 Attachment. 1 of 2 Yoke, ADJUSTMENTS CROP GUIDE SETTING Fig 5 3 See Fig 5 1. NOTE The same adjustment procedure,A CAUTION BEFORE proceeding to.
perform any adjustments on this unit,exercise the MANDATORY SAFETY. applies to both Crop Guide assemblies, Maintain a 1 16 to 3 16 1 5 to 4 5 mm vertical gap. between bottom edge of each Crop Guide and top of each. SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE page 3 Knife Each Crop Guide can be adjusted up or down. using the eccentric Cam to obtain required gap Loosen. CHAIN TENSION ADJUSTMENTS the Cam bolt rotate the Cam to obtain required gap and. retighten the bolt,Gatherer Chains Fig 5 1, If after Cam adjustment the minimum gap is still greater. Maintain a gap of 1 8 3 mm minimum to 3 8 9 mm than 3 16 4 5 mm add 3 Shims 058671 between. maximum between Spring Seat and Spring Housing The Crop Guide and Idler Yoke The bolts DO NOT have to. gap will probably have to be reset after the first 15 acres of be removed to insert Shims just loosen the bolts so Shims. harvesting due to break in wear Whenever gap reaches can be slid in from the side Readjust the Cam to obtain. or exceeds 3 8 9 mm turn the adjusting bolt until required gap. Spring Seat is snug against Spring Housing Then back. the bolt out about 1 1 2 turns to obtain a 1 8 gap 3 If after Cam adjustment the maximum gap is less than. mm 1 16 1 5 mm remove 2 Shims from between Crop, Guide and Idler Yoke Loosen the bolts and slide the. Shims out to the side and remove them Readjust the. Cam to obtain required gap,Lower Drive Chains, Maintain a 1 4 to 5 16 6 to 8 mm distance between end.
of Crop Guide and Knife Holder Plate This distance will. vary if mating Chains in either row wear unevenly Slide. Fig 5 1 the Crop Guide ahead or back on its mounting bolts and. retighten the bolts when the proper distance is obtained. NOTE A gap of less than 1 8 3 mm will NOTE Extra Shims are provided with the. stretch the Chain and a gap of greater than 3 8 9 Attachment Store any Shims which MUST be. mm will allow the Chain to jump off the Sprockets removed in same location Both the gap and the dis. BE SURE to maintain proper gap, tance settings will probably have to be reset after the. Lower Drive Chains first 15 acres of harvesting due to normal break in. wear on Sprocket supports Chains and Crop Guide, The two Lower Drive Chains have individual spring edges. loaded self adjusting Idler Sprockets to maintain proper GATHERER CHAIN TIMING See Fig 5 2. Drive Chain operating tension NO other Chain tension. adjustment is necessary Lock Plates are provided on If either pair of Gatherer Chains get out of time due to a. each Tension mechanism to lockout Spring tension for field mishap or other maintenance requirement reset the. service when required contour alignment of the Belts in the following manner. LUBRICATION NOTE Grease all fittings on a prescribed basis. at the intervals of operation listed before and after. GENERAL INFORMATION storing the unit and as otherwise listed Use a good. grade of Lithium base grease Coat the Rotors and,Knives with grease before storage. A CAUTION NEVER attempt to lubricate the,unit when any part of the machine is in. motion or running ALWAYS BE SURE to, exercise the MANDATORY SAFETY SHUTDOWN KEY TO LUBRICATION.
PROCEDURE page 3 BEFORE proceeding to, lubricate this equipment After Every 10 Hours of Use or daily. It is well to remember that a sufficient amount of oil and I Oil Attachment Drive Chain Lightly. grease will prevent excessive part wear and early failure. After Every 30 Hours of Use or 3 days,GREASING OILING 2 Oil 4 Gatherer Chains. Apply motor oil on all points listed at the intervals speci After Every 50 Hours of Use or 5 days. fied Apply oil used oil acceptable on the Gatherer. Chains after 3 days of use or at 30 hour intervals 3 Oil 2 Rotor Frame Slides. 4 Oil 2 Gatherer Idler Slides, Before greasing the fittings wipe the dirt from the Fitting 5 Oil 2 Lower Drive Chains. to prevent dirt from being forced into the Bearing Force 6 Oil 2 Spur Gears. the grease into the fitting until it comes out at the Bearing 7 Oil 4 Bevel Gears. Seal or at the Shaft To minimize dirt build up avoid 8 Grease 4 Upper Vertical Shaft Bearings. excessive greasing 9 Grease 4 Remote Lower Vertical Shaft Bearings. NOTE Any time a Lower Bearing is removed NOTE After every 100 hours or at least once a. for service and replaced repack the space above the year oil the Cover Hinge.

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