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ARTICLE 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS 1,Section 100 Title and Enactment Authority 1. Section 105 Purposes 1,Section 110 Prior Law 1,Section 115 Conflict with Other Laws 1. Section 120 Authority of the Adirondack Park Agency 1. Section 125 Severability 1,ARTICLE 2 PERMITS AND PROCEDURES 2. Section 200 Applicability to Land Use or Development 2. Section 205 Regulated Uses 2,Section 210 Zoning Permit Types 3. Section 215 Required Information for Application 3. Section 220 Fees 4,Section 225 Issuance of Zoning Permits 4.
Section 230 Termination of Permit 4,Section 235 Site Plan Compliance Letter 4. ARTICLE 3 DEFINITIONS 6,Section 300 Word Interpretation 6. Section 310 Definitions 6,ARTICLE 4 ZONING DISTRICT REGULATIONS 20. Section 400 Types of Districts 20,Section 405 Purpose of Districts 20. Section 410 Zoning Map 20, Section 415 Interpretation of District Boundaries on Zoning Map 20.
Section 420 Changes Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Map 21. Section 425 Use Regulations 21,Section 430 Lot Size and Dimension Chart 21. Section 435 Green Space Buffer 22,Section 445 Density and Lot Calculation 22. Section 450 Lots in Two or More Zoning Districts 22. Section 455 Measurement of Building Setbacks 23,Section 460 Maximum Height 23. ARTICLE 5 COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL FLOATING ZONE 24,Section 500 Intent 24. Section 505 Applicability 24,Section 510 Review Authority 24.
Section 515 District Site Requirements 25, Section 520 Procedures to Create a Commercial Industrial District 25. Section 525 Allowed Uses 26, Section 530 Performance Standards Prohibited Uses 26. Section 535 Site Plan Approval Standards 27,ARTICLE 6 SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS 27. Section 600 Residential Principal Buildings Per Lot 27. Section 605 Existing Undersized Lots of Record 27,Section 610 Non conforming Building Setbacks 28. Section 615 Non conforming Uses and Structures 28, Section 620 Shoreline Vegetative Cutting Restrictions 28.
Section 625 Off Road Parking 29, Section 630 Storage of Petroleum Based Products 30. Section 635 Outdoor Lighting 30,Section 640 Keeping of Farm Animals 30. Section 645 Fences Walls 31, E My Documents Johnsburg Planning Final Submitted to DOS and Printed Word versions ZoningFinal070807 doc. Adopted 8 7 2007,Section 650 Wells 31,Section 655 Flood Hazard Areas 31. ARTICLE 7 SIGN REGULATIONS 31,Section 700 General Provisions 31.
Section 705 Location on Premises 31,Section 710 Signs Not Requiring Zoning Permit 31. Section 715 Signs Allowable by Zoning Permit 32,Section 720 General Sign Regulations 32. Section 725 Signs Allowable by Special Use Permit 33. Section 730 Unsafe Illegal and Obsolete Signs 33,Section 735 Non Conforming Signs 34. Section 740 Measurement of Sign Area 34, ARTICLE 8 ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS FOR CERTAIN USES 34. Section 802 Adult Entertainment Establishment 34,Section 804 Bed And Breakfast Establishment 34.
Section 806 Campground Recreational Vehicle Park 35. Section 808 Condominium and Cooperative Development 35. Section 810 Conversion into 2d or 3d Story Apartment HB1 District 36. Section 812 Fuel Distribution Business 36, Section 814 Home Based Business with Vehicles or Equipment 36. Section 816 Home Based Manufacturing 37,Section 818 Home Occupation 37. Section 820 Individually Sited Mobile Homes 38,Section 822 Junkyards 39. Section 824 Kennel Animal Hospital 39, Section 826 Mineral Extraction Commercial Sand or Gravel Extraction 39. Section 828 Mobile Home Park 39, Section 830 Motor Vehicle Service and or Repair Shop 41.
Section 832 Recreational Vehicles not in Recreational Vehicle Parks 41. Section 834 Residential Cluster Development 41,Section 836 Retail Gasoline Sales 42. Section 838 Tourist Accommodation 42,Section 840 Seasonal Roadside Stands 43. Section 842 Yard Porch or Garage Sales 43, Section 844 Wind Power Generating Facility Residential 43. ARTICLE 9 SITE PLAN REVIEW AND APPROVAL SPECIAL USE PERMITS 44. Section 900 Site Plan Review and Approval General Provisions 44. Section 905 Special Use Permits General Provisions 44. Section 910 General Site Plan Approval Standards 44. Section 915 Development Objectives For Use In Regional Site Plan Review 46. Section 920 Shoreline Site Plan Review Standards 46. Section 925 Scenic Corridor Overlay District Standards 46. Section 926 HB2 District Design Standards 47,Section 930 Main Street Overlay District MSO 47. Section 935 Special Use Standards 48,Section 940 Conditions 48.
Section 945 Application for Site Plan Approval and or Special Use Permit Minor Projects 48. Section 950 Application for Site Plan Approval and or Special Use Permit Major Projects 49. Section 955 Waiver of Submission Requirements 49,Section 960 Reimbursable Costs 50. Section 965 Procedure 50,Section 970 Procedure if Variance Is Required 51. ARTICLE 10 CLASS A AND CLASS B REGIONAL PROJECT REVIEW 51. Section 1000 Purpose and Intent 51,Section 1005 Use Variance from Local Law 51. Section 1010 Review Authority 51,Adopted 8 7 2007, Section 1015 Requirements for Class B Regional Project Approval 52. Section 1020 Application for Class B Regional Project Approval 52. Section 1025 Adirondack Park Agency Approval of Class A Projects 52. Section 1030 Planning Board Authority for Class A Projects 53. ARTICLE 11 APPEALS TO THE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 53. Section 1105 Application for Variance 53,Section 1110 Requirements for Area Variances 53.
Section 1115 Requirements for Shoreline Variances 54. Section 1120 Requirements for Use Variances 54,Section 1125 Grant of Variance with Conditions 54. Section 1130 Appeals of a Decision by the Zoning Enforcement Officer ZEO 54. Section 1135 Review and Approval Procedure 55,Section 1140 Variances Subject to APA Review 55. ARTICLE 12 ADMINISTRATION 56,Section 1200 Zoning Enforcement Officer 56. Section 1205 Duties of the Zoning Enforcement Officer 56. Section 1210 Planning Board 56, Section 1215 Powers and Duties of Planning Board 56. Section 1220 Meetings of the Planning Board 57,Section 1225 Zoning Board of Appeals 57.
Section 1230 Powers and Duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals 57. Section 1235 Meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals 57. Section 1240 Referral to the County Planning Board 58. Section 1245 Amendments 58,ARTICLE 13 ENFORCEMENT 59. Section 1300 Violations 59,Section 1310 Fines and penalties 59. Section 1320 Alternative or Additional Actions and Remedies 60. Section 1325 Administrative Actions Stop work Orders 60. Section 1330 Suspension of administrative review 60. Section 1340 Revocation of permit 61,SCHEDULE A Use Chart. SCHEDULE B Lot Size and Dimension Chart,APPENDIX A Development Considerations. APPENDIX B Development Objectives for Use in Site Plan Review Special Use Permit Review. and Regional Project Review,APPENDIX C Class A Regional Projects.
APPENDIX D Class B Regional Projects,Adopted 8 7 2007. ARTICLE 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS,Section 100 Title and Enactment Authority. The title of this law is the Town of Johnsburg Zoning Law and shall include this text and the. official zoning map, Enactment of this Local Law by the Town is pursuant to the Municipal Home Rule Law of the State. of New York,Section 105 Purposes, The overall purpose of this law is to promote the health safety and general welfare by regulating. the density of population and the location intensity and use of buildings structures and land for. trade residence recreation or other purposes Further purposes of this law are to implement the. goals and policies of the Town of Johnsburg Comprehensive Plan adopted on July 19 2005 and. any amendments thereto, It is the further purpose and objective of this law to ensure optimum overall conservation.
protection development and use of the unique scenic aesthetic wildlife recreational open space. historic ecological and natural resources of the Adirondack Park and to preserve the beauty and. character of the Adirondack Park setting to the benefit of the town residents and visitors to the. Section 110 Prior Law, This law shall replace and supersede the prior existing Town of Johnsburg Zoning Ordinance. adopted on March 2 1964 and any amendments thereto. Section 115 Conflict with Other Laws, Whenever the requirements of this law are at variance with the requirements of any lawfully. adopted rules regulations law or statutes the most restrictive or those imposing the higher. standard shall govern, Section 120 Authority of the Adirondack Park Agency. Nothing in this Local Law shall be deemed to supersede alter enlarge or impair the jurisdiction of. the Adirondack Park Agency pursuant to the Adirondack Park Agency Act Freshwater Wetlands. Act and Wild Scenic and Recreational Rivers System Act to review and approve approve subject. to conditions and disapprove those land uses and developments and subdivisions of land defined. therein as Class A regional projects jurisdictional wetlands activities or rivers projects or otherwise. supersede alter or impair the statutory function duties and responsibilities of that Agency with. regard to matters involving a town in which an Agency approved local land use program has been. validly adopted or enacted Provided that the Adirondack Park Agency cannot in the context of its. Class A regional site plan review override a local decision not to permit a given land use or. development,Section 125 Severability, Should any section of or provision of this law be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction to be. unconstitutional or otherwise invalid such decision shall not affect the validity of the law as a whole. or any part thereof other than the part so decided to be unconstitutional or invalid. E My Documents Johnsburg Planning Final Submitted to DOS and Printed Word versions ZoningFinal070807 doc. Adopted 8 7 2007,ARTICLE 2 PERMITS AND PROCEDURES, Section 200 Applicability to Land Use or Development.
No land use or development shall be undertaken maintained or altered except in conformity with. all provisions contained in this Local Law relating to both the zoning district and the land use area. in which the land water site structure or use is located or is proposed to be located and in. conformity with the permit requirements of this Local Law Where this Local Law is more restrictive. than covenants or agreements between parties or other plans or the regulations of the Adirondack. Park Agency the provisions of this Local Law shall control. Section 205 Regulated Uses, A No person shall undertake any of the following unless a town Zoning Permit has been issued. by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, 1 Construction of any new building or structure one hundred 100 square feet or larger in. ground coverage except swimming pools, 2 Expansion or enlargement of any existing structure if the completed structure is one hundred. 100 square feet or greater in ground area, 3 Placement of a mobile home or the replacement of an existing mobile home with another. mobile home, 4 Change in the use of a building or of land except as provided in Parts B and C of this section.
5 Construction or enlargement of parking lots for non residential uses. 6 Certain signs as provided in Article 7 herein, 7 Yard sales porch sales garage sales and sales of a similar nature which are held fifteen 15. or more days per year,8 Seasonal roadside stands as defined herein. 9 External structural changes or additions to existing buildings within the Main Street Overlay. District per Section 930 Part A, B The following activities do not require the issuance of a town Zoning Permit but must meet the. building setbacks and other requirements of this law. 1 Any swimming pool as defined herein,2 Home occupations as defined herein. 3 Certain signs as provided in Article 7, 4 Keeping of farm animals as provided in Section 640.
5 Fences and walls as provided in Section 645, 6 Storage or occupancy of a recreational vehicle or travel trailer as provided in Section 832. C The following activities are not regulated by this law and do not require a town Zoning Permit. 1 Buildings or structures smaller than one hundred 100 square feet in ground area except for. seasonal roadside stands as defined herein, 2 Expansion or enlargement of any structure that results in a finished structure less than one. hundred 100 square feet in ground area except for seasonal roadside stands as defined. 3 Interior structural alterations or routine maintenance and improvement which does not. expand the exterior dimensions of a structure, 4 Landscaping or grading which is not intended to be used in connection with a land use. reviewable under the provisions of this law,5 Non structural horticultural or gardening uses. 6 The erection of chimneys posts and other similar structures. Adopted 8 7 2007, 7 Temporary yard sales porch sales garage sales and sales of a similar nature which are held.
fewer than fifteen 15 days per year,8 Certain signs as provided in Article 7. 9 Timber harvesting,10 Non commercial sand or gravel extraction. 11 Horticulture not involving the construction of a structure. 12 Municipal roads in hamlet zoning districts HR HB HP HX as designated herein. D The following activities are regulated by this law but require a permit from the Adirondack Park. Agency and not a town Zoning Permit, 1 Class A Regional Projects as defined by the Adirondack Park Agency Act. 2 Any shoreline project requiring a permit from the Adirondack Park Agency pursuant to Part. 577 of the Adirondack Park Agency Rules and Regulations Said permits generally apply to. projects located within one quarter mile of the Hudson River outside of Hamlet or Moderate. Intensity Use land use areas, E A Water Well Construction Permit is required prior to constructing or drilling any water well. See Section 650,Section 210 Zoning Permit Types, Under the terms of this Law the following classes of Zoning Permits may be issued.
A Permitted Use A Zoning Permit for a permitted use shall be reviewed by the Zoning. Enforcement Officer on his own authority Permitted uses are shown with an x on Schedule. A of this Law, B Allowed after Site Plan Approval Uses designated by the letter p on Schedule A herein. require Site Plan Approval by the Planning Board before a Zoning Permit may be issued. C Allowed after issuance of Special Use Permit Uses designated by the letter S on Schedule A. herein require the issuance of a Special Use Permit by the Planning Board before a Zoning. Permit may be issued, D Allowed after a decision by the Zoning Board of Appeals A Zoning Permit shall be issued by. the Zoning Enforcement Officer after issuance of a variance by the Zoning Board of Appeals or. as a result of a ruling on an appeal heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals See Article 11. E Allowed after review and approval by the Adirondack Park Agency Class A regional projects. Section 215 Required Information for Application, Unless otherwise stated all petitions applications and appeals shall be made on forms prescribed. by the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals Completed forms shall be accompanied by. such further information plans or specifications as may be required by such forms and by the. Zoning Board of Appeals and or the Planning Board For any application requiring site plan review. or special use permit a jurisdictional determination is required from the Adirondack Park Agency. The following are required in order to constitute a complete application. A Map Eight 8 copies of a property map drawn to scale shall be submitted with all. applications The map shall be either a Plot Plan Map or a Site Plan Map for Major Projects. 1 Plot Plan Map A Plot Plan is required with all applications for minor projects as defined. herein Such map shall contain sufficient information to enable the Zoning Enforcement. Officer the Planning Board and or the Board of Appeals to make an informed decision Such. map shall show as appropriate dimensions and location of the lot exact size and location of. Adopted 8 7 2007, all existing and proposed buildings proposed location of water and sewage disposal systems. parking areas driveway location watercourses ponds surface drainage patterns flood. hazard areas and location of existing or proposed easements. 2 Site Plan for Major Projects A Site Plan for Major Projects is required for all major projects. that require Site Plan Approval See Section 950 The map shall be prepared by a. professional architect landscape architect engineer or surveyor. B Tax map of parcel proposed for land use and development showing adjacent properties. C Evidence of property ownership agreement or option to purchase with all parties represented. must be provided at the time of application, D Licenses Any use currently licensed by Federal State County or Town Agencies and already.
operating within the town shall present evidence or currently valid licenses before any. expansion permits are considered, E Fee The appropriate fee established by the Town Board in its fee structure shall be collected. at the time of application,Section 220 Fees, Application fees shall be established by resolution of the Town Board. Section 225 Issuance of Zoning Permits, A When all requirements of this Law have been met the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall issue. a Zoning Permit and return one copy of the approved map to the applicant One copy of the. approved permit and approved map shall be filed in the Town Clerk s Office If the permit has. been denied the reasons for denial shall be stated in writing and returned to the applicant. B Class A Regional Projects see Appendix C require issuance of a permit by the Adirondack. Park Agency instead of the Town of Johnsburg In such instance the applicant shall supply. the Town with a copy of the Agency approved application and the Town shall issue a Zoning. Section 230 Termination of Permit, A A Zoning Permit for any building for which construction has not been commenced two 2. years after issuance or for any use which has not been commenced two 2 years after. issuance shall expire and such building and or use may not be established nor construction. begun unless a new permit has been issued, B For purposes of this section land use and development shall not be considered as having.
been commenced when merely the following have been undertaken digging of soil test pits. performing soil percolation tests and other minor site inspections the staking of lots or the. securing of other approvals or permits required by law. C Once a Zoning Permit for any building or use is revoked or has expired construction shall. cease and the use shall not be established,Section 235 Site Plan Compliance Letter. A No person shall occupy or use a structure and or a site which requires a Zoning Permit as set. forth in Section 205 Part A unless a Site Plan Compliance Letter has been issued by the. Zoning Enforcement Officer,Adopted 8 7 2007, B The applicant shall notify the Zoning Enforcement Officer when the structure is ready for final. inspection If satisfied that the applicable State and local regulations pertaining to the project. have been complied with and that the project has been completed as specified on the. approved application the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall issue a Site Plan Compliance. Letter granting permission to occupy or use the structure. Adopted 8 7 2007,ARTICLE 3 DEFINITIONS,Section 300 Word Interpretation. Except where specifically defined herein all words used in this law shall carry their customary. meaning Doubt as to the precise meaning of a word or phrase shall be decided by the Zoning. Board of Appeals,Section 310 Definitions, Accessory Use Any use of a structure lot or portion thereof that is customarily incidental and. subordinate to and does not change the character of the principal land use or development on the. lot including in the case of a residential structure any professional commercial and artisan. activities and other home occupations carried on by the residents of such structures. Accessory Structure A structure which is physically separate from the principal building and. customarily incidental and subordinate to a principal land use or development including but not. limited to garages sheds swimming pools alternative energy systems a guest cottage not for rent. or hire and any moveable structure in excess of 100 square feet in ground area For purposes of. this law fences walls and poles under 40 feet high are not considered to be accessory structures. Adirondack Park Agency or Agency The Adirondack Park Agency created by Section. 803 of Article 27 of the Executive Law of the State of New York. Adirondack Park Agency Act Article 27 of the Executive Law of the State of New York. including any future amendments thereto, Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map The Adirondack park land use and.
development plan prepared by the Adirondack Park Agency as directed by law approved by the. agency on March three nineteen hundred seventy three adopted in subdivision one of section. eight hundred five including the plan map and any amendments thereto the provisions of the plan. as contained in subdivisions three and four of section eight hundred five and sometimes referred to. as the provisions of the plan and any amendments thereto and the shoreline restrictions. contained in section eight hundred six and any amendments thereto. Adult Arcade An establishment where film slides or any other images of specified sexual. activities or specified anatomical areas are available for viewing by the public. Adult Bookstore or Adult Video Store A bookstore or video store where as one of its principal. business purposes offers for sale or rental any printed matter or videocassettes that depict. specified anatomical areas or specified sexual activities For the purpose of this definition a. principal business purpose shall mean that part of the business that constitutes 20 percent or more. of the printed material or videocassettes for sale or rent in the establishment. Adult Cabaret A nightclub bar restaurant juice bar or similar establishment where persons. appear in a state of nudity or where there are live performances films videocassettes or slides. characterized by the exposure of specified anatomical areas or by specified sexual activities. Adult Entertainment Establishment An establishment or any part thereof which includes any of. the following topless or bottomless dancers or waitresses strippers topless hair care or. massages entertainment where the servers or entertainers wear pasties or G strings adult. cabaret adult arcade adult bookstore or adult video store. Adopted 8 7 2007, Agricultural Use Management of any land for general farming truck gardening nurseries. greenhouse orchards raising of cows horses pigs poultry and other livestock for gain or profit. including the sale of products grown or raised directly on such land and including the construction. alteration or maintenance of fences agricultural roads agricultural drainage systems and farm. Agricultural Use Structure Any barn stable shed silo garage greenhouse fruit and vegetable. stand or other building or structure directly and customarily associated with agricultural use. Airport Heliport A place on land designed for the take off and landing of aircraft. Amusement Park An outdoor facility which includes one or more permanent structures and or. buildings where there are devices for entertainment including rides booths games sale of items. or buildings or structures for entertainment purposes. Animal Hospital A business that treats animals and regularly houses them on the premises. overnight and for extended periods for treatment,APA New York State Adirondack Park Agency. Applicant A person applying for a permit approval or variance having a legal interest in the. property that is the subject of the application, Assisted Living Facility for Seniors A residential facility that accepts adults 55 years or older who. by reason of physical or other limitations are unable to live independently primarily for domiciliary. care rather than nursing or medical care, Bed and Breakfast Establishment A dwelling with one or more rooms for overnight. accommodation to transient paying guests and that satisfies the standards of Section 804 Similar. establishments that do not qualify under Section 804 shall be deemed to be tourist. accommodations, Board of Appeals Town of Johnsburg Zoning Board of Appeals.
Boathouse A covered structure with direct access to a navigable body of water which 1 is used. only for the storage of boats and associated equipment 2 does not contain bathroom facilities. sanitary plumbing or sanitary drains of any kind 3 does not contain kitchen facilities of any kind. 4 does not contain a heating system of any kind 5 does not contain beds or sleeping quarters. of any kind and 6 does not exceed a single story, Building Any roofed structure intended for the shelter housing or enclosure of persons animals. or property, Business Office An office or place of business that does not involve the sale of goods or the. keeping of stock in trade Business offices include but are not limited to offices of real estate. insurance accountants doctors dentists attorneys architects surveyors engineers. psychologists and chiropractors, Campground Recreational Vehicle Park Property consisting of a tract of land and providing. ground areas for two 2 or more recreational vehicles travel trailers tents or other temporary or. vehicular structures for over night occupancy primarily but not exclusively for recreational or. vacation purposes,Adopted 8 7 2007, Change in Use A change in the use of a building or of land shall be deemed to occur when the. pre existing use and the proposed use are listed as different uses on Schedule A i e where such. uses are listed on separate rows on said schedule, Class A Regional Project A land use or development which is classified and defined as such in.
Section 810 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act and in this law Also any Class B regional project. or Class B regional subdivision which is also in whole or in part a Class A regional project as. defined in the APA Act a development as defined in the Wild Scenic and Recreational Rivers. System Act ECL sec 15 2703 3 or a rivers project as defined in 9 NYCRR Part 577 a. regulated activity or wetlands project as defined in 9 NYCRR Part 578 shall be deemed a Class. A regional subdivision in its entirety, Class A Regional Subdivision A subdivision which is classified and defined as such in Section. 810 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act Also any Class B regional project or Class B regional. subdivision which is also in whole or in part a Class A regional project as defined in the APA Act. a development as defined in the Wild Scenic and Recreational Rivers System Act ECL sec 15. 2703 3 or a rivers project as defined in 9 NYCRR Part 577 a regulated activity or wetlands. project as defined in 9 NYCRR Part 578 shall be deemed a Class A regional subdivision in its. entirety Additionally any subdivision of a parcel of land which extends into an adjoining. municipality shall be deemed a Class A regional project. Class B Regional Project A land use or development which is classified and defined as such in. Section 810 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act and in this law. Class B Regional Subdivision A subdivision that is classified and defined as a Class B Regional. Project and in the Town of Johnsburg Subdivision Control Law. Commercial Sand And Gravel Extraction Any extraction from the land of more than fifty cubic. yards in any two year period of sand gravel or topsoil 1 for the purpose of sale to or use by. persons other than the owner of the land or 2 for use by any municipality. Commercial Use Any use involving the sale or rental or distribution of goods services or. commodities either retail or wholesale or the provision of recreation facilities or activities for a fee. Condominium A form of ownership of a building or group of buildings and or land in which. dwelling units are owned individually and the structure common areas and facilities are owned by. all the owners on a proportional undivided basis The purchaser has title to his or her interior. space in the building and an undivided interest in parts of the interior the exterior and other. common elements, Cooperative A multi unit project dwelling units offices or commercial shops which may include. one or more buildings on the same lot or property whereby dwelling units offices shops or spaces. common areas and facilities are owned by an organization independent corporation partnership. or other entity for the benefit of those using or occupying the property. Day Care Center A site or building or portion thereof designed and or operated to provide day. care and or instruction for four or more persons and operated for a fee excepting state licensed. group family day care and family daycare facilities for children operating solely within dwellings. as provided in Section 390 of the Social Services Law. Disposal The discharge deposit injection dumping spilling leaking incineration or placement. Adopted 8 7 2007, in or on any land or water so that material or any constituent thereof may enter the environment or. be emitted into the air or discharged into groundwater or surface water. Dock A floating or fixed structure that 1 extends into or over a lake pond or navigable river or. stream from only that portion of the immediate shoreline or boathouse necessary to attach the. floating or fixed structure to the shoreline or boathouse 2 is no more than eight feet in width or in. the case of interconnected structures intended to accommodate multiple watercraft or other. authorized use each element of which is no more than eight feet in width and 3 is built or used. for the purposes of securing and or loading or unloading water craft and or for swimming or water. recreation, Dwelling Unit One room or rooms connected together constituting a separate independent. housekeeping establishment for owner occupancy or rental or lease on a weekly monthly or longer. basis and physically separated from any other rooms or dwelling units which may be in the same. structure and containing independent cooking and sleeping facilities designed for occupancy by. one family, Erect a sign To build construct alter enlarge relocate attach hang place affix or maintain any.
sign and includes the painting of wall signs, Family One or more persons occupying a dwelling unit as a single functional family and including. a group of persons sharing a dwelling unit and acting as a family unit including but not limited to. a family members related by blood marriage or adoption and b unrelated individuals occupying. a residence designed as a single family dwelling as a group and sharing kitchen bathroom and. living area rooms This definition does not include persons occupying boarding houses lodging. houses bed and breakfast establishments motels or hotels but does include residents of an. assisted living facility or community residence occupying a residence designed as a single family. Firing Range A site or building used for the orderly discharge of firearms at targets that may. function as a commercial use or part of a private club. Forestry use Any management including logging of a forest woodland or plantation and related. research and educational activities including the construction alteration or maintenance of wood. roads skidways landings fences and forest drainage systems. Forestry use structure Any barn shed garage research educational or administrative building or. cabin directly and customarily associated with forestry use. Gross Floor Area The total floor area to be used or intended to be used by tenants of a dwelling. or for services to the public as customers patrons clients or patients including areas occupied by. fixtures and equipment used for display or sales of merchandise It shall not include areas used. principally for non public purposes such as storage incidental repair employee restrooms fitting. or alteration rooms or general maintenance or enclosed pedestrian malls or corridors. Group Camp Any land or facility for seasonal housing and recreational educational or business. related use by private groups or semipublic groups such as Boy or Girl Scout Camp fraternal. lodge or university or college conference center outside the campus. Guest Cottage Not more than one residential structure which is associated with a single family. dwelling and which,a is used only on an occasional basis. Adopted 8 7 2007, b is used only by guests of the resident s of the single family dwelling. c is not for rent or hire separately from the single family dwelling. d contains one half or less of the enclosed floor space of the associated single family dwelling. or 2 000 square feet whichever is less and, e otherwise meets the definition of accessory structure. Hazardous Chemicals Solid liquid or gaseous substances which pose a potential hazard to. human health or the environment when improperly treated stored transported disposed or. otherwise managed including but not limited to hazardous substances designated by the U S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 311 of the Clean Water Act 40 CFR 116. Hazardous Waste A waste or combination of wastes which because of its quantity. concentration or physical chemical or infectious characteristics may a cause or contribute to an. increase in mortality or an increase in irreversible or incapacitating reversible illness or b pose a. present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly treated stored. transported disposed or otherwise managed, Home Based Business with Vehicles or Equipment Business operated by the resident of a.
residential property that involves the storage or parking on said property of a total of two or more. but not more than four 4 of the following vehicles or equipment truck or trailer greater than 20. feet in length any piece of earth moving equipment any well drilling rig or any other similar heavy. equipment or vehicle used in the conduct of the business Such businesses include but are not. limited to independent trucking construction well drilling or earth moving businesses. Home Based Manufacturing A commercial use located on the property where the business owner. resides involving the manufacture and sale of goods including but not limited to wood products. furniture boats canoes ceramics quilts baskets crafts or electronic or computer equipment. Home Occupation Any personal professional service or business use conducted entirely within a. dwelling or accessory building and carried on by a resident of the dwelling unit which use is clearly. incidental and secondary to the use of the property for residential purposes and that does not. change the exterior residential character thereof, Hunting and Fishing Cabin A cabin camp or lean to or other similar structure designed for. occasional occupancy for hunting fishing or similar purposes which may include a pit privy and a. kitchen sink but may not include amenities such as electricity utilities mechanically pressurized. water or external sanitary sewage systems, Industrial use Any manufacturing production or assembly of goods or materials including any on. site waste disposal area directly associated with an industrial use This term does not include. mineral extractions private and commercial sand and gravel extractions sawmills chipping mills. pallet mills and similar wood using facilities, Junk Equipment Any equipment which meets all the following conditions a It is either. abandoned wrecked stored discarded dismantled or partly dismantled b It is not in working. order c It has remained unused for more than one year. Junk Mobile Home Any manufactured housing unit designed with a chassis and constructed to. be towed or otherwise transported whole or in part to a site and which is designed to permit. occupancy for dwelling sleeping or storage purposes and which meets all of the following. conditions, 1 it does not meet the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and. Building Code for residential occupancy and,Adopted 8 7 2007.
2 it is either unoccupied stored abandoned wrecked discarded dismantled or partly. dismantled, Junk Motor Vehicle Any motor vehicle whether automobile bus trailer truck tractor motor home. motorcycle all terrain vehicle mini bicycle or snowmobile or any other device originally intended. for travel on public highways which meets all the following conditions It is 1 unlicensed or. unregistered and 2 abandoned wrecked stored discarded dismantled or partly dismantled. and 3 not in condition for legal use upon the public highways. The fact that a motor vehicle does not display a current motor vehicle registration or license plate. shall be presumptive evidence that such motor vehicle is not in condition for legal use upon the. highways With respect to any motor vehicle not required to be licensed or a motor vehicle not. usually used on public highways the fact that such motor vehicle is not in condition to be removed. under its own power shall be presumptive evidence that such motor vehicle is a junk motor vehicle. unless refuted by verifiable and credible proof,Junkyard Includes any of the following. a The outdoor storage of two 2 or more junk motor vehicles. b The outdoor storage of one 1 or more junk mobile homes or travel trailers. c The outdoor storage of two 2 or more pieces of junk equipment including junk farm or. construction equipment, d Any open lot or area for the dismantling storage or sale of such items as parts scrap or. salvage of machinery scrap metals waste papers rags or used or salvaged building. Kennel Land or building in which four 4 or more dogs more than six 6 months old are housed. groomed bred boarded or trained for a fee or are kept for sale. Land Use Area Those areas delineated on the official Adirondack Park Land Use and. Development Plan Map adopted under Article 27 of the Executive Law of the State of New. York and designated thereon as Hamlet Moderate Intensity Use Low Intensity Use. Rural Use Resource Management and Industrial that are delineated on the. Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map and any amendments thereto. Land Use or Development or Use Any construction or other activity that materially changes the. use or appearance of land or a structure or the intensity of the use of land or a structure Land use. and development shall not include any landscaping or grading or ordinary repairs or maintenance. or interior alterations to existing structures or uses. Light Industry A manufacturing or maintenance facility where any process is used to alter the. nature size or shape of articles or raw materials or where articles are assembled and where said. goods or services are consumed or used at another location This term does not include mineral. extractions private and commercial sand and gravel extraction sawmills chipping mills pallet mills. and similar wood using facilities or any manufacturing or assembly facility that involves a the. manufacture of hazardous chemicals b the use of petroleum based products except as incidental. to the primary industrial use c the outdoor storage of scrap metal or junk d the creation of solid. liquid or airborne hazardous wastes e the creation of smoke or airborne particulate matter. except as incidental to the main industrial use or f the creation of noise which would have an. adverse impact upon neighboring properties, Lot or Lot of Record Land or parcel of land not divided by streets or roads occupied or. unoccupied or to be occupied by a building and its accessory buildings and that is recorded by. deed or survey in the Office of the Warren County Clerk.

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JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR ANANTHAPURAMU-515 002 (A.P) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Prof. S.V.Satyanarayana, Dt:20-10-2016 Ph.D(IITK). Director, Research & Development. IMPORTANT CIRCULAR Sub: Research Centre Guidelines & Application format-reg. ***** Please find herewith Research Centre Guidelines & Application format. The affiliated Colleges completed 3 years of

Shoulder Joint Replacement New - hips & knees

Shoulder Joint Replacement New hips amp knees

Shoulder Joint Replacement The Shoulder Joint Shoulder is a "ball-and-socket" joint. A "ball" at the top of the upper arm bone (the humerus) fits neatly into a "socket," called the glenoid, which is part of the shoulder blade (scapula). The Shoulder Joint Anatomy Text String, Shoulder is a 'ball-and-socket' joint. A 'ball' at the top of the upper arm bone (the humerus) fits neatly into a ...

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Improved File Synchronization Techniques for Maintaining

Improved File Synchronization Techniques for Maintaining Large Replicated Collections over Slow Networks Torsten Suel Patrick Noel Dimitre Trenda?lov CIS Department Polytechnic University Brooklyn, NY 11201,, Abstract We study the problemof maintaininglarge replicatedcollec-tions of ?les or documents in a distributed ...

Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Design & Verification ...

Clock Domain Crossing CDC Design amp Verification

This paper details some of the latest strategies and best known methods to address passing of one and multiple signals across a CDC boundary. Included in the paper are techniques related to CDC verification and an interesting 2-deep FIFO design for passing multiple control signals between clock domains. Although the design methods described in the paper can be generally implemented using any ...

An Introduction to Islamic Securities (Sukuk)

An Introduction to Islamic Securities Sukuk

An Introduction to Islamic Securities (Sukuk) Pegah Zolfaghari . Abstract . Islamic securities (Sukuk) are hybrid securities bearing features of stocks and bonds, altogether. Similar to stocks, they indicate a type of partner- ship and holders of Sukuk will be considered as the owners of underlying asset or project for finance of which, Sukuk have been issued. Theoreti-cally, these holders ...



Candidates and centres are reminded that written papers are now scanned in and marked on computer screens by Examiners. Consequently, if a candidate writes the answer to a question on an additional page they must indicate very clearly to the Examiner where their revised answer is to be found. Also if answers have been crossed out, the new answers must be written very clearly so that Examiners ...


TRAINING MANUAL rainfedindia org

1 CHAPTER - 1 Scope of Fisheries in Rainfed areas 1.1. Introduction Realization of potential of fish production is untapped in rain fed areas across the country.



ACCOUNTS (858) Aims: 1. To provide an understanding of the principles of accounts and practice in recording transactions and interpreting individual as well as company accounts. 2. To develop an understanding of the form and classification of financial statements as a means of communicating financial information. CLASS XI. There will be . two . papers in the subject. Paper I - Theory: 3 hours ...

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BaCnet Protocol revision: 10 Product description: Humidity and Temperature BACNet MS/TP Smart Sensor Master device EE210D or EE160D (derived from EE210D). 2. BaCnet StandardIzed devICe ProfIle (annex l) BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) BACnet Operator Display (B-OD) BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC ...

Advice for newcomers - CNRS - DGDR

Advice for newcomers CNRS DGDR

guide sets out the principles and best practices of health and safety in a wide range of situations commonly encountered in our establishment. However, it is not exhaustive. It is therefore important for you to talk to the health and safety officer, who can explain to you the particular risks in your unit and who may add specific instructions to the information you have already been given. The ...