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served in the Philippines including navy survivors rescuers and. an employee at Onoda Cement Factory, Bouei Kenshusho now The National Institute for Defense Studies ed. Senshi Sosho War History Series Imperial Naval,Headquarters and Combined Fleet No 5 in Japanese. Asagumo Shimbunsha 1974, Motoharu Gotou Nichibei Kaisen wo Suku pu sita Otoko A Man. who scooped the Outbreak of War between Japan and the US. Shin Jinbutsu Ohrai Sha 2009 first published as Kaigun Hodo. Senki Rengo Kantai Shirei Chokan Nazo no Junshoku in 1975. Dear reader Contact Terry Shima 301 987 6746 ttshima comcast net for. any factual matters or remarks, Summary The exploitation of the Imperial Japanese Navy Z Plan Z. is claimed to be one of America s greatest intelligence victories during WW II in. the Southwest Pacific War Area SWPA Written by Admiral Mineichi Koga. Commander in Chief of Japanese Combined Pacific Fleet and refined by his staff. on March 8 1944 and entitled Combined Fleet Secret Operations order. Number 73 the Z Plan was designed to protect the Marianas area from enemy. occupation Koga viewed this area as the last line of defense of the Japan. homeland The Z Plan contained two features i e the extensive use of land. base aircraft and a diversion or decoy to trap the US Navy. On March 31 1944 Admiral Koga and Vice Admiral Shigeru Fukudome departed. their Palau headquarters in separate aircrafts for their new headquarters in. Davao Philippines Both planes encountered a huge tropical storm Koga s. plane disappeared and all personnel were declared dead Fukudome s plane. was ditched off the coast near Cebu City and he and 13 naval personnel. survived They were rescued by Filipino fishermen who also retrieved the Z. Plan that floated near the shore, The acquisition of the Z Plan was achieved because a number of elements came.
together 1 it was spotted and picked up on the shores of Cebu Philippines. by patriotic Filipino villagers who sensed the importance of the documents 2. there was effective Filipino guerrilla coordination with the American stay. behind contingent 3 the successful clandestine submarine rendezvous at a. pre arranged location in southwest Negros Island and the 8 day submarine trip. to Darwin Australia despite experiencing depth charges 4 the skills and. professionalism of the 5 Military Intelligence Service MIS translators at the. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section ATIS located in Australia 5 the. timely delivery of the Z Plan to the naval commanders the users before the. launch of the Philippine Sea invasion 6 thanks to the Filipino guerrillas the. capture of the highest ranking Japanese officer a vice admiral and 7 a little. The Z Plan contributed to US naval victory to control the sea around Marianas. which contributed to the capture of Saipan Guam and other islands in the. Marianas and contributed to the invasion of the Philippines American bombers. now had the platform to bomb Japan and return The fact that Admiral Soemu. Toyoda successor to Admiral Koga used the Z Plan with minor revisions to. construct his Sho Go Plan suggests that Japanese Navy high command had. accepted VADM Fukudome s statement that the Z Plan sank with his aircraft. Following the war now full Colonel Ohnishi was summoned by the military. court and was expected to be given the death sentence LTC Cushing testified. that Ohnishi did not violate his promise of cease fire during the negotiations. for exchange of prisoners Following the testimony Cushing approached. Ohnishi and shook his hand The court ruled Ohnishi was not guilty It is an. irony that in his message to Cushing to negotiate the POW exchange he ended. his letter we will meet on the battlefield one day. Dr Greg Bradsher NARA s senior archivist and RADM Edwin T Layton Chief. of Intelligence at CINCPAC during WW II had high praise for the intelligence. value of the Z Plan Bradsher said historians acknowledge that the exploitation. of the Z Plan was one of the greatest single intelligence feats of the war in the. Southwest Pacific area SWPA,The key dates are, April 1 1944 Vice Admiral Fukudome splashed down near Cebu Island rescued. by Filipino villagers and turned over to Filipino guerrillas who in. turn turned them over to LTC Cushing commander of the US. stay behind contingent, April 3 1944 Filipino villager found the Z Plan passed it to Filipino guerrillas. who delivered it to Cushing s headquarters, April 10 1944 LTC Cushing released VADM Fukudome and other Japanese. naval personnel to Japanese Army Fukudome did not have. possession of the Z Plan when he crash landed or when he. was released to Japanese forces, May 11 1944 US submarine picked up Z Plan clandestinely in southwest. Negros Island Eight day trip to Darwin Australia, May 28 1944 Special officer courier hand carried translated Z Plan to.
CINCPAC headquarters Hawaii, June 8 1944 Z Plan delivered to US naval commanders at Eniwetok where. they were planning the invasion of the Philippine Sea. June 19 20 1944 Japanese Navy defeated in the Battle of Philippine Sea. End Summary and Chronology, Information from US source Dr Greg Bradsher s article in Prologue Magazine. Fall 2005 is in black font, Information from Japanese source is in bold blue font followed by S K. Information from Filipino source is in bold red font followed by M F S. Z Plan Time Line Key dates, April 18 1943 As the result of American interception of a Japanese naval. message sent five days before from Rabaul that provided his travel itinerary. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto s Commander in Chief of Japanese combined Pacific. Fleet air convoy was demolished by P 38 fighter planes dispatched from. Guadalcanal s Henderson Field He was killed President Roosevelt approved. the shoot down, April 21 1943 Admiral Mineichi Koga succeeded Admiral Yamamoto as CINC of.
the Combined Japanese Pacific Fleet Fukudome appointed as Chief of Staff in. May Koga considered the Marianas his last line of defense to protect the Japan. homeland and the Japanese interests in southeast Pacific He believed Japan s. one chance of success was a decisive naval engagement to defeat the US Navy. August 25 1943 Koga wrote the Z Plan February 1944 Koga received General. Staff approval The Z Plan was Admiral Koga s master plan that involved. Japan s total naval and air power, February 16 17 1944 Americans attacked Truk Japan Pacific Fleet. headquarters, February 23 1944 Admiral Koga moved his headquarters from Truk to Palau. March 31 1944 Admiral Koga was forced to move his headquarters the second. time in a year this time from Palau to Davao Mindanao Island Philippines. Koga and Vice Admiral Shigeru Fukudome Koga s Chief of Staff and 14 officers. left Palau about 10 00 PM via separate four engine Kawanishi HSK2 flying boats. patrol bombers for Davao ADM Koga entrusted VADM Fukudome to. transport the Z Plan 9 40 PM Dr Shinzo Kitamura S K. April 1 1944 Admiral Koga s plane vanished in the typhoon and all were. presumed to have perished At 2 30 AM 2 54 AM S K Fukudome s plane. with 14 officers aboard encountered the same typhoon causing the pilot to. ditch the plane two and one half miles from shore at Talisay then known as. Magtalisay located about 10 miles south of Cebu City Cebu Island in southern. Philippines VADM Fukudome s plane ditched between Talisay and Barrio Bas. 33 kilometers south of Cebu City COL Manuel F Segura s Tabunan The Untold. Stories of Cebu Guerillas in WW II M F S Fukudome was thrown from the. aircraft and survived by grabbing a floatable seat cushion 21 persons in. aircraft 11 sank with plane or drowned one Tanigawa swam to Onoda. Cement Naga Factory leaving 9 survivors rescued by Filipino fishermen S K. There are no indications Fukudome looked for the portfolio that contained the. Z Plan Fukudome later told the Japanese Navy the Z Plan sank with the plane. Around 11 00 AM Ricardo Bolo barrio chief of Talisay his brother Edilberto and. Valeriano Paradero paddled their banca canoe towards the survivors The. villagers pulled out of the water 11 survivors including Fukudome his aide the. pilot co pilot warrant officer and 6 petty officers Ricardo Bolo procurement. agent of food stuff for LTC Cushing s guerrilla heard the unusual commotion in. the sea during the early morning of April 1st At dawn he brother Edilberto and. friend Paradero at early dawn left shore in two bancas toward the Japanese. survivors Taking two survivors at a time they made several trips to shore By. 7 00 AM the survivors were all ashore By this time 4 guerrilla lieutenants. volunteer guards had arrived One Japanese sailor resisted caused trouble. and was killed by Roque Bacla an in a rage before anyone could stop him The. other Japanese had their wrists tied The Japanese brought to shore a dead. comrade Two strong survivors swan to Barrio Sangat where they reported to. Vicente Rabor the puppet mayor of San Fernando Rabor took them to the. nearby Japanese garrison at Tina an Naga Ricardo Bolo led the march inland. towards LTC Cushing headquarters supported by the volunteer guards. Fukudome because of his disability was carried by the VGs volunteer guards. M F S Two Filipino villagers saw two survivors on a reef and padded towards. them became afraid abandoned their banca and swam ashore The Japanese. survivors jumped in the banca and paddled away from the scene They met the. Mayor of San Fernando who was appointed by Japan and who took them to the. Japanese Army garrison Bolo directed that the Filipino rescue party escort the. Japanese to Barrio Balud and into the mountains where they were turned over. to Filipino guerrillas Bolo supported the Filipino guerrillas At about 10 00 AM. a Japanese search plane with pontoons flew slowly overhead Bolo had his. men and the survivors travel along a dry creek under cover of trees Sometime. later Bolo turned over the survivors to Teopisto Tangub of Barrio Sangat. commander of a company of VG volunteer guards of San Fernando which was. under the supervision of Lt Juan Tirad The Japanese conducted day and night. search operations to locate the survivors The villagers were arrested on. suspicion of knowledge of the survivors whereabouts Old folks were tortured. and infants were killed In addition to inquiries about the survivors the. Japanese asked about documents and papers All the while the guerrillas and. survivors made their way slowly to central Cebu island The prisoners bare feet. were getting sore from cuts by the rough and rocky trails thus slowing down. the group s progress considerably M F S, April 1 1944 5 00 AM Tanigawa a survivor above came to Onoda Cement. Naga Factory located in the north of the crashed point where he met Onoda. employee J Ozaki At Tanigawa s request Ozaki arranged to have Tanigawa. driven to the Naval base The factory sent two search boats and the Navy sent. two trucks south however they returned without any information about the. Japanese survivors The naval base sent two search planes and 12 search boats. but they could not locate the survivors A naval officer told Ozaki and his Onoda. colleagues to keep this matter secret The naval base cabled to the 3rd Southern. Expeditionary Fleet in Manila S K, April 1 1944 Fukudome injured his leg when the plane crash landed and was. carried on a make shift stretcher While the survivors were on their way from. Barrio Balud to Barrio Basak a Japanese float plane buzzed the village. apparently looking for the survivors The Japanese launched a massive search. for the survivors and the documents Japanese threatened killed Filipinos. burned villages to get information about Fukudome and the documents From. Barrio Basak the guerrilla escort headed for Barrio Nag arco guerrilla depot. where Capt Jose Ponce joined the group During the trip the guerrillas learned. that the Japanese did not fear fire arms but feared the 20 inch Bolo knife. known as the pinoti M F S, April 1 1944 0300 hrs 3rd plane left Palau with clerical staff and.
communications equipment Arrived at Davao safely S K. April 2 1944 Early morning possibly before 3 00 AM The 3rd Southern. Expeditionary Fleet Manila sent a cable to the Ministry of Navy Tokyo In. Davao the commander of 32nd Special Base Force Tokubetsu Konkyochitai had. been waiting for the arrival of Adm Koga and his staffs But they did not. appear They knew then some accident had occurred They learned about the. crash landing of Fukudome s plane This was cabled to Tokyo before 3 05AM of. April 2 Adm Shiro Takasu of the South West Area Fleet was appointed as the. Acting Commander of the Combined Fleet Members of the 3rd Southern. Expeditionary Fleet were concerned about the secret documents and also. cipher or code books which had been carried by Vice Adm Fukudome and a. staff officer Commander Yuji Yamamoto The Fleet sent a ship Kourei maru and. others and planes for searching at dawn of April 2 Also they intercepted an. American message from Mindanao to Australia and wondered if it were related. to Fukudome The Navy continued to keep this matter secret from the 31st. Independent Mixed Brigade Army in Cebu S K, On the second day the party passed through Balongag and Sak sak At Barrop. Lantawan at about one PM Gregorio Tangub took over leadership of the group. for the trip to LT Varga s headquarters where they arrived at nightfall This was. in the vicinity of Kadomgan Carcar They stopped here for the night The. following morning after a hearty breakfast Lt Salvador Varga led the group to. the command post of Co A 87th Inf Regt at Calapayan They then proceded to. the headquarters of Capt Marcelino Eridiano at Binabug Pinamunjagan M F S. On April 3 day 3 the party crossed the Talisay Toledo road and at Calactogan. Sab on the prisoners had a respite from the constant walking as their burns. sores and lacerations were being treated by Maj Ramon S Torralba at the aide. station there From there the trails became steeper and they wound their way. ever upwards into the guerrillas mountain stronghold M F S. April 3 1944 Day 3 In the morning Pedro Gantuangoko a shopkeeper at. Perilos a village further down the beach from Barrio Talisay saw an object. floating in the water He had his neighbor Opoy Wamer fetched the box. about 50x40x20 CM in size that was covered with oil opened it and saw a red. leather portfolio with large golden Japanese characters The two hid the box in. their banca until dark On the third day April 3 1944 a wing of the crashed. plane washed ashore at Barrio Valladolid Carcar and other parts of the. wreckage washed ashore at Barrio Perilos In that vicinity near Sitio Tuyom an. innocent looking leather portfolio was picked up by Pedro Gantuanko who. hastened to turn it over to Lt Varga of Carcar With the Kempeitai questioning. people about documents Gantuangko feared for his life As soon as the. portfolio was out of his hands he fled to Pangangan Island one of the many. islets of Bohol This is at variance with item in black font below When the. Japanese showed up at Pangangan Gantuangko fled to the forested area of. Martom Catigbian Bohol Ten Japanese naval vessels were seen patrolling the. area between Cebu and Bohol M F S At noon the next day Japanese soldiers. appeared on the beach looking for documents They searched the. neighborhood but did not search the banca That night the two retrieved the. box opened it and saw about a half dozen packets which were wet They laid. the documents on the split bamboo floor to dry The Navy decided the. accident be called the Otsu Jiken or Otsu Incident The Naval Ministry and. the Naval General Staff Tokyo sent messages classified TOP SECRET on Otsu. Jiken to main naval subdivisions S K, April 4 1944 Gantuangoko and Wamer took the documents to another house. to dry for another day then put them back in the box and buried it This is at. variance with Segura who said Gantuangoko turned over documents. immediately to guerrilla The captives were taken deep into the hills above San. Fernando heading towards Barrio Tabunan the headquarters of Cebu Area. Command of the Guerrilla movement the American stay behind contingent. comprised of a few Americans and several thousand Filipinos commanded by. LTC James Cushing 1908 1963 a former mining engineer in Manila The. chain of command was Cebu Area Command to GHQ SWPA General. Headquarters Southwest Pacific Area located at Brisbane Australia On April. 4 Adm Osamu Toyoda was appointed unofficially as the successor of Koga S. April 7 1944 LTC Seiichi Ohnishi Commanding Officer of the 173rd Battalion of. the 31st Independent Mixed Brigade had its headquarters at the Onoda Cement. Naga Factory Onishi was not informed about the incident until April 8 when. the Brigade headquarters MG Tsuyoshi Kohno commanding ordered him to. mount a rescue operation with 2 3 of his battalion commencing on April 8. Ohnishi knew that LTC Cushing s headquarters was at Tupas Ridge of Mt. Mangabon And that his young wife and a 4 year old son were with him. Ohnishi used his 2nd and 4th companies and 2 platoon from the 3rd company. Other elements of the battalion were deployed elsewhere S K. April 7 1944 Japanese continued to conduct a campaign of terror burned. villages and killed civilians to uncover information about Fukudome and the. missing documents They searched Gantuangoko s village combed the beaches. and the village went on a house to house search They did not find any. documents The Japanese returned to the village again the following day. Japanese centered their search for documents at Perilos because each test box. the Japanese ocean current experts floated in the water at the crash site ended. at Perilos Gantuangoko was becoming frightened by the Japanese pressure. and brutality He dug up the box and gave it to the Filipino guerrillas who in. turn delivered the document to Cushing Gantuangoko s motive for hiding the. box Z Plan on his premises was not stated Guerrilla couriers carrying the. documents began the trek to Cushing s headquarters This is at variance with. Segura who said Gantuangoko turned over documents immediately to the. guerrillas, April 8 1944 The party reached a rest area near the guerrilla aid station near. Caloctogan near Barrio Tabunan Fukudome was weak from his injury and had. a fever of about 104 degrees Cushing s doctor treated Fukudome and other. injured survivors, April 8 1944 In the late afternoon an urgent message arrived at Cushing s. headquarters Two Japanese columns were rapidly approaching our areas and. one was suspected to be heading for Tupas Ridge A runner was dispatched to. verify the information And before our transmitter for Australia closed down to. maintain radio silence and prevent its disclosure our location to the enemy we. had gotten off a message to GEN MacArthur in Australia informing him of the. prisoners and asking advice on what action to take We also gave the. precarious situation we were in describing the Japanese penetration The men. guarding the prisoners were alerted to be ready to evacuate them to. Kamunggayan across the ravine to the west The base hospital was being. evacuated With the expected arrival of the advancing Japanese column it was. an uneasy night for the guerrillas and civilians alike M F S. April 9 1944 Ohnishi s headquarters joined with the 4th company Although. there was a small fight with a guerilla group they reached the prescribed. position at dawn of April 10 S K, Barrio Tabunan was the innermost barrio of Cebu City and site of LTC Cushing s.
GHQ Reports were received of a massive 7 point offensive by the Japanese. forces Japanese planes had started to drop leaflets and the father of one of. guerrilla nurses who was being held prisoner of the Japanese in Cebu City was. released to deliver a letter to LTC Cushing signed by the Japanese Army. commander of Cebu demanding the return of survivors documents and papers. Reports identified the Japanese invading force as the Ohnesi Butai a well. equipped highly trained over strength regiment which garrisoned on the. island of Cebu It was commanded by COL Seito Ohnesi Most of its members. were veterans from the battlefields of Manchuria LTC Ohnesi personally led. this punitive actions in which whole villages were brutalized along the way and. countless men women and children were tortured and killed Cebu Area. Command headquarters normally stationed at Barrio Tabunan was made mobile. and was located west and lower than Tupas Ridge Cushing left with a party. across the ravine to the east of Tupas Ridge to warn the Base hospital personnel. to evacuate the area and to make arrangements for his wife Feliza Fritzi. Tabando Cushing who was living nearby to proceed to a safer place It was. here on Tupas Ridge on the trail from Cantipla after seven long and suspenseful. days of dodging Japanese columns that the prisoners march was brought to a. weary and now uncertain halt The prisoners displayed discipline When we. entered the nipa hut they realized that we were officers and they immediately. formed a line on one side of the small room with the most ranking officers on. the left Two of the prisoners whose feet were in very bad condition and whose. faces and arms showed unhealed burns presumably suffered during the burning. of the seaplane when it crashed crawled to their places in the line of prisoners. who were on their knees Every time we offered them cigarettes they would. first look towards their leader on the left for guidance and if accepted they. would accept one by one down the line The leader was a big man by our. standards was also fairly fat His face and figure reminded us of the statue of. Buddha commonly seen in the stores in downtown Cebu city The next officer. who identified himself as Commander Yamamoto was the one who spoke fairly. good English and was apparently the second in command The last two in the. line were apparently enlisted personnel and were of the happy go lucky type. The Japanese officers observed some protocol for when we tried to talk to the. leader he would speak in Japanese through Yamamoto who then talked directly. to us in English But when COL Cushing came in and talked to the leader he. would answer directly in fluent English commander to commander To the. lower ranking officers he spoke through Yamamoto who acted as interpreter. Their leader identified himself as Admiral Twani Furomei commander of land. and sea forces of Mukassar M F S, On April 9 1944 a follow up radio message in code was sent M F S. TO GENERAL MACARTHUR,FROM CUSHING,MR 8 9TH APRIL, REFRENCE TEN JAP PRISONERS THEY CAME FROM FOUR MOTORED PLANE. WHICH CRASHED OFF SAN FERNANDO AT TWO O CLOCK IN THE MORNING THIS. 1ST APRIL THEIR NAMES, GENERAL TWANI FUROMEI COMMANDING OFFICER OF LAND AND SEA FORCES. IN MACASSAR,YOJI YAMAMOTO MARINE OFFICER BOUND FOR MACASSAR. YASUKICHI YAMAGATA,MATSUTARE OKANURA AVIATOR,USHIKISA INANISHI.
YASUKICHI YAMAGATA YAMAGATA,MATSUTARE OKAMURA MATSUTARO OKAMURA. USHIKISA INANISHI YOSHIHISA IMANISHI,KEIS OKUJESIMI BUNZO OKUIZUMI. TOMIDO OLASOGI TOMEZO URASUGI,TUSHIDO OKADA TOSHIRO OKADA. NASATUSI YUSITO MASATOSHI YOSHIZU,TAKASHI TANIGAWA TANIGAWA swam to Onoda. April 9 1944 At early dawn a runner came to Tupas Ridge and reported to. Major Jesus Susing Ybanez that a Japanese column was just behind him along. the trail from Tap tap the little hill at the north end of Tupas Ridge No sooner. had the runner jumped into the fox hole Filipino commandos open fire killing a. Japanese Fritzi was in a cave between Tupas Ridge and Cantipla A barely. visible trail led past this hideout which was off another trail on a ledge 12 feet. high When the ladder used to climb the ledge was pulled up it was next to. impossible to locate or gain access to this hideaway Mrs Cushing was. accompanied by T Sgt Epifanio Loyola the Colonel s cook Mrs Cushing s maid. a few others a fox terrier and a Great Dane The commandos guarding the. prisoners began to move them Sgt Alfredo Marigomen and Sgt Melton were. responsible to help the Admiral on a stretcher Commando Pedro Gabriel. carried Commander Yamamoto The Japanese prisoners were hurried along the. preselected trail to Kamunggayan and from there to the rendezvous point at. Masurela M F S a member of the guerrillas described the firefight in detail. April 8 or 9 1944 Not having received any reply from Australia COL Cushing. called his top officers to a conference Among those who came were the. commanding officers of the four infantry regiments LTC Rogaciano Espiritu of. the 85th LTC Maximo Albinda of the 86th LTC Abrel Trazo of the 87th and LTC. Almendras of the 88th Also present were COL Baura M F S MAJ Fernando M. Villamor Asst COS for Operations G 3 Maj Ybanez MAJ Daniel Iwy ACOS for. Personnel G 1 MAJ Bernard Hale MP Battalion commander Major Bonsukan. Area Signal officer MaJ Agaton Medina ACOS for logistics G 4 was not at the. meeting he was out in the north procuring supplies M F S. Questions arose was GEN MacArthur too busy to respond to our messages. Was this admiral of no importance to SWPA By this time the prisoners were. already evacuated from Tupas Ridge to Kamunggayan and were securely. guarded in the nipa hut Commando Sgt Alfredo Marigomen and Sgt Meliton. Engagan had charge of Admiral Furumei and CDR Yamamoto was carried by. Commando Eduardo Gabriel to the nearby forest of Cantipla amid the confusion. of the pitched battle around the ridge Were the lives of 8 Japanese prisoners. worth the lives of over a hundred Cebuanos M F S, April 9 1944 Cable LTC Cushing to Brisbane GEN MacArthur s headquarters.
in Australia Cushing says he has ten prisoners and documents at his. headquarters at Tupas Ridge Admitted the wounded to base hospital. Fukudome s aide Commander Yamamoto who spoke some English gave. evasive answers to questions Said Fukudome was General Twani Furumei. commanding officer of land and sea forces in Macassar Celebes Dr Dirk Jan. Barreveld said Fukudome was the only Japanese admiral taken prisoner Also. he was the only chief of staff taken prisoner in the whole war According to. interrogation of Fukudome possibly in Tokyo on December 9 12 1945. Fukudome said he was treated well by Cushing met his wife and 10 year old. daughter 4 year old son S K Barreveld said Cushing did not have children. the child Fukudome referred to was possibly one from the neighborhood. Segura M F S in discussing Cushing s family did not mention children. Fukudome said Cushing addressed him as General and Fukudome decided not. to correct him Fukudome said Mrs Cushing made coffee for him Said Cushing. visited Japan before the war on business and had friends in Japan Said he was.

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