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Theory of City Form 201 Literature referred to in Tuesday
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11 330 THEORY OF crTY FORM Spring 1978,SOME lOn S ON ADAPTABILITY. General definition the future cost discounted to the present of adapt. 1ngthe spatial system to possible new future functions In the general. form it is an 1mpossi le measure since we hsve not specified CC3tS to. whom nor what functions nor when nor to wh lt level of perfor lance. More li ted definitions, 1 Ada tab1lity is a easure of the costs to so oue at some specific fu. ture date dis cuntedto the present reqtlired to adapt a site to some. defined ch ge at some level of perfor ce such as adjusting it to. a cnrked incr ase or decre e in th intensity of its present use or. converting it to th moet l ely reploc e t activity nere the costs. or the actors o the ch ges are multi enbior l there w ll be multi. ple 1 ndices r iices might be eighteci or r ke into aCCOV l the pro. abillt of the futun c unse orthe degree ot benefit gained bi the. adaptation Tl s e3S re relies on gocd pr dicticn, 2 A more restricted llle iSure is m llit ulabilit 1 in wllich e con i ier cllly. those changes in the 8pati 1 system which can be achiev d by individuale. or scalI groups 4t low ost in short tica wi h little poli i al. lever ge Givt n sF ec ed l cits of this 1c illc the measur s woul j be. the degree of change that could b achieved under tnose lil lits i e. the nUCIber of new fU lc ions that could or could n ot be ecco ciated. the increase in intensity th t eould be accepted etc. 3 Another measure i re s bil tj or the cost of re urning the sitE to. lame previous condition Istural or ur occupied pre ur a ly Where. it could be held in rcsc ve or c zveloped in a new way The uatural. condition gust be carefully defined to ensur that it will itself bG. highly daptable, If Still ana the mcasu re is resilience in w hi h a specified ileyere dis. ruption is igposed on the spatial system earthquake fire attack. plag e ab ndonm nt nd rc cccupation etc and the Measure i the. speed with which fu ction can be re cstabli hed at previoU l levels of. perfor a ce without exceeding a given rate of C03t or vice versa. the coat of restoration witinn a certOlin t So ial reso lrce l y b. more critical here than spatial ones, S A final easure is actually quite different innov tiveness or the.
Ability of a spati land institutional syste to s nerOlte test ru d. facilitate new cnvi on nt u nnci beh 1vic ral possibilities This is. Much vaguar pe hapa gore i port t and nct further considered her. Cor llCCeiml to othe V prasu bly ad i t ility is valu ble for su. vival for cn l for ma ntaiD n3 f tu e choice 0 reduci fu r. cost end aloo for lnc cas n6 re le choi A manipulable pla e. CDn b conciuc ve to par c t on 1d develc nt It UGuc lly con. flict with effic enc c proci tion end per 1ps at ti s th fit. 11 330 Theory of City Form Adaptability 3, Adaptability usually entails substantial economic costs which may in part. by circumvented by us ng cheap excess capacity unserviced open space for. exa ple or reservoirs of waste or features which are useful for other. reasons good cOlll llunications for eXaI lple But recycling growth room. mobile and temporary facilities and good info tion planning and control. all impose present costs The discount rate is crucial to the evaluation of. adaptability although planners should have a professional bias toward a. low discount rate Effective adaptability depends on good prediction of. what i8 likely to change or of what is likely to be valuable in the future. for example and on good disseoination of inforcation so that decision. makers can, take advantage of the adaptability that in fact exists I e. the perception of adaptability is in itself important and perceived adapt. ability may have psychological value even if never used Prediction and. dissemination both entail cost of their o m On the other hand there are. distinct benefits in adapting or costs in not doing 60 The costs and bene. fits will accrue to differe t people of course, There may also be social political and psychological coots apparent waste. disorientation uncertainty a characterless or unstimulating environment. An extremely adaptable or responsive environ nt would pr ably be intolerable. The stability of the large physical environment y be one of its assets. Design stratcgies may reduce SOCl of the pol i tical IILd psychological costs. of adaptability the location of pe ncnt sY bolic land arks in a shifting. IB ldscape for elcaICplc In sc e c es it y be an objecti e to reduce. acaptability i e to icpose arbitrary c rtainty by increasing the cost of. future adaptation lOfo r evt r wild lO or to reduce future choices to a few. manageable possibilities, Systematic m2asu cs of adapr bility could be useful in programming in. de9ign in cost bene it evaluation in managecent in mskin decisione. t easurcs are likcl 0 i used L l an incremental 0 1 which alternative has. the more adaptability or in satisficing the ccst of adaptation must. never be higher than SOlr e arbit ary figure or a certain degree of indi. vidual manipulation must always e possible P cgrams might state the. maximum allowable cost for adapting to some likely succcssor use or for. restoring the site to its previcus condition Or there might be more spe. cific physical rules i e to every unit of 1000 square feet of floor. apace it must be possible to ake a 50 addition without disru ting any. other area Random perturbations might be used to test simulated proposals. Kevin Lynch,Y hi o 02 V jv P OY 1,I I L tlr7k 1 r A V 1.
iJ J I li 1 2p 7J rr t t 7J em lYl fn,PI 7rr rr Z O 117 671 1 h lO. imp r w J r 7l v UJ Cr,I t 1 r r J t Y ni Uv,t YZr lvi v I qV if d t 12 ofl 7 i 10K l. 7ff Vr mtry V JrvYeJTfJ,7 Y JJ rf a 7 7i JC rJ 7J J m rcnt v y c. I l U f U f tf I,TfYu em Jf rr o j l,r mp o J Y P7J1 7 7 P VJ I Wf. H y r fi C i ry l n t T,1J n 7J n G l t r V IY A 1 T.
Yt i V t YJ7 rrV J fir Y0ffj 19,7p nrOJ Pi7p 111 fjf ff Y U O 0 I. YY0r f P O r1n 7 r r C Y I CO t J,l v 1 1J1 ircl p 1. G rr 7Jl r P x r Vi A,v i J l yy J j,3 y rG7J r JPP Yu V 1 Tr J. r cY l lJl 1 t f m W,v f4 J f J J I,rJ flfr d7 79O o rd 7 7 r Y. l lJ l 5t 0rzP YT rt VJVlh n,I V1 p y f ryn I J r l o 1 1 I YlJ.
r Y1rv r YJ f 1 PJ r pm,J cr 1 r p d 3 7 i Jrf 0 YV 7J 1. rG lr o57 r3 v AIAr c l Jol J,t3 1 o jYVn7 1 a 1 Y v r m l 9i t7 Y YV. fJ 7 0 v t U U to U,72t r f 2A r f V 0 ry vY y,JI l rr ll I fJ. r xl 0 P P vyiJ A ylc J 0r n o ry t V J i,J I f f u u U 0 r. P F7 rJ u o W J t wW f nA s,t2i ft r r 1 l f t I rrP 7 31J tf f 70.
P7 V 7J rr O Y J 6,P J yr n f vYOct CJ t i 1,r r rr r J fJ rnt 5h Uo1m. v rl71c r G1 r YP 0 i,oir frvj P 14YY 11,v er 77 C 1i J U I P v. l DJ J I afl Y V J Y1 iI7R,The Grunsfeld Variations. Image courtesy of the M IT Dept of Architecture 100. MIT OpenCourseWare,http ocw mit edu,4 241J 11 330J Theory of City Form. Spring 2013, For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use visit http ocw mit edu terms.

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