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THE PATCHWORK PLANET,Quilting in Hungary, When Kinga Tibor of Hungary found she didn t and sew them together again but when it s ready he likes. have enough of a certain fabric left over to make a wall them. carpet she found herself vulnerable to the call of quilt There is not a long tradition of quilting in Hungary. ing We moved into a new home and I wanted to create but the country has a rich textile tradition particularly. a real children s room for my sons I bought a dark cur embroidery we have several other old traditional Hun. tain fabric with white stars and yellow moons on it and I garian sewing techniques Kinga says For example em. thought I would buy some extra of it and I would use it broidery from the Kalocsa region Matzo embroidery. as a wall carpet cross stitch,When I was ready Zsinoros string. with the curtain I embroidery which,realized that the rest is very similar to. wasn t enough for the Celtic tech,the wall Here nique lace from. sometimes it hap the Halas region,pens the shop runs surratetes etc.
out of a specific Despite this,kind of textile and tradition of hand. you have no hope to work Kinga notes,find the same one some frustration re. That s exactly what garding local re,happened with me sources for. That evening I saw quilters There are,a nice quilt in an several textile. American movie I shops in Hungary,liked it and I started but as I saw on the.
thinking about it A internet there are,couple of days later more in the US and. I talked about my you don t need to,plan among my worry if you didn t. friends and I got to buy enough of a,know that there is a specific kind of. woman lives not too textile I don t com, far from my home who makes quilts and she is an in plain because if you want you can create fantastic things. structor of quilting courses I became a member of her from these narrower scale too. club and I have already learned a lot of interesting things There are more and more shops selling supple. about quilting ments for quilting but it isn t an everyday thing and only. This was about nine months ago Her family was a a few can afford it but you can buy the same cutting. little bit puzzled about her new pursuit but they grew tools needles and threads like in your country The ba. enthusiastic I m making my second blanket for my sic difference in your country is that sometimes there is. younger son who is hardly able to wait until it s ready a sponsor but here in Hungary you can only find spon. Kinga says My husband s opinion it s strange to buy a sors for soccer therefore we have to deal with it from. large piece of textile to cut it in several smaller pieces our own power I m among the lucky ones because I. The Virtual Quilt Page 15, have internet access I made several friends and I got a aren t for beginners but for advanced makers There is a.
book was sent by a women and a magazine sent by an shop in Budapest you can buy books magazines but. another of my friend It is very valuable here and I shared these are too expensive for an average Hungarian Here. them with my mates is an example the average net monthly income is around. There is a national quilting guild in Hungary head 150 200 A book at the USA 25 here is 40 So this is. quartered in the capitol of Budapest Founded in 1989 too expensive but I m not complaining because there. it has about 600 members and Kinga estimates there are are some friends of mine abroad and they bring me maga. are about 2 000 more in local clubs Hungarian quilters zines as a gift instead of chocolate. also participate actively in European quilt exhibitions Kinga acknowledges that she is among the fortu. Kinga has found her quilting horizons broadened nate in having internet access and the international con. by the internet She was an early member of Planet tacts it brings But she is joined in Hungary by several. Patchwork s Quiltopia mail list and has made many thousand people who are carrying on the quilting tradi. friends there These friends have been a source a sup tion and bringing new dimension to it as her nation. port and of something more There isn t any regular emerges from the Cold War For Kinga it all began with. magazine and there are three books published and writ an unfinished project and an American movie. ten by Hungarian authors Unfortunately these books. Featherweight 221,by Nancy Johnson Srebro,These classic sewing machines have. earned a cult following and this is the,cult s handbook This book is a must. have for Featherweight owners It s 184,pages of lore and history as well as prac. tical advice on maintenance and opera,tion of these popular little machines. The Planet Patchwork Online Store,is one of the only places you ll find this.
book for sale and we ve got it at a dis,Click here to get. your hands on,this terrific,The Virtual Quilt Page 16. BOOK REVIEWS,Ribbonry Visited Quilting,Begun Free Stuff. The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling tion as well There s an early chapter entitled Starting. C T Publishing 1996 Simple which takes us through the easiest blossoms. 144 pages 25 95 Other chapters cover more dif, h t t p w w w a m a z o n c o m e x e c o b i d o s ficult models and techniques. ISBN 1571200207 planetpatchworkA Her copy is broken into read. able chunks with large topic, Art Inspirations Judith Baker Montano headings and lots of visually.
C T Publishing 1997 friendly white space Photo,144 pages 19 95 graphs are interspersed with. h t t p w w w a m a zo n c o m e x e c o b i d o s A S I N text and illustrations giving. 1571200371 planetpatchworkA this book a unique format The. illustrations and explanations, A Passion for Ribbonry by Camela Nitschke are clear and the photographs. show fabulous antique and,Martingale Company PasTimes Imprint. modern ribbon designs from a,144 Pages 29 95, h t t p w w w a m a z o n c o m e x e c o b i d o s variety of collections Ms Kling encourages us to ac. cept our own creative sensibilities and doesn t offer us. ISBN 156477211X planetpatchworkA, projects to copy just a book full of ribbon blossoms.
accompanied by enough friendly advice and confidence. Christmas Ribbonry by Camela Nitschke building instruction to get us going There s an index in. Martingale Company PasTimes Imprint the back along with an annotated list of ribbon supply. 128 Pages 29 95 sources, h t t p w w w a m a zo n c o m e x e c o b i d o s A S I N Two books by Camela Nitschke A Passion for. 1564772284 planetpatchworkA Ribbonry and Christmas Ribbonry share the same vi. sual lushness as Candace Kling s book but have a slightly. different focus Ms Nitschke is certainly interested in. By Lynn Holland ribbonry and runs a store of the same name in Perrysburg. Ohio However Ms Nitschke s works focus more on her. Ribbons are traditional symbols of femininity artistry than on developing the talents of the reader Both. Many baby girls leave the hospital with bows snapped of Nitschke s books offer a wonderful showcase of her. velcroed or pasted to their heads as a means of an gorgeous home and workplace and yes do include in. nouncing their gender It is no wonder that as adults structions for replicating some of her opulent designs. women are still drawn to the beauty of ribbon as an adorn However much of these books remind me of a Tour of. ment for their clothing accessories and homes Several Homes We are allowed to wander through the lifestyle. new books offer a luscious look at ribbonry Even if you of the rich and famous but few of us ever hope to own. have little or no interest in mastering the craft yourself what we view One particularly lovely mantle decora. they are pictorially rich and worth a look tion requires 60 yards of ribbon for the main blooms. The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling is a great alone and we can pretty much guess we will not find. primer for the novice and has enough tips and tricks in this material on clearance in our lifetimes Almost half. the text to offer the more advanced ribboniere instruc. The Virtual Quilt Page 2, of her first book is devoted to the history of ribbons and Nitschke s ribbon work is I have difficulty liking these. her life of privilege with beautiful photography included books and feeling comfortable with them Nevertheless. On page 68 of 140 in A Passion for Ribbonry we finally they are gorgeous books to view and worth a look if. get to the how tos To her credit the instructions are you too have a passion for ribbonry. clearly illustrated and well described so that if we ever. got our hands on some pricey stuff from Camela s shop. we would not ruin it And for those of us with no imagi Your First Quilt Book or it should be. nation Nitschke s project instructions relieve us of hav by Carol Doak. ing to be original and allow us to create some beautiful That Patchwork Place 1997. items 224 pages 19 95, Truthfully I tend to like books that offer some au h t t p w w w a m a zo n c o m e x e c o b i d o s A S I N. tobiographical information and artist s comments and 1564771989 planetpatchworkA. insights along with instructions One such book related. to ribbonry is Judith Baker Montano s book from C T s Reviewed by Christina Holland. Art Inspirations series Anyone who loves Montano s. This wasn t my first quilt,book That dubious honor. goes to Start Quilting by Alex, Anyone who loves Montano s Anderson which is a fine.
creations will find this book book with fun and simple. wonderfully forthright and projects Since then I have. forthcoming about her read a few others and I ve, background her artistic picked up a few tricks through. development and her own observation combined with,trial and error However al. creative processes most everything I ve learned, so far seems to be included in Your First Quilt Book or. it should be So I guess it should have been, creations will find this book wonderfully forthright and The very first thing in the book is a diagram and. forthcoming about her background her artistic devel glossary of common terms to enable the tourist and the. opment and her own creative processes Even though new immigrant to pick up the language of quilt land I. Baker Montano comes from a well to do Canadian fam admit to not knowing before this book exactly what. ily that once owned the Bar U Ranch her book makes quilt as you go meant see page 12. you feel right at home She talks freely about influences Next the reader is introduced to fabrics This sec. on her life and work and discusses her techniques in some tion explores the right and wrong ways of juxtaposing. detail The book is a work of art itself with Baker fabrics of various color value contrast and type and size. Montano s work vintage photos and odd and ends of of prints This is the only chapter other than the gallery. memorabilia decorating each page along with family to feature color pictures and she s not miserly about it I. members modeling various creations count 20 color photos in 7 pages plus assorted gray scale. However Nitschke s ramblings about her one of diagrams illustrating the effects of different choices ex. a kind dresses as a child and spending quiet evenings ample the green in the first group top is too intense. reading in the library of her home are more off putting for the colors in the other fabrics The green in the sec. than endearing Quite possibly Nitschke has as interest ond group bottom works better because it is similar in. ing a story to tell as Baker Montano and the intent of intensity or defining textures calicos mini prints airy. her books may have been to tell it However rather than dot geometric and so on And Carol Doak even deals. draw us into her world and her development as an artist with what to do if you run out of one of the fabrics in the. her books keep us at arm s length As beautifully photo middle of a project. graphed as these two books are and as lovely as After fabrics naturally comes an introduction to. The Virtual Quilt Page 3, tools This is a short but informative section I tend to proceed in each case Finally binding is explained and.
think that for a beginning quilt book the list of recom the book closes with a collection of templates a collec. mended tools is a bit too comprehensive I certainly don t tion of quilting designs and a list of suggested further. own everything on this list yet I ve managed to produce reading. 2 full size quilts and a handful of miniatures The list Bottom line you probably should buy this book If. could also use some prioritizing it s not alphabetical you are about to start your first quilt this will get you. or in my opinion in order of importance First come through it If you ve already done your first 1 2 or 20. graph paper and colored pencils while items such as quilts but still have to look through your entire quilting. scissors seam ripper rotary cutter cutting mat and ro library to figure out the measurements for setting tri. tary rulers come at the end after miscellaneous angles or the proper way to sew along the bias this will. provide some welcome consolidation However this is. not your last quilt book The selection of patchwork. blocks is kind of skimpy and many great techniques. The list of recommended tools such as paper piecing are totally ignored This book can. is a bit too comprehensive I only cover so much but it does a very good job as a. beginner book,certainly don t own everything,on this list yet I ve managed to. produce 2 full size quilts and a Free Stuff for Quilters on the Internet. handful of miniatures By Judy Heim and Gloria Hansen. C T Publishing 1998,174 pages 16 95, h t t p w w w p l a n e t p a t c h w o r k c o m s t o r e. Once you know the language the fabric and the index cfm DID 21. tools you re ready to go First though there s the chap. ter on patchwork block designs which also tells how to Reviewed by Rob Holland. draw any block any size without unwieldy math and, the chapter on patchwork technique which in the be Judy Heim and Gloria Hansen have become the. ginning is as much a discussion of philosophy as any gurus of computer and internet use for quilters Their. thing else Definitely take the time to take the prefer last book A Quilter s Computer Companion brought. ence test on the question of hand versus machine piec a vast array of useful information to. ing For the record I am a machine piecer but now I gether in one place on how comput. know why ers can enhance our quilting In this, Your First Quilt Book or it should be provides 8 new book they focus more narrowly. different projects all of which are simple enough for a on the internet and provide a practi. beginner yet interesting enough to be worth doing The cal useful volume that fits nicely in. projects are chosen to include a variety of techniques that little bit of space between your. Some use templates some use sequences of cuts cut a computer and those piles of papers. 3 1 2 square then cut it in half diagonally to make 2 My copy shows the effects of liberal. triangles Techniques such as laying out on point strip thumbing as I cruise to all the won. piecing sashing and corner squares are highlighted derful sites they list and annotate. There s a gallery with a color photo of each project and Free Stuff is a well organized and sprightly com. detailed step by step instructions One especially nice pendium of web and maillist resources for quilters It is. thing is that in the margin of each page in the projects laid out in such logical categories as Quilt Patterns. sections are two drawings of what your stitch should Quilt Fabric and Batting Advice Sewing Machine. look like whether it is done by hand or by machine Help and dozens of other useful subjects Judy and. This book also includes a good discussion of Gloria comment on each site often showing their trade. whether to hand quilt machine quilt or tie and how to mark sense of humor Perhaps as useful as their website. The Virtual Quilt Page 4, annotations are the chapters of general guidance and well the creative process Perhaps my favorite chap.
advice for quilters on the net Especially if you are a ter is near the end of the book Entitled Help Keeping. newcomer such topics as Anatomy of a Web Browser the Creative Fire Burning it contains a selection of quite. and How to Download Software from the Internet are remarkable links which should assist quilters in this. indispensable They also address the subject of chan somewhat mysterious area. nels a new way of receiving information over the net Most TVQ readers have been on the internet for a. and the controversial and much misunderstood topic of while and would benefit greatly from this book But if. cookies Should you accept them or should you reject you have a friend who s been resisting your urgings to. them You might be surprised by the answer get with the internet program a gift of this book may. Although quilters thrive on practical advice there be the way to convince her. is a larger dimension to the art which needs nurturing as. Quilt Shop Service Discount Prices, 20 off retail on most items When you visit PineTree Quiltworks website catalog don t forget to check. out the Virtual Fabric store where fabric is discounted With more than 2500 bolts on the floor more fabric goes. on the website catalog each week at prices 20 off retail. Don t miss PineTree s New Stash Stockers tm the exciting selections of six fat quarters from top manu. PineTree now carries the complete line of EQ software including New SEW PRECISE stand alone software. for foundation piecing You ll find it with EQ 3 and Block Base software and the books TOO MUCH FUN EQ3. SIMPLIFIED The Basics and the EQ3 BLOCK BOOK, PineTree is proud to offer Quilter s Cotton fine cotton batts as well as the full lines of Hobbs and Fairfield s. cottons blends and polys Look for tools to make applique easier and more fun fabric and hand care products. pencils and markers templates and template plastic needlecraft gloves rotary cutters and related supplies rip. pers clippers snippers and scissors machine sewing needles seven brands of hand sewing needles includ. ing Jeana Kimball s renowned Foxglove Cottage needles basting systems thread including Mettler and Gutermann. cotton sewing and quilting Tire silk sewing and Sulky rayon metallic and sliver and new Roxy 100 cotton. thread on economical 1200 yard spools patterns and. There are many more books at PineTree than you ll find in the books listing online so if you don t see what. you want e mail and ask All books are discounted 20. Just scope out the website catalog at http quilt com pinetree and place your credit card order from the. new secure website order form Visa MasterCard American Express and Discover are welcome. Free with each order a hard copy of the catalog and a Mettler thread color card. PineTree is online to answer questions about quilting products at mailto pinetree quiltworks com. The Virtual Quilt Page 5,It s FAT QUARTER TRADE DESERT THREADS. time at the QuiltBroker Custom Embroidery and Screenprinting. Want to make a splash at the next guild meeting or. Two for Two Two for Two Two for Two Two,quilt show We embroider Ocean Waves Jacob s Lad. for Two Get any 2 QUILT LABELS of your choice, der Shoo fly and three other popular quilt designs on t.
in exchange for any 2 FAT QUARTERS that you, shirts sweatshirts and large zippered tote bags Avail. send with an S A S E, able in a variety of colors on six different colored gar. Mail fat quarters Self Addressed Stamped En, ments these designs will be the envy of your quilting. velope with your choice of quilt labels to Heidi at. FQT Special, We also specialize in custom logos for quilt guilds. Design Plus, and businesses Also available are quality embroidered.
907 Columbia Road, custom labels for quilt backs No minimum quantity is. Fort Collins CO 80525,required and vendor inquiries are welcome. See quilt label choices at,E mail us for more information at. http www quiltbroker com, mailto bob desertthreads sparks nv us or visit our. website at http www greatbasin net desertthr You can. SILVER DOLLAR take a look at our designs and order online using our. automated form, SHEEP STATION Desert Threads 195 Regier Springs Drive Sparks.
NV 89436 702 425 2726,The MINI DUST IT Genuine sheepskin duster on. a 6 stick that is perfect for picking up dust and lint from. your sewing machine and serger Soft beautiful sheep. skin won t scratch polished surfaces Picks up the lint. THE QUILT BLOCK, and tiny threads doesn t spread them around Prevents. lint build up Inexpensive way to protect expensive sew We are a cottage industry located just outside of. ing machines and sergers Fun and handy to use Also Yosemite National Park We specialize in clothing and. works great on the computer patterns for quilters and for people who love quilts. Price 3 50 each including mailing, We offer t shirts and sweatshirts in sizes from me. To order send check to dium to xxx large All of our quilts are machine pieced. Most of our patterns are easy enough for beginning. Silver Dollar Sheep Station 5020 Winding Way quilters The photo at right shows our watercolor. Sacramento CA 95841 800 887 8742 E mail sweatshirt called Kristie s Watercolor There are 361. mailto Sheep50 aol com pieces in the quilt Come see what else we have to offer. SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Because at our website at http www sierratel com thequiltblock. we manufacture the Mini Dust it to a very high stan. dard we currently have a supply of imperfects They Or e mail for more information to. may be thinner and not as pretty or have some other mailto gastinc sierratel com. defect but they still work great, And best of all we offer these to you for just 1 The Quilt Block P O Box 127 Midpines CA 95345. including postage You can order them at the address. above and enjoy this wonderful product at a bargain 209 742 5418 Fax 209 742 7662. The Virtual Quilt Page 6,News notes,Betterton Enshrined.
Internationally known quilt researcher and curator Sheila Betterton has become the 31st quilter to be inducted into. the Quilters Hall of Fame located in Marion Indiana She will be honored in a ceremony at the Hall of Fame in. July 1999 Sheila who lives in Bath England has been curator of textiles at the American Museum in Britain. where she assembled an impressive quilt collection. C T Celebrates 15 years, Congratulations to C T Publishing of Concord California which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this fall. C T continues as a family run business publishing some of the finest quilting books in the world by such top. name authors as Yvonne Porcella Joen Wolfrom and Paula Nadelstern among many others Todd and Tony. Hensley currently run the firm that was founded by their parents Carolie and Tom. San Jose Museum Sponsoring Benefit Auction, The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles will offer donated quilts from well known artists in an auction. scheduled for November 14 The quilts can be previewed at the museum at 110 Paseo de San Antonio beginning. November 4 More information is available by calling 408 971 0323. MAQS Museum Receives Federal Grant, The Institute of Museum and Library Services has presented a grant to the Museum of the American Quilters. Society to assist them in record keeping and preservation of their 170 quilt permanent collection. African American Quilters of Los Angeles show, The 11th show of work by this group will be held at the Carson Community Center at 801 East Carson Blvd. Carson California November 13 14 More info write Rosalee Watson 10640 Ruthelen St Los Angeles CA. Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Exhibit, A Century of Quilts A Contribution of 20th century Quiltmaking will be on exhibit at the museum in Golden.
from November 3 through January 2 1999 For more information e mail RMQM worldnet att net. Logan Lap Quilters, This guild in Columbia South Carolina is holding its annual show entitled Quilt Tales at the United Methodist. Church 3401 Trenholm Road November 6 7 E mail OnGrain aol com for more info. The Virtual Quilt Page 7,CALENDAR REVIEW,Maui to Liverpool. scheme and subject matter are well matched to each. American Quilter s Society month The quilts featured are detailed enough to keep. 1999 Wall Calendar your interest through the month that your calendar is. 8 95 turned to each All of the major national U S Chris. tian and Jewish holidays are noted plus election day. Reviewed by Christina Holland and the beginning and end of daylight savings time More. importantly it also notes National Quilting Day and the. There is something for everyone in the AQS 1999 dates for the 1999 American Quilter s Society show. Calendar March s quilt Interwoven Puzzle by Judy Now the only question is do I put it up at work by. Mercer Tescher speaks to my mathematician s heart but my computer or at home by my sewing machine. you don t need to be mathematically inclined to appre. ciate its wonderful combination of purples and golds or. its three dimensional effect I lived for a few years in. Hawaii so December s offering Remembering the,Norfolk Pines of Maui by Judy Schwarzmann does. bring back memories Made in the traditional Hawaiian. quilting style it s an intricate delight I also love In the. Garden by Sue Holdaway Heys and her Tuesday night, friends May I especially applaud the fabric choices. the chair actually looks like the paint is just starting to. crack in spots,My absolute favorite quilt in the,calendar though is September The.
Beatles Quilt by Pat Holly and Sue,Nickels is pink and green and just a. little bit psychedelic It s great fun to,pick out the references in the vari. ous blocks So far I ve found Yellow,Submarine Penny Lane the Long. and Winding Road Octopus s Gar,den and Norwegian Wood This quilt. won Best of Show from the AQS and,it deserved to win.
Those are just my favorites,though You ll have a good time pick. ing out your own Some are geomet,ric and some look like oil paintings. They are each extraordinary for their,patchwork quilting or applique or. for a combination of several tech,Overall this is a pretty and in. teresting calendar The quilts color,The Virtual Quilt Page 8.
SCHOOLHOUSE ENTERPRISES,in association with planet patchwork. Gridded Geese c is a unique paper foundation method for mass producing Flying Geese. units up to 24 at once no kidding Schoolhouse Enterprises inventors and manufacturers. of this revolutionary product offers both an on line. http www planetpatchwork com store index cfm DID 21. and printed version of their catalog, The folks at Schoolhouse Enterprises and Planet Patchwork search for items for quilters. and friends of quilters which are unique and often overlooked by other catalogs you might. connect with Check out their on line catalog which offers such interesting items as Photos. to Fabric tm photo transfer paper Ott Lights and Planet Patchwork t shirts sweats and. tote bags all at discounted prices And while you re visiting be sure to check out the cur. rent Monthly pecial, And in case you haven t heard Schoolhouse Enterprises is now even better They now. offer an on line shopping cart service in conjunction with Planet Patchwork You can safely. order online through Planet Patchwork s secure server with your credit card. If you re not able to access the web page just e mail Schoolhouse Enterprises. mailto gridgees algorithms com with your snail mail post office address for your FREE. CATALOG and Sample of Gridded Geese c Sorry but Samples are only available in the. printed catalogs,an amazing reference,THE book to integrate the art of Quilting. with the skill of the Computer,A must buy if you quilt and compute.
These are just some of the things that average quilters had to say. about The Quilter s Computer Companion a book by Judy Heim and. Gloria Hansen that brings computing and quilting together Packed with. information about computers both IBM PCs and Macs quilting soft. ware and the Internet this book should be occupying that spot next to. your sewing machine or next to your computer or making frequent. trips between both, The Quilter s Computer Companion is on sale now at the Planet. Patchwork Schoolhouse Enterprises Online Store,The Virtual Quilt Page 9. QUILTER PROFILE,Suzanne Marshall, Suzanne Marshall was one of the first quilters I and before long I started another quilt That was close. encountered on the internet Her work was and still is to 20 years ago. displayed at an elegant website erected by her children There is no quilting tradition in Suzanne s family. and hosted by Washington University of St Louis but she did have some significant quilt experiences as a. http cmdfs1 wustl edu quilts srm html It was child My parents received a quilt as a wedding gift. there that I fell in love with the least traditional and least and I always loved looking at it while growing up When. typical of her quilts The Mastectomy a strong primi I was a small child my father sewed a bunch of fabric. tive story quilt scraps together to,about her experi make a crazy quilt. ence with breast type piece of cloth,cancer A prize win and my mother.
ning quilter who has sewed a skirt out of,displayed in many it for me It was my. shows Suzanne has favorite skirt and,a distinct style and got many compli. a sharp sense of hu ments But neither,mor which finds its one of them made. way into her quilts quilts,I was very pleased Suzanne is a. this year to see that self taught quilter,she has published a and doesn t apolo.
book with AQS en gize for it In fact,titled Take Away she says it has many. Applique advantages As a,Despite her self taught quilter. many honors I ve always made,Suzanne is very un things by trial and. prepossessing she error experiment, gives a down to earth account of her origins in quilting ing along the way And who knows if I m making quilts. I started quilting because our four children needed cov the right way even now I have been told occasionally. ers on their beds I went to the public library checked by people You re breaking the rules But since I don t. out a book selected a pattern and made a very simple know what the rules are what difference does it make. patchwork quilt out of accumulated scraps that I had been My take away applique method evolved because I didn t. saving from home sewing projects I used a cut up ce really know the right way to place multi pieced appli. real boxes for templates It turned out to be a fairly small que patterns on the background in a way that everything. quilt because I got tired of putting the patchwork to lined up easily and perfectly So in one sense not taking. gether and after all our daughter was small and didn t classes motivated me to search for a way that worked. need a very large quilt That library book was the im for me Even with all of the classes out there in the quilt. petus for looking at other library books about quilting ing world it s important for each quilter to find the. The Virtual Quilt Page 10, method that feels comfortable after all there are sev When I find an ancient illustration I begin by making.
eral ways to do the same thing enlargements of the original design on a copying ma. As the title of her book indicates Suzanne s pre chine and from there start adding my own details and. ferred technique is applique I am definitely attracted substitutions My collection of animal and flower draw. to applique because personal experiences can be stitched ings comes in handy as I can place them on the enlarge. as well as old embroideries or tapestries architectural ment and see how they fit in various places I m careful. details mosaics or ancient art that catches my eye I to use only ancient pieces to adapt because I don t want. just finished an adaptation of a Russian folktale illustra to infringe on something copyrighted Borrowing old. tion done in l905 by Ivan Bilibin Since I travel quite a designs from other sources used to make me feel guilty. but now I feel that it is a wonderful way to keep the. designs alive through history The Adam and Eve quilt. that I made was adapted from a l7th century embroi. dery which was the size of a piece of notebook paper. which in turn was adapted from a l6th century Bible. frontispiece The frontispiece is thought to have been. adapted from a l5th century Venetian drawing So from. drawing to Bible to embroidery to quilt the piece, evolved through history from one art form to another. using many of the same elements but taking on each. maker s own personality in each new form,Suzanne also gets inspiration from the natural. world One of my newest quilts uses animals from my. own photographs taken in South Africa and Madagas, car That was especially fun for me Looking through. the eye of the camera I tried to imagine how the animal. position might look as an applique pattern Then once. the pictures were developed I had great fun going, through them and picking out the ones that I wanted to. simplify and applique In some cases I actually com. bined a couple of photographs within the same appli. que square I would like to do more experimenting with. photography for applique patterns in the future,Once the design and top construction are done.
bit with my husband who is a scientist and invited to Suzanne does her own hand quilting In typical fashion. speak various places I often find ideas or tidbits of she has developed a personal style for this as well I. things to use in my quilts while on these trips The Rus quilt without a frame or a hoop I baste the quilt to. sian folktale illustration was found in a book in a library gether extensively with large basting stitches going in. in Brisbane Australia and sang quilt to me I actually every direction diagonals horizontals verticals curves. spent a day in the library in Brisbane looking for a new and circles Once the quilt has been basted and it usu. idea for a quilt When I saw this particular illustration ally takes me parts of two days to do this for a full size. it looked like I could adapt it to compose a pattern using quilt I can move around the house catching the best. lots of the animals birds bugs and flowers that I love light of the day or even take it to my neighborhood sew. to sew This particular quilt took 11 months to make ing group I nearly always have a small piece to quilt on. and was a real challenge for me trips unless I m working on some applique. All of the items ideas and objects mentioned As for the actual QUILTING it seems that I move. above and more provide inspiration for Suzanne s quilts the quilt up to meet the needle more than moving the. and she has developed specific techniques for using them needle down through the quilt and back Actually it s. At the same time she is carrying on an ancient tradition kind of a dual process Since the quilt is flexible with. The Virtual Quilt Page 11, out a frame it is easily manipulated and the fabric of the at pictures of my quilts so they could decide whether. quilt is put on the needle being held by my right hand they agree with the judges or not. with the left finger that has been pricked from under I included comments made by my husband in my. neath My stitches are tinier that way book too He s a big fan of quilts and takes a real inter. Since she doesn t take classes one of the ways in est in what I make He often gives advice which I may. which Suzanne gets or may not follow I,feedback on her really appreciate the. quilts is by entering fact that he s inter,them in shows She ested and loves to go. learns from the to quilt shows,judges comments When I give lectures. benefiting from this he often comes along,contact with the and runs the slide.
quilting community projector some,even if she doesn t times he can t resist. win a prize In Take making his own,Away Applique she comments during the. even includes the program,judges comments on Although. many of the quilts Suzanne s quilts,presented there I in were on the web. cluded the negative early she says she,comments as well as does not use a com.
the positive com puter in her work I,ments she says I do however hear. have actually learned from quilters around,a lot from judges the country on e ail. comments and en and it s a wonderful,tered my first na quick way to corre. tional competition spond especially,because I wanted helpful when setting. some feedback as a self taught quilter I had no idea up lectures or workshops I lectured in South Africa a. what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong I couple of years ago and it was extremely valuable to be. have incorporated some of the suggestions that judges able to e mail back and forth to work out details about. have made when making future quilts In other cases I the trip I think that the computer must be a valuable. have ignored them after all I m not making quilts just tool for many people and I may SOMEDAY decide to. for the judges and the first person who needs to be sat experiment with it but at this time I d MUCH RATHER. isfied with a quilt especially when it comes to color is BE SEWING. me Many judges disagree with each other and that s Those of us who admire her quilts are glad she s. kind of interesting and funny I hoped that readers would sewing too. enjoy reading the comments of the judges while looking. The Virtual Quilt Page 12,HICKORY HILL QUILTS, The next QHL conference TEXTILES AND THEIR PLACE IN HISTORY will be held Au.
gust 4 7 at the Hollowbrook Lodge in Greenville New York. Learn while you relax in the Catskills Comprehensive seminars from Rabbit Goody wovens. Cindy Brick Crazies Jane Clark Stapel feedsacks Merikay Waldvogel fabrics more Ap. praisals behind scenes at Farmers Museum and more For more information see. http www hickoryhillquilts com conference htm,PERFECT SQUARE. Perfect Square s mother is pregnant and about to have a new product Perfect Triangle is due any day now. Perfect Triangle is also a REUSABLE iron on design but it will make quarter square triangles instead of half. square triangles, Perfect Square is growing up now and has gotten a job at a creative quilt pattern company and is doing quite. well In fact patterns are being written exclusively for Perfect Square See the Perfect Square web site at. http www webworldinc com perfectsquare,for details. JAYDEE DESIGNS,Beautiful hand dyed fabric perfect for piecing ap. plique and pictorial quilts Colors range from a sunrise. spectrum of mauves pinks and golds to deep purples. blues and teals Available in the following convenient CLICK HERE. packages for information on,8 step color progression fat eighth cuts 1 yard.
25 00 12 step color wheel 6 x22 cuts 1 yard 25 00 how to advertise in. 24 step color wheel 6 x22 cuts 2 yards 45 00 10,squares 1 5 yards 35 00. Send a self addressed stamped envelope for free The Virtual Quilt. samples and full price list or to order send check or money. Jay Dee Designs 18640 South Lowrie Loop Eagle,River Alaska 99577. E mail mailto unique alaska net,The Virtual Quilt Page 13.

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