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Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium SIS 2007. The presence of minority students on campus acts as an incentive the basis for the social fabric behind the software development. for other minority students to pursue their education in that process That is no one student will be able to generate all of the. environment 7 useful control and data structures in the allotted time Therefore. In order to retain and engage such a diverse undergraduate they will need to distribute the work among themselves and. population we have revised our Computer Science undergraduate exchange the results through the laboratory network Interaction. program to include a one credit hour laboratory with each of our between individuals can be in the form of balanced reciprocal. courses including the undergraduate programming classes i e exchange auctions and cooperative games The interaction will. CSC 2110 and CSC 2200 See Table 1 It is our vision that these take place in a networked lab environment with the games. mandatory labs will provide students with a supervised one on running on PCs and players connected over the local network We. one instructional format that will focus on cooperative problem now briefly describe the theme game and platform for each of the. solving in a computer laboratory setting These new labs have two basic lab courses. been developed to align our program with the goals of ABET. accreditation and the IEEE ACM curriculum 2001 Therefore 3 THE URBARIUM AN OVERVIEW. these games can be used in any other CS program that is subject. to the accreditation process In conjunction with these changes to In this section we overview the Urbarium games that will be. the core courses we have instituted a set of four course sequences applicable to each of the two courses The key is to integrate the. that will allow undergraduates to focus their elective courses in learning of design and problem solving concepts into games that. particular sub disciplines within Computer Science These tracks are appropriate metaphors for their use Also the games are. include Software Engineering Databases Networking and connected according to a over arching narrative So one s. Computer Gaming to name a few This we feel will be an accomplishment at the end of the previous game will be carried. opportunity to engage the student within a given sub discipline over to the next This we feel will not only motivate the reuse of. TABLE 1 Descriptions for CSC 2110 and CSC 2200 concepts but support the desire for students to remain in the. game and finish their requirement for graduation,CSC 2110 Course Description. In this course the student is introduced to basic object oriented 3 1 Games for the CS1 Laboratory. programming including classes subclasses class hierarchies. polymorphism inheritance templates and exceptions The use of. object oriented methods in supporting event driven programming For this course the theme application is hunting and collecting. with graphic APIs is highlighted in a virtual world the Valley of Oaxaca Mexico we refer to this. as game 1 A related application was developed as part of an. CSC 2200 Course Description NSF project and was used also as a vehicle to introduce high. In this course the student develops fundamental data structures school students to the information necessary for survival in. using object oriented techniques These structures include stacks Southwest Colorado between 500 A D and 1200 A D This has. queues linked lists and hash tables Also control constructs that been reported in Scientific American 9 as well as in a special. can be used for problem solving such as iteration and recursion issue of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation on. are implemented These will be applied to problem solving along computer gaming applications 10 Here the idea is that code. with related concepts of backtracking and divide and conquer segments from several related programs are distributed over the. As part of the undergraduate laboratory course sequence i e environment Students take turns moving through the environment. CSC 2111 and CSC 2201 we propose to develop a subset of and collect different fragments Since it is unlikely that any. student will find all of the pieces themselves they will need to. assignments that utilize real world socially motivated gaming. barter auction or exchange pieces When a student collects all of. applications to address fundamental concepts in the course We. the code pieces and arrange them correctly then they can get extra. call this the Urbarium The purpose of these game motivated. code points for visiting cells associated with the program Figure. programming exercises is to weave a social fabric into the. 1 gives a screen shot of a prototype developed for the NSF project. programming process The idea is to emphasize both individual. as a tutorial for students taking an Archaeological laboratory at. and group performance Such an idea has recently been the focus. the Crow Canyon Archaeological center in Mesa Verde. in the development of software tools for on line project. Colorado In section 4 we will discuss the prototype for this game. management systems at companies such as IBM 8, using the MUPPETS framework in the Urbarium environment. Each of the three courses will have a theme game that will. serve as a foundation around which to build the exercises These Figure 1 3D snapshot of the game concept illustrating. games taken together describe three increasingly more complex a simulated terrain and realistic visualization. phases of the social evolution process hunter gatherers tribal. society and state organizations In the narrative that overarches. the three games it is assumed that they represent three stages in. the social evolution of a given region The actual region of. interest is the Valley of Oaxaca Mexico for which Reynolds has. developed a prototype for each of the three social organizations. using real world data, Within each of the game frameworks each student can exchange. control and data structures that they have produced along with. the simulated resources that they have collected This will provide. Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium SIS 2007. Cultural Systems 11 Each places the programmer in a social. context of increasing complexity and requires them to use their. programming skills to help advance the society The three games. will be tied together in terms of an overarching narrative which. will help engage the student That is the student will want to take. the next course to see how the story is completed or how they can. complete the story on their own In addition the gradual. introduction of the student to Microsoft gaming software will help. to encourage students to consider taking the gaming sequence as. an elective That sequence will also use the same Microsoft. developed products but they will be directed to develop their own. extensions,4 THE HUNTER GATHERER CS1 GAME, The original prototype for the hunter gatherer was designed to. allow archaeological students to get the look and feel of the. social system that utilized the area hundreds of years ago. Individuals looked over the landscape for resources Some of the. Another exercise for this course is to provide students with a resources could be gathered by a single individual while other. virtual environment in which each of the students in the lab is a required cooperation and perhaps the exchange of collected. chief in charge of a growing town or simulated city we refer to resources. this as game 2 The data and graphics used for this application In our case the students are seated at workstations connected via. will come from actual archaeological data that describes the peer to peer network They take turns moving through the. emergence early villages in the Valley of Oaxaca Mexico environment The resources that they are collecting here are. Students will need to collect information about their site and use syntactic and semantic code components The current prototype is. that information to plan for its future growth Each student can being developed using the MUPPETS gaming framework Figure. develop and exchange functional classes and control with others 2 gives a basic example. in the lab in order to improve their own planning capabilities. The world map is used from the MUPPETS system The rider. 3 2 GAMES FOR THE CS2 LABORATORY object also was created there in addition to the code objects that. For this course the Urbarium uses an approach inspired by should be collected The callouts show what information should. Microsofts Age of Empires Here the empire builders at each be collected in each cell These were added outside of the created. site now need to interact with competing chiefdoms in the valley system to complete the conceptual design Each question mark in. by acquiring resources deploying armies and engaging in trade the function inside the belief space represents a statement that the. relationships This will involve some basic planning and problem player must find in the game world to complete the function and. solving activities These computational components can be traded score more points As functions are completed the player can. and exchanged along with goods and services produced by the score more points for visiting squares associated with the code In. modeled towns A successful programmer will be able to build an other cases completing the code allows the player to perform. empire in the valley and recreate history A very successful certain functionalities in a cell that can lead to more points. programmer might be able to organize the empire so that they can Some of the syntactic element will have many copies spread. rewrite history by defeating the Aztec armies A prototype agent throughout the environment while other code segments may be. base simulation for this application was already produced with uniquely placed This requires the students to exchange collected. support from an NSF grant to Reynolds code segments with each other for points or other code segments. All three theme games exist presently in prototype form and Once a code segment is completed an individual can choose to. were initially developed as part of related NSF projects We plan exchange copies of a complete or partial function with others or. on developing these games within the context of Muppets and keep it for themselves. XNA game studio express Each game will use the Cultural At each time step each player in the network moves to a cell. Algorithm social engine Cultural Algorithms are a computational collects what is there Then there is a pause in which individuals. mechanism developed by Reynolds to support the evolution of can engage in an exchange dialogue if desired Otherwise they. continue on The laboratory instructor can keep a trace of the. Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for interactions between students in order to assess the degree of. personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are social interaction taking place. not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that In figure 2 just a single algorithm is given the factorial function. copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page To copy shown below. otherwise or republish to post on servers or to redistribute to lists. requires prior specific permission and or a fee double factorial int a. Conference 04 Month 1 2 2004 City State Country,Copyright 2004 ACM 1 58113 000 0 00 0004 5 00.
Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium SIS 2007. for int i 0 i a 8 Cheng L Patterson J Rohall S Hupfer S and Ross S. fact i Weaving a Social Fabric into Existing Software IBM. Research Report RCS2385 W0501 029 January 10 2005,return fact. 9 Kohler T Gummerman G and Reynolds R G Virtual, Archaeology Scientific American vol 293 no 1 pp 76. It is up to the individual to put the collected components together 84 July 2005. in the correct fashion If this is not done then the code component 10 Reynolds R G Kobti Z Kohler T and Yap L. will execute Incorrect code segments can be exchanged between Unraveling Ancient Mysteries Re imagining the Past. individuals so that all players will need to validate the code that Using Evolutionary Computation in a Computer Gaming. they receive from other The extent of the validation process will Environment IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary. reflect their trust of others Computation Vol 9 No 6 pp 708 720 December 2005. During the course of the term additional relevant code segments 11 Reynolds R G An Overview of Cultural. that have been studied in lecture can be added to the environment. Algorithms New Ideas in Optimization D Corne F, searched for and exchanged Thus the items to be searched for. can change over time as the students understanding of the course. Glover and M Dorigo Ed McGraw Hill Press 1999,concepts increases pp 367 378. 5 CONCLUSIONS, In this paper we have described our efforts at integrating a social.
fabric more explicitly into the design process Here we use a. gaming framework to support the social integration of knowledge. in terms of metaphors and a continuing storyline that encourages. the students to stay in the game and complete the course. sequence In addition while individuals can still win the game. they must cooperate during the code design process in order to do. so Also since others can make mistakes a student must be able. to validate code that they or others generate,ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. Our thanks to Mostafa Ali for help in developing the current. design of the hunter gatherer game,6 REFERENCES,1 J C Thomas W A Kellogg and T Erickson The. Knowledge Management Puzzle Human and Social Factors. in Knowledge Management IBM Systems Journal 40 No, 2 E Arias H Eden G Fischer A Gorfman and E Scharff. Transcending the Individual Human Mind Creating, Shared Understanding Through Collaborative Design ACM. Transactions on Computer Human Interaction 7 No 1 84. 3 W Gordon Synectics Harper New York 1961,4 A S Gordon The Representational Requirements of.
Strategic Planning Fifth Symposium on Logical,Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning New York. University May 20 22 2001, 5 D Snowden The Paradox of Story Journal of Scenario. and Strategy Planning 1 No 5 Dec 1999 Jan 2000,6 Wayne State University Key WSU Facts. http www wayne edu keyfacts html 2005, 7 Smith D G The challenge of diversity Alienation in the. academy and its implications for faculty Journal on. Excellence in College Teaching 2 129 137 1991, Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium SIS 2007.
Figure 2 The MUPPETS prototype for the hunter gatherer.

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