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The Study of Strategic Industrial Planning for Using Model
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International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990,Introduction. Strategic planning is a process that most successful companies of the world to conduct and. promote programs Activities with long term horizon and toward are achieving the goals and. mission of the organization This type of plan if properly developed the choice of strategies. which if implemented correctly the leading organization brings Strategic planning and. evaluation within the organization and external environment environmental opportunities and. threats and internal weaknesses can be identified with a given organization s mission long. term goals for the organization,Literature Review, Given the staggering environmental changes and developments and the high intensity of. competition in world markets any organization in order to sustain life and more successful. need to take advantage of strategic planning, Strategic planning setting goals at different levels of management will direction and guidance. Identifying and responding to waves of change will facilitate new opportunities and emerging. threats The benefits it gives organizations the ability to respond to competitive forces rather. than simply the changing conditions prevailing in their react on their own interactive. Strategic management is the process of ensuring access to the benefits of applying. appropriate strategies According to this expression an appropriate strategy in accordance with. the requirements of an organization is defined in the specified time Application process. including a six step strategic planning is sequential and continuous Environmental analysis. based orientation organizational goal setting determining and formulating strategies. infrastructure and implementation of strategies and control strategies Establishment of. organizational direction the managers use of environmental analysis to determine the. direction of the organization altogether The four basic elements in this regard organizational. mission vision and organizational values are the organization these three concepts as the. connecting elements of the organization indicating the nature quality and organizational. orientations Mission the philosophy values fundamental beliefs and principles as the. landscape the living image of the rule is defined in the future Goals objectives plans are in. the planning of the program They developed within the planning process the vague ideas and. experimental results in order to make clear Target is an integral part of a plan although the. objectives may be defined as non conscious Organizational objectives of the management. system for their purposes which moves Inputs processes and outputs of an organization s. goals all in order to act Determining and formulating strategies managers of the. environmental analysis to determine the orientation and define the organizational mission. values vision and goals for organizational strategies are determined The strategies should. reflect the environmental analysis and results in achieving the organizational mission and goals. are Methods and models of strategic management strategy subsequently hoc techniques and. did not follow instructions each containing a concept and have a vision Infrastructure and. implementation strategy the fifth stage of the strategic management process has been. developed to implement strategies that will The directors have established the effectiveness of. beds no one was actually planning to implement a systematic and is useless Control strategies. 137 www hrmars com journals, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990, control strategies as the last step in strategic management including monitoring and.
evaluation process of strategic management as a whole ensuring the proper functioning of this. process is having Control all aspects of environmental analysis the establishment of the. organization determination and strategy formulation implementation strategies even. strategies on how to take control,Objectives and Research Questions. The main goals of research are firstly design and strategy company southern oil. industry Secondly prioritization strategy the company Secondary objectives are to investigate. identify classify and prioritize the most effective strengths Identify classify and prioritize the. most effective corporate loopholes Identify classify and prioritize the most effective business. opportunities Identify classify and prioritize the most effective corporate threats The. objectives listed in the following questions are posed The first question is what strategies are. the main strategies Secondary research questions include these items the company s. weaknesses are the weaknesses the strengths of the company s strengths are what. opportunities are important opportunities for the company what the threats are threats to the. Methodology, This type of research application and analysis of the type of data collection is a descriptive case. study The research process is described in the Summary Firstly we investigate the theoretical. foundations At this stage to provide explanations about the management and strategic. planning industry situation is addressed The second step is to identify environmental threats. and potential strengths and weaknesses of existing documents with the company is allocated. The third phase involves the development of strategic factors and screening questionnaires in is. these factors The fourth alternative strategy is the company using SWOT. The SWOT analysis is a useful analytical model for each of the factors that shape the. system s strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats identified and strategies to suit the. current situation reflects on career In this research including the general methodology. statistical sampling data collection methods data collection instruments and methods of data. analysis is the validity questionnaire is presented. Population and Sampling, In this research collect data about your use of the tools and resources are different The main. source of information on the study of corporate executives and industry experts from key. southern oil company Which form the population Number of key company executives and. experts from is over 70 This will be used for the random sampling This will be used for the. random sampling We should use this formula for calculating efficient samples quantity. 138 www hrmars com journals, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990, If the above formula to calculate the sample size is less than 5 of the sample used is calculated.
as follows and as otherwise we should use follow formula. Table1 Summarizes the Operation,Variable Concept Amount Explain. N total number of 70 leaders and key experts,population. P population success 0 5 maximum of success is,ratio obtained. E estimated error rate 0 05 according to the,researchers considered. 1 estimate level 0 95 according to the,researchers considered.
n prototype samples 150 calculated by the formula,number obtained. n prototype samples 2 14 the needs of compared to,N number than total the prototype samples are. adjusted according,n samples with 48 samples with adjusted is. adjusted obtained,Data collection, Collecting data needed for research the methods of collecting primary data and secondary data. collected is used to, This study uses primary data from questionnaire and interview key executives and experts will.
gather The study of secondary data available in the industry oil companies the Internet. books magazines Conferences organizations and agencies related to the topic will be used. The general methods and tools for collecting data and information will be used Questionnaires. documents and reports in various parts of the company interviews with experts in the areas of. strategy industry statistics and industrial oils The main tool is a questionnaire for collecting. data in this study It should be noted that these two types of questionnaires have been. distributed The questionnaire consisted of closed questions Likert type spectrum and the. phase II questionnaire consisted of closed questions is a key priority. Before the questionnaires were distributed and used by experts has been amended and. 139 www hrmars com journals, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990,Questionnaire Validity and Reliability. In this study to ensure the validity of the experts has been used the questionnaire used in each. stage of distribution among the members of several of the experts there are many ways to test. the reliability of Cronbach s alpha was used in this study The method for calculating the. internal consistency of measurement tools such as questionnaires or tests are Calculating. Cronbach s alpha for this study a questionnaire pre tested Data obtained from questionnaires. through SPSS statistical analysis software were used to calculate Cronbach s alpha. SWOT Technique, Identify key opportunities identified as part of the market before it was forgotten Improve. relationships with customers finding new interface and innovative product development. company representatives can be seen as opportunities for organizational meeting Identify key. threats economic status laws rules regulations customs duties and benefits public policies. social cultural Communication between members of the industry distribution channels and. supply chain companies competitors consumers can be considered as a threat Identify key. strengths the company s senior management delegated authority rights and benefits. education educated attractive forces a good financial situation credit purchases high. working capital development of information technology exclusive shopping good reputation. the company experienced high Proper packaging wide distribution network can be viewed as. strengths for the organization Identify the key weaknesses organizational structure customer. oriented perspective control innovation lack of systematic approach working group decision. making high overhead costs and operational Inventories the complexity of systems and. procedures bureaucracy the incentive reward and punishment system the marketing. process not to inform the target market as assumed for the order can be established. Compare internal strengths with external opportunities internal strengths with external. opportunities and compare the result are written in the SO group strategies Comparison of. internal weaknesses with external opportunities internal weaknesses with external. opportunities and compare the result is written in the WO Strategies Group Comparative. strengths of internal and external threats internal strengths with external threats and. compare the result is written in the ST group strategies Comparison of internal weaknesses. with external threats internal weaknesses with external threats can be compared and the. result is written in the WT group strategies,Data collection and analysis. Develop strategies in organizations is done in three forms the hierarchy of decision making in. organizations Highest level consists of board members and executives responsible for. corporate financial performance and achieve company goals are nonfinancial Are responsible. for developing this class of strategies Second level strategies business strategies are level this. task is the responsibility of managers of business The third level of strategy and operational. level of the hierarchy of decision making is primarily Management of operational geographical. and product is composed of,140 www hrmars com journals.
International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990,Table2 SWOT Matrix. Weaknesses Sstrengths Organizational Internal Factor. Organizational structure company s senior,poor customer perspective management delegated. control innovation lack of authority rights and,systematic approach benefits education attract. working group the decision the educated a good,making high costs and financial situation credit. operational overhead purchases high working,inventory the complexity of capital information.
the system and method to technology development,bureaucracy the incentive patent purchases. reward and punishment reputation experience high,system the process of company depending on size. marketing lack of market appropriate extensive,information investment distribution network. Organizational External Factor,Opportunities,Identification of the market. before it was forgotten, WO strategies SO strategies improving relationships with.
customers finding a broker,new and innovative product. development company,representative,Increasing sanctions. coordination little shop with, WT strategies ST strategies the company competitors in. the process of raw materials,more quickly less bureaucracy. in the process of preparing and,distributing the products of.
competitors the high price of,some products to market. Strategies to Prioritize and Determine the best Strategies. 141 www hrmars com journals, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990, After completing the questionnaire and data were analyzed using Expert choice software the. results of the six priority strategies from the perspective Hunger and Wheelen 2000 is. expressed Developed strategies in order of importance are the vertical growth strategy. vertical integration product development market development revenue strategy a strategy. to stop go forward with caution and diversification is homogeneous. Conclusions, According to survey results in the implementation of this strategy is successful if the oil industry. in South Competitiveness in the market could be your chance to achieve the goal of. automotive oil to greatly increase In this regard and in the next section for each of the. strategies developed in this study Programs are offered in the form of operating programs will. be These programs operate in the exact implementation of the strategy Above Mentioned. and ultimately help to achieve the main goal is remarkable. 1 Designing a strategic management expert system that can help managers to the south of the. oil industry steadily develop corporate strategies to improve. 2 The supply chain network design for the oil industry south of the advanced information and. communication technology applications, 3 Audit system designed to assess the current culture and Southern culture industrial oils.
changes needed to balance corporate culture with business strategy The new culture should be. an infrastructure that a support the company s strategy is customer oriented culture is the. most important feature, 4 Designing systems that can assess the performance of the company to achieve strategic. objectives and also the company s success in implementing strategies to assess and. appropriate feedback to improve the management offer. 142 www hrmars com journals, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. January 2012 Vol 2 No 1,ISSN 2222 6990,References, 1 Kurttila M Pesonen M Kangas J Kajanus M 2000 Utilizing the analytic hierarchy. process AHP in SWOT analysis a hybrid method and its application to a forestcertification. case Forest Policy and Economics Vol 1 pp 41 52, 2 Vaidya O S Kumar S 2006 Analytic hierarchy process An overview of applications. European Journal of Operational Research 169 1 1 29. 3 W Ho 2008 Integrated analytic hierarchy process and its applications A literature review. European Journal of Operational Research 186 211 228. 4 M Kurttila M Pesonen J Kangas M Kajanus 2000 Utilizing the analytic hierarchy process. AHP in SWOT analysis a hybrid method and its application to a forest certification case Forest. Policy and Economics 1 41 52, 5 Hill T R Westbrook 1997 SWOT analysis it s time for a product recall Long Range.
Planning 30 46 52, 6 Saaty T L 1980 the Analytic Hierarchy Process McGraw Hill New York USA. 7 Expert Choice Expert Choice Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP Software Version. 8 Hunger and Wheelen 2000 Strategic Management P 136.

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