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The Silver Chair first published 1953 by C S Lewis 1895 1963. Edition used as base for this ebook London Geoffrey Bles 1965 sixth. Source Project Gutenberg Canada Ebook 1156 Ebook text was. produced by Al Haines, Warning this document is for free distribution only. Ebook Samizdat 2017 public domain under Canadian copyright law. Disclaimer, This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost Copyright. laws in your country also govern what you can do with this work. Copyright laws in most countries are in a constant state of flux If you. are outside Canada check the laws of your country before down. loading copying displaying performing distributing or creating. derivative works based on this Samizdat Ebook Samizdat makes no. claims regarding the copyright status of any work in any country. outside Canada,To Nicholas Hardie,Tab le O f,Behind the Gym 1. Chapter II,Jill is Given a Task 9,Chapter III,The Sailing of the King 17. Chapter IV,A Parliament of Owls 26,Puddleglum 34,Chapter VI.
The Wild Waste Lands of the North 42,Chapter VII,The Hill of the Strange Trenches 51. Chapter VIII,The House of Harfang 59,Chapter IX,How They Discovered Something Worth Knowing 67. T h e S i lv e r C h a i r iii,Travels Without the Sun 75. Chapter XI,In the Dark Castle 84,Chapter XII,The Queen of Underland 92. Chapter XIII,Underland Without the Queen 100,Chapter XIV.
The Bottom of the World 108,Chapter XV,The Disappearance of Jill 116. Chapter XVI,The Healing of Harms 124,B ehind the Gym. I t was a dull autumn day and Jill Pole was crying behind the gym. She was crying because they had been bullying her This is not. going to be a school story so I shall say as little as possible about. Jill s school which is not a pleasant subject It was Co educational. a school for both boys and girls what used to be called a mixed. school some said it was not nearly so mixed as the minds of the. people who ran it These people had the idea that boys and girls. should be allowed to do what they liked And unfortunately what ten. or fifteen of the biggest boys and girls liked best was bullying the. others All sorts of things horrid things went on which at an ordinary. school would have been found out and stopped in half a term but at. this school they weren t Or even if they were the people who did. them were not expelled or punished The Head said they were inter. esting psychological cases and sent for them and talked to them for. hours And if you knew the right sort of things to say to the Head the. main result was that you became rather a favourite than otherwise. That was why Jill Pole was crying on that dull autumn day on the. damp little path which runs between the back of the gym and the. shrubbery And she hadn t nearly finished her cry when a boy came. round the corner to the gym whistling with his hands in his pockets. He nearly ran into her,Can t you look where you re going said Jill Pole. All right said the boy you needn t start and then he noticed. her face I say Pole he said what s up, Jill only made faces the sort you make when you re trying to say. something but find that if you speak you ll start crying again. 2 C l i v e S ta p le s L e w i s, It s Them I suppose as usual said the boy grimly digging his.
hands further into his pockets, Jill nodded There was no need for her to say anything even if she. could have said it They both knew,Now look here said the boy there s no good us all. He meant well but he did talk rather like someone beginning a. lecture Jill suddenly flew into a temper which is quite a likely thing. to happen if you have been interrupted in a cry, Oh go away and mind your own business she said Nobody. asked you to come barging in did they And you re a nice person to. start telling us what we all ought to do aren t you I suppose you. mean we ought to spend all our time sucking up to Them and. currying favour and dancing attendance on Them like you do. Oh Lor said the boy sitting down on the grassy bank at the edge. of the shrubbery and very quickly getting up again because the grass. was soaking wet His name unfortunately was Eustace Scrubb but he. wasn t a bad sort, Pole he said Is that fair Have I been doing anything of the sort. this term Didn t I stand up to Carter about the rabbit And didn t I. keep the secret about Spivvins under torture too And didn t I. I d don t know and I don t care sobbed Jill, Scrubb saw that she wasn t quite herself yet and very sensibly.
offered her a peppermint He had one too Presently Jill began to see. things in a clearer light, I m sorry Scrubb she said presently I wasn t fair You have done. all that this term, Then wash out last term if you can said Eustace I was a different. chap then I was gosh what a little tick I was,Well honestly you were said Jill. You think there has been a change then said Eustace. It s not only me said Jill Everyone s been saying so They ve. noticed it Eleanor Blakiston heard Adela Pennyfather talking about it. in our changing room yesterday She said Someone s got hold of that. Scrubb kid He s quite unmanageable this term We shall have to. attend to him next, Eustace gave a shudder Everyone at Experiment House knew what. it was like being attended to by Them,T h e S i lv e r C h a i r 3.
Both children were quiet for a moment The drops dripped off the. laurel leaves, Why were you so different last term said Jill Presently. A lot of queer things happened to me in the hols said Eustace. mysteriously,What sort of things asked Jill, Eustace didn t say anything for quite a long time Then he said. Look here Pole you and I hate this place about as much as. anybody can hate anything don t we,I know I do said Jill. Then I really think I can trust you,Dam good of you said Jill. Yes but this is a really terrific secret Pole I say are you good at. believing things I mean things that everyone here would laugh at. I ve never had the chance said Jill but I think I would be. Could you believe me if I said I d been right out of the world. outside this world last hols,I wouldn t know what you meant.
Well don t let s bother about worlds then Supposing I told you I d. been in a place where animals can talk and where there are er. enchantments and dragons and well all the sorts of things you. have in fairy tales Scrubb felt terribly awkward as he said this and. got red in the face, How did you get there said Jill She also felt curiously shy. The only way you can by Magic said Eustace almost in a. whisper I was with two cousins of mine We were just whisked. away They d been there before, Now that they were talking in whispers Jill somehow felt it easier to. believe Then suddenly a horrible suspicion came over her and she. said so fiercely that for the moment she looked like a tigress. If I find you ve been pulling my leg I ll never speak to you again. never never never, I m not said Eustace I swear I m not I swear by by every. When I was at school one would have said I swear by the Bible. But Bibles were not encouraged at Experiment House. All right said Jill I ll believe you,4 C l i v e S ta p le s L e w i s. And tell nobody,What do you take me for, They were very excited as they said this But when they had said it.
and Jill looked round and saw the dull autumn sky and heard the drip. off the leaves and thought of all the hopelessness of Experiment. House it was a thirteen week term and there were still eleven weeks. to come she said, But after all what s the good We re not there we re here And we. jolly well can t get there Or can we, That s what I ve been wondering said Eustace When we came. back from That Place Someone said that the two Pevensie kids that s. my two cousins could never go there again It was their third time. you see I suppose they ve had their share But he never said I. couldn t Surely he would have said so unless he meant that I was to. get back And I can t help wondering can we could we. Do you mean do something to make it happen,Eustace nodded. You mean we might draw a circle on the ground and write things. in queer letters in it and stand inside and recite charms and. Well said Eustace after he had thought hard for a bit I believe. that was the sort of thing I was thinking of though I never did it. But now that it comes to the point I ve an idea that all those. circles and things are rather rot I don t think he d like them It. would look as if we thought we could make him do things But. really we can only ask him,Who is this person you keep on talking about. They call him Aslan in that place said Eustace,What a curious name.
Not half so curious as himself said Eustace solemnly But let s. get on It can t do any harm just asking Let s stand side by side like. this And we ll hold out our a arms in front of us with the palms down. like they did in Ramandu s island,Whose island, I ll tell you about that another time And he might like us to face the. east Let s see where is the east,I don t know said Jill. T h e S i lv e r C h a i r 5, It s an extraordinary thing about girls that they never know the. points of the compass said Eustace,You don t know either said Jill indignantly. Yes I do if only you didn t keep on interrupting I ve got it now. That s the east facing up into the laurels Now will you say the words. What words asked Jill, The words I m going to say of course answered Eustace Now.
And he began Aslan Aslan Aslan,Aslan Aslan Aslan repeated Jill. Please let us two go into, At that moment a voice from the other side of the gym was heard. shouting out Pole Yes I know where she is She s blubbing behind. the gym Shall I fetch her out, Jill and Eustace gave one glance at each other dived under the. laurels and began scrambling up the steep earthy slope of the. shrubbery at a speed which did them great credit Owing to the. curious methods of teaching at Experiment House one did not learn. much French or Maths or Latin or things of that sort but one did. learn a lot about getting away quickly and quietly when They were. looking for one, After about a minute s scramble they stopped to listen and knew by. the noises they heard that they were being followed. If only the door was open again said Scrubb as they went on. and Jill nodded For at the top of the shrubbery was a high stone wall. and in that wall a door by which you could get out onto open moor. This door was nearly always locked But there had been times when. people had found it open or perhaps there had been only one time. But you may imagine how the memory of even one time kept people. hoping and trying the door for if it should happen to be unlocked it. would be a splendid way of getting outside the school grounds. without being seen, Jill and Eustace now both very hot and very grubby from going.
along bent almost double under the laurels panted up to the wall And. there was the door shut as usual, It s sure to be no good said Eustace with his hand on the. 6 C l i v e S ta p le s L e w i s, handle and then O o oh By Gum For the handle turned and. the door opened, A moment before both of them had meant to get through that. doorway in double quick time if by any chance the door was not. locked But when the door actually opened they both stood stock still. For what they saw was quite different from what they had expected. They had expected to see the grey heathery slope of the moor. going up and up to join the dull autumn sky Instead a blaze of. sunshine met them It poured through the doorway as the light of a. June day pours into a garage when you open the door It made the. drops of water on the grass glitter like beads and showed up the dirti. ness of Jill s tear stained face And the sunlight was coming from what. certainly did look like a different world what they could see of it. They saw smooth turf smoother and brighter than Jill had ever seen. before and blue sky and darting to and fro things so bright that they. might have been jewels or huge butterflies, Although she had been longing for something like this Jill felt fright. ened She looked at Scrubb s face and saw that he was frightened too. Come on Pole he said in a breathless voice,Can we get back Is it safe asked Jill.
At that moment a voice shouted from behind a mean spiteful little. voice Now then Pole it squeaked Everyone knows you re there. Down you come It was the voice of Edith Jackie not one of Them. herself but one of their hangers on and tale bearers. Quick said Scrubb Here Hold hands We mustn t get sepa. rated And before she quite knew what was happening he had. grabbed her hand and pulled her through the door out of the school. grounds out of England out of our whole world into That Place. The sound of Edith Jackie s voice stopped as suddenly as the voice. on the radio when it is switched off Instantly there was a quite different. sound all about them It came from those bright things overhead. which now turned out to be birds They were making a riotous noise. but it was much more like music rather advanced music which you. don t quite take in at the first hearing than birds songs ever are in. our world Yet in spite of the singing there was a sort of background. of immense silence That silence combined with the freshness of the. air made Jill think they must be on the top of a very high mountain. Scrubb still had her by the hand and they were walking forward. T h e S i lv e r C h a i r 7, staring about them on every side Jill saw that huge trees rather like. cedars but bigger grew in every direction But as they did not grow. close together and as there was no undergrowth this did not prevent. one from seeing a long way into the forest to left and right And as far. as Jill s eye could reach it was all the same level turf darting birds. with yellow or dragonfly blue or rainbow plumage blue shadows and. emptiness There was not a breath of wind in that cool bright air It. was a very lonely forest, Right ahead there were no trees only blue sky They went straight. on without speaking till suddenly Jill heard Scrubb say Look out. and felt herself jerked back They were at the very edge of a cliff. Jill was one of those lucky people who have a good head for heights. She didn t mind in the least standing on the edge of a precipice She. was rather annoyed with Scrubb for pulling her back just as if I was. a kid she said and she wrenched her hand out of his When she. saw how very white he had turned she despised him, What s the matter she said And to show that she was not afraid. she stood very near the edge indeed in fact a good deal nearer than. even she liked Then she looked down, She now realised that Scrubb had some excuse for looking white for. no cliff in our world is to be compared with this Imagine yourself at. the top of the very highest cliff you know And imagine yourself. looking down to the very bottom And then imagine that the precipice. goes on below that as far again ten times as far twenty times as far. And when you ve looked down all that distance imagine little white. things that might at first glance be mistaken for sheep but presently. you realise that they are clouds not little wreaths of mist but the. enormous white puffy clouds which are themselves as big as most. mountains And at last in between those clouds you get your first. glimpse of the real bottom so far away that you can t make out. whether it s field or wood or land or water further below those clouds. than you are above them, Jill stared at it Then she thought that perhaps after all she would.
step back a foot or so from the edge but she didn t like to for fear of. what Scrubb would think Then she suddenly decided that she didn t. care what he thought and that she would jolly well get away from that. horrible edge and never laugh at anyone for not liking heights again. But when she tried to move she found she couldn t Her legs seemed. 8 C l i v e S ta p le s L e w i s, to have turned into putty Everything was swimming before her eyes. What are you doing Pole Come back blithering little idiot. shouted Scrubb But his voice seemed to be coming from a long way. off She felt him grabbing at her But by now she had no control over. her own arms and legs There was a moment s struggling on the cliff. edge Jill was too frightened and dizzy to know quite what she was. doing but two things she remembered as long as she lived they often. came back to her in dreams One was that she had wrenched herself. free of Scrubb s clutches the other was that at the same moment. Scrubb himself with a terrified scream had lost his balance and gone. hurtling to the depths, Fortunately she was given no time to think over what she had done. Some huge brightly coloured animal had rushed to the edge of the. cliff It was lying down leaning over and this was the odd thing. blowing Not roaring or snorting but just blowing from its wide opened. mouth blowing out as steadily as a vacuum cleaner sucks in Jill was. lying so close to the creature that she could feel the breath vibrating. steadily through its body She was lying still because she couldn t get. up She was nearly fainting indeed she wished she could really faint. but faints don t come for the asking At last she saw far away below. her a tiny black speck floating away from the cliff and slightly. upwards As it rose it also got further away By the time it was nearly. on a level with the cliff top it was so far off that she lost sight of it It. was obviously moving away from them at a great speed Jill couldn t. help thinking that the creature at her side was blowing it away. So she turned and looked at the creature It was a lion. Chapter II,Jill is Given a, W ithout a glance at Jill the lion rose to its feet and. gave one last blow Then as if satisfied with its,work it turned and stalked slowly away back into. the forest, It must be a dream it must it must said Jill to herself I ll wake.
up in a moment But it wasn t and she didn t, I do wish we d never come to this dreadful place said Jill I don t. believe Scrubb knew any more about it than I do Or if he did he had. no business to bring me here without warning me what it was like It s. not my fault he fell over that cliff If he d left me alone we should both. be all right Then she remembered again the scream that Scrubb had. given when he fell and burst into tears, Crying is all right in its way while it lasts But you have to stop. sooner or later and then you still have to decide what to do When Jill. stopped she found she was dreadfully thirsty She had been lying face. downward and now she sat up The birds had ceased singing and. there was perfect silence except for one small persistent sound which. seemed to come a good distance away She listened carefully and felt. almost sure it was the sound of running water, Jill got up and looked round her very carefully There was no sign of. the lion but there were so many trees about that it might easily be. quite close without her seeing it For all she knew there might be.

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