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Introduction, Milk is the basis of butter but the butter will not separate until the milk is churned. likewise human nature is the ground of buddhahood but without our existential. realization sentient beings cannot awaken Shabkar Flight of the Garuda. The simple words from a humble mystic of ancient Tibet capture the essence of the. evolutionary journey It is simply to learn through the lessons permeating duality about. that which unifies all aspects of our existential experience As we learn about that which. unifies us we uncover the essence of our nature and discover that our nature is reflected. through the purity of creation itself and by extension the Divine Intelligence governing it. In Swami Sri Yukteswar s book called the The Holy Science a celestial mechanism by. which Divine Intelligence regulates the progression of our evolutionary journey is. described While our solar system travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac belt in its. course around the Milky Way galaxy it completes a circuit called the Daiva Yugas or. Age of the Gods It is a journey designed to create a variety of dimensional gateways that. expand and contract consciousness as we evolve in the process of awakening The. experience of awakening as existential realization is regulated by the Soul the immutable. consciousness upon which our lives are built and by which our evolution can be. measured from lifetime to lifetime in the natal birth chart through the planet Pluto ref. Jeffrey Wolf Green Pluto Volume I and II While the forces of heaven turn the wheel. of the Daiva yugas the Soul through Pluto generates a variety of opportunities as life. circumstances to empower us to integrate and overcome the challenges resulting from the. expansion and contraction process of our evolutionary journey. The path of our sun s journey with its heavenly bodies through the zodiac is affected by. something astronomers have yet to discover According to Sri Yukteswar our sun. revolves around a dual or companion star This causes the backward movement of the. equinoctial points around the zodiac or precession of the equinoxes The revolutionary. circuit of our sun with its dual takes around 24 000 years to complete and forms one. entire Daiva Yuga or precessional cycle Simultaneously we revolve around the center of. the Milky Way galaxy which astronomers estimate takes us 220 million years to. complete one orbit The companionship of our sun with another star and their revolution. around the Milky Way reflect a universal matrix symbolized by the Daiva yugas of divine. union In harmonized union their movements become part of the heavenly energies that. entwine spinning threads of the web upon which we tread while the path of our. evolutionary journey unfolds, The center of our Milky Way galaxy is located about 28 29 degrees Sagittarius. Scientists have recently discovered that at its center exists a huge vortex or black hole. They have observed the eruption or release of giant explosions of cosmic energy at its. margins In other parts of the universe they have observed some black holes so massive. as to defy imagination from whose center gush enormous powerful pillars of cosmic. energy Like a huge cosmic womb the black hole is a giant vortex of magnetism a place. where the laws of creation as we know undergo metamorphosis It is a vessel for birth. and as such is a dimensional gateway between spirit energy and matter just as the. physical womb functions in all female life forms of creation on Earth When one views a. profile representation of our Milky Way Galaxy a luminescent globe created by millions. of stars forms her pregnant belly in some areas as many as one hundred thousand stars in. one cubic light year ref The Universe Seymour Simon The power of her magnetism. draws them toward her celestial gateway churned by the forces that create the spiraling. thrust of her sheltering starry arms as she floats like an illuminated jellyfish through the. dark seas of the cosmos, Many ancestral cosmologies around the globe regarded the galactic center as our great. Mother the matrix where new life arises In Eqyptian lore the great Mother was. symbolized as a sacred cow whose rain milk fertilized the land to ensure an abundant. harvest for all This image is central to their zodiac representations ref Dendera Temple. in Egypt and perhaps may bear some connection to how the name of our galaxy. originated The cow was an object of veneration in many ancient cultures and even to. this day Brahma cows are protected as sacred in India. In Hindu cosmology the center of the galaxy is regarded as the seat of creative power. Brahma the universal magnetism ref Holy Science pg 7 This term identifies the. origin and the form of the power of creation in our galaxy Arising from within the. galactic center as universal magnetism Brahma regulates dharma the mental virtue of. the internal world The regulation of mental virtue by universal magnetism becomes the. causative factor that regulates our growth through the Daiva Yugas and wields the. greatest power over our Souls in their evolutionary journey According to Sri Yukteswar. as a function of the Daiva yugas our mental virtue peaks when our solar system orbits. nearest the galactic center while the reverse is true when we are most distant Our solar. system orbits nearest this center at one degree of Aries the first point in our astrological. zodiac This point in time occurred 13 500 years ago in 11 500 B C As we traveled. away from the galactic center humanity gradually sank into a state of ignorance. whereby the veils of Maya the illusionary aspect of creation progressively deepened and. tested humanity s understanding of its divine nature against the darkest expressions of its. existential earthly reality Around 1 500 years ago 500 A D our sun transited the. position most distant from the galactic center at one degree of Libra which was the. bottom of the infamous dreaded Kali Yuga, The regulation of dharma by the active principle of magnetism emanating from the. galactic center can be symbolically likened to breath with its rhythmic pattern of. inhalation and exhalation Imagine ourselves traveling like a feathered seed upon the. stellar winds generated by the combined magnetism of our sun and its companion star. Their breath harmonizes to the magnetism emanating from the center of our galaxy. When it breathes out upon us at 0 degrees Aries like a feather we are pushed gently away. upon our Daiva yuga journey When we reach the distant land at 0 degrees Libra where. the lessons of our journey reach maximum intensity it inhales and gently we are drawn. back home again One cycle of breath is equal to one entire Daiva Yuga cycle of 24 000. Through a very slow process taking eons of time we are drawn in and out from the. galactic center The Daiva yugas circuit is designed to create an ever expanding. penetration of universal magnetism upon the intelligence embodied within us The closer. we are to its center the stronger the magnetism which naturally strengthens our bond to. our Creator As we travel away this newly acquired attunement is tested against the. harsh elements of earthly life The lessons we learn during our darkest moments become. our teachers showing us the way to our future,The Daiva Yugas and Our Evolutionary Process.
The structure of the Daiva yugas is a giant wheel composed of twelve constellations. which form our zodiac belt The wheel of twelve constellations is divided into two. halves or arcs each named an Electric Couple or Age of the Gods The Electric Couple. which forms the descending arc moving away from the galactic center includes the. zodiac signs of Pisces Aquarius Capricorn Sagittarius Scorpio and Libra It begins at. thirty degrees Pisces and culminates at one degree Libra The Electric Couple which. forms the ascending arc moving towards the galactic center includes the zodiac signs of. Virgo Leo Cancer Gemini Taurus and Aries It begins at thirty degrees Virgo and. culminates at one degree Aries Ref The Daiva Yugas Appendix A B Both arcs are. 12 000 years long and as half of a circle they each measure 180 degrees The complete. circle of 360 degrees is 24 000 years long taking each degree roughly sixty six years of. Earth time to complete, The length for the Daiva yuga cycle is given by Sri Yukteswar as about 24 000 years. However this is not the measure of time by which astronomy today uses Due to the. precession of the equinoxes and their existing understanding of our movement through. the heavens they estimate it takes our earth 25 800 years to travel through the entire. zodiac belt For the purposes of this work which is to explain the cycles governing our. evolutionary development calculations will be based on the 24 000 year cycle only. Within each arc of six zodiacal signs are overlaid four yugas or ages Satya Treta. Dwapara and Kali yugas Each of these yugas correlate to the gradual development of. human intelligence in four successive stages on each Electric Couple for a combined. total of eight stages, The Satya yuga is closest to the galactic center and thus subjects us to the strongest. universal magnetism Its ascending arc includes the earth sign Taurus and fire sign Aries. where The human intellect can comprehend all even God the Spirit beyond this physical. world ref The Holy Science pg 11 Its descending arc includes the water sign Pisces and. air sign Aquarius where the intellect of man lost altogether the power of grasping. spiritual knowledge ref The Holy Science pg 12, The Satya yuga lasts 4 000 years within each Electric Couple Its ascending and. descending Electric Couples are joined together at the point of our closest contact to the. galactic center 0 degrees Aries and 30 degrees Pisces At the beginning and at the. ending of each Electric Couple is a 400 year sandhis or period of mutation that exists. between its preceding and succeeding yuga On either side of our contact point closest to. the galactic center there exists a 400 year long mutation period for each respective. Electric Couple for a combined total of 800 years Thus the Satya yuga is 4 800 years. long on each arc for a combined total of 9 600 years. Next follows the Treta Yuga where the vibrational frequences of magnetism are slower. Its ascending arc includes the water sign Cancer and the air sign Gemini where The. human intellect becomes able to comprehend the divine magnetism the source of all. electrical forces on which the creation depends for its existence ref Holy Science pg 10. Its descending arc includes the earth sign Capricorn and fire sign Sagittarius where the. intellect lost all power of grasping the knowledge of divine magnetism ref Holy Science. The Treta yuga is 3 000 years long with 300 years before and after as its sandhis It is. thus 3 600 years long within each Electric Couple for a combined total of 7 200 years. Following that is the even slower Dwapara yuga Its ascending arc includes the earth. sign Virgo and fire sign Leo where The human intellect can then comprehend the fine. matters or electricities and their attributes which are the creating principles of the external. world ref Holy Science pg 10 Its descending arc includes the water sign Scorpio and the. air sign Libra where The human intellect lost its power of grasping the knowledge of. electricities and their attributes Ref Holy Science pg 13. The Dwapara yuga is 2 000 years long with 200 years before and after as its sandhis It. is thus 2 400 years long within each Electric Couple for a combined total of 4 800 years. Lastly is the slowest of all the Kali yuga which is the age when our solar system is the. farthest point away from our galactic center Its ascending arc includes the earth sign. Virgo Its descending arc includes the air sign Libra In both its ascending and. descending arc The human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond the gross. material of this ever changing creation the external world ref Holy Science pg 10. The Kali yuga is 1 000 years long with 100 years before and after as its sandhis Like. the Satya Yuga its descending and ascending Electric Couples are joined together. therefore it has a combined sandhis of 200 years at the point farthest from the galactic. center Thus each Electric Couple is 1 200 years long on each arc for a combined total of. 2 400 years, As described the mutations of the yugas correlate to changes in human intelligence as it. undergoes the eight different stages of the Daiva yuga cycle with four complementary. expressions on each its descending deterioration of mental virtue and ascending. acceleration of mental virtue arcs In astrology we are familiar with the eight lunar. phases of our moon which beginning at 0 degrees Aries and moving counter clockwise. correlate to the human life cycle and the development of consciousness from instinctive. forms of identification to an absolute or universal form ref diagram The Complete Life. Cycle by JWG The distinctive feature of the Daiva yuga cycles is that it progresses. backwards in a clockwise direction beginning at 0 degrees Aries in opposition to the flow. of the human life cycle The Aries seed of new beginnings first passes through heaven. so to speak on its journey to maturity Thus the seed of our individuality with its. accompanying array of instinctual responses is first reflected through the Absolute It is. imprinted with its vibration and forms the underlying creative principle operational. during the forthcoming Daiva yugas cycle becoming the higher road we are inspired to. travel upon Thus our cosmic mandate of mental virtue is cast reflecting its memory. back upon us at every moment of our existence as we journey and evolve through the. Daiva yugas circuit, The Electric Couples divide the wheel of the Daiva Yugas cycle in half and form a.
dynamic cyclical alternating pattern of energy like that depicted by the ancient Chinese. Tai Chi symbol where the complementary forces of yin as the receptive female lunar and. yang as the creative male solar energies rotate alternately in divine union Originally the. circle as wu chi existed alone however over time the t ai chi as ridgepole was. incorporated and became what is known as the symbolic represention of the forces we. know as yin and yang Together they symbolizes the gnostic dualistic quality of. phenomenal existence which was foreign to original thought The ridgepole posits the. world of opposites whereas the circle posits the world of unity The original meaning of. yang is shone upon a symbol for that which is conscious whereas yin means cloudy. that which is unconsious or emerging upward from the subconscious into conscious. Both of the Electric Couples carry their own distinctive charge relative to yin and yang. characterizing the force of change that dominates throughout each arc of the Daiva Yuga. cycle Our solar system s movement away from the galactic center triggers a yang. emphasis while its movement back towards the galactic center triggers a shift to yin The. seed energy containing the yang creative principle begins its cycle of development during. the descending arc which in turn undergoes its maturation after it becomes integrated and. embodied in flesh under the pre dominant yin charge during the ascending arc The. distinctive charges of yin and yang serve as catalysts that create the dimensional dipoles. called mind reason and body emotion which are embedded upon the universal. matrix within our consciousness Operating at the root level within the duality of human. phenomenal experience they form the solar yang and lunar yin dimensions of. consciousness respectively which come through the sun and moon in astrology forming. the two ruling luminaries within the individual human experience Their emphasis is. triggered at a collective level through the Electric Couples. Yin and yang are two distinct equal forces that arise from the same Source Interweaving. one into another by degrees of penetration they create a dynamic complementary force. which become locked upon one another through the action of inverse symmetry which. allows them to generate the polarization of extremity as a form of evolutionary. propulsion and then can reset balance afterwards through the action of progressive role. reversal as the means to integration As one develops outwardly it inwardly nurtures the. growth of the other and vice versa Controlled by the ebb and flow of the tides regulated. by the Daiva Yugas the yin half triggers the development of our emotional body. intelligence while the yang half triggers the development of our powers of reason. Creative yang energies correlate to the elements of fire and air spirit and breath. inspiration and atmosphere On an archetypal level the yang solar energies that. dominate during the descending arc emphasize the development within consciousness of. one s inner world of spirit through mental constructs as a reflection of the Divine A new. cycle of development of its powers of reason begins which spurs an individualization. process to test its independence apart from the womb consciousness of its Creator. experienced during the Satya yuga The yang solar arc corresponds to the development. of objective awareness and the responsibility it engenders for the thoughts and beliefs it. generates personally and by extension culturally and institutionally Our thought. beliefs and the actions manifested through their outward creative expression will be. naturally holotrophic if they are aligned to natural laws Under its protection the needs of. every individual element of the whole is accomodated for and an individual s personal. engagement becomes merely a reflex of the collective As these yang energies ripen at. the culmination of the descending arc during the Kali Yuga we are most distant from the. galactic center Humanity s ignorance is greatest here The extremity of collective. imbalance reaches its zenith Its individualization process must now bear the. consequences of its negative manifestations as the shift to yin begins as we return back to. the galactic center, Receptive yin energies correlate to the elements of earth and water flesh and essence. Inversely the yin lunar energies emphasize the development of one s relationship to the. external world through Nature as a reflection of the Divine which is experienced through. the body as emotional intelligence The yin lunar arc corresponds to the development of. our subjective awareness relative to the totality of creation itself and our place within it. We become the vessel and its oracle through attunement to the sacred dimensions in our. bodies that interface interconnect the physical to the spiritual the primal to the sacred. During the ascending arc the emergence of yin dominance begins and the errors from. the past age rise to the surface as the emotional body of the collective begins to process. its consequences and develop solutions through the re deployment of its intuitive side. the intelligence of its heart filtered through its feelings and emotions We are now. returning back to the galactic center and the acceleration of mental virtue begins As the. ascending arc of these energies reach their culmination point this emphasis peaks leading. to the subjective individualization of the Soul collectively. The energies unleashed during the solar or lunar arcs individually continue their. development after their respective arcs culminate yet their expressions become. internalized and go underground so to speak as they form the foundation for the next. evolutionary tier in the cycle For the solar energies they are birthed at Aries Pisces. during the Satya yuga and complete the externalized expression of their journey at. Libra Virgo during the Kali yuga Their development will continue though turned. inwardly to fuel the development of subjective consciousness as the acceleration of. mental virtue commences during the ascending lunar arc At the next Satya yuga in. Aries Pisces their new seed reflecting their evolutionary growth shall be cast. For the lunar energies they are birthed during Libra Virgo in the Kali yuga and complete. the externalized expressions of their journey during the upcoming Satya Yuga where the. release of all emotional compression is complete This clears the decks so to speak and. paves the way for the emergence of yang energies upon a clean slate This in turn allows. for the necessary emotional separation of the collective psyche from the Mother in order. to allow the external development of yang through thoughts to manifest As the. deterioration of mental virtue commences during the descending arc humanity s thoughts. and the realities they generate progressively become recognized as its sole responsibility. and not the creation of its Mother Under the surface of this phenomenon the collective. psyche and its emotional body intelligence begins to reel under the cumulative. compresssion due to the effects of the realities it unconsciously endures Its release into. consciousness will occur after one full revolution of the wheel is turned and they are. rebirthed during the ascending arc of the Kali yuga where they become the field of. fertilization to integrate the yang displacement of exteriorzation and fuel the lunar arc of. the Daiva yugas and the development of the yin dynamic of human consciousness. Thus the Daiva Yugas circuit consists of a trinity of interactive layers woven together that. create a dynamic cyclical process to stimulate our individual awakening through a. collective process First there is our sun s transit through the zodiac belt where each of. its diverse archetypes are emphasized triggering either their positive or negative. manifestations Next are superimposed the four different yugas each with their own. distinctive vibration and then finally the Electric Couples where the forces of yin lunar. female and yang solar male alternately rise and fall against another As our sun begins. its transit in the asscending arc of the Daiva yugas yang accedes its dominance to yin. and the rise of yin or female lunar energy begins collectively The progressive shift from. yang to yin began over 1 500 years ago where the critical mass of the extremity of. imbalance was reached The integration of the acquired yang knowledge through the yin. phenomenal experience as emotional intelligence is underway gaining momentum right. now and holds the keys to our future,Our Cosmic Family. All of creation is known to be generated from one Source Astro physicists refers to the. Big Bang as our universal point of origin while spiritual traditions refer to the creation. point in their own way as one indivisable Being ref Holy Science Sutra 1 pg 21. From within this one indivisable Being we find ourselves arising into being ourselves. after billions of years since its inception trying to understand who we are and what our. purpose is in this vast universal sphere, Some of us look to science and religion for the answers to our questions Some of us. look to nature itself Yet all paths lead to the same end which unfolds strangely as a. journey back to our beginnings In Evolutionary Astrology whose methodology is. based upon the principles reflecting natural law we also look to the nature of heaven and. earth as our teachers From this we learn the astrological wheel of twelve zodiacal signs. correlates to the structural nature of human consciousness and by extension its creative. principle Within its design can be found correlations to all the forces and the laws of. nature that their movement governs as they operate upon us. As with any science its depth evolves as the intelligence observing it deepens In. Evolutionary Astrology we are offered a deepened approach to astrology to show us the. way back to our original nature It gives us a tool to discern the simultaneous pathways. that weave together our past present and future which reveal our beginning by. measuring our amplitude By amplitude is meant the preponderance of any given. instinctual response to life as a reflection of our nature Each possible route or journey. that our soul s embark on in any lifetime corresponds to a given history that reflects our. nature and accordingly accounts for the probability of a particular path being followed It. is our individual center of gravity the place we keep getting pulled back to one s. personal locus of divine union wherein we individually discover our collective divinity. We can freely experiment with all of life s pleasures and disappointments yet in the end. we will be drawn compulsively back to our origin for it is where we are most at home. within ourselves, As we all emerged out of the womb of a single matrix the Creation we exist in and the. consciousness that we are given to perceives it are logically one and the same Together. they entwine to form a sacred Temple with which we awaken to experience as the. phenomenon of Creation itself We become an individuated mirror of this for everything. that creation symbolizes to us that exists outside our bodies as impressions and matter. also becomes a reflection of that which exists within us as thoughts and emotions From. the standpoint of Evolutionary Astrology each of these points of contact as our thoughts. and emotions are expressed as a specific planetary signature that pairs up with the. relevant zodiac sign that constitutes our astral ancestry. Thus the astrological wheel and its symbols at one s birth are a wholistic map of our. ourselves as a reflection of our perceived universe correlating to our pre existing. evolutionary level It is one s own personal mirror or mandala where sensitive contact. points relevant to one s past patterns are aligned at the time of one s birth to guide one s. evolutionary future It is timeless in this regard and beyond our comprehension through. mental constructs to understand the incredible genius that expresses in one symbolic. stroke our past present and future Paradoxically under the complexity of its. intelligence with its innumerable dimensions exists a design of utter simplicity which. merely becomes a matter of response to external stimuli that bounces off the essence of. our inner vibration This inner vibration is the heart of one s soul from which one s. heavenly birth signature is fashioned for insertion into the existing time lock of earthly. existence Each and every one of us possesses a unique vibration in this regard which. out pictures as projection into the vessel of intelligence that our souls inhabit in Earthly. body form For each individual within any given lifetime that form in time and space on. Earth is governed by the planetary and celestial influences at the moment of one s birth. which are catalyzed into action by the evolutionary conditions prevailing upon Earth. As for the heavens and their platform of teaching which entwines with our earthly. experience we refer to the known agents seen operating through the Daiva yugas They. are our sun its dual the zodiac belt and the galactic center Together they form what. may be called our cosmic family In accordance with the beliefs of our ancestors the. galactic center is our Great Mother whose unconditional love provides the foundation to. sustain the continuation of all life and it is from her that the reflection of our true nature. arises Our sun and its dual could be likened to her children The star within our dual. system that orbits closest to the galactic center would be an older sibling experiencing the. blossom of its maturity by virtue of the effects of stronger magnetism while the star most. distant would be the younger sibling existing in an immature developmental phase The. three create a family unit whereby the youngest sibling looks to its older sibling and. mother for reflection of purpose and guidance contrast and reflection The Great Mother. and the older sibling look to the youngest as that which represents the leading. evolutionary edge the future and tenderly nurture its growth. In the human family our grandparents or other ancestral relatives often become our. greatest teachers In our cosmic family these figures are represented by the constellations. in our zodiac belt as well as other stars that visit our planets and moon in their journey. through the heavens As a giant tube of astral intelligence their timeless wisdom. conveyed through their individual vibrational archetypes provide ongoing points of. reflection and guidance the push pull that inspires and propels us in our journey to. maturity For each constellation in the zodiac there exists a mutually receptive planetary. body within our solar system to whom it pairs as its representative or ruler For. example the planet Venus is paired up to the constellation of Taurus in our zodiac belt. and becomes its ruler, The planets themselves serve as step down transformers of sorts for the stellar data.
coming in from the constellations with the job of administering and concentrating their. positive or negative energies within us relative to the particular structural function within. our consciousness they connect to Emphasized contact points are delineated in our natal. birth charts to reflect and guide our personal evolutionary growth patterns throughout our. All of the above contact points in the heavens can be likened to a giant spider s web. where moments for action reflection love thoughts etc vibrate within us personally or. collectively wherever the web is touched by aspect and or transits from some celestial. trigger upon our natal birth charts In Hindu myth the spider symbolizes Maya the. illusory veil of creation Spider as Maya weaves the web of our fate which is the ancient. term for the phenomena of evolution itself and become the drama through which our lives. unfold upon beautiful blue Earth Floating upon the indigo seas of the heavens her. bubble with all its lifeforms become our teachers and guides reflecting the myriad. dimensions that exist within and outside ourselves which arise into being as we awaken. to the fullness of our true nature, Her way and ours is shown through the direction of her axial poles which become an. oracle in itself for the direction she faces provides us with insight into our past present. and future Like a giant radar disk in the heavens Earth turns as needed to follow the. intelligence of universal magnetism that guides the growth and development of its. creation Sometimes the changes necessary for growth are gentle and other times. cataclysmic as when periodic axial shifting and magnetic poles reversals occur which are. scientifically proven now to have occurred in our past Our polar north star changes over. the course of time due to the effects of precession and sometimes shifts occur through. other external cosmic forces as well from the impact of other celestial bodies Our. Moon itself is thought to have been created in this way billions of years ago where. another celestial body hurled into Earth It is believed the impact knocked Earth onto its. present tilt of 23 4 degrees of axial rotation and the resulting terrestial and cosmic debris. coalesced to form our Moon, For milleniums humans have sought to understand the way that links the dynamic. ancestral relationship between themselves heaven and earth This pursuit of knowledge. formed the basis of astrology through observation and correlation linking the movement. of the heavens with changes of life on Earth itself Ancient Chinese Taoism arose from. this principle by which the ancient sages determined the conditions of change or natural. laws that govern the relationship between heaven humankind and earth This. relationship they termed the Tao which means literally The Way. The term Tao originally meant the revolution of the way of the heavens about the earth. This movement of the heavens was regarded as the cause of the phenomena on earth The. Tao was located about the celestial pole which was considered to be the seat of power. because all revolves about it In the course of time Tao was viewed as the universal. cosmic energy behind the visible order of the universe ref L Hodous Taoism. Encyclopedia Britannica 14th ed, On the Daiva yuga cycle its north pole is the galactic center which the ancient Taoist. correlated to our earthly celestial pole The name of our galaxy as The Milky Way. again connects to this point The Way that we are being shown is towards its center. because everything does revolve around it and we know it is where the power of. universal magnetism emanates The deeper meaning behind this is that through osmosing. the milk of our great Mother her universal magnetism we evolve The direction our. evolutionary journey takes us is symbolized by the north pole our origins from the. place where the galactic womb exists, Connecting to all this is the fact that our polar north star is now Polaris in the. constellation Ursa Minor The name Polaris means way shower The star Polaris was. not always our polar north star Due to the precession of the equinoxes and going. backwards in time to 3 000 B C the polar north star was Thuban the dragon or serpent. As we shall see later this star becomes the oracular symbol as snake and dragon for our. ancestor s journey at the time setting the stage for our collective metamorphosis while. our sun transited the sign of Scorpio during the descending arc of the Treta Dwapara. If our Earth continues its present precessional motion in the future at 10 000 A D two. thousand five hundred years into the ascending arc of the Satya yuga during our sun s. transit in the sign of Taurus the polar north star will be Deneb the tail of the swan. constellation Cygnus within the asterism called the Northern Cross Cygnus has long. been associated with birds by our ancestors and one myth of its origins claims it is the. famous singer and harp player named Orpheus changed into a swan to be near his harp in. the heavens the constellation of Lyra, Even further into our future on our present course in 14 000 A D five hundred years in.
the sign of Aquarius in the next descending arc of the Satya yuga Vega becomes our. polar north star Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra the harp with its. seven strings after which Orpheus as swan longs to be near ref Sky Phenomena Norman. Davidson pg 9 and Natl Audobon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky pg 502 545 As will be. shown these symbols exist as oracle s within the heavens which reflect the pathway that. our future holds for us footprints so to speak that our ancestors have left behind for us. Thus the symbols of astrology allow us to objectify the nature of the interactive. dynamics that control time and space and our perception of them as the observer from the. perceptual trinity of past present and future In essence it becomes a divination tool. beyond language that enables us to objectify our reality if we desire so that we can. outgrow immature patterns of behavior that impede our evolutionary progress. Objectification helps us to understand ourselves through natural law which in turn. reflects the creative principle regulated by the Daiva yugas developmental paradigm. Yet how does heaven and earth unite these dynamics within us physically psychically. emotionally and spiritually What and where is the mechanism within our being that. takes its cues from these evolutionary forces and serves as the bridge between heaven and. earth The ancients called it the Tree of Life and it was one of the most powerful. symbols of the Earth Goddess cultures during matriarchal times It is the astral harp with. seven strings for which Orpheus as swan longs to be near The scope of this work is to. show how heaven and earth unite within us through our Tree of Life how this symbol. connects us to our ancestral spiritual traditions and how its regulation and development. through the Daiva yugas becomes the oracle of our past present and upcoming. evolutionary journey,The Tree of Life Our Astralbiology. A major change induced during the descending Electric Couple of the last Age was the. shift from matriarchy to patriarchy and the suppression of the feminine in her numinous. aspect which originates from her nature as creatrix In this context she is identical to the. creatrix at the center of our galaxy whose giant cosmic womb becomes the gateway. between spirit energy and matter She exists as the divine lover to heaven itself as the. consort and bride of god where within her womb new life is magically generated. Archeological findings from as far back as 40 000 BC reveal humanity s identification of. the female as creatrix through their objects of worship or art The objects are female. figurines with emphasized abdominal regions and bird like features on the upper torso. Her womb and belly are always enlarged symbolic of the creative potential she possesses. through her powers of rebirth and regeneration, Like the cosmic womb the human female womb becomes the matrix upon which our. creation depends for its existence and the vessel for it to manifest into form She is the. archetypical vessel of fertilization and birth the evolutionary holy grail It is this. sacred dimension of the feminine which is expressed through her locus of divine union. her nature as pure vessel to receive and absorb the sacred waters from heaven where her. love expresses itself through the vehicle of her sexuality Her greatest joy lies in giving. earthly form to the ideas of heaven through her creative center her womb This divine. gift from heaven distinguishes her and humanity through her from all other members of. the animal kingdom, As the earthly vessel of heavenly fertilization and birth as her creation evolves she. evolves likewise to birth its new directions to facilitate its transmutation from what was. once unconsciously primal to become consciously sacred She is the archetypical oracle. and as such like the Great Mother at the galactic center she tenderly nurtures the growth. of the seeds of the future that she births from her womb with her own form of universal. magnetism her motherly love, The celestial mechanism within the human body that allows sexuality to form the bridge. between spirit and matter and operate as an evolutionary gateway to expand. consciousness is the enigmatic Tree of Life It is the quintessential symbol of power. from the matriarchal Goddess cultures where the spiritualization of the human heart was. known to arise through sexual union Sexuality is the symbolic union of spirit and matter. where the sacred heavenly space of the female s womb is penetrated by the diamond like. innocence of the earthly sceptre of flesh Thus it is through this symbol that the brilliance. of humanity s journey arises and inversely from its suppression by the patriarchy that. the dark side of our evolutionary journey begins And the condition of its operation. within us becomes the cause for why and how our intelligence deteriorated during the last. age sending us collectively into the dark depths of our psyche s to transform us through a. process of metamorphosis, The knowledge about the Tree of Life and its connection to the sacred feminine has been.
lost for some time encapsulated for its protection within the collective psyche by. evolutionary forces beyond our control those same forces driving the Daiva yugas The. forces that created the patriarchy began after 7 500 B C while our sun transitted the sign. of Capricorn in the descending arc of the Treta yuga Those forces began accelerating. their impact upon consciousness relative to our increasing distance from the galactic. center The timing of the greatest acceleration of the suppression of the Goddess cultures. with its knowledge about the Tree of Life correlates to our solar system moving through. the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto roughly five to six thousand years ago around the. time of the great flood, The archetype of Scorpio symbolizes the Soul and its powers of regeneration throughout. the cycles of death and rebirth The Soul through Pluto generates the mysterious. transformation within us from primal to sacred where earthly and heavenly forces fuse. together into one harmonious whole to generate new levels of psychic integration that. form the stepping stones toward our spiritual maturity Pluto sees to it that all things. preventing growth through this process are eliminated Scorpio relates to the use and. limitations of this power on a personal level relative to the collective where the Soul. tests its powers against the confines of earthly life It also correlates to psychic. metamorphosis the key dynamic underlying our evolution that arises as a result of this. process through the development of our emotional intelligence Scorpio is part of the. astrological wheel which forms the water trine and our emotional intelligence It forms. the link through the Soul which facilitates the merging of the individual ego Cancer to. the universal Absolute Pisces The Soul is a name for that part of our intelligence. orchestrating the leading edge of our evolutionary journey which operates in coordination. with the Tree of Life As the Soul through Scorpio merges the ego to the universal the. Soul through the Tree of Life merges the physical to the spiritual As it activates our life. programs through the reference point of the ego the Soul through the Tree of Life. provides correlations between our inner and outer experiences of life. The growth of our Tree of Life is regulated and synchronized by the Daiva yugas Like. the seasons that regulate the growth of earthly life its activation and de activation is. controlled accordingly The magnetic poles of our astral trees symbolically conform to. the poles of our earth and the poles of the Daiva yuga cycle The crown or north pole in. both correlates to the intelligence of heaven and universal magnetism transmitted by. stellar or solar sources The root or south pole correlates to the intelligence of earth our. physical body creating the gravitational cistern to hold our emotional intelligence which. receives its cues through lunar albedo or the reflections of solar light emanating from our. moon The counterparts for the crown and root in the Daiva yuga cycle are Aries Pisces. in the Satya yuga as crown while the root is symbolized by Libra Virgo in the Kali yuga. As our sun transitted through the sign of Scorpio which began during the sandhis in the. descending arc of the Treta to Dwapara yuga the capacity for the Soul to merge the. physical with the spiritual through the Tree of Life was directly impaired due to the. decline of mental virtue Mental virtue is absolutely essential to handle the purity of the. vibrations operating through our astral Tree of Life In essence the circuits that activate. the Tree of Life were becoming progressively shut down During that time the polar. north star was Thuban the dragon or serpent According to the ancients the dragon or. serpent was the guardian of the stars or golden apples which hung from the Pole Tree in. the Garden of Darkness This is a direct reference to the Tree of Life where the dragon or. serpent are the guardians of kundalini itself The stars or golden apples are the chakras. which hang from the pole tree in the garden of darkness one s inner realm They are. guarded by the dragon for it is only through the action of awakened kundalini which is. symbolized by the serpent or dragon rising that their fruit of higher knowledge can be. penetrated to be experienced The dragon is a symbol for a vessel of astral intelligence. while the snake is a symbol of the psychic metamorphosis that it generates where the. shedding of old skins makes way for the new Both entities capture the form of action of. kundalini when it is originally released within the body which feels like massive jolt of. energy undulating up the spine in a serpentine manner. Kundalini as dragon is the vessel carrying an astral intelligence that travels through the. Tree of Life It is released within our Tree while the solar crown and lunar root energies. coalesce Its link to its astral origins is found amongst the starry vault of our heavens. through its association with the sign of Aquarius It connects us to our astral or ancestral. heritage and serves as the bridge from the earthly to astral dimensions of our. consciousness Symbolized as the water bearer of Aquarius kundalini is the vessel and. force by which the spiritual waters of Pisces pour forth from the heavens to spiritually. transform our consciousness, Operating through the astral dimension the Tree of Life is the bio spiritual network. within the human organism that is the primary agent responsible for bringing to. conscious awareness our spiritual origins It is invisibly enmeshed within the biological. system of the human being correlating to the human spinal column as its trunk the skull. its crown the tailbone as its root and the nervous and circulatory systems as its. branches The endocrine system is the interface or messenger service between physical. and spiritual dimensions The heart is the pump and gateway between the two provinces. of earth and heaven, Within the human Tree of Life are seven astral gateways called various names around. the globe including knots chakras psychic centers or lotuses Each one correlates to a. different body of wisdom or inner universe on the esoteric level that guide our evolution. Each gateway is symbolized by a different color correlating to different wavelength. vibration or frequency of light which together create the lighted orbs seen inwardly as. reflections of the stars or golden apples upon our pole tree. The spectrum of light visible to the human eyes is expressed through a rainbow formed. by wavelengths of light within the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see The entire. electromagnetic spectrum goes from radio waves with longest wavelength through. microwaves infrared visible light ultraviolet and x rays to gamma rays shortest. wavelength The colors we see externally are similar to what we perceive internally on. the astral Tree of Light The difference is one of purity The inner eye does not perceive. color through any manner of distortions and thus its beauty is peerless. Rainbows appear on earth when sunlight is refracted in the presence of water or moisture. in the atmosphere It arches over the surface of the globe linking heaven and earth. Likewise the inner Tree of Life with its rainbow creates our connection between heaven. and earth in the presence of water too this water of spiritual origins being delivered by. the astral force of kundalini Aquarius the water bearer In astrology the element of. water symbolizes three stages of emotional development personal equaling security. Cancer collective equaling use of power Scorpio and universal equaling sacrifice.

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