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This is a new unofficial revision of Demon for the White Wolf World of Darkness game system The. game is a standalone using normal core rule book or can be played with Vampire The Requiem. Werewolf The Forsaken Mage The Awakening Promethean The Created Changeling The Lost and. Hunter The Vigil, This game is not a complete game system Players will need to purchase the World of Darkness core. book in order to play Demon The Return In fact it is recommended that players purchase other World. of Darkness books for referencing as the game references other books as well. Note that this game is derived from White Wolf Publishing copyrighted material. White Wolf Publishing says I need to have the following information on this page for legal reasons. Hopefully they ll never sue me for creating this site. http www white wolf com fansites termsofuse php Copyright White Wolf Publishing Inc. 2008 CCP hf All rights reserved Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is. expressly forbidden except for the purposes of reviews and for blank character sheets which may be. reproduced for personal use only White Wolf and Demon The Fallen are registered trademarks of CCP. hf All rights reserved Vampire The Requiem Werewolf The Forsaken Mage The Awakening. Promethean The Created Changeling The Lost and Hunter The Vigil are trademarks of CCP hf All. rights reserved All characters names places and text herein are copyrighted by CCP hf. http www white wolf com, Original concept of new version by Scott R aka Evo Shandor. With lots of help from,Matt C Thomas and Mattias M. Synopsis 7,Chapter 1 The Return 8,The Daemon 8,Returning 8. Chapter 2 Character 11,Character Creation 11,The Modi 14.
Merging 15,Possession 16,Reanimation 17,Rebirth 18. Revivication 19,Binding 20,Incarnation 21,The Houses 23. The House of the Coming Darkness 24,The House of Enlightenment 25. The House of Judges 26,The House of Mortal Desires 27. The House of Resurgence 28,Dominion New Advantage 29.
Psyche Modified Advantage 32,New Merits 33,Chapter 3 Miracles and Curses 37. Innate Powers 37,Ageless 37,Awareness 37,Immunity to Possession 38. Invocations 38,Domains 39,Visages 107,Chapter 4 Storytelling and Antagonists 114. Founts 116,Items of Power 117,Enhanced Items 117,Faith as a Weapon 119. Exorcisms 119,Founts Causing Damage 119,Holy Relics 119.
Death and Returning 120,Consumption 120,Returning Again 122. Mortals 126,Revelation 126,Reaping 126,Mortal Groups 127. Thralls 128,Soul Trade 131,Antagonists 132,Others 134. Abyssal Reclaimers 134,Legion 136,Exiled Domains 138. Appendix One Pantheons 142,The Angelic Choir 144,Cthonic 144.
The Djinn 145,The Fallen Hord 145,Huldra 145,Shamblers 146. Appendix Two Las Vegas 147, What are the differences are between my new version of Demon and the old official Demon. Mechanically many things have changed Mainly because the new World of Darkness uses a different. system but I ve added and tweaked some things, The main mechanical change was the addition of a Modus or X Splat All Demons have a method of. return be it animating a dead body or taking over a person There are 5 plus others and they. determine the base starting point for the Demon, The next big mechanical change was changing Torment into Turmoil More than a name change It. would take a while to explain but just know that Turmoil is like Torment was for Evocations but if the. Demon limits his power use he can avoid the Turmoil He has to have a high Psyche Morality trait as. well Lore now called Domains have been converted to the new system Some changes were made to a. few some are gone and others are almost the same, Thematically Demons are no longer fallen angels I never did like that White Wolf threw out their.
whole cosmology base and pretty much said that Christianity was right OK they did not actually do this. but it seemed that way, Then what are the Demons Their origins are not completely known Most were gods and beings that. were worshiped Others were simply powerful beings returning to this world But they all were. forgotten and were left to Exile A state of not existing yet being aware of it Pretty much Hell When. they come back they have to give up almost everything the world rejects them and their power But it. is worth it to them since they are back and not in Exile. It is very important to realize that these Demons barely remember their old existence they have given. up so much of their identity Some of them Demons on the Modus of Rebirth only remember their. lives growing up human and have to figure out what they are. Houses are the Y Splat Houses are not the old Houses They are more like the old Factions a few even. have the old names, I ve down played the Revelatory Form It is now an ability gained only when joining a Pantheon Z Splat. There are all types of Pantheons available I like the idea of starting Demons to be more normal Plus. it seemed that White Wolf powered down everything when making the nWoD. Chapter 1 The Return, I can remember having the power of a god It s like remembering a vivid dream but I know it wasn t a. dream It was real Of course it wasn t really me but it was somehow I remember that some of us were. worshiped as gods and others were simply respected or feared for our power But most of all I. remember the nothing I don t remember how it happened but I remember being exiled to a place of. nothing It was the worst place imaginable I d tell you more about it but you just don t have the ability. to grasp even a fraction of what could be explained in words Suffice it to say that it was Hell in all sense. of the word,The Daemon, Some Demons remember their past The time before they became who they are now When the were. the Daemon, Daemons are or used to be spiritual beings of great power Some of them were actually gods Egyptian.
Greek Roman Norse Gods that somehow lost their favor Not all of them were gods Some were just. powerful beings that might have eventually become gods had they wanted it Then there were others. that were here before the concept of gods Beings older than time. All of these beings have one thing in common They had power They were powerful once but not any. Many Daemons were worshiped by humans until the fickle tides of religion turned on them Many were. simply powerful beings that were forgotten by the masses Others were forced out of power or into. hiding for fear of their existence by more powerful beings Whatever the Daemons origin they all ended. up in Exile Called the Abyss by some it may be more of a state of un being than a place. The Fallen as they sometimes call themselves were the gods of old or simply respected beings of. power Now they are rejected by the world and commonly called Demons by the unfaithful and those. of other faiths They were beings of great power After being away for so long they have a hard time. existing in the material world especially the powerful ones Fortunately for them they have developed. a method of survival that allows them to remain in this world for an indefinite time When a Demon. finds a host that is compatible it suppresses a large portion of its power and forges a human like. conscious that allows it to act in this world Considered Demons or Angles by the uninformed for. centuries some of these beings have taken on the name and reinforce the label though their actions. Term Description, The spiritual being that has joined with the character The source of all the. Demon s powers, Mainly relating to Demons on the Modus of Reanimation these are wounds that. Death wounds,do not visibly heal, Domains Powers that a Demon has over parts of existence. The inherent power of the Demon in reality how much of his demonic might has. been made manifest,Evocations Abilities learned through a Domain. The state of non existence that Demons went to after they lost their power and. Exile have now returned from A paradoxical combination of not existing and being. aware of it, Faith The Untouchable belief from mortals that fuels a demon and its powers.
A location usually a church or other holy place where Faith pools and can be taken. and used by Demons,Fused Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Merging. Slang term used by other s Demons rarely use it as a derogatory name for the. Half Breed, Host The human body that most Demons take possession of. The Demonic Houses are political factions Demons can move between houses as. allegiances and goals dictate, Incarnated Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Incarnation. The means by which the Demon makes its return to Earth Singular is Modus. Modus Modi,Plural is Modi,Method of return that ties a Demon to a reliquary. Method of return where a Demon creates a new body from scratch. Incarnation, Method of return where a Demon merges with the body and soul of a willing host.
Method of return where a Demon animates a dead body as a host. Reanimation, Modus of Method of return where a Demon creates a new inside a woman to be born as a. Rebirth human, A supernatural agreement between a demon and a mortal that turns a mortal into. a Thrall of the demon, A group that the Demon can join that helps return it to it s former self Pantheons. gain the Demon additional abilities, It is this construct that gives a Demon a foothold in reality By tempering their. inconceivable might and unfathomable rage over being ignored it allows them to. work within the confines of reality as a mortal would The Psyche not only mirrors. mortal morality but also provides a code of ethics among Demons known as Bans. Reaping Taking of Faith from mortals without the formation of a pact. Reborn Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Rebirth, Relicbound Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Binding.
Reliquary Object that can store a Demon s power or a demon himself. RevelatoryForm An aspect gained by joining a Pantheon Related to Visages. Combinations of Domains to produce an alternate effect than those that are listed. in the Evocations, Thrall A mortal that has entered into a pact with a Demon to exchange Faith for power. Torment Another term forTurmoil See Turmoil, Turmoil The effect of the world rejecting the Demon and his Evocations. Undead Nickname of Demons on the Modus of Reanimation. Visage Parts of the Demons true self that it can summon into reality for a brief time. Chapter 2 Character,Character Creation, Use the character creation rules from the World of Darkness Rulebook and add the following template. to Joined characters during Step Five,Choose a Modus See Modi. Choose a House See Houses, For beginning Domains allocate three dots two of which must be spent on House Domains.
One of your three Domain dots may be spent to on a Visage instead of a Domain See Visages. Demons can have additional Merits from a special list See Merits. Morality is now called Psyche in Demon The Return See Psyche. Roll a die to determine how much Faith your character has at the beginning of the story. Step 1 Character Concept, Where does your Demon come from What is it s history. What was his Return like If the host died what where the circumstances. Are his family and friends still in the picture If not what happened. What are his plans,Step 2 Select Attributes,Step 3 Select Skills. Step 4 Select Skill Specialties,Step 5 Add Demon Template. When a Demon returns by joining with a person it must give up a lot including power its identity and. sense of self The joining is beneficial to the person and Demon The Demon returns and the person. gains some control of the power that the Demon used to wield. Note that a character cannot possess multiple supernatural templates and some Merits are unavailable. to supernatural characters A vampire mage or werewolf cannot be a Demon as well and they cannot. possess many of the new Merits presented here,Modus How the Demon returned. Merging Those that are a merger of mortal soul and Daemon. Possession Those that had lost their soul so the Daemon took its place. Reanimation Those that died and were reanimated by the Daemon. Rebirth Those with Daemons for souls since birth, Revivication Those that were brought back to life by the Daemon s return.
Add Modus preferred Attribute,Merging Wits or Composure. Possession Manipulation or Intelligence,Reanimation Stamina or Composure. Rebirth Intelligence or Presence,Revivication Resolve or Stamina. House Political Ideological groups of Demons,The House of Mortal Desires known as Faustians. The House of Resurgence known as Adversaries, The House of the Coming Darkness known as Ravagers.
The House of Enlightenment known as Reconcilers,The House of Judges known as Arbitrators. This trait represents the extent to which the Demon has joined with the host body to become a Demon. With it the Demon gains extraordinary abilities such as the control over certain Domains All Demon. characters receive the Dominion advantage at one dot for free Dominion can be increased with Merit. point expenditure at a rate of three to one at character creation That is a player may spend three of his. character s seven Merit points for Dominion 2 or spend six of his character s seven Merit points for. Dominion 3, Domains are groupings of the powerful abilities that Demons have A newly returned Demon starts with. three 3 dots in Domains Two 2 of these dots must be in Modus or House Domains The remaining. one 1 dot can be in any other Domain, An alternative to choosing a Domain at character creation is to choose a Visage Instead of spending the. third dot in any other Domain the player may spend it on the Visages trait The level of the Demon s. Visages trait is the limit on the largest rated Visage he may possess The Demon automatically gains a. level one Visage when purchasing his first dot in Visages This Visage must be selected from a list. associated with a known Domain These Demons have the ability to reveal part of their true selves for a. short time Each Visage lasts for the remainder scene that it is activated. Step 6 Select Merits,There are new Merits in the Merits section. Step 7 Determine Advantages, Morality from the World of Darkness core rulebook is replaced by Psyche for Demons Psyche works.
much like Morality does although it has been expanded. Experience Costs,House Domain New dots x5,Other House Domain New dots x7. Common Domain New dots x6,Dominion New dots x8,Psyche New dots x3. Starting Points,Dominion 1, Up down turn around Please don t let me hit the ground Tonight I think I ll walk alone I ll find my soul. as I go home,Temptation by New Order, Modi are the methods used by a Daemon to return to the material world by joining with a person When. a Daemon returns it has to give up all but a fragment of its former self Daemons chose to reduce. themselves to the point where they almost completely lose their identity The most common Modi are. listed below While there may be more methods for a Daemon to return they are either not used often. or are next to impossible for most Daemons to use, Returning in the various methods described here has its benefits and drawbacks Called Boons and.
Banes each is unique to the related Modus Boons give the Demon some form of advantage due to. their chosen Modus Banes on the other hand are the unfortunate side effects of the chosen method. Modi Description, Merging Those that merged their soul willingly with the Daemon. Possession The soulless that became Demons by a Daemon taking the soul s place. Reanimation The dead that are animated by the power of a Daemon soul. Rebirth Demons that were born human only to learn the truth later in life. Revivication Those that were revived and brought a Daemon back with them. The Others, Binding Those that are bound into an object instead of a human host. Incarnation Demons that have found a way to form their own bodies in the material world. There are other methods of return for a Daemon Some are combinations of the above Modi while. some are entirely different If a player wishes he may design a new Modus with the storyteller for his. character Storytellers are discouraged from letting a player take the best aspects of different Modi or. combining Modi to reduce Banes Although it is difficult to measure Boons and Banes should balance. each other out and be fairly equal across all of the Modi. Those that are Merged have a combination of human soul and Daemon The Joining combines the soul. and Daemon into one When a Daemon chooses to return in this method it is usually out of the desire. to understand the world he is returning to He finds a human that is willing and sufficiently compatible. and merges with the person s soul The merging gives the Demon more knowledge of the other world. that is the knowledge that the Daemon possessed before the joining The length of time that the. merging takes can vary taking hours or weeks before completion The person notices little change at. first As time goes on his personality changes towards that of the Daemon s The person s personality. slips away slowly When the merging is complete the original personality of the human and the Daemon. are drastically changed No longer are they individual entities now they have fused to become one. Note that while a person must be willing to merge his soul with a Daemon he does not need to be. conscious of it A soul can decide on its own to merge with a Daemon These Demons may not have. consciously decided to join with a Daemon but they are content with the effect. Nickname Fused,Preferred Attribute Wits or Composure. Boon Because of the knowledge gained from the merger these Demons can remember things that only. their Daemon knew The Demon gains 2 free dots in the Legacy Merit. Bane All Demons in the Modus of Merging have reshaped the soul of their host to the point that they. no longer act quite human Normal humans don t react well to the strangeness of the Fused These. Demons suffer penalties on all social rolls save Intimidation when dealing with mortals The Demon s. Dominion score See Dominion is subtracted from those rolls.

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