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Ink Manual FOURTH EDITION,Dr R H Leach Dr C Armstrong J F Brown. M J Mackenzie 1 Randall and Dr H G Smith,An Imprint of Chapman Hall in association with. Published by Blueprint an imprint of Chapman Hall,2 6 Boundary Row London SEt BHN. Chapman Hall 2 6 Boundary Row London SEI 8HN UK, Van Nostrand Reinhold Inc 115 5th Avenue New York NY10003 USA. Chapman Hall Japan Thomson Publishing Japan Hirakawacho. Nemoto Building 7F 1 7 11 Hirakawa cho Chiyoda ku Tokyo 102. Chapman Hall Australia Thomas Nelson Australia 102 Dodds Street. South Melbourne Victoria 3205 Australia, Chapman Hall India R Seshadri 32 Second Main Road CIT East.
Madras 600 035 India,First edition 1961,Reprinted 1963 with revisions. Second edition 1969,Third edition 1979,Reprinted 1984. Fourth edition 1988,Reprinted 1988 1989 1991, 1961 1969 1979 1988 Society of British Printing Ink. Manufacturers Ltd, Softcover reprint of the hardcover 1st edition 1988. Typeset in Meridien by Best set Typesetter Ltd Hong Kong. ISBN 13 978 1 4684 6908 0 e ISBN 13 978 1 4684 6906 6. DOl 10 1007 978 1 4684 6906 6, Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study.
or criticism or review as permitted under the UK Copyright Designs and. Patents Act 1988 this publication may not be reproduced stored or. transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission in. writing of the publishers or in the case of reprographic reproduction only. in accordance with the terms of the licences issued by the Copyright. Licensing Agency in the UK or in accordance with the terms of licences. issued by the appropriate Reproduction Rights Organization outside the. UK Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the terms stated here. should be sent to the publishers at the London address printed on this. The publisher makes no representation express or implied with regard. to the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannot. accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that. maybe made, A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Preface xi,The Editors and Authors XIII,I The Nature of Printing Inks. c Armstrong Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,1 1 Visual characteristics of inks. 1 2 The nat ure of printing inks as determined by the. printing process 3,1 3 The drying characteristic 5. 1 4 The adhesive nature of printing inks 6,1 5 The resistance properties of printing inks 7.
2 The Printing Processes 10,B Blunden and J Birkenshaw PIRA. 2 1 The letterpress process II,2 2 The offset lithographic process 20. 2 3 The gravure process 35,2 4 The f1exographic process 44. 2 5 The screen printing proce ss 50,2 6 Non impact printing processes 54. 2 7 Other printing processes 59,2 8 Print recognition 60.
2 9 Substrate selection 65,2 10 The need for communication 67. 3 Colour and Colour Matching 69,J Brown Mander Kidd UK Ltd. 3 1 The physical nature of colour 69,3 2 The perception of colour 72. 3 3 Additive and subtractive colour mixing 78,3 4 Origins of colour in printed material 84. 3 5 Graphic reproduction 86,3 6 The measurement of colour 88.
3 7 The recording of colour data and the specification. of colour 94,vi CONTENTS,3 8 Colour matching 98,3 9 Instrumental colour match prediction 102. References 107,4 Raw Materials 109,M Clayton Ault Wiborg General Printing Inks. Section I Pigments 110,4 1 Yellow pigments III,4 2 Orange pigments 117. 4 3 Red pigments 120,4 4 Green pigments 139,4 5 Blue pigments 142. 4 6 Violet pigments 149,4 7 Brown pigments 152,4 8 Black pigments 154.
4 9 White pigments and extenders 156,4 10 Pearle scent materials 161. 4 11 Metallic pigments 161,4 12 Fluorescent pigments 162. 4 13 General properties of pigments 163,Section II Dyestuffs 172. 4 14 Acid dyes 172,4 15 Basic dyes 174,4 16 Solvent dyes 178. 4 17 Disperse dyes 180,Section III Oils 183,4 18 Drying vegetable oils 183.
4 19 Other oils 188,Section IV Resins 192,4 20 Natural resins 193. 4 21 Synthetic resins 199,Section V Solvents 225,4 22 Hydrocarbon solvents 228. 4 23 Alcohols 231,4 24 Glycols 232,4 25 Ketones 234. 4 26 Esters 235,Section VI Plasticisers 244,Section VII Waxes 249. 4 27 Synthetic waxes 250,4 28 Petroleum waxes 253,4 29 Natural waxes 255.
Section VIII Driers 258,4 30 Liquid driers 258,4 31 Paste driers 260. CONTENTS vii,Section IX Miscellaneous additives 260. 4 32 Chelating agents 260,4 33 Antioxidants 261,4 34 Surfactants 262. 4 35 Deodorants and reodorants 264,4 36 Pure chemicals 265. 4 37 Defoaming agents 269,4 38 Laking agents 270, Section X Raw materials for radiation curing systems 27 J.
4 39 Pigment selection 271,4 40 Prepolymers 272,4 41 Reactive dil L1ents 27 4. 4 42 Photoinitiators 274,4 43 Additives and inhibitors 275. Section XI Health and safety at work 280,References 28J. 5 Letterpress Inks 282,c B Burdall Usher Walker pic. 5 1 Nature of the process 282, 5 2 General characteristics of letterpress inks 284.
5 3 Physical properties 286,5 4 Raw materials 289,5 5 Letterpress ink formulation 294. 5 6 Ink related problems and their possible solutions 302. 5 7 New d e v e l o p m e n t s 3 0 4,6 Lithographic Inks 308. P Ford and R J Tuft Coates Brothers Inks Ud,6 1 General characteristics of litho inks 312. 6 2 Drying m e c h a n i s m s I,6 3 Physical properties 321. 6 4 Formulating principles 328,6 5 Typical inks and varnishes 343.
6 6 Ink related problems and their possible solutions 352. 6 7 Recent and fu ture trends 361,7 Gravure Inks 368. E Cawkill and B Ellison BASF Coatings Inks Ltd,7 1 General characteristics 36. 7 2 Physical properties of inks and their measurement 376. 7 3 Form ulating principles 382,7 4 Inks and varnishes for specific end L1sc. applications 393,7 5 Printing ink faults 426,7 6 Future developments 429. viii CONTENTS,8 Flexographic Inks 435,F C Wyatt Lorilleux Bolton Ltd.
8 1 General characteristics of the inks 437,8 2 Physical properties of flexographic inks and. their measurement 442,8 3 Formulating principles 447. 8 4 Inks and varnishes for special purposes 456, 8 5 Ink related printing problems and possible solutions 476. 8 6 Recent and future trends 478,9 Screen Inks 481. J Joannou Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,9 1 Important characteristics of screen inks 481.
9 2 Requirements of raw materials 487,9 3 Inks for paper and board 490. 9 4 Inks for impervious surfaces 493,9 5 Inks for plastic containers 499. 9 6 Textile inks 502,9 7 Transfer inks 504,9 8 Overprint varnishes 505. 9 9 Daylight fluorescent inks 506,9 10 Process inks 507. 9 11 Metallics 509,9 12 Ink related printing problems 510.
9 13 Recent and future trends 513,10 Radiation Curable Systems 51 s. R Holman BASF Coatings Inks Ltd, 10 1 Electromagnetic radiation and electron beams 517. 10 2 Microwave and radio frequency drying 521,10 3 Infra red curing systems 522. 10 4 Ultraviolet and electron beam curable inks and. varnishes 525,10 5 Radiation curing equipment 552,10 6 State of the art and future trends 560. Further reading 561,11 Inks for Special Purposes 562.
R Marsh Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,ILl Non impact printing 562. 11 2 Speciality screen inks 571,11 3 Inks for the electronics industry 573. 11 4 Inks for laminated plastics 578,11 5 Inks for wallcoverings 578. 11 6 Textile transfer inks 580,11 7 Sterilisation inks 582. CONTENTS ix,11 8 Metal decorating 585,II 9 Letterset printing 588.
12 Manufacture of Inks and Varnishes 592,M 1 Heath Lorilleux Bolton Ltd and A J Wild. Usher Walker pIc,12 1 General requirements 592,12 2 The manufacturing processes 93. 12 3 Mixing equipment 616,12 4 Milling equipment 624. 12 5 Handling storage and manufacture of UV inks 644. 12 6 Manufacture of newspaper inks 645,12 7 Handling and storage of inks 648. 12 8 Modern production trends 655,12 9 The future 660.
13 Rheology of Printing Inks 666,A Tabbernor Mander Kidd UK Ltd. 13 I Flow in ideal systems 667,13 2 Deviations from Newtonian behaviour 668. 13 3 Apparatus for the measurement of the viscosity. of Newtonian liquids 675,13 4 Practical measurements for non Newtonian. systems 678,13 5 Tack 685,13 6 Tack measurement 686. 13 7 Ink distribution and related matters 689, 13 8 Rheological measurements and machine design 694.
References 696,14 Testing Control and Analysis 699. E Cawkill BASF Coatings Inks Ltd and,D Easterly Coates Brothers Inks Ltd. 14 1 Standard tests 700,14 2 Sampling technique 700. 14 3 Pigment testing 701,14 4 Chips and pre dispersions 710. 14 5 Dye testing 710,14 6 Resins 711,14 7 Varnishes and oils 714.
14 8 Solvents 720,14 9 Radiation curing products 724. 14 10 Miscellaneous materials 726,14 11 Ink quality control 726. 14 12 Short term ink testing 727,14 13 Long term ink testing 731. 14 14 Press performance tests 735,x CONTENTS,14 15 Dry print performance tests 740. 14 16 Analysis of printing inks 751,References 779.
Further reading 779,15 Health Safety and the Environment 780. G 1 May and 1 Orpwood Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,15 1 Handling of dangerous substances in the. manufacture of printing inks 785,15 2 Mechanical and operational aspects 809. 15 3 Specific printing ink applications 820,15 4 Some international constraints 826. Glossary of abbreviations 831,References 832, The Printing Ink Manual was first published in 1961 under the auspices.
of the Society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers with the object of. providing an authoritative work on printing ink technology This the. fourth edition continues that purpose and presents a comprehensive. study of the current state of the art in the ink industry For those starting. in the printing ink industry it is a textbook dealing with all aspects of the. formulation and manufacture of printing ink For the ink technician it is a. practical manual and useful source of reference For printers and users of. printed material the manual supplies helpful information on the nature. and behaviour of ink both on the printing press and as the finished print. Readers with a little scientific knowledge will have no difficulty in using. the manual but as in previous editions sufficient chemistry and physics. have been introduced to assist the advanced technician and research. In the eight years since the last edition very substantial changes have. taken place in ink technology and accordingly the book has been entirely. rewritten by a new panel of authors all of whom arc currently engaged in. the printing ink or associated industries While retaining the general. structure of previous editions the chapters have been arranged in a more. logical order Those dealing with ink formulation reflect the considerable. changes that have taken place in the printing industry letterpress inb. have largely been superseded by lithographic inks for both packaging. printing and newspaper production and gravure and ilexographic inks. are now applied to a much greater variety of substrates for packaging. Developments in manufacturing methods have also been substantial. Both milling and mixing techniques have benefited by new designs in. machinery and the introduction of electronic and computerised controls. Two important chapters have been added to this edition of the manual. one dealing with Radiation Curable Systems the other with Health. Safety and Environment Radiation curable systems have now become. widely used for drying printing inks and are based on quite different ink. technology This technology is explained in depth together with details ot. the special raw materials required Matters of health and safety at work. and environmental pollution have assumed great importance since the. last edition of the manual Therefore a chapter has been included which. xii PREFACE, offers a survey of the current legislation both in the United Kingdom and. other countries concerning the requirements for the safe manufacture. handling and transport of printing inks and also considers the limitations. in the use of raw materials, It is hoped that with its new edition this highly respected reference. book will continue to serve as a guide for all involved in the printing ink. industry worldwide,Editor in Chief,ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The editors wish to thank Barry Hermiston of Coates Brothers Inks Ltd. who compiled the index They also wish to thank those who supplied. diagrams and illustrations not acknowledged elsewhere and those mem. bers of the Society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers who have kindly. checked the ink formulations and chemical structural formulae at the. proofing stage,The Editors and Authors,Dr R H Leach Editor in Chicf. Dr C Armstrong Technical Director Coates Brothers Inks Ltd. Mr J F Brown Scientific Services Manager Mander Kidd UK Ltd. Mr M J Mackenzie Deputy Technical Director Usher Walker pic. Mr L Randall Deputy Managing Director Usher Walker pic. Dr H G Smith Technical Director Fishburn Division BASF Coatings. Chapter I Dr C Armstrong Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,2 Mr B W Blunden PIRA.
Mr J W Birkenshaw PIRA,3 Mr J F Brown Mander Kidd UK Ltd. 4 Mr M J Clayton Sun General Printing Ink,5 Mr G B Burdall Usher Walker pic. 6 Mr P I Ford US Printing Ink Corporation,Mr R J Tuft Coates Brothers Inks Ltd. 7 Dr E Cawkill BASF Coatings Inks Ltd,Mr B A Ellison BASF Coatings Inks Ltd. 8 Mr F C Wyatt Lorilleux Bolton Ltd,9 Mr G Joannou Coates Brothers Inks Ltd.
10 Dr R J Holman BASF Coatings Inks Ltd,II Mr R Marsh Coates BroThers Inks Ltd. 12 Mr M J Heath Lorilleux Bolton Ltd,Mr A J Wild Usher Walker pic. 13 Mr A Tabbernor Mander Kidd UK Ltd,14 Dr E Cawkill BASF Coatings Inks Ltd. Mr D Easterby BASF Coatings Inks Ltd,15 Mr G J May Coates Brothers Inks Ltd. Mr J P Orpwood Coates Brothers Inks Ltd,Index Mr B N Hermiston Coates Brothers Inks Ltd.

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