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This book is Copyright 2005 International Innovators LLC. Any reproduction pirating creating derivative works or trading of this book in. whole or part is strictly prohibited without the author and or publisher s written. consent All violators of this copyright statement will be punished to the full. extent of the law, This book is provided to you for entertainment purposes only the information. contained within is in no way meant to be interpreted as legal or personal advice. By reading this book you are agreeing that the author and or publisher is not. responsible for any use misuse or abuse of this information The author and or. publisher can not accept responsibility for any loss or liability perceived to have. arisen from the way in which you use this information. Introduction, Thank you for making the decision to purchase The Player s. Black Book This is your complete guide to getting the women. that most men only dream about the women that you ve always. wanted the women that you deserve,By now I m sure that you know who I am but. what you may not know is that I haven t always,been The Player The collected knowledge that. has been compiled in this manual is everything,that I ve learned on the way to becoming what.
I am today and it is that SAME knowledge that,you will use to literally transform yourself into. a master seducer of women, There are many roads that you can take to go from breaking. the ice to breaking the bed and my mission is to include every. possible solution and strategy in the guide, Nothing is being held back I ve kept certain techniques. secret in the past and would refuse to post them on. Becomeaplayer com but as you will soon discover everything. I ve learned throughout my years of practice and research will be. revealed in this one of a kind dating manual If used correctly. this information can change your life forever, You ve already taken a chance and have invested your time. and money in this book but there still may be some doubt in. your mind If so I d like to re assure you that every stitch of. information contained in this guide has been proven effective on. countless occasions My flawless material has changed the lives. of more men than you could fit into Madison Square Gardens. and if you have faith in it it can do the same for you. Remember this will only work if you believe in it and also. believe that you ve got what it takes inside yourself as I know. Every man has the ability to get ANY woman regardless of. his looks bank account brains or reputation None of these. qualities matter once you know how to tap into the natural. seducer within yourself Believe me it s there built into the. network of traits that make up your unique character This book. will train you to identify these qualities that you possess and. master them one at a time then teach you other abilities that. you may not already have and give you the power to manipulate. your newfound talents This process will change you into the. player that you want to be but that s only half of the battle. Here s a cheesy yet effective analogy, You can hand someone a basketball but he ll never have a.
good jump shot if he just stands there holding the ball He. needs to practice He may miss his first shot probably the. second also but eventually he ll make one and after time his. skills will improve to the point that he will barely miss at all. This guide will put the ball in your court and even show you. the exact techniques to use when you need to make that game. winning shot but it s up to you to put that jersey on and get. out there Meaning you won t get tons of beautiful girls chasing. after you simply because you bought and read this book You. need to get out there and put what you ve learned into action in. order to see results, One of the main reasons that most men fail with women is. the fact that they do not understand how a woman s mind. works You will run into a brick wall if you try to pick up women. without at least a basic knowledge of how they think so before. we move on to any more advanced subjects let s first talk. about understanding women, But before we get into that I d like you to answer a few quick. questions regarding your goals and what you d like to get out of. reading this guide If you haven t already I recommend printing. this entire book There will be exercises at the end of each. chapter and in most cases you will need a printed version of the. book Your learning experience will be greatly enhanced if you. can fill in your answers so you can refer back to them later on. once your officially a ladies man,Introduction Exercise Basic Q A. 1 What was your motivation or main problem that made you. decide to purchase The Player s Black Book, 2 If you could change one thing about yourself that has to. do with the way that you interact with women what would it be. 3 Deep down do you truly believe that drop dead gorgeous. women only go for guys that have great looks loads of money. and or fame If so why, 4 If you ve ever purchased another seduction guide in the.
past what are you hoping to get out of this one that you didn t. learn from the others, 5 On a scale of 0 10 what would you rate your current. status as a player Circle your choice,0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. 6 If you were out for a night on the town with your two. closest friends and the three of you decided to see who could. get the most phone numbers would you most likely come in. first second or third place Why,Table Of Contents,Introduction Welcome. Introduction Exercise Basic Q A,Chapter 1 Understanding Women. What Women Want Need And Desire,The Fairy Tale,You ve Got To Be Special.
Understanding Women Exercise,Chapter 2 Personality Development. Why We Choose Who We Choose,Learn To Let Loose,The Most Attractive Personality Traits. Personality Development Exercise,Chapter 3 Confidence. What Is Confidence,Building Your Confidence,How To Look Confident. Confidence Overdrive,Confidence Exercise,Chapter 4 Fear Of Rejection.
Overcoming Your Fear,It s All In Your Head,Fear Of Rejection Exercise. Chapter 5 Improving Your Appearance,You ve Got To Look Fresh. It s About Looking YOUR Best,Check List Of Things To Improve. Improving Your Appearance Exercise,Chapter 6 Picking Up Women. The Basics,The Interview And Points Techniques,Practice Makes Perfect.
Picking Up Women Exercise,Chapter 7 Flirting,The Two Forms Of Flirting. Vocal Flirting,Physical Flirting,Flirting Exercise. Flirting Techniques,Chapter 8 Eye Contact,The Power Of The Peepers. Back And Forth,Looking Through,Kiss Her Eyes,Eye Contact Exercise. Chapter 9 Conversation,The World s Best Conversationalists.
Listen Don t Think,The Power Of Me Too,Balancing And Bragging. Conversation Exercise,Chapter 10 Charisma,What Is Charisma. Charisma Building,The Personality Blender,Charisma Exercise. Chapter 11 Playing Hard To Get,We Desire What We Can t Have. What To Do And What Not To Do,Playing Hard To Get Exercise.
Chapter 12 After The Pick Up,You ve Already Got Her Number. Hide Your Feelings,Conclusion Definition Of A Player. What Is A Player,Understanding Women,What Women Want Need And Desire. Most men have a very hard time understanding women their. behavior simply baffles the majority of us and when it comes. to dating them it only gets worse, It s ironic when you pause to think about it because we are. utterly fascinated by these creatures yet have absolutely no. clue what is going on inside their pretty little heads This can. become a major problem for some men and if you are one of. them or are not sure pay attention, To successfully seduce women you first need to understand.
how they operate you can t fly a plane if you don t understand. how the control work, That s why you have this book you can consider it as your. flight manual because with it you can make your dating life. Let s begin by talking about what women want need and. If you were to ask any average joe what he wants in his life. in terms of a woman chances are the FIRST thing that comes. out of his mouth will be along the lines of as gorgeous as. Your own answer would be similar wouldn t it, Guess what Women know that They ve known that men are. mostly attracted to looks for thousands of years and they have. consistently played that card to their advantage to this day. Why do you think women spend so much time and money on. their appearance,It s because they know that all they need. to attract a man is their hot body and pretty,face and that same strategy works for them. every time This is why women have an unfair,advantage over men in the dating game they.
already know exactly what they need to do,and for them figuring that out is much easier. than it is for us, Knowing this how do you think that you could benefit from. understanding the process that women use to attract men. You can do the same thing that they do Identify exactly. what most women desire in a man and focus all of your energy. on becoming that man Sounds easy enough right, Well it is and once you get the hang of things you can easily. get any woman that you desire to become interested in you By. the end of this chapter you will have learned everything that you. need to know about understanding why women choose certain. men over others, Now let s discuss what most women desire and why they. think the way that they do,The Fairy Tale, Regardless of their genes upbringing environment personal.
goals and all other factors that affects a young woman s life all. females are programmed to desire one thing above all the. fairy tale, The fairy tale man the fairy tale wedding the fairy tale. home the fairy tale job the fairy tale LIFE, However we only need to focus on one of those for now. the fairy tale man after all this IS a seduction guide. Now just how do you go about becoming that fairy tale man. you might ask, The average hot woman in this day and age has been. severely influenced by soap operas talk shows romance novels. and those girly magazines that seem to be written in greek. whenever a man attempts to read one These outside sources. tell women what they should expect from the perfect mate so. in turn they also tell us what the women want and even. show us how to give it to them, If you were to study these references as I have you d learn. that what women really want is an instant connection based on. something that a man does that sets him apart from the rest of. Be unique Be creative, Do you think that women believe that their knight in shining.
armor will just be a good looking guy with a few good lines and. a sense of humor,You ve Got To Be Special,Women s minds are filled with all of. the romantic stories that they ve read or,watched during their lives and they. honestly believe that if they wait one,day their prince charming will come to. sweep them off of their feet,The beauty of this is. They have NO IDEA what it is that they are waiting for It. could be a certain spark or connection or perhaps some form of. sign However they do know one thing for certain, They will KNOW when it happens and it IS going to be.
They key word is SPECIAL, That s why you need to be unique and creative because if. you present yourself to her the same way that every other. shmoe in her past has how will you be able to make her feel. like you have that SPECIAL something that she s been looking. You won t So be different and show her something that she s. never seen before and I guaranteed that your success rate will. improve dramatically, I m sure that you ve heard people say just be yourself. countless times when they were giving tips on attracting. women this is nothing short of old fashioned BAD advice Take. it from me because I m a professional and do this for a living. the only way that being yourself will work with women is if. you are ALREADY the type of man that women are attracted to. If you were you wouldn t need to be reading this book so. instead of just being yourself you need to work on becoming. the type of man that women are drawn to, Notice how I say BECOME that type of man rather than ACT. like that type of man Putting up a front will only get you so. far no matter how good of an actor you are Just relax and. read this guide it is designed to teach you how to mold yourself. into the type of man that women go crazy over follow my lead. and you ll be up to your chin in hot women within a matter of. That s just about all you need to know about understanding. how the female mind works You now know what you need to do. to give women what they want need and desire the rest of. this book will show you HOW to do it, On a final note I d like you to keep in mind that most of the. things that you do to be successful with women may not make. much sense to you because after all you are a man not a. woman It doesn t matter if it makes sense just that it works. Understanding Women Exercise, While reading this chapter you may remember me stating.
that women s magazines TV shows and movies can give a man. great insight into what most women are trained to look for in a. It s true and all of the above are priceless research tools. that are at your disposal as they are readily available to. everyone You can find them just about anywhere you go and. even if you feel strange about buying them you can easily pick. up and read a women s magazine while you are in the waiting. room at your doctor s office, I d like you to study three of these references looking for. anything that you believe can give you a better understanding of. how the female mind works After doing so write down your. findings in the specified area below so that you can refer to. them whenever you need to,Reference 1,Reference 2,Reference 3. Personality Development,Why We Choose Who We Choose. Before we begin allow me to ask you a quick question. What type of woman would you rather be involved with a. boring dull or even depressed girl that never seems. enthusiastic about anything or an upbeat happy adventurous. girl that gets excited about participating in even the smallest of. activities,You picked the second choice didn t you. Sure you did but do you know why I do, It s because people are naturally inclined to select mates that.
they believe will make their own lives better and more exciting. In this modern world that we live in our views on the perfect. life have been skewed by movies and television giving us the. idea that our current lives are not good enough Because of this. we are always looking for a way to add that extra spice to our. lives that we feel it lacks and a mate that seems to already. have that built into them appears to be the perfect quick fix to. our problems, That is why we are very attracted to these types of people. and in this area of life defining choices that everyone faces men. and women are exactly alike If I were to ask any woman the. same question that I asked you moments ago replacing woman. with man chances are she d give me the same answer that you.

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