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PENGUIN BOOKS,The Penguin Book of Card Games, A former language teacher and technical journalist David Parlett. began freelancing in 1975 as a games inventor and author of books. on games a field in which he has built up an impressive. international reputation He is an accredited consultant on gaming. terminology to the Oxford English Dictionary and regularly advises. on the staging of card games in films and television productions. His many books include The Oxford History of Board Games The. Oxford History of Card Games The Penguin Book of Word Games. The Penguin Book of Card Games and the The Penguin Book of. Patience His board game Hare and Tortoise has been in print since. 1974 was the first ever winner of the prestigious German Game of. the Year Award in 1979 and has recently appeared in a new. edition His website at http www davpar com is a rich source of. information about games and other interests David Parlett is a. native of south London where he still resides with his wife Barbara. The Penguin Book of,Card Games,David Parlett,PENGUIN BOOKS. PENGUIN BOOKS,Published by the Penguin Group, Penguin Books Ltd 80 Strand London WC2R 0RL England. Penguin Group USA Inc 375 Hudson Street New York New York 10014 USA. Penguin Group Canada 90 Eglinton Avenue East Suite 700 Toronto Ontario Canada. a division of Pearson Penguin Canada Inc, Penguin Ireland 25 St Stephen s Green Dublin 2 Ireland a division of Penguin Books. Penguin Group Australia Ltd 250 Camberwell Road Camberwell Victoria 3124. a division of Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd, Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd 11 Community Centre Panchsheel Park New Delhi 110.
Penguin Group NZ 67 Apollo Drive Rosedale North Shore 0632 New Zealand. a division of Pearson New Zealand Ltd, Penguin Books South Africa Pty Ltd 24 Sturdee Avenue Rosebank Johannesburg. 2196 South Africa, Penguin Books Ltd Registered Offices 80 Strand London WC2R 0RL England. www penguin com, The Penguin Book of Card Games first published by Allen Lane 1979. Second edition entitled The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games first published by. Penguin Books 2000, This updated edition entitled The Penguin Book of Card Games first published 2008. Copyright David Parlett 1979 2000 2008,All rights reserved.
The moral right of the author has been asserted, Except in the United States of America this book is sold subject to the condition that it. shall not by way of trade or otherwise be lent re sold hired out or otherwise. circulated without the publisher s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other. than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this. condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. 978 0 14 191610 1,To Dan Glimne Ace of Swedes,Introduction. Cards by nature Plan of attack Playing the game What shall we play You must. remember this,1 Bridge Whist family, Contract Bridge Bridge partnership variants Non partnership Bridge Three handed. Bridge Two handed Bridge Whist Whist variants Bid whist Spades Kaiser Forty One. Vint Quinto Whist for three players Whist for two players Calypso. 2 Solo family, Solo whist Belgian whist Solo variants Boston Ombre Quadrille Related games. Preference Austrian Preference Russian Asszorti Vira Oh Hell Ninety Nine. 3 Euchre family, Euchre Pepper Five Hundred Ecart Twenty Five Auction Forty Fives Nap Brandle.
Redbeard Bourr Julep Five card Loo Norrlandsknack Femkort Three card Loo. Tomato Zwicken Toepen Cucumber Truc Put Aluette,4 Hearts family. Hearts Related to Hearts Barbu T tka Reversis Schieberamsch Bassadewitz. 5 Piquet and others,Piquet Piquet for three and more Imperial Gleek. 6 High low Jack family,All fours Pitch Smear Cinch Don. 7 Point trick games, Manille Spanish Solo Fifteens Forty for Kings Tressette Terziglio Stovkahra Roque. Da Bai Fen Zheng Fen,8 Ace Ten games, Skat Schafkopf Doppelkopf Avinas Owcy Glowa Six Bid Bavarian Tarock Einwerfen.
Yukon Catch the Ten Reunion Madrasso Briscola Bohemian Schneider Bura Sedma. 9 King Queen games, Sixty Six Bondtolva Tute Gaigel Tysiacha Mari s Ulti Pip Pip Zetema. 10 Queen Jack games,Bezique Marjolet Pinochle,11 Jack Nine games. Klaberjass Belote Coinche Jo Jotte Klaverjas Handjass Schieber Pandour Grevjass. 12 Karn ffel family,Karn ffel Watten Brus St rivolt Alkort Voormsi. 13 Tarots and tarocks, Scarto Ottocento French Tarot Tapp Tarock Paskievics Cego. 14 Catch and collect games, Card catching games Gops Thirty One Other collecting games.
15 Fishing games, Cassino Zwicker Cuarenta Scopa Scopone Varieties of Scopa Scopone Basra Other. fishing games,16 Cribbage and other adders, Cribbage Cribbage variants Noddy Costly Colours Counting games Adders. 17 First out wins, Newmarket Domino Crazy Eights Switch Eleusis Arsehole Zheng Sh ngy u Tieng. 18 Last in loses, Rolling Stone Sift Smoke Durak Challenge Dudak Mustamaija Kitumaija H rri. Skitgubbe NLK Shithead Scapegoat games Cheat Paskahousu. 19 Rummy family, Rummy Basic Rummy variants Loba Gin Thirty One Rum Wushiyi Fen Conquian.
Kaluki Contract Rummy Push Vatican,20 Canasta family. Canasta Canasta variants Hand and Foot 500 Rum Arlington Continental Rummy. 21 CompetitivePatiences, Spite and Malice Racing Demon Spit Grabbage Pirate Conjugal Patience Progressive. Patience Dictation Poker Squares Cribbage Squares,22 Vying games. Poker basics Draw Poker Stud Poker Flop Poker Wild card Poker Short pack Poker. Freak hand Poker Dealer s Choice games Brag Mus Primiera Poch Bouillotte. Related vying games,23 Banking games, Twenty One Pontoon Blackjack Baccara Pai Gow Poker Yablon Speculation Other. notable banking games,24 Original card games, Abstrac Caterpillar Counterbluff Dracula Duck Soup Galapagos Garbo Get Stuck.
Over the Top Parity Cross Purposes Throps Gooseberry Fool Bugami Collusion. Mismatch Seconds Concerto Tantony Anarchy Minimis re Squint Sex. Technical terms,Index of games, This book aims to provide a working description of as many card. games as possible that are or have been played in the western. world with the traditional four suited pack It is based on my. Penguin Book of Card Games which first appeared in 1979 and is. widely regarded as a standard authority but which for several. reasons listed below needs to be revised For instance. 1 Some standard games played at tournament level such as. Bridge and Skat have undergone revisions to the official rules. published by the appropriate authorities, 2 Popular or folk games that are not subject to official rules. but which account for well over 95 per cent of all card games. played are in a constant state of flux and it is obviously. desirable to keep abreast of developments, 3 Many previously unrecorded games have come to light in the. past 30 years some relatively new some previously thought. to be extinct and some actually extinct but whose rules have. now been recovered, Two modern developments have boosted the discovery or. recovery of many more games than might have been thought. possible a few years ago, One is a growing awareness that a society s indoor games are as.
distinctive of its culture as its arts cuisine or social customs and. are worth recording for the light they throw on that community s. personality The exploration of card games has become a particular. pursuit of the International Playing Card Society founded in the. late 1960s originally as a forum for playing card collectors Many. field researchers are members of the Society and report their. findings in its bi monthly Journal now known as The Playing Card. Another has been a growth in the popularity of card play itself. and that paradoxically through the very medium which might have. been expected to have led to its decline namely computers A. quick trawl though the murky water sof the Internet will soon. throwu pop portunities to indulge in live play with physically. remote opponents news of clubs and tournaments devoted to an. increasing variety of games newsgroups seeking information as to. the availability of cards themselves or rules of obscure games and. websites devoted to a miscellany of cartophilic enthusiasms. The most important of these is the Pagat website,http www pagat com conducted by John McLeod a. prominent member of the IPCS and himself a well travelled field. researcher Its intrinsic authority is constantly enhanced by the. contributions of interested and knowledgeable players from all over. the world making of it a living growing interactive encyclopedia. of the cybersphere This links directly to the home page of the. Society via www netlink co uk users pagat ipcs Other useful. sites include my historic card games pages,http www davpar com histocs and that of Roderick. Somerville http www playingcardsales co uk for the. purchase of national regional and other specialist playing cards. The various sets of national suit symbols used throughout this book. were taken from a font designed by Gyula Szigri which can be. downloaded from http www pagat com com cardsttf html. The designer makes no charge for their use beyond the normal. courtesy of acknowledgement, Many thanks are due and are duly tendered to John McLeod and. Andrew Pennycook with whom I have shared much information. and discussion over the years and both of whom read various drafts. of the text and rescued me from a number of errors I regret to. record that Andrew Pennycook died in 2006 Further, embarrassments have been saved me by Roger Wells my eagle eyed. copy editor with whom I have shared mutually rewarding. discussions on matters of grammar and punctuation My brother. Graham has as usual been invaluable as a foreign language. consultant, Additional thanks are due to all who have variously sent me.
Additional thanks are due to all who have variously sent me. games answered queries allowed me to quote from their reports. or checked portions of the text from an expert s point of view in. particular Bob Abbott Mike Arnautov David Bernazzani Thierry. Depaulis Dan Glimne Lynn King Veikko Lahdesmaki Noel. Leaver David Levy US Matthew Macfadyen Babak Mozaffari. Robert Reid Pamela Shandel Elon Shlosberg Anthony Smith Gyula. Szigri Butch Thomas Nick Wedd and Jude Wudarczyk,Introduction. Cards by nature, No man who has wrestled with a self adjusting card table can ever be quite the. man he once was,James Thurber, Playing cards are flat two sided gaming pieces with identifying. marks on one side and a uniform pattern on the other and are. employed in such a way that only their holders can see their. identifying marks Dominoes and Mah Jong tiles are similar and all. are ultimately related through a common ancestor traceable back to. the China of more than a thousand years ago, Because of their bipartisan nature secret from one viewpoint. and identifiable from another cards are used for two types of. activity gambling games of chance in which basically you bet on. the identity of a card or cards seen only from the back and games. of varying degrees of skill in which you manipulate them in such a. way as to win cards from your opponents or form them into. matched sets or pursue whatever other objective human ingenuity. may devise The skill factor of any given card game is largely the. degree to which it enables you to plan your play by reference to. information revealed or inferred about the lie of cards in other. players hands Bridge is a great game by no means the only one.

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