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The Omen of Aquileia The Essentials of Decisiveness
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LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN, great in number It consumed the countryside as though. it were a swarm of locusts, Coming off as they were two previous swift victories. against other fortified cities the Huns became impa. tient with their siege of Aquileia Food for man and. beast became scarce The horde was restless ready to. march on to greater Italy The conquest of Aquileia. however was essential to Attila s plan to crush the. Morale became low The tribal chieftains challenged. Attila s tactics Dead horses were eaten and rations. reduced the Huns situation became more desperate,with each passing day. This was not the horde of the past Attila had altered. many of their traditional habits Now they were a dis. ciplined army led by a king who had the patience to. have taken some forty years to unite them, Attila called his battle captains together in an eve. ning council He announced that the cost of the siege. had become too great They would bypass Aquileia the. next morning At daybreak the Huns would begin pre,paring for their march.
On the following day taking a final look at the city. he hoped to defeat at another time Attila observed a. stork flying out of Aquileia driving a young brood. before her It was destiny an omen that would turn,the course of events. Announcing that animals could sense things before, men Attila ordered his army to fulfill the presage of. this omen from powers beyond man s comprehension, Now instead of bypassing Aquileia they would attack. Equipped with catapults and tall ladders the newly. disciplined Hunnish horde executed a masterful at, THE OMEN OF AQUILEIA THE ESSENTIALS OF DECISIVENESS. tack The city despite its experience with and repel. lence of invasions in the past fell It was a swift victory. Aquileia was left in flames its vast treasures added to. the booty already overflowing Attila s chariots, Destiny had been fulfilled through patience and the.
ability to sense the precise moment to act,ATTILA ON THE ESSENTIALS. OF DECISIVENESS, Our seasoned chieftains have become wise through ex. perience as to when it is right to act and when it re. mains best to contemplate further On the other hand. our young ambitious Huns anxious to demonstrate, their deftness will often precipitate actions that result. in loss for them their tribe and perhaps the nation. Such rashness is unacceptable in those appointed to. lead All chieftains must learn that victory comes to. one who knows not only what to do but when to do it. Young Huns are taught skill in weaponry master,ing the bow the lance the lariat and in horseman. ship They learn the advantage of swift action on the. battlefield They learn to be forthright in demonstrat. ing these abilities, As their mentors we teach them to take the initiative.
to have the moral courage and force that make the,difference between followers and leaders We must. however demonstrate for them the main points pos, sessed by the leader who travels the determining mile. between sporadic and spurious accomplishment and, resolute performance in all things One of these points. is decisiveness,LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN. Now I give you chieftains counsel tor acquiring skill. in decisiveness, Noble resolve to do the right thing is characteristic.
of prudent decision making Responsible decisions,are difficult to improve upon. Wise is the chieftain who never makes a decision,when he doesn t understand the issue In decision. making valor is guided by prudence, A chieftain should allow his subordinates the priv. ilege of making decisions appropriate to their level. of responsibility Weak is the chieftain who reserves. every decision for himself out of fear that he might. lose control,The circumstances of a given moment are not to be. used as an excuse for being unprepared to make,decisions incumbent to a chieftain Indecisiveness.
is bred by failure to accept the responsibility of. office be it great or small, A chieftain who tails to accept f u l l decision making. responsibility or who blames others for his own,bad decisions is weak and lacking in an essential. inherent quality of leadership, Rarely are there perfect decisions The best decisions. are usually the more prudent ol the logical alter, natives When you must be overly persuasive in gain. ing support for your decision it s usually a sign ol. When the consequences of your decision are too grim. to bear look lor another option Compassion is the, THE OMEN OF AQUILEIA THE ESSENTIALS OF DECISIVENESS.
byword when making difficult decisions that un,avoidably have temporary or long lasting adverse. consequences for even a few Huns,Next to the importance of knowing when to make a. decision stands the insight to know when to forgo,making one Impatient chieftains often precipitate. premature action,Perhaps the most critical element of decision mak. ing is timing Prompt determination after appropri, ate deliberation is a worthy principle of decisiveness.
In selecting an alternative wise chieftains look for. the choice in which the benefits outweigh the risks. and costs of the decision Noble chieftains make de. cisions in favor of the common good,Chieftains are to be cautioned against rushing to. conclusions when there is time and opportunity to,improve upon the basic decision. Wise chieftains often extract from obscure places the. critical elements for making the right decision The. key is learning to find the obscure places and to,recognize the critical elements. Skepticism has value in that it delays premature de. cision making When a chieftain can t make up his,mind it s worthwhile to restate the problem. Chieftains should delegate only those decisions they. want their subordinates to make Conversely chief, tains who inappropriately make decisions for their.
subordinate leaders diminish the potential that ex. ists for the young chieftains to learn and grow by. LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN,exercising their judgments and being held account. able for the consequences of their decisions, Initiative in decision making is not sufficiently dem. onstrated by a chieftain when it occurs only in re. lation to easy assignments It must be exhibited when. facing difficult and high risk tasks as well A sure. sign of a weak chieftain is hesitation to act out of. fear he might fail,Doubt and delay are frequently symptomatic of. chieftains promoted beyond their capacities On the. other hand we often find ourselves in unfortunate,situations in which too many chieftains make too. many decisions with too little wisdom,Chieftains must avoid decisions that favor them.
selves at the expense of the Huns Every decision is. an opportunity to improve the conditions of the Huns. the tribe and the nation, Chieftains grow to understand that the wisdom ot a. particular decision can change with time Make every. effort therefore to improve future decisions by,learning from those you ve already made. It takes less courage to criticize the decisions of oth. ers than to stand by your own,Paradoxical as it may seem sometimes the best de. cisions are made void of the emotions evoked by the. facts bearing on the problem, It is good to remember that chieftains are in large. rewarded for the decisions they make Huns con,versely are in large rewarded tor how well they.
support and carry out decisions, THE OMEN OF AQUILEIA THE ESSENTIALS OF DECISIVENESS. Self confidence is critical to decisiveness for with. out it a chieftain loses his following in challenging. situations,In the end vision drive energy singleness of pur. pose wise use of resources and a commitment to a, destiny worthy of his efforts become a character of. a chieftain who excels,You chieftains must make the extra effort and dem. onstrate rigor in developing a sense of decisiveness. Knowing by instinct or by fact when the time is right. for action will yield a high measure of success Deci. siveness in leadership action carries a heavy burden. Often it means victory or defeat We cannot hesitate. to act but neither can we prematurely precipitate de. cisions that will work to our disadvantage,Horse Holders.
Delegation,E ven as the rider who dismounts and expects to. return to his fiery steed requires a horse holder, it was necessary that Attila have assistance from his. chieftains in order to attend to all of the responsibilities. that demanded his attention, In the early stages of his efforts to unify the various. tribes Attila sought to gain loyalty from easily allied. chieftains Thus he would have the formidable power. of numbers when he challenged more powerful chief, As king he would not be capable of overseeing every. action of his nation its tribes and its chieftains He. would require the unfeigned loyalty of trusted chief. tains to whom he could delegate responsibility,The Hunnish nation had long been wandering in.
dividual tribes that sold their services to any cause for. HORSE HOLDERS THE ART OF DELEGATION, a price or for short term gains of booty and perhaps. even ephemeral moments of peace, The chieftains and their tribes had lost some defer. ence for Attila as a member of the Hunnish royal family. for he had not been long in their camps as his childhood. had been spent in the court of the Romans as a hostage. Waiting patiently as a spider waits for its prey Attila. used his time to develop sufficient loyalties and a follow. ing that would yield him chieftains to whom he could del. egate national unification responsibilities This he could. do with a minimum of risk that they would cast their lots. once again with other chieftains or with foreign leaders. Risk in delegation was high however without ac, cepting such a risk Attila would alas have been des. tined to rule over only the tribe of his royal family and. his greater ambition to unify the tribes into a powerful. nation would have been lost,THE ART OF DELEGATION, Our nation cannot prevail as the dominant world power. if its leadership is contained to one man Even I Attila. cannot accomplish for you what you are not willing to. accomplish for yourselves You must be willing to ac. cept the responsibilities that I choose to delegate to you. At the same time your charters are too great for you to. accomplish alone You must trust to your subordinate. leaders those responsibilities that fit their office. Ours is too great and too complex a nation for even. such as I Attila to direct and lead every action I must. entrust you with certain important duties as chieftains. LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN, of your various tribes If I cannot we are destined to.
wander as small bands of nomads, This gathering is for the purpose of my imparting to. you my counsel regarding the leadership principle of. delegation which is central to your success as chieftains. Judgment experience and the incumbent duties of, office dictate the order of delegation I cannot supply. counsel that applies to each act of delegation None. theless I can provide counsel useful to you in the act. and art of delegation, Learn these precepts well or your burden will be too. great to accomplish those responsibilities in your charge. Chieftains should never delegate responsibilities ne. cessitating their direct attention, Those actions that don t require a chieftain s direct. handling are appropriately delegated to the one most. able to fulfill the assignment,Wise chieftains grant both authority and responsi.
bility to those they have delegated assignments,Wise chieftains always hold their subordinates ac. countable for delegated assignments, Worthy chieftains accept full responsibility for all. assignments even those they have delegated to their. subordinates, Once a chieftain has delegated responsibilities he. should never interfere lest his subordinates come to be. lieve that the duties are not truly theirs Such superfi. cial delegation yields fury in the hearts of subordinates. When asked to a chieftain should assist a subordi,HORSE HOLDERS THE ART OF DELEGATION. nate with his delegated tasks otherwise the sub, ordinate may fail because he is not yet of the mettle.
necessary to fulfill the assignment, Realize that a chieftain cannot accomplish everyre. sponsibility of his office by himself Should he prove. otherwise a leader should understand that he is in. fact chieftain over little or nothing at all,A competent chieftain will delegate important as. signments to even inexperienced subordinates in or. der that he might accomplish his mission develop, his subordinates skills and demonstrate loyalty for. and trust in his subordinates,A chieftain should surround himself with subordi. nates to whom he feels comfortable delegating as,signments Otherwise he must perform the.
incumbencies of both his and their offices,A chieftain should never punish a subordinate who. has failed if he did his best to carry out a delegated. responsibility,Chieftains should encourage their subordinates to. use creativity to fulfill delegated responsibilities. Subordinates will never develop their skills if their. chieftain precisely directs them how to accomplish. their delegated assignments, A wise chieftain expands his influence and ability to. serve the nation only through the art of delegation. More counsel on this subject escapes me at this time. Perhaps it is best for I wish not to underwhelm you.

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