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2 CASES IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT, The definition suggests that the primary elements of marketing include understanding and meeting. the needs of consumers Doing so requires attention to six major areas. Places distribution systems, Markets consist of customers with wants and needs financial resources and the willingness to. spend resources to satisfy those wants and needs Market segments are made up of groups of buyers. in consumer markets and business to business markets. Products are the physical goods sold to customers and services rendered to them Physical. goods include both durable goods that last longer than 1 year and nondurable goods with shorter. uses Nondurable goods include convenience items shopping goods and specialty products Ser. vices consist of the intangible items sold to others including banking financial insurance trans. portation credit and personal services, Prices are based on costs demand supply competition and profit goals Pricing activities. include setting base prices offering discounts and amending or changing them when. Place or distribution involves deciding where how and when products are made available. to potential customers The first decision is often the choice between exclusive selective or. intensive distribution Then physical distribution methods are chosen including methods of. storage and inventory modes of transportation forms of inventory control and billing and. payment processes, Promotional activities include creating the advertising programs consumer and trade promo. tions efforts personal selling tactics and supporting public relations activities The term integrated. marketing communications has often been applied to promotions Promotional programs are. strongly influenced by changing preferences for media. The people involved in marketing are those who produce and sell products and the individuals. who render services In recent years customer satisfaction and customer retention have received a. great deal of attention High product quality and outstanding customer service can be key elements. in a successful marketing program, Company leaders also recognize that strong brands offer major advantages to marketing pro.
grams Effective marketing accounts for the growing influence of the Internet and the trend toward. internationalization and global competition,y Management. Management is the process of getting things done through other people A distinction should be. made between doing and managing Managing consists of the ability to get others to complete work. while helping improve their skills and knowledge of the business Managers engage in five key. activities,Chapter 1 The Nature of Marketing Management 3. Organizing, Planning outlines a course of action for the future in the operational short term 1 year tactical. medium range 1 3 years and long range or strategic time horizons 3 years or more Plans are. created by first assessing the company s environment where managers seek to identify the oppor. tunities and threats that exist Then managers assess company strengths and weaknesses Forecasts. are developed to help in the planning process typically in the areas of economic conditions future. sales and changes in technologies Decisions can then be made with regard to the options to pursue. and those to leave behind Plans are drawn and then goals and standards are set for the purposes. of assessment and control, Organizing combines people and resources to create goods and services through the processes. of job design departmentalization and drawing lines of authority and responsibility Staffing con. sists of attaining and preparing quality employees. Directing or actuating involves seeking to achieve the highest levels of performance Achiev. ing success is made possible by teaching motivating leading communication and working with. teams and groups Actuating represents the people side of business. The control process consists of comparing performance with standards making corrections. when needed and rewarding success Control occurs at three levels individual or the performance. appraisal process departmental and companywide Control includes correcting problems and. making sure those who succeed are recognized with tangible rewards. Marketing management implies the integration of these concepts The tools to be used. include marketing strategies which are the sweeping marketing efforts based on the company s. mission marketing tactics that support strategies in the medium term and operational plans for. day to day marketing efforts Most students will at first be involved in developing and carrying. out operational plans but should also be aware of the tactical and strategic directions the plans are. designed to support Each will be devoted to creating solid customer acquisition customer inter. action and customer retention programs,y The Case,Chantale and Clinton Call for Service.
Chantale and Clinton are the names of two consumers who purchased a new refrigerator from The. Canadian a large department store chain It subsequently began to malfunction They received. poor service from the vendor s repair division over an extended period of time and at the end. wondered what to do next The primary issues are service failure and poor service recovery The. story demonstrates how regular customers become disenchanted when entry level employees and. supervisors take them for granted and inconvenience them without concern In the end the couple. passes along negative word of mouth about the department store chain to several friends and. acquaintances The experience also could affect their future intentions to purchase from the retailer. and the refrigerator s manufacturer,4 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT. Chantale and Clinton Call for Service,By Christopher A Ross1. On the evening of July 5 2007 the Rileys were sit Canada The Canadian had more than 40 000. ting around their dinner table reminiscing about employees and annual sales of more than 5 5 billion. the events of the past few weeks Early in February During their 27 years of marriage all of the Rileys. the Rileys had bought a new compact refrigerator appliances had been purchased at this chain Yard. that had started to malfunction They had subse equipment such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. quently called the vendor s repair service and had had also been bought at this chain One could. received extremely poor service They were now describe this couple as loyal The Canadian customers. wondering what they should do Should they do Prior to meeting Clinton Chantale had been employed. nothing and treat the poor service as an isolated as a department manager at The Canadian for three. incident Should they walk away vowing never to years and she had always described the policies of The. deal with this particular retailer and the brand Canadian as being very customer oriented. Should they write to the retailer complain about The Rileys refrigerator for the past 25 years had. the service and demand some form of apology or been a Bryand and it was still in good working order. compensation Or was there something else that even though it was a bit noisy In February 2007. they could do Underlying all of these questions however after reading an article about the electrical. was the issue Was it worth the trouble inefficiency of refrigerators that were more than. 20 years old both Chantale and Clinton were per,suaded to purchase a new refrigerator as a way to. The Rileys save energy and to do their part for the environment. The family also needed more refrigerator space in, Chantale and Clinton Riley were two professional order to accommodate the special dietary needs of. consultants Chantale worked as an accountant and the youngest child Because the Rileys already owned. Clinton was a financial advisor Clinton was 60 a separate freezer they felt that a full size compact. years old and Chantale was 56 years old They had refrigerator one that did not include a freezer best. met each other while at university in the 1970s and suited their needs It would provide enough space. had been living in Montreal since 1980 They for special foods as well as for regular perishables. resided in C te des Neiges Notre Dame de Gr ce After doing some shopping around they dis. one of the boroughs of Montreal They had two covered that only the brands Frigidaire Kenmore. children a boy 23 years old who had just com and Bryand had the features they were looking for. pleted a bachelor s degree at McGill University and The Rileys subsequently evaluated all three brands. a girl 18 years old who had just completed her first and found them to be identical except that the. year of CEGEP 2 All members of the family were Bryand was on sale at about 100 cheaper than the. completely bilingual in English and French In fact others After some discussion they decided to pur. McGill University was the first educational institu chase The Canadian brand Bryand since they had. tion where the boy had been schooled in English always had good experiences with The Canadian. the girl had always attended French schools regarding service For example Chantale recalled. The Rileys had always been loyal to the Bryand that they had bought a front loading washing. brand of appliances the private brand of The Cana machine the year before but the machine had a per. dian one of the largest department store chains in sistent and constant vibration when used After trying. Copyright 2009 Ivey Management Services Version A 2009 03 25. Chantale and Clinton Call for Service 5, unsuccessfully to correct the problem The Canadian did not make sense because the annual savings.
agreed to accept the return of the washing machine were miniscule and in any case modern refrigera. and the Rileys had received a full reimbursement tors were not as durable as the one that the Rileys. The couple subsequently bought a traditional top had replaced He said that if he had been in the. loading washing machine from The Canadian same position he would not have purchased a new. refrigerator Clinton took that information with a,grain of salt but wondered about the wisdom of. The New Refrigerator what the technician had said,Sometime in April the Rileys Bryand dish. The Canadian delivered the new refrigerator on washer developed a problem the dishes were not. February 8 2007 It did not have a freezer as being washed properly They called for service and. expected the panelling of the door was made of a technician visited them the following day It. stainless steel and it had a capacity of 16 7 cubic turned out to be a simple problem that was. feet The delivered price was 1 401 56 This price repaired in about half an hour But while doing the. included the cost of delivery federal and provin repairs the technician said that he was leaving the. cial sales taxes and an extended five year war employ of The Canadian because its service had. ranty This warranty included a general warranty of deteriorated He felt that repairs that should be. one year parts and labor and five years parts and covered by the warranty or extended service were. one year labor for the compressor and sealed system no longer being covered by The Canadian He gave. On the day of delivery Clinton noticed that the example of the hose that connected a clothes. the appliance was much noisier than the one that it washing machine to the water tap According to the. had replaced He thought that the noise was com repairman if that hose sprung a leak it was not. ing from the compressor which seemed to be trip covered by the warranty because The Canadian. ping on and off quite frequently One morning he claimed that it was not part of the machine. decided to time the compressor and noted that it,functioned for about four minutes tripped off for. about three minutes and then the pattern repeated June 11. itself Not having any technical knowledge about, refrigerators he called The Canadian s customer On the evening of June 11 Clinton noticed that the. service department and spoke to a representative internal temperature of the new refrigerator. The employee informed him that the recom bought only four months ago seemed to be less. mended setting for the dial that controlled the cold than it should be In order to confirm this he. internal temperature of the refrigerator was four placed a thermometer inside the refrigerator and. degrees Celsius but that that was a U S recommen left it there overnight The following morning the. dation The representative told Clinton that since thermometer showed that the internal temperature. Canada was colder he should lower the setting to of the refrigerator was 16 degrees Celsius instead of. three and this lower setting should have a positive the generally recommended four degrees Celsius A. effect on the operation of the compressor Clinton telephone call to The Canadian s repair department. was somewhat skeptical about this information but produced good results That same day June 12 a. he did what the representative suggested He did technician arrived at the Rileys home He was. not notice a difference in the functioning of the accompanied by an apprentice and together they. compressor but thought that maybe that was the diagnosed the problem as being leaking refrigerant. way modern refrigerators functioned Apart from The two technicians changed some parts of the line. the noisiness of the refrigerator the family of four that held the refrigerant and added a valve to make. was quite happy with the new appliance future repairs easier They also added new refriger. The representative had also told Clinton that ant The refrigerator was soon working well and the. buying a new refrigerator in order to save energy technicians left. 6 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT, As a result of the failure of the refrigerator the the foodstuffs from the refrigerator could be saved.
Rileys had to throw away several food items but Fortunately the refrigerator was less than half full. they were grateful that the problem had been since it was a Thursday and the family normally did. solved relatively quickly When they had inquired their grocery shopping on Saturdays. from the technician if the cost of the lost food A little while later Clinton had to leave home. would be reimbursed as stated in the five year for an appointment in downtown Montreal and. extended warranty that they had purchased at the Chantale offered him a lift They both left the. cost of 79 99 they were told that because the house and asked the cleaning lady who normally. problem occurred during the first year no reim came each Thursday to take any messages because. bursement would be forthcoming since the they were expecting a call from The Canadian. extended warranty reimbursed the cost of lost food Upon Chantale s return the cleaning lady said that. only after the expiration of the manufacturer s war no one had called Chantale who had some errands. ranty This explanation sounded odd to Clinton to run decided to remain at home to wait for the. and Chantale since they had purchased a Bryand call At about 3 00 p m a representative from The. The Canadian brand They decided however not Canadian called to say that because the repair. to pursue the matter since they had lost only about department was extremely busy no one would visit. 50 worth of food The amount was relatively small that day and that a repair person would only come. because they had saved several items by storing the following day on Friday June 29 The Canadian. them in the family freezer and in a camping cooler could not say whether it would be in the morning. Clinton had bought ice for the cooler at a service or in the afternoon That same evening Clinton. station at a cost of 5 89 for two bags bought some more ice for the cooler. June 27 June 29, Clinton opened the refrigerator at about 6 00 p m on On the morning of June 29 a Friday Clinton after. Wednesday June 27 and suspected that something apologizing profusely cancelled an appointment. was wrong once again The appliance appeared to be with a client so that he would be available when the. not as cold as usual Once more he installed a ther technician arrived Chantale called The Canadian. mometer in the refrigerator mentioning to Chantale to find out whether it could be more precise. that he suspected something was wrong with the regarding the arrival time of the technician The. refrigerator Subsequently the family went to bed representative from The Canadian indicated. that someone would visit between 10 00 a m and,2 00 p m The technician Miguel arrived at about. June 28 1 00 p m After spending about one hour going. through various diagnostics Miguel announced, When Clinton checked the refrigerator on the that the refrigerant was not flowing and that there. morning of Thursday June 28 the temperature was was a blockage in the gas line His tests indicated. once more at 16 degrees Celsius a good 12 degrees however that the compressor was sound He. above the recommended temperature He called needed a special gas nitrogen 3 to be able to clear. The Canadian s service department at 6 30 a m the blockage but he did not have a supply in his. and was told that a technician would be there the truck Another repair person would have to revisit. same day since this was an emergency The repre the Rileys at another time he said. sentative also indicated that someone would call A long weekend was coming up and the Rileys. the Rileys at their home At about 8 00 a m had planned to be away for a family reunion They. Clinton left to buy ice for the cooler so that some of were scheduled to return to Montreal on Monday. Chantale and Clinton Call for Service 7, evening July 2 The technician therefore sug coming to repair the refrigerator Meanwhile at the. gested that someone could be available first thing on dealership it turned out that the wheel balancing. Tuesday July 3 After some discussion the techni of the car had to be adjusted but the dealer also. cian called his office spoke to someone and sched suggested that it was possible the car would con. uled the next appointment for early on Tuesday tinue to vibrate because the tires seemed to be a. morning He mentioned to the Rileys that he might problem Clinton said he would check them on the. be the one to return but that he was not certain road and if there was a problem he would like to. Just in case on the invoice he wrote a note to the have new tires and a credit for the unused portion. technician who would be coming on Tuesday that of the old tires The dealer agreed and suggested a. he or she would need nitrogen in order to complete price of 175 00 for four new tires instead of the. the repair job Chantale mentioned to the technician 600 00 that they would normally cost. the amount of food that had been lost and Miguel When Clinton arrived home from the tire dealer. indicated that The Canadian would reimburse her at about 9 00 a m he decided to remain at home. He subsequently provided her with a form that she because Chantale had called The Canadian s cus. could use to indicate the cost of what was lost tomer service and was told that The Canadian would. Both Clinton and Chantale were disappointed investigate and call her back At 10 00 a m no one. that the refrigerator had not been repaired that day had called so Chantale called again and she was told. because Chantale was expecting her brother who that someone would visit the Rileys before noon At. lived in France to arrive that evening at Pierre 2 30 p m no one had arrived and no one had called. Elliott Trudeau airport and she had wanted to pre Chantale therefore called The Canadian to. pare a special meal for him With the refrigerator inquire about the delay She once more repeated. not working they had to make do with leftovers the whole story to the customer service representa. from the previous day that had been stored in the tive since at each call she spoke to a different per. cooler Her brother could not have his favorite son She was told to be patient that the file clearly. drink a cold beer because there was no room in indicated that a technician would visit her home. the cooler for beer that day Clinton was under the impression that the. On Monday evening when they returned to repair department remained open for business. Montreal the Rileys stopped once more to buy ice for until 8 00 p m and was therefore not overly con. the cooler and milk for their Tuesday morning coffee cerned He felt fairly certain that a technician. and breakfast That Monday evening all members of would turn up as had happened in the past. the family had cereal with milk and some fruits for By this time Clinton and Chantale had been. dinner After making an inventory Chantale threw without a refrigerator for about five days They had. away all the food that was left in the refrigerator to buy more ice to preserve a small quantity of food. At about 3 30 p m Clinton called the customer ser, vice and inquired about the delay after repeating the.
July 3 sequence of events The representative promised to. investigate and have someone call the Rileys, On the morning of Tuesday July 3 Clinton had to At about 6 30 p m Chantale again called the. take the family car to the tire dealer During the repair department She was now quite incensed. weekend trip he had found that there was an exces because no one had called back as promised A. sive vibration on the steering wheel He had had man answered He said that no one would visit the. the wheels balanced the previous week and was Rileys that day since the repair department closed. therefore returning the car to have the wheel bal at 4 30 p m He also said that he would write a note. ancing rechecked While at the tire dealer he to the person in charge of scheduling the repair. phoned Chantale to suggest that she call The jobs telling him to call the Rileys and to schedule. Canadian to verify what time the technician was the repair for Wednesday Additionally he said that. 8 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT, if the couple did not receive a phone call by 8 30 a m have been done the previous day She said that. they should call the department The whole family someone would call the Rileys as soon as possible. was quite unhappy with the situation and tried to Clinton and Chantale subsequently had a small. make do with a meal prepared with canned goods lunch since there was no fresh food in the house. and bread Partly because of the allergies of the anymore They waited for the phone call in vain. youngest child they were used to preparing their Finally Clinton decided to call again but this time. meals each day using basic ingredients and found to the store where the refrigerator had been bought. it difficult to continue eating canned food Clinton called the store at about 2 15 p m He. was hoping that after listening to the story the store. manager would be sufficiently concerned so that he. July 4 or she would put pressure on the repair department. to respond When Clinton called the store he was, On Wednesday Clinton visited the tire dealer and told that the manager was busy with a client and was. had the tires on the family car changed The steering therefore not available Clinton insisted on talking to. wheel vibrations disappeared and he returned home someone in a supervisory capacity Finally the store. at about 9 30 a m Meanwhile having heard nothing representative said that maybe she could help Her. from The Canadian Chantale had called the service name was Johanne Clinton recounted the events of. department at 8 25 a m Someone named Christiane the past month When he had finished the story. answered the phone She said that there was a note Johanne responded that she worked in a store and. in the couple s file and that she would communicate therefore had nothing to do with service and that she. with the repair department asking the person in could not help She suggested that Clinton should call. charge to call the Rileys This was to be done by send customer service Clinton somewhat angrily pointed. ing the employee an e mail message Apparently the out that sales in the store depended on The Canadian. service department and the repair department did providing good service and that as a salesperson she. not communicate with each other by phone but only had better be concerned about service Johanne. in writing She said that she would phone Chantale laughed sheepishly and agreed Clinton by this time. as soon as she had heard from the repair department was so exasperated that he said that he felt like putting. At 9 30 a m having heard nothing from The the refrigerator in his minivan taking it to the store. Canadian Chantale phoned again After waiting a and dumping it at the entrance Joanne then said that. few minutes for a service employee to take the call the store did have a service where a small refrigerator. and after recounting the whole story once again to could be loaned to clients Clinton asked if he would. another representative she was told that Christiane have to visit the store to collect it Joanne said yes. had not yet heard from the repair department and Clinton said that that was unacceptable and that The. that she would send another note to it At that Canadian should deliver it Finally Johanne said that. point Chantale lost her cool and asked the person the only thing she could do was to give Clinton the. on the phone where else could she call if nobody number of the president s office which she did. called her back saying what time the repair would Clinton called the number at about 2 30 p m. be done She was given the 800 number of the ser on July 4 The person who answered the phone. vice department of the corporate office Chantale Nicole listened to the story and offered to send an. told the woman on the line that if no one had e mail to the manager in charge of repairs Clinton. called her back after one hour she would call the indicated that it was about the third or fourth time. 800 number which she did at 10 45 a m someone had told his wife or him that an e mail. Again she told the complete story to Diane would be sent and nothing had happened the pre. the person who answered the phone After apolo vious times Nicole then asked Clinton to hold. gizing on behalf of the company Diane told Chantale When she returned she said that the manager was. that she would check things out herself since the taking another call and that she could not speak to. file clearly stated that the repair was supposed to him She was willing to leave a voice message as well. Chantale and Clinton Call for Service 9, as send an e mail Clinton was adamant that he the best she could do was indicate that the techni. wanted some action now and that he was com cian would come in the morning At that point. pletely frustrated He indicated that he owned Clinton terminated the call in exasperation. about three other appliances from The Canadian That same day a neighbor of the Rileys know. and that he was always a loyal The Canadian cus ing about the situation invited the family over for. tomer He also said that his wife had worked at The dinner The family went over and had dinner with. Canadian as a department manager and that she their friends While there Dorothy the neighbor. was also loyal but at this point he had no faith or said that she too was a customer of The Canadian. confidence in the way the matter was being handled but that after hearing about the experience of the. Nicole again asked him to hold When she returned Rileys she was beginning to think that she should. she said that she had spoken to the repair manager search for a new supplier She worked in an office. and that as soon as he had heard the phone number that was in the process of buying new appliances and. of the client he said that he was aware of the prob it had more or less decided to purchase the Bryand. lem and that he was working on it Nicole told brand But after hearing about the problems with. Clinton that he would receive a phone call within the refrigerator of Chantale and Clinton the office. the hour Clinton responded that this was about the was going to re evaluate its decision and more than. fourth time he was given this promise but that no likely buy an alternative brand Dorothy also. one had called in the past Nicole was always polite recounted that she had heard in her office a story. Clinton subsequently hung up not very hopeful about a The Canadian technician who while repair. that the situation would be corrected soon ing a refrigerator had to be advised by a plumber. A customer service representative from The who was at the same site She believed that the service. Canadian finally called at about 3 00 p m on July 4 of The Canadian was deteriorating very badly. The employee said that a technician would visit Chantale and Dorothy continuing their con. the Rileys on July 5 She asked if that was OK versation discovered that they were both facing the. Clinton replied that that was terrible because he same situation as home owners Indeed one. had been expecting a technician that same day couple had been married for 27 years and the. July 4 The representative explained that no appoint other for 18 years Their home appliances pur. ment had been made for July 4 since the previous chased new at the time their homes were bought. appointment had been scheduled for July 3 Find had reached or were approaching the end of. ing this answer completely unacceptable since in their useful life and needed to be replaced Dur. the past someone had called when a service visit ing the past 18 months the Rileys had purchased. had to be postponed to the next day Clinton again a new dishwashing machine a new clothes washer. pointed out how terrible the service from The and a new refrigerator They knew that they would. Canadian was He added that it made no sense to soon have to change the dryer the stove and the. say that since no one had turned up on July 3 he microwave oven Dorothy faced the same situation. should not have expected someone on July 4 and She thought that all her electrical appliances would. that clearly she must realize that the problem of need changing within the next five years Both of. the refrigerator still existed and the family had them mentioned that since their disposable income. been without a refrigerator for approximately seven was higher than before they were able to buy more. days He continued that he knew that it was not expensive appliances compared to the first time. the caller s fault but that she was the only person. he could talk to She listened and continued to ask. politely if July 5 was a good day Clinton explained July 5. that someone would have to stay home another, day and asked whether under the circumstances On Thursday morning the cleaning lady arrived at.
she could give a precise time when the technician 9 00 a m and was surprised that the refrigerator. would arrive The representative responded that had still not been repaired She inquired about the. 10 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT, brand and said that she would make a mental note but they did not lose five days of pay But the. not to buy that brand couple was still very angry with the treatment. At about 9 45 a m a technician called to say they felt they had received during the past week. that he would be there in 30 minutes At 10 30 a m They understood that the problem with the. he arrived and Clinton and Chantale were happy to refrigerator could necessitate two service calls but. see that the technician was Miguel When he heard they did not understand that promises were. the story he was quite surprised that no one had broken and appointments were not respected. visited the Rileys on Tuesday morning He began They were also puzzled that the employees of the. the repairs immediately by using nitrogen to clear company seemed to communicate only by e mail. the blocked lines The job took about two hours and They agreed that the company had been a major. Miguel left at 12 30 p m The refrigerator appeared disappointment and they wondered if they could. to be functioning properly when he left Miguel also ever trust it again regarding the purchase of. took the food claim with him after suggesting that future appliances Chantale ended the conversa. Chantale add the cost of the ice bought to the list tion by adding that unfortunately due to their. of expenses Including the ice Chantale calculated habit of buying extended service warranties they. the total loss at around 108 Miguel promised to would probably have to deal with The Canadian s. call in about five days to check if all was well with repair service department again in the next five. the refrigerator years At the dinner that evening the family. Chantale and Clinton after doing a big raised questions regarding whether they should. grocery run and cooking their first complete meal do anything further. since the trouble started seven days before dis The next day to the surprise of Chantale. cussed their ordeal Chantale mentioned that it Miguel called to inquire about the refrigerator. could have been worse One of them had to stay Upon learning that it seemed to work well he prom. at home to deal with the problem for five days ised that he would call the following week to see if. altogether but given that they were consultants all was well with the refrigerator True to his prom. who had the luxury of working at home occa ise Miguel called again on Tuesday Chantale felt. sionally they had postponed a few appointments that at least one person from The Canadian cared. CASE QUESTIONS, 1 Have you ever experienced a similar situation with telephone services cable or satellite television systems. financial institutions airlines or service providers such as hair care professionals If so what did the com. pany do wrong What was the most important thing the company could have done to make you feel. better about the poor service, 2 From the perspective of marketing what element of the marketing mix e g markets products prices. place promotion people is most at risk for the department store chain. 3 From the perspective of management what should the repair department s supervisors do to deliver better. quality service in the future, 4 If you were going to serve as a consultant to The Canadian what recommendations would you make at the. strategic tactical and operational levels How would your recommendations connect with one another. 5 This case is largely presented from the perspective of what not to do In other words it focuses on the. mistakes made by the company If you were to rewrite the case could you show how to manage this. department from a what to do perspective tying your answer with the essential link between the service.

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