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KAPI T E L 1,Introduction, We love music and the experience of the best possible music. reproduction, Our hearing is the primary aid to assess the quality of the. musical performance, Visualizing the music extends the perception with a further. We beliefe that our ears and therefore for digital audio workstations and their. our acoustical perception are the best arsenal of plug ins. tools to decide over the quality of a HiFi,Of course the MusicScope implements. all audio standards e g EBU R128 to, During our daily work with different mu allow a full comparison with the measu.
sic formats the desire of visualizing se rement results of professional studio soft. veral aspects of the music arose ware,A visualization opens up the music for a. It is our belief that the music record is,nother sense to get a more complete pic. the most important quality determining,ture of the music quality itself. factor of the whole HiFi chain, The idea of an audio microscope was If we have to sort the HiFi components. born with the goal to provide the same in the order of their quality impact then. views an audio engineer has at hand du we would end up with the following list. ring studio recordings,1 Music Track, The MusicScope provides several studio 2 Listening Room.
grade tools to analyze the audio quality 3 Loudspeaker. but it is extremely easy to use without 4 Amplifier Pre Amplifier. deep expert knowledge usually necessary,5 Digital to Analog Converter Audio Quality. 6 Player CD Computer Many factors influence the quality of a. recording Especially the trend to produ,ce fast and loud isn t the best approach. The Music Scope covers serveral use to audio quality. cases Let us introduce a couple them,a Loudness War. High Resolution Audio In the last couple of years most music. The sales of High Resolution Audio productions applied extreme compressi. Tracks are growing with a significant ra on and limiting to increase the loudness. te In comparison to a standard CD of the music believing that the customer. Track 16 Bit 44 1 kHz a High Resoluti would accept those tracks over lively and. on Studio Master should at least provide dynamic music. a resolution of 24 Bit with a sampling ra The Music Scope analyzes and displays. te between 88 2 kHz 384 kHz all standardized Loudness Parameters. Furthermore to avoid artifacts caused Crest Factor. by lossy compression formats e g MP3 The crest factor provides information a. all High Resolution Audio Tracks are bout the short term dynamic Extreme. compressed with a lossless format like compressed music can reach values be. FLAC ALAC or even WAV low 3 dB,The Music Scope supports all of them as Loudness. well as DSD64 and DSD128 Direct In the last couple of years two organizati. Stream Digital in the DFF and DSF file ons the ITU International Telecommu. format nication Union and the EBU European, Unfortunately it can happen that a so Broadcast Union established methods.
called High Resolution Track has been to quantify the loudness in a reproducib. upsampled from a CD source le way, You just need seconds with the Music The MusicScope displays all loudness va. Scope to identify such fakes lues Momentary Short Term Integra. ted and Loudness Range,b Recording Errors,Due to the high time pressure within the. studio environment it can happen that,different recording and mixing errors in. fluence the audio quality,Inter Sample Peaks,The digital leveling and limiting is extre. mely difficult because it makes no sense,to limit to 0 dB full scale without the.
right tools which could produce extreme,inter sample peaks up to 3 dB in the a. nalog domain causing strong distortions,Periodical Signals. Periodical interfering signals are easily,detectable by the spectrogram as conti. nuous vertical lines,Stereo Image,Strong phase shifts between the left and. right channel can be interesting but in,most cases they cause problems in set.
ting up a good and stable stereo image,The MusicScope Stereo Meter displays. all relevant information to assess the ste,reo information of the audio track under. examination,DSD Recordings,Recording a DSD track is especially diffi. cult It is extremly important to stick to a,maximum level of 3 dB SACD 0 dBfs. to achieve the highest possible quality,KAPI T E L 2.
The Music Scope and its Features, The current version of the MusicScope through the track or to start the audio. supports Windows and Mac OS X monitoring of dedicated parts. The software handles A Playlist supporting the playback and. several audio formats analyzing of several tracks can be ope. WAV AIFF FLAC ned by clicking on the track name field. ALAC DSF DFF and or by loading multiple files via the Load. MP3 from 1 Bit to 24 dialog or via Drag Drop, Bit with sampling The report type for each audio file can be. rates between 44 1 selected,and 384 kHz as well,as DSD64 and. The design is focused,on the simplicity of the control elements. A music track can be loaded by clicking,on Load or just by drag drop of the.
ATTENTION The MusicScope does not,audio file into the user interface. provide a volume control,Click on Play starts the playback whe. The audio samples are transparently,reas Analyze starts the fast analyze mo. transferred to the operating system s au,dio layer to achieve a bit transparent. It is possible to switch anytime between,playback for MAC OS X The volume.
Play and Analyze to go quickly, needs to be controlled by the amplifier The True Peak Meter is able to measure. or the operating system inter sample peaks which cause distorti. ons in the analog domain It can happen,The audio monitoring supports material. that inter sample peaks produce overs of,of up to 24 Bit 384 kHz. up to 3 dB, Direct Stream Digital DSD data are Current peak values are presented by. transformed to PCM to allow audio play vertical green bars whereas the falling. back without using a special DSD capab horizontal bars indicate the peaks re. le Digital to Analog Converter DAC ached,The absolute True Peak Level TPL is re.
Levels presented by numbers and bars, The Levels display is one of the core mea The TPL is green as long as it stays be. surement tools low 0 dB If inter sample peaks push it. above 0 dB then it becomes red, All displayed values are color coded to Extreme leveled DSD tracks which push. map them between the numbers and the TPL above 0 dBfs cause distortions. their graphical representation in the analog domain. Measurements are presented in decibel The RMS Root Mean Square was the. dB to allow the handling of huge loud method of measuring the perceived loud. ness ranges ness until the newer method of Moment,ary Loudness has been introduced. The level meter shows the 400 ms avera,ged RMS as light green bars within the. vertical peak bars,The CREST Factor indicates the current.
dynamic to estimate the amount of com,pression the music went through during. production At the end of the analysis,the minimum and maximum CREST Fac. tor is displayed,Extreme compressed music can reach va. lues below 4 dB A good studio master, should have a CREST better than 8 dB to refore a further measurement beside of. be more dynamic and lively the LRA to assess the extend of loud. To use the same scale the CREST is ness, drawn from 0 dB down to x dB as light Just click on S Mode or M Mode to.
blue vertical bar switch between the different modi. Loudness LU,The Music Scope measures all loudness,values defined by the standardization E. BU R 128 and ITU R BS 1770,LU values differ in their averaging times. M Momentary 400 ms blue,S Short Term 3 s orange,I Integrated Whole Music Track whi. The maximum values of the M and S,Loudness are displayed as numbers and. graphically,Especially the Loudness Range LRA is,a great representation of the perceived.
The circular diagram shows the evoluti,loudness fluctuations and therefore the. on of the peak values green and S,dynamic of the music track Pop records. Loudness orange over the whole music,show an LRA below 4 dB whereas classi. cal recordings can be quite dynamic with, LRAs above 20 dB Red colored peaks caused by inter. Heavily compressed music is easily iden sample peaks exceed 0 dB. tified by low LRA values Frequent inter sample peaks cause audib. le distortions degrading tremendously,The Loudness Histogram represents si.
the music reproduction,milar to a photo histogram the distributi. on of momentary loudness M Mode or,short term loudness S Mode and is the. and shows how wide it is The Correlati,on Meter helps to check the mono com. patibility of the music track,As long as it shows green values the sig. nal can be reproduced in mono without,having destructive interferences.
Even for the stereo reproduction it,would be good to stay most of the time in. the green area assuring a good localisati,on of instruments within the stereo. The number of inter sample Peaks per,channel are detailed in the text report. pls see report chapter,Stereo Meter,The different stereo meter displays provi. de the means to get a better understan,ding of the stereo image.
The upper part resembles a vector scope,which allows the evaluation of the signal. distribution between the left and the,right channel. A vertical green line would indicate a mo,no signal whereas a horizontal line. would be caused by a completely out of,phase signal. Below the Vector Scope is a Balance Indi,cator This instrument indicates the cur.
rent signal position in the stereo plane,Linear Frequency Spectrum Spectrogram. The different frequencies of the music The spectrogram as a representation of. are displayed in a spectrum the spectrum over time supports the de. A linear frequency scale with a resoluti tection of periodical interfering signals. on of 100Hz Bar supports the use case as well as the determination of the hig. of high resolution audio analysis hest frequencies containing music sig. Mouse markers display the frequency nals to analyze High Resolution Audio. maximum amplitude of that frequency tracks,as well as the amplitude below the. The amplitude spectrum is represented,mouse pointer in decibel dB. by the intensity of the color green mono, Vertical mouse dragging on the chrom or as color range. spectrum changes the decibel scale and Hovering the mouse pointer over the. therefore the resolution A double click spectrogram displays the absolute values. resets the scale to default in decibel below the mouse pointer. Displayed data can be toggled between,maximum and averaging mode just by.
clicking on the MAX label,Reporting Text based report example. At the end of the music track analysis the,measurement results stay in the display. for further investigation,To save those data a reporting function. exports them as png and txt files,Just click the Report button which re. places the progress time information dis,play at the end of a full analysis.
The picture shows the png report,KAPI T E L 3, Demonstration of different Use Cases of the MusicScope. Case 1 High Resolution Audio If we check the spectrum and spectro. We want to analyse a high resolution au gram then we see that the music just con. dio track where we have the suspicion tains frequencies up to around 21 kHz. that it is just an up sampled version of a Furthermore by hovering over the. CD source spectrogram we read values mostly abo,ve 100 dB indicating that. this was originally a 16 Bit,Well we simply proved. that this was a CD recor,ding with 16 Bit 44 1,kHz upsampled with dedi. cated software preten,ding being a high resoluti,on audio track.
The Format Display tells us that the au,dio file contains data in the format of 24. Bit 88 2 kHz,Case 2 Recording Errors,a Inter Sample Peaks. b Periodical Interfering Sig,Several vertical lines in the. spectrogram and peaks,within the spectrum pls see,below indicate periodical. The recording shows several inter distortions, sample peaks pls see History above The record has been digitized 24 Bit.
which cause up to around 3 dB overs 192 kHz from a studio master tape. pls see TPL,It is easy to imaging that those distorti. ons are easily audible,Case 3 Direct Stream Digital DSD 64. The following example is a DSD64 1 Bit,2 8224 MHz track. The Music Scope is able to analyze and,playback the record For audio monito. ring the DSD 1 Bit Stream gets converted,to PCM 24 Bit 176 4 kHz to enable.
playback without the need for a dedica,ted DSD capable Digital to Analog con. The measurement confirms that the,DSD64 track contains music up to 35. kHz which goes over into the quantizati,on noise given by the 1 Bit digitization. Case 4 Direct Stream Digital DSD 128,The example is a DSD128 1 Bit 5 6448. MHz audio track,The DSD128 sample rate moves the in.
crease of quantization noise to higher fre,The spectrogram confirms frequency.

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