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A Quotation From Seth ix, A Verse From A Psychic Manifesto by Jane Roberts xi. Introduction by Jane Roberts xiii,PART ONE THE EVENTS OF NATURE EPIDEMICS AND. NATURAL DISASTERS l,Chapter 1 The Natural Body and Its Defenses 3. Chapter 2 Mass Meditations Health Plans for Disease. Epidemics of Beliefs and Effective Mental,Inoculations Against Despair 47. PART TWO FRAMEWORK 1 AND FRAMEWORK 2 79, Chapter 3 Myths and Physical Events The Interior Medium in.
Which Society Exists 81, Chapter 4 The Characteristics of Framework 2 A Creative. Analysis of the Medium in Which Physically Oriented. Consciousness Resides and the Source of Events 112. Chapter 5 The Mechanics of Experience 147,PART THREE PEOPLE WHO ARE FRIGHTENED OF. THEMSELVES 171, Chapter 6 Controlled Environments and Positive and Negative. Mass Behavior Religious and Scientific Cults and,Private Paranoias 173. Chapter 7 The Good the Bad and the Catastrophic Jonestown. Harrisburg and When Is an Idealist a Fanatic 207,Chapter 8 Men Molecules Power and Free Will 236.
Chapter 9 The Ideal the Individual Religion Science and. the Law 253,PART FOUR THE PRACTICING IDEALIST 279, Chapter 10 The Good the Better and the Best Value Fulfillment. Versus Competition 281, We have never told anybody to do anything except to face up to the. abilities of consciousness,April 19 1978, A note by R F B Seth was often pretty outspoken in Mass Events when he. discussed our medical beliefs and practices and the unfortunate results they. sometimes bring about At the same time he tempered his ideas with passages. like this one from the 870th session for Chapter 10. Generally speaking for example if you are seriously worried about. a physical condition go to a doctor because your own beliefs may. overfrighten you otherwise Begin with innocuous but annoying physical. conditions however and try to work those out for yourself Try to. discover why you are bothered When you have a headache or a simple. stomach upset or if you have a chronic annoying but not serious. condition such as trouble with your sinuses or if you have hay fever. in those situations remind yourself that your body does indeed have the. capacity to heal itself,A Psychic Manifesto,My life is its own definition. So is yours,Let us leave the priests,to their hells and heavens.
and confine,the scientists,to their dying universe. accidentally created stars,Let us each dare,to open our dream s door. and explore,the unofficial thresholds,where we begin. A note by R F B This is the first verse of a long poem jane wrote late. in July 1979 as Seth was finishing his work on Mass Events Among other. things the poem is a passionate declaration of psychic independence writ. ten in response to Seth s ideas in this book,xiv INTRODUCTION. County would have been used to house,refugees Many spectacular national events.
have happened of course since our first,sessions took place late in 1963 but Seth. seldom mentioned such issues and then,only in answer to our own questions In this. current book however he discusses in depth,how our private realities merge into mass. experience For that reason he examines the,public arena and devotes a good deal of. material to Three Mile Island and to the,Jonestown mass suicides as well Both.
situations occurred as Seth was dictating this,book and while they are contemporary both. cases are classic in their implications,Rob s notes provide the necessary. exterior orientation for this present volume,as they do for the previous Seth books and. hint at the framework of normal life in,which Seth so gallantly appears twice. weekly tossing off my glasses and thereby,signaling the beginning of my trance.
Besides this of course my own moods,speculations joys and sorrows have spun. their earthly web through my mind on such,days I may have worked well or poorly at. my own writing The day may have been,calm or distracted by unexpected guests or. marked by any of life s normal domestic ups,While Seth was dictating Mass Events. for example another of our cats Billy,died Seth was discussing the Three Mile.
Island accident but he left off book,dictation for a while because we felt so. badly and gave us some excellent material,on animal consciousness before and after. death because tragedies come in all,shapes and sizes and the most domestic. events of our days offer Seth opportunities,to comment on life itself. So even if I was focused elsewhere and,my consciousness turned inward a spotlight.
was thrown upon our world from that other,viewpoint almost as if a character in one of. our dreams suddenly came awake walked,out of the dream and dared comment on our. waking world Perhaps this isn t a good,analogy Seth is far from a dream. character and in fact I hardly ever dream of,him at all but he is a personality whose. platform of reality isn t the same as ours a,personality who writes books through me.
but from his standpoint not mine,In this book he comments on our. religions sciences cults and on our,medical beliefs as well with an. uncompromising wisdom,INTRODUCTION xv,as if as if he represents some deep part of. the human psyche that knows better that has,always known better as if he speaks out. not only with my voice but for many many,other people as if he represents the truths.
that we have allowed ourselves to forget,What truths That our dreams come. alive at midday that our feelings and beliefs,turn into the reality we experience that in. deeper terms we are the events in which we,participate and that murder for the sake of. an ideal is still murder But more than this,Seth reminds us of something we knew as. children We are of good intent,You make your own reality That.
statement is one of the cornerstones of Seth s,material stated almost from the beginning of. our sessions and emphasized throughout his,books In Mass Events though Seth goes. further maintaining that our private,impulses are meant to provide the impetus. for the development of our own abilities in a,way that will also contribute to the best. interests of the species and the natural world,as well He s speaking of our normal.
impulses here those that we ve been taught,are dangerous chaotic and contradictory. Seth maintains that we can t trust ourselves,while distrusting our impulses at the same. time Much of this book is concerned with,the purposes of our impulses and the. reasons for their poor reputations in the eyes,of science and religion What Seth is really. saying here is that our impulses are meant to,help us create our own realities on a.
personal basis in a way that will enhance,both our private lives and our civilizations. But if we are of good intent how can we,sometimes end up involved in the most. reprehensible of actions Seth faces such,questions squarely and deals with the. motivations of both the fanatic and the,idealist And people are idealistic Many. readers of all ages write us asking how they,can develop their own potentials and also.
help bring about a better world They care,deeply and abhor the adverse conditions. they see in society whether or not they are,intimately concerned with them In this book. Seth clearly shows how each of us can,contribute to the mass reality and concisely. outlines the issues so that we don t fall prey,to disillusionment or fanaticism. Since we are all involved with world,events it is highly important that we also.
understand how we fit into those global,actions and see how our negative beliefs. about ourselves and the species can result,xvi INTRODUCTION. in situations far less than ideal and quite,different from our stated goals For this. reason Seth explains how the theories of,Freud and Darwin confine our imaginations. and our abilities,Rob and I grew up in the world of.
Freudian and Darwinian concepts too of,course And we weren t given any magical. immunity from the unfortunate results of,such cramped vision Those theories along. with religion s belief in the flawed self have,left their marks on all of our lives Rob and I. have been given a new vaster philosophical,structure through the Seth sessions one that. we share with our readers And that,structure is still emerging It is far from fin.
ished The answers are not all in We are,still learning how to ask the right questions. When Seth began this manuscript I was,personally working with the idea of heroic. impulses those separate from our usual,ones that would operate as inner impetuses. toward constructive action In this book,though Seth states that it is our normal. everyday impulses that we must learn to,trust Even I was taken back Our usual.
impulses The ones I ignored while I was,looking for the heroic ones And finally I. began to understand Our normal impulses,are heroic despite our misunderstanding of. them In a way this entire book is an,introduction to our impulses those we. follow and those we deny,I ve had my own hassles with impulses. following only those I thought would lead,me where I wanted to go and drastically.
cutting down those I feared might distract,me from my work Like many other people. I thought that following my impulses was,the least dependable way of achieving any. goal unless I was writing when impulses,of a creative kind were most acceptable I. didn t realize that all impulses were creative,As a result of such beliefs I ve had a most. annoying arthritis like condition for some,years that was among other things the.
result of cutting down impulses toward,physical motion. In the past when Seth told me to trust,the spontaneous self I said Okay and. imagined some hypothetical inner self,somehow apart from my conscious intents. But when Seth kept repeating Trust your,impulses in this book I finally got the. message through my head and I ve,already had considerable physical.
improvement as a result This distant,seeming inner self wasn t so distant after all. INTRODUCTION xvii, it communicated through my impulses In a way impulses are the. language of the psyche, But what about aggressive or contradictory or even murderous. impulses How can those be trusted Seth answers those questions and. many more until as we read his explanations we wonder how we could. have so misread our own nature as to distrust the very messages meant to. lead us toward our own spiritual growth and that of the species as well. And what is my own part in all of this I see it as harking back to the. poet s original role to explore the reaches of his or her private psyche. pushing against usual psychological boundaries until they give opening. up a new mystical territory the psyche of the people of the species. itself perceiving a spectacular vision of inner reality that the poet then. communicates to the people translating that vision through words. rhythm or songs, The earliest poets were probably half shaman half prophet speaking. for the forces of nature for the spirits of the living and the dead. voicing their visions of man s unity with the universe They spoke their. messages sang their songs chanted their visions aloud And maybe that s. why Seth speaks communicating first through words rather than say. through automatic writing Seth s books are first of all spoken. productions Perhaps the Seth sessions themselves harken back to some. ancient time when we received much of our pertinent information about. ourselves in just such a fashion one of us journeying for the others into. the mass unconsciousness a journey that somehow altered and. expanded the personality and then communicating our visions as best. If so though such altered between world personalities can be. remarkably stable and if they form according to our ideas of indi. viduality they can certainly outdo us in their unique complexity For if. Seth is only a psychological model filled out by my unconscious trance. material then he certainly puts our usual concepts of personality to. shame and by implication shows that we ourselves have a long way to. go if we are to use our full potential, So I do think more is involved I think that Seth is a model of.
ourselves as we know we can be that he speaks for the part of ourselves. that never for a minute believed all that nonsense about flawed selves.

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