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The Impersonal Life ii,The Impersonal Life,YOGeBooks Hollister Mo 65672. The Impersonal Life iii,YOGeBooks by Roger L Cole Hollister Mo 65672. 2015 YOGeBooks by Roger L Cole, All rights reserved Electronic edition published 2015. isbn 978 1 61183 372 0,2017 02 02 11 03 36,www yogebooks com. The text of this ebook is in the public domain but this ebook is not Please. do not distribute it without authorization,The Impersonal Life iv.
Introduction v,The Impersonal Life 1,II Be Still and Know 9. III I Life God 18,IV Consciousness Intelligence Will 25. V The Key 37,VI Thinking and Creating 45,VII The Word 59. VIII My Idea 67,IX The Garden Of Eden 79,X Good and Evil 92. XI Use 103,XII Soul Mates 119,XIII Authority 127,The Impersonal Life v.
XIV Mediums and Mediators 137,XV Masters 150,XVI The Christ and Love 164. XVII Finding Me 177,XVIII Union 198,Bibliography 209. The Impersonal Life vi,Introduction iii,In order the better to comprehend the. deep and vital truths contained in the within,Message you are urged to approach each. reading of it with quiet and open mind Still,the intellect and invite your Soul to do the.
teaching Read but a sentence at a time and do,not pass to the next until Something within you. responds to the truth therein and points out,clearly the meaning for you. More than all try to realize that the I,speaking thruout the Message is the Spirit. within your own Soul the Impersonal Self the,Real You the same Self that in other moments. of quiet points out to you your mistakes your,follies your weaknesses and is ever chiding.
The Impersonal Life vii,and aiding you to live up to Its ideals which It. continually holds before your mental gaze,It was to such a quiet mind as this that the. within Message came during months filled with,an intense yearning for the guidance of the. Spirit and an opportunity to serve the Loving iv,Father who had been found to be ever present. and always ready to bless those of His children,who loved Him enuf to make Him first in their.
hearts and lives,The help and guidance thus received is. passed on to you for the wise and loving,teaching is so unusual and so wholly Impersonal. that it will apply equally well to everyone who,is ready to receive it. The great blessing of the Message is that,if you are ready the I speaking herein will. continue to speak direct to you from out your,own heart after you lay aside the book and.
in so intimate and convincing a way that It will,make clear all your problems be to you a fount. of Wisdom and Strength and bring you Peace,The Impersonal Life viii. Health Happiness Freedom an abundance,of everything your heart desires. This little book therefore is intended to serve,as a channel or open door thru which you may. enter into the Joy of your Lord the Comforter,promised by Jesus the living expression in you.
of the Christ of God,The Publisher,The Impersonal Life 1. The Impersonal Life 5,The Impersonal Life 2,T o you who read I speak. To you who thru long years and much,running to and fro have been eagerly seeking. in books and teachings in philosophy and,religion for you know not what Truth. Happiness Freedom God,To you whose Soul is weary and discouraged.
and almost destitute of hope,To you who many times have obtained a. glimpse of that Truth only to find when,you followed and tried to reach it that it. disappeared in the beyond and was but the,mirage of the desert. To you who thought you had found it in,some great teacher who was perhaps the. The Impersonal Life 3,acknowledged head of some Society Fraternity.
or Religion and who appeared to you to be,a Master so marvelous was the wisdom he. taught and the works he performed only,to awaken later to the realization that that 6. Master was but a human personality with,faults and weaknesses and secret sins the same. as you even tho that personality may have,been a channel thru which were voiced many. beautiful teachings which seemed to you the,highest Truth.
And here you are Soul aweary and,anhungered and not knowing where to turn. To you I AM come,And likewise to you who have begun to. feel the presence of that Truth within your,Soul and seek the confirmation of that which. of late has been vaguely struggling for living,expression within. Yes to all you who hunger for the true Bread,of Life I AM come.
Are you ready to partake,The Impersonal Life 4,If so then arouse yourself Sit up Still your. human mind and follow closely My Word herein,spoken Or you will turn away disappointed. once more with the aching hunger still in your,I Who speak with such seeming knowledge. and authority,I AM You that part of you who IS and. WHO KNOWS ALL THINGS,And always knew and always was.
Yes I AM You Your SELF that part of you,who says I AM and is I AM. That transcendent innermost part of you,which quickens within as you read which. responds to this My Word which perceives Its,Truth which recognizes all Truth and discards. all error wherever found Not that part which,has been feeding on error all these years. The Impersonal Life 5,For I AM your real Teacher the only real one.
you will ever know and the only MASTER,I your Divine SELF. I the I AM of you bring to you this My,Message My living Word as I have brought to. you everything in life be it book or Master,poverty or riches bitter experience or love to. teach you that I and I alone your own True,Self AM The Teacher for you the only Teacher. and the only God Who is and always has been,providing you not only with the Bread and.
Wine of Life but with all things needed for,your physical mental and spiritual growth and. sustenance,Therefore that which appeals to YOU as you 8. read is MY Message spoken to your outer,human consciousness from within and is but. a confirmation of that which the I AM of you,always knew within but had not yet translated. in definite tangible terms to your outer,consciousness.
The Impersonal Life 6,Likewise all that ever appealed to You. coming from some outward expression was,but the confirmation of My Word already. spoken within and which outward expression,was the avenue or means I chose at the time. thru which to reach and impress your human or,self consciousness. But I AM not your human mind nor its child,the intellect They are but the expression of your.
Being as you are the expression of My Being,they are but phases of your human personality. as You are a phase of My Divine Impersonality,Weigh and study carefully these words. Rise up and free yourself from the,domination of your personality with its self. inflated and self glorifying mind and intellect,now and for always. For your mind henceforth must be Your,servant and the intellect Your slave if My Word.
is to penetrate to your Soul consciousness,The Impersonal Life 7. I AM come now to your Soul consciousness 9,which I have quickened expressly in preparation. for the reception of My Word,Now if you are strong enuf to bear it. If you can put aside all your private personal,fancies beliefs and opinions which are but the. rubbish you have gathered from the dumping,grounds of others.
If you are strong enuf to cast them all away,Then My Word will be to you a source of. endless Joy and Blessing,But be prepared to have this personality of. yours doubt My Word as you read It all along,For its very life is threatened and it knows. it cannot live and thrive and longer dominate,your thinking your feelings your going and. coming as of old if you take My Word into,your heart and permit It there to abide.
Yes I AM come to you now,To make you conscious of My Presence.

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