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The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
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The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Ministry of Labour Employment and Social Security,Social Security Rules. Chapter Particular page,Chapter I Title Application and Definition 1. Chapter II Formation Functions and Duties of the,Social Security Board 10. Chapter III Fund and Accounts 27, Chapter IV Social Security System and the Employment. Injury Benefit Insurance System 39,Chapter V Contributions which shall be paid to.
the Social Security Fund 52,Chapter VI Medical Care 63. Chapter VII Health and Social Care Insurance System. Cash Benefit 91, Chapter VIII Disability Benefit Superannuation Benefit and. Survivors Benefit 111,Chapter IX Unemployment Benefit 123. Chapter X Social Security Housing Project 127,Chapter Particular page. Chapter XI Benefits Relating to the Employment Injury. Benefit Insurance System 134, Chapter XII Provisions Relating Both to Social Security.
Fund and Employment Injury Benefit Fund 152,Chapter XIII Appeal 156. Chapter XIV Miscellaneous 160, The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Ministry of Labour Employment and Social Security,Notification No 41 2014. 3rd Waxing Day of Tagu 1375 M E,2nd April 2014, In exercise of the power conferred by sub section a of. section 103 of the Social Security Law 2012 the Ministry of. Labour Employment and Social Security of the Union. Government hereby issues the following rules in coordination. with the Social Security Board and with the approval of the Union. Government,Title Application and Definition, 1 These Rules shall be called the Social Security Rules.
2 The expressions contained in these rules shall have the. same meanings as are assigned to them in the Social Security. Law 2012 In addition the following expressions shall have the. meanings given hereunder,a Law means the Social Security Law 2012. b Chairman means the Chairman of the Social,Security Board. c Director General means the Director General of,the Head Office of the Social Security Board. d Medical Advisory Board means a board of,medical practitioners formed to enable to give. advices in implementing the medical duties of the,Social Security Board.
e Appellate tribunal means the Appellate Tribunal,formed by the Social Security Board in order to. decide upon the cases dissatisfied and submitted by. the Social Security Board and the employers or the. Social Security Board and the insured persons or, the persons entitled to the benefit or the employer. and the insured persons or the persons entitled to. the benefit relating to the settlement and decision. on the disputes contained in section 89 of the Law. f Shop means any premises or place that operates any. business of the sale of any goods in retail or,wholesale or repairing or providing service or. renting it This expression includes any of the,following places. i place where any of the hair dressing,business beauty salon body fitness business.
and sports business is operated,ii place where handicraft business pawnshop. business restaurant business laundering,business sewing business photography. business copying business is operated,iii place where any business relating to any. business contained in sub rule i and ii is,iv any other place prescribed as shop by the. Ministry in coordination with the Social,Security Board and with the approval of the.
Union Government,g Trading Establishment means any commercial. establishment This expression includes any of the,following establishments which is carrying out. commercially,i establishment where advertising business. cargo transportation business is carried out,ii establishment where services commercial. agent business commission business,banking and financial business is carried out.
iii establishment where joint venture business,or partnership is carried out. iv other establishments prescribed as trading,establishment by the Ministry in. coordination with the Social Security Board,and with the approval of the Union. Government,h Public entertainment establishment means any. establishment established and opened for the,purpose of public recreation and happiness This.
expression includes any of the entertainment,establishments. i film production video production newspaper,journal and magazine production. establishments television and broadcasting,business services which apply information. technology,ii cinema video hall concert hall music hall. iii any other establishment prescribed as the,public entertainment establishment by the.
Ministry in coordination with the Social,Security Board and with the approval of the. Union Government, i Industrial establishment and factories means any. factory building and premises where any material,production repairing or production process is. carried out by or without using any kind of energy. This expression includes any of the following,establishments or factories. i motor vehicle workshop motor vehicle,painting workshop motor vehicle washing.
and lubricating centre printing centre oil,milling centre goods warehouse. ii shipyard jetty buoy works,iii other establishment or factory prescribed by. the Ministry in coordination with the Social,Security Board and with the approval of the. Union Government,j Bank and financial institution means an. organization established in the country for the, purpose to intermeddle in the financial or capital.
markets by collecting financial resources from other. persons so as to invest by such organizations in the. banking businesses credit businesses credit and,public bonds security certificates or other. permitted financial activities, k Services mean any services which provide service. commercially That expression includes any of the,following services. i hotel motel guesthouse lodging business,or tourism business and agency services. ii other work prescribed by the Ministry as,the services in coordination with the Social.
Security Board and with the approval of the,Union Government. l Transport business means a business which,transports any of the passenger or goods or both. commercially That expression includes airport,seaport jetty railways station and other works. prescribed by the Ministry as the transport,business in coordination with the Social Security. Board and with the approval of the Union,Government.
m Business relating to oil and natural gas means an. exploration and exploitation business carried out in. an oilfield or natural gas area prescribed by,notification under the Oilfields Act. n Investment business means a business or joint,venture business carried out by investing by a. foreigner or a citizen under the Myanmar,investment laws. o Social security insurance scrutiny card means a, card issued by the relevant social security office. certifying that who is the insured person in accord. p Pensioner certificate means a certificate issued by. the relevant social security office to a person as the. evidential document that he is being a person who, has retired from service and paid contribution for.
180 months and above to the general insurance,system under the Social Security Act 1954 and. health and social care insurance system under the,Social Security Law 2012. q Delivery means delivery of child alive before the. completion of 22 weeks of pregnancy period or,delivery of child dead or alive after 22 weeks of. pregnancy period,r Natural disaster means disasters such as fire. flood storm earthquake caused by natural,phenomenon or by human action accident or.
negligence That expression also includes any,other disaster determined as a disaster by the. National Disaster Management Committee,s Unemployed means a person who becomes. unemployed from the work due to resignation from,the work voluntarily or being dismissed from work. because of violation of provisions of the,employment contract or being dismissed from. work not for his demand but for permanent, closure of the work or for the situation of the work.
according to the nature of the work to reduce the,strength of the employees. t Contribution means the money paid by the,employer or worker or insured person or the Union. Government to the Social Security Board,periodically in accord with the provisions of the. Law and the rules for the purpose of matters,contained in the law. u Aid from the Union Fund includes the followings,i allowing to expend for the salary.
allowance pension salary and other,benefits for the officials and staff of the. social security offices hospitals and clinics,from the Union Fund. ii aiding from the Union Fund if it is not,sufficient in providing benefits from the. social security fund and invalidity benefit,fund aiding for the social security housing. project from the Union Fund as may be,v Week means the period of seven days.
w Month means a month of Gregorian calendar,x Year means the 12 month period of the Gregorian. y Form means a form prescribed in these rules,z Ministry means the Ministry of Labour. Employment and Social Security of the Union,Government of the Republic of the Union of. aa Medical in charge officer means the officer in,charge of the Medical Department of the Social. Security Head Office who is appointed to take,responsibility and carry out medical care.
administration works under the law and these,bb Medical Board means the board led by the. officer in charge who is assigned duty by the,Social Security Board to determine the percentage. of the loss of the work capacity of insured person. who obtained employment injury and to decide,whether or not the insured person who applies for. disability benefit is a person who can work the,original work permanently. cc Medical practitioner recognized by the Social,Security Board means a medical practitioner who.
is carrying out duty at the hospitals clinics owned. by the Social Security Board or a medical, practitioner from the hospitals clinics with which. the Social Security Board has concluded,agreement and who is entitled to issue medical. certificate, dd Inspector means a person appointed to carry out. inspection assessing and submitting the matters,which is necessary to be taken action relating to. the matter for the compliance of employers in,implementing the provisions of the law and these.
rules the matter for providing contributions by the. business department involved with the Law and, the matter for the proper receiving of benefits by. the insured persons,Chapter II, Formation Functions and Duties of the Social Security Board. 3 The following persons shall not be assigned duty as. member in the Social Security Board to be formed under section. 4 of the Law If he has been assigned duty he shall be deemed to. have been terminated from duty, a a person being decided by the relevant court to be. of unsound mind or determined by a psychiatrist,according to medical certificate to be of unsound. b a person being dismissed or removed from the,Government service.
c a person who has not been exempted from being,declared as insolvent by a relevant court. d a person who is convicted by a relevant court for. an offence which is punishable with imprisonment,for a term exceeding six months. e a person who participates in any business with,which the Social Security Board has concluded. agreement or contract,f a person who is not a citizen according to the. Citizenship Law,4 a The term of membership of the members of the.
Social Security Board who are not the Government, servant is five years If it is necessary a member of. the Social Security Board who expires the term,may be reselected and assigned duty. b Any member of the Social Security Board desirous. to resign from office may resign by submitting in,writing to the Union Government through the. Ministry together with the remark of the Chairman,of the Social Security Board. c The members whose terms are expired shall, continue to carry out their duties and obligations.
until the new members appointed in their place,may carry out the duties and obligations. d Any member of the Social Security Board who is,not a Government servant may be terminated from. duty at any time if the Union Government,considers appropriate or at the submission of the. Social Security Board,5 a The emblem of the Social Security Board is. determined as follows,b Relating to the emblem of the Social Security.
Board the words in Myanmar language Lu,Hmu Phu Lone Yay Ah Phwe at the upper part and. the words in English Social Security Board at,the lower part of the double circle are mentioned. At the centre of the small circle silver coin with a. picture of lion is mentioned as a symbol of, monetary benefit red cross symbol at its back as a. sign of medical care and a blue shield at the back. of the small circle as the sign of social protection. are mentioned, c The emblem of the Social Security Board shall only be. used for the matters relating to functions and duties. contained in the Law and these rules but for no others. 6 The Social Security Board shall draw up and submit the. advices relating to the following matters to the Ministry. a issuing procedures for enabling assigning the,functions of the Social Security Board to.
department organization or person to carry out as,representative. b determining other necessary Social Security Fund. in addition to the Social Security Fund and the,Employment Injury Benefit Fund. c determining the remunerations not relating to wages. d determining from time to time the establishments. which are applied or not applied to the provisions. of compulsory registration for Social Security,System and benefits. e determining from time to time the workers who,are not applied to the provisions of compulsory. registration for Social Security System and, f determining the other social security system and.
funds for compulsory registration and contribution.

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