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MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,Table of Contents. What is a budget 002, Relationship of the Budget to the Church s Strategic P lan 003. Relationship of the Budget to the Church s Stewardship Plan 004. Relationship of the Treasurer to the Stewardship Team 005. Role and Responsibilities of the Stewardship Team,Sample Job Description 006. Timeline for Preparing the Budget 007,Working with a Budget Committee 008. Core Competencies 008, Relationship of Treasurer to the Budget Committee 008.
Role and Responsibilities of the Budget Committee,Sample Job Description 009. How to Prepare a Budget 010,Budgeting by Line Item 015. Budgeting by Program 016, Creating Projections and Forecasts of Income and Expenses 017. Developing Metrics 018,How to Modify the Budget 019. Resources and References 020,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches.
What is a budget, A budget is a financial document used to project future income and expenses The budgeting. process is carried out by the Budget Committee to estimate whether the church can continue to. operate with its projected income and expenses A budget may be prepared simply using paper. and pencil or on a computer using a spreadsheet program like Excel or with a financial. application like Quicken or QuickBooks, Many times churches with small annual incomes feel it is not necessary to have an annual budget. But neither the size of the church nor the size of the income should be the determining factor In. fact the smaller the income the more critical the need may be to know exactly what your financial. needs projection and from where your dollars are projected to come. Who needs an annual budget,Your church does, A budget is an important step in being a good steward of God s money It certainly is an important. planning activity for good administration,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches. Relationship of the Budget to the Church s Strategic Plan. There are several reasons for preparing an annual budget The obvious reason is so you can. know how much income your church will need for the coming year and thereby eliminate a crisis. approach to church financing However rather than being a dreaded meaningless chore a. projected annual budget can be a great tool in aiding future planning Your budget is one step in. strategic planning, Budget time is a time for setting goals and designing programs of stretching your faith to see what.
you want your church to be and what you want to do in the next year of seeking new vision from. God for the mission and ministry of your church The financial planning of our church should be. mission driven not maintenance constrained You should not be budgeting to keep the lights on. and the doors open though that is important You should budget to fulfill God s purpose for your. church at this time in this place, The budget provides a forecast of revenues and expenditures and enables the actual financial. operation of the church to be measured against the forecast The process for preparing a monthly. budget includes a listing of all sources of annual income and a listing of all annual expenditures. A budget communicates the church s values and priorities Therefore resource use should be. aligned with the church s strategic plan The staff will use the budget to determine whether. resources are being appropriately and beneficially used to achieve the church s stated mission. and objectives, The budget is the numerical representation of an action plan for a specified time period It. expresses in dollars the action plan s future human and material resource needs Identified in the. budget are the sources of funds namely income such as annual giving enduring gifts major. project campaigns and fundraising along with their planned uses namely expenditures such. as salaries benefits operations ministry expenses physical plant supplies and tithes to. A budget should be flexible enough to enable the church to take advantage of unexpected. opportunities and to withstand the shock of unanticipated fluctuations in planned resources. Budgeting is the process of matching planned uses to available resources The foundation of a. budget consists of estimates of the resources needed to deliver services and the costs of those. A church s budget may include funding for unrestricted uses such as ministry as well as funding. for restricted uses such as benevolent activities and endowed scholarships Resources whose. use is restricted by either a donor or an external agency can only be budgeted and used for the. specified purpose Although unrestricted resources provide the greatest flexibility contractual. commitments to staff can limit the ability to shift even those resources from one use to another. Typically the Board of Directors creates and manages an operating budget which is the church s. blueprint for the core missions of worship and community service A ministry with special facility. or equipment needs may be asked to identify resources in its operating budget that will be. transferred to the church s capital budget A capital budget includes the resource plans for. building or renovating new facilities buying major pieces of equipment or improving the church s. infrastructure,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches. Relationship of the budget to the church s stewardship plan. A stewardship campaign is an organized program plan to educate and motivate the people in the. local church to spiritual faithfulness Although finances are usually the focus an effective. stewardship campaign is not just limited to finances It includes the broader purpose of educating. people in the proper management of their time talent and treasure for the glory of God i e the. total stewardship of the believer, A formal stewardship campaign is important because this amount may not be feasible for some. congregants and others need reminders of how important their gifts are to the church A good. campaign can help the financial leaders of the church put together the annual budget and plan for. capital expenditures Stewardship encompasses more than just financial giving It includes. encouraging congregants to give their time and talent as well as their money in service to the. The primary purpose of the annual stewardship campaign is to create the congregational. resources for the ministries that the church intends to undertake to fulfill its mission as expressed. in the annual budget A key to a successful campaign is not to place the emphasis on the project. and the needed funding but rather place the emphasis on the true purpose for which all church. stewardship campaigns should be undertaken ministering to the surrounding neighborhoods and. beyond An effective campaign will emphasize ministry awareness and challenge growth in. faithful stewardship Budgets inspire very few congregational members On the other hand the. stories of ministries completed and ministries projected can be truly exciting and inspirational. Initiating the stewardship campaign process is the much needed step of faith that should be. followed by making sure the congregation believes the financial goal of the campaign is a realistic. expectation In other words the congregation needs to believe that if they truly seek God s. leading and make sacrificial decisions in relationship to that leading that the campaign will reach. its financial goal and in doing so will meet the vision goal of the campaign. So how much funding can be provided through a stewardship campaign Something between. 1 9 and 3 0 times a church s annual general budget is generally considered a reasonable. expectation Studies show that 98 of churches can raise the same amount as their annual. budget 55 can raise two times their annual budget and 25 can raise three times their annual. budget assuming that the stewardship campaign is well received by the congregation that the. plan is well conceived and that the plan is carried out in an organized and motivating manner. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches, Relationship of the Treasurer to the Stewardship Team.
The Stewardship Team in the local church exists to educate the congregation in the Biblical. principles of whole life stewardship Therefore the committee should be made up of those who. are not primarily responsible for the financial management of the budget but those who are. passionate about growing people and extending mission The task of stewardship is the formation. of the people of God into people who reflect God s generous character This is a grace filled and. grace fueled task that gives adequate room for the tension between grace and discipline in. Christian formation, The Treasurer works with the Stewardship Team to help members understand how the budget is. the mission statement for the church The Stewardship Team plans a year round stewardship. program in support of the church mission statement The Stewardship Team serves the. congregation It does that best when it has a sense of the congregation s mission. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,Role and Responsibilities of the Stewardship Team. Stewardship Team Mission Statement, The mission of the Stewardship Team is to further the mission of our church community by. fostering an awareness of God s abundant blessings in the gifts God has given each of us and. encouraging and enabling our congregants to respond to God s love by freely sharing these gifts. of time talent and treasures,Stewardship Team Purpose. The purpose of the Stewardship Team is to serve God and minister in God s church in the. teaching and development of Christian stewardship to the members and constituents of the. congregation The Stewardship Team assists the pastor in developing Christian Stewardship as a. way of life in the church i e an attitude of the mind and heart that is expressed in action. emphasizing that all people things and experiences are gifts from God An active Stewardship. Team is an important and necessary element in designing implementing and maintaining the. church s Stewardship process This team is instrumental in assisting the pastor in the areas of. education and formation facilitation communication implementation follow up and evaluation of. the church s stewardship process,Stewardship Team Responsibilities.
Stewardship Team responsibilities will vary based on each church s needs and situation but. should include some or all of the following, Assist the Senior Pastor and church leadership in the overall design implementation and. evaluation of the church s stewardship process, Develop a comprehensive timetable and related procedures to facilitate the annual renewal. Pursue available forms of communication to build awareness of stewardship and church. activities such as bulletins the church website newsletters town hall meetings etc. Coordinate stewardship efforts with the church welcoming program. Maintain a catalogue of church ministries and organizations. Review and revise if necessary the church time and talent commitment forms to be sure. they appropriately represent the mission ministries activities and structure of the church. Host periodic stewardship presentations to church leadership explaining stewardship in. general the church renewal process and the importance of stewardship in the church. Assist in seeking and selecting speakers for personal stewardship witness presentations. Recruit volunteers if necessary to assist the Stewardship Team in the preparation. assembly mailing and or other distribution of stewardship materials and commitment. Design and implement a timely thank you process to all congregants who complete and. remit commitment forms, Promptly compile and distribute timely lists of volunteers to all church ministry leaders. Work with the appropriate church ministries and church groups to ensure that those who. volunteer are contacted and invited to become involved. Evaluate church stewardship and awareness efforts on an annual basis. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,Timeline for Preparing the Budget. One issue that is paramount in doing a budget is getting the congregation to buy into the budget. through ownership Once this occurs the congregation will have the confidence to realize the. wisdom and purpose of the budget This requires a specified number of church members to be. involved in developing the annual budget that is no one person has control over the final. outcome it is a product of the empowerment of the church A method of involving the most. people in the budgeting process is most likely to produce these results This process should. produce top down support for the budget and purpose of the church. The Budget Committee should begin their task at least five 5 months prior to the date of the. Congregational Meeting at which the annual budget will be approved typically held in the Fall as. the proposed budget will need to be presented to and affirmed by the Board of Directors prior to. the Congregational Meeting The church fiscal year is typically 1 January through 31 December. Typically the draft budget would be finalized by the Budget Committee and reviewed affirmed by. the Board at the August Board of Directors meeting to be ready for presentation to the. congregation at an October Congregational Meeting An October vote allows for the possibility of a. failure of the budget to pass at the regular Congregational Meeting and a revised budget to be. drafted and voted on before the beginning of the next fiscal year. A group of church leaders needs to be organized as a Budget Committee to orchestrate the. development of the budget Members of the Budget Committee should have strong financial. management skills Typically the Budget Committee consists of the Treasurer Assistant. Treasurer if you have one the Fundraising Team Chair and two or three other members from. the congregation It is vitally important that the leadership of the church be integrally involved in. the process,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches.
Working with a Budget Committee, The Budget Committee s charter is to develop an annual church budget which is tied implicitly to. the mission and vision as well as the resources of the church. Core Competencies of the Budget Committee, Each member of the Budget Committee must be a member of the church and be in agreement. with the Bylaws of the church Budget Committee members should have experience with the. church and involvement in the ministries of the church Committee members must be above. reproach in all dealings regarding the church s financial resources They are expected to be. honest and to make decisions consistent with the bylaws and policies and procedures of the. While the Budget Committee members may have different strengths each member is to recognize. that the effectiveness of the Budget Committee comes from working together as a team. Members of the Committee are to serve in a spirit of mutual respect and trust They are to be. committed to a spirit of unanimity in decisions and will seek to pray through issues until each. member has a similar sense of how God is leading in a particular decision. Prior experience with budgetary management is also helpful as the Budget Committee members. should understand financial and quantitative information to make the highest impact financial. decisions for the church Each member is expected to regularly attend Budget Committee. meetings arrive at meetings on time and make their commitment to the Budget Committee a. high priority Members of the Budget Committee are to be committed to listening intentionally to. others understanding the points of view of others and to taking proactive steps to understand the. financial needs and objectives of the church, The Budget Committee will hold all sensitive financial data in strictest confidence Members of the. Committee may only share the church s confidential financial information with those individuals. duly authorized to be given such information Each member of the Committee will be asked to. sign a Confidentiality Agreement whereby a commitment is made to keep confidential financial. information within the Committee,Relationship of Treasurer to the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee should be chaired by the Treasurer The Treasurer and Fundraising Team. Chair establish the overall budget amount projected income for the upcoming fiscal year This is. done with foresight into potential growth in revenue and challenges in ministry. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches, Role and Responsibilities of the Budget Committee Sample Ministry Description.
The Budget Committee is responsible for recommendation and oversight of the church s budget. The Committee will also develop financial policies and will function throughout the year to. recommend budget revisions if necessary All revisions to the budget must be approved by the. Board of Directors,The primary duties of Budget Committee are to. work closely with the church staff in preparing and presenting the budget for the ensuing. secure and receive recommendations from other committees for operating needs to be. included in the annual budget, Prepare a draft budget for review and approval by the church Board the Treasurer will. present the Board affirmed budget proposal to the congregation at a Congregational. The annual budget developed by the Budget Committee should be attainable and realistic but. challenging Each ministry that requires a budget line item is given the opportunity to request. funding for specific activities The guidelines given to those requesting funding should be that. each request be supportive of the goals of the church as determined in the strategic plan or by the. Board of Directors Any request that cannot be tied rigidly to the strategic plan of the church. should be denied All requests should reflect the vision of the ministry and should be itemized. and prioritized with adequate rationale provided, The church staff should receive each and every budget request and review them for. completeness comprehensiveness and redundancies Where required they should make. corrections and adjustments, The refined requests should then be provided back to the Budget Committee The refined. budget requests should be discussed by all Budget Committee members providing. opportunity to discuss and affirm each request, The requesting ministry should be provided opportunity to defend their request and prove.
the case for receiving funding for specific activities. The Budget Committee should wait until the last discussion has occurred before voting to. affirm budget requests, A running total of requested funding is maintained by the Budget Committee Chair. When the total approved requests match the established budget amount the Budget. Committee members must then shift and refine resources to maximize the effectiveness of. the budget, When the budget is finally drafted it goes to the Board of Directors for affirmation to be. presented to the congregation for vote at a pre determined congregational meeting. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,How to Prepare a Budget. How the church goes about forming their budget not only influences the success the church has in. maintaining it but also affects the way people give. A budget driven church is one in which the financial plan is formed by transferring the previous. year s expenditures with any increases in utilities etc into the projected funds for the coming. year The ministries then must operate for the coming year within the confines of this plan As a. result the budget dictates the programs When this occurs people will be reluctant to give. because they have little desire to contribute to a perceived organization. A ministry driven church forms its budget based upon the needs of the ministries and programs. that serve people When ministries programs and needs of others dictate the finances people. readily give because they see the importance of their contribution To have a ministry driven. budget the following actions should occur,Develop goals for each area of ministry. Each ministry should formulate a budget for their ministry goals. The senior staff should review the goals and needs of each ministry. Each proposed program budget is reviewed by the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee formulates a church budget to propose to the congregation. Challenge the congregation to commit to the ministry rather than just the budget. Pray and trust for God s provision,Maintain flexibility within the budget.
As in all areas of life there are pitfalls to avoid The same is true when formulating a church. budget Some common pitfalls are noted below, Avoid developing a budget without prayer The church is not merely an organization but. also is a spiritual organism that is to be organized around spiritual principles The financial. needs of the church are ultimately a question of God s sovereign supply rather than. people s giving Therefore prayer should be made not only for wisdom in forming a. budget but in the realization of the budget and the attitudes of people in giving. Avoid developing a budget based solely upon past performance Typically a budget is. developed by examining last year s income and expenditures While it is important to. examine the past it should not dictate what the future will be If the formation of the. budget is based only on the past then there will be no room for growth little challenge to. the people no avenue for faith and no need for dependency upon God The process of. developing a budget should focus on a prayerful seeking of God s direction and provision. rather than upon the bank account, Avoid developing a budget that is unrealistic Asking a church of fifty to support a 500 000. building may not only be unrealistic but may also put the future of the church at risk. Overspending the amount people can realistically give can cause a church to become. financially strapped so that it will be unable to support its core ministries This is not to say. that the church should never take any financial risks but that they should do so very. carefully thoughtfully and prayerfully Developing a budget involves the interplay between. wisdom and faith Without wisdom it becomes a burden Without faith it remains. shortsighted,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches. DEVELOPING A BUDGET, The steps to prepare an annual church budget are as follows. Step 1 Draft budget requests, Each area of ministry should determine the goals for the following year These goals should be.
developed through a prayerful consideration of what God desires the church to accomplish within. the particular program While the goals should take into account the previous financial giving of. the church they should not necessarily be dictated by it. This step of the process begins with a visioning meeting where members of the Budget Committee. act as liaisons to the staff as the staff discerns where God is leading them in ministry One way of. accomplishing this is through a process of identifying strengths weaknesses opportunities and. threats i e a SWOT analysis for ministry Staff members should be challenged to review the. opportunities set before them for ministry the resources God has laid at their disposal to perform. said ministry and to discern where the church should be going. Once a ministry team has identified the goals for their programs they should then determine the. specific costs that will be involved in accomplishing them These costs should be seen not as. organizational expenditures but rather money invested in the lives of people through the particular. ministry It is important that each ministry or committee responsible for projected expenditures. realize that their activities are not in a vacuum but they must coordinate with one another to. support each other Thus budget requests might well depend on the activities of other ministries. Ministry leaders should realize their need to work together in this request process. The staff should prepare a draft calendar for the budget preparation that includes most of the. projected church wide activities This calendar is intended to remind ministries of potential. impacts to their budgets not to limit their vision Each ministry within the church should be asked. to provide a draft budget request It is important that these requests be tied directly to the mission. statement of the church, The congregation needs to realize that the church is on a mission and that it is directing its. resources to the accomplishment of this mission These requests should be solicited two 2. months before any decision is to be made It would be best to use a handout for guiding the. preparation of these requests The staff should then review the draft budget requests to discern. obvious overlaps and redundancies The purpose of this review is to assure that the goals of each. ministry correspond to the vision and direction of the church Goals should be examined to assure. that they are realistic achievable and beneficial to the overall health of the congregation With. annotations these draft requests are then forwarded to the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee has a twofold responsibility First they make sure that the budget of each. program is realistic and cost effective Second they evaluate each individual budget with the. overall church financial status to assure the money designated corresponds to the fiscal needs of. the church If the Budget Committee determines that cost reduction is needed it communicates to. the ministry teams the reasons for the reduction and works with them in formulating a revised. budget proposal This is important in that unrealistic numbers or missing information may skew. the budgeting process Revisions to draft budget requests are expected for the upcoming budget. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,Step 2 Hold Budget Workshop. This is a time when the decisions regarding the final budget are made Everyone involved in the. budgeting process will have active participation in the determination of the final budget The. workshop is designed to provide the maximum number of people the opportunity to know how the. mission of the church will be tied to budget allocations and church resources. Plan to invest three or four hours in this budget workshop It should be scheduled at a time to. provide the maximum participation a Saturday or Sunday is preferred The place for this meeting. should be large enough to comfortably handle the number of people attending and provide the. resources necessary for the decision process One necessary resource would be an overhead. projector and viewing screen It may also include a video projector for computer generated. spreadsheets and presentations, Seating should be provided for the Budget Committee members and all other participants In. order each participant presents their budget requests with rationale provided Both the. Budget Committee and the requesting ministries will have an opportunity to fully understand the. budget requests and how they fit into the overall mission of the church It would prove beneficial. to analyze the previous year s budget to provide some insight for the group If possible each. budget item should be identified by its function in the ministry of the church Some examples are. worship connections life development outreach and operations. No decisions should be made until all budget requesters have had full opportunity to make their. request before the Budget Committee If decisions are made during this time then all available. resources will most likely be depleted before each ministry has opportunity to make their request. At the conclusion of the budget requests the Budget Committee will begin to deliberate on the. allocations for each requesting ministry Each member of the Budget Committee and each. representative of the requesting ministry will be given a vote in the final decision for allocating. budget monies By the conclusion of the budget workshop the final budget numbers should be. allocated The desired final outcome of the workshop is that consensus is reached and every. member is able to give a vote of affirmation to support the proposed budget. Step 3 Schedule Annual Budget Discussion Forum, Two weeks prior to the adoption of the annual budget designate a time for a presentation of the. proposed budget before the entire congregation A Sunday afternoon would suffice for this forum. following a morning worship service where the doctrine of stewardship is promoted. It should be stressed that stewardship is more than money it also includes our service and talent. No decisions are to be made at this meeting it is only a time for discussion and review The. church may decide to make this meeting an approved business meeting to give the congregation. assurance that they have a direct input into the final budget In any event information that comes. out of this forum may well lead to changes in the final budget when further consideration is given. The congregation should realize that there is still an opportunity to make changes if they deem it. Step 4 Adopt Annual Budget at a Congregational Meeting. The adoption of the annual budget should be made by secret ballot during a congregational. meeting This vote will be taken without discussion from the floor By this time the church. congregation has had ample opportunity to review the proposed budget and amend it It is now. time for a decision,MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches.
Step 5 Implement Monitor Budget, Once the budget has been approved and the new fiscal year begins it is imperative that accurate. and precise bookkeeping be performed to provide quick feedback to the financial stewardship. functions of the church During the year the budget is a tool for monitoring and controlling the. generation and use of resources By comparing actual results with the budget plan mid course. adjustments can be made as needed The budget also provides the foundation for the next year s. budget and as such is a valuable tool for evaluating the accuracy of planning assumptions. A budget needs to be administered with the understanding that it is a projection based upon. estimated expenses and income Both of these factors are spread across twelve months Not all. anticipated income will be available during the first quarter of the year therefore not all. expenditures can be made during these first few months of the finance year even though they. were included in the budget The fact that an item was included in the budget does not mean the. funds are available at any given point to purchase that item Someone needs to understand the. total financial picture and to administer the budget from that vantage point with a set of priorities. for expenditures In most cases this will be the Senior Pastor or Executive Pastor if you have. MCC Resource for Treasurers of Our Local Churches,.

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