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Table of Contents,Introduction Unleashing the Guitar Hero in You 3. Step 1 The Basics of Guitar 5,What is a Guitar 5,The Parts of the Guitar 5. Holding the Guitar Correctly 6,The Guitar Pick 8,How To Tune Your Guitar 9. Step 2 Guitar Chords 13,Finger Basics 13,Strings 14. The E Chord 15,The A Chord 16,The G Chord 17,The D Chord 18.
The C Chord 19,How To Improve Your Chord Changes 20. Step 3 Simple Strumming Patterns 26,Step 4 Playing Your First Songs 27. Step 5 Going Beyond 29,Barre Chords 29,The Best Way To Practice 33. Top 5 Questions About Online Guitar Lessons 35, 7 Mistakes Most Guitarists Make And How To Avoid Them 38. Conclusion 41,2 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar.
By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com,Introduction Unleashing the Guitar Hero in You. Hi Paul Bright Founder of,BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com here. I hope you enjoy your copy of The Beginners,Guide To Playing Guitar where I ll be teaching. you how to play the guitar from the comfort of,your own home in just 5 easy steps. Please feel free to email this e book to any of,your friends family or co workers that you think.
would enjoy these topics They will surely be thrilled that you shared all of this information with. I know how frustrating it can be to learn and play the guitar when starting out. There s so many things you need to be able to know and do like holding your guitar and your. guitar pick guitar chords tuning you guitar barre chords scales riffs and licks reading. tablature music theory techniques such as hammer ons pull offs vibrato etc That it can all. get frustrating and overwhelming, For as long as I can remember I ve always dreamed of playing guitar. So a bit over 10 years ago I reached a point in my life where I was so desperate to learn how to. play the guitar that I made a decision to figure it out for myself. I went out and read every book I watched every video I could find and I went through every. online course on playing the guitar And you know what none of it worked very well for me It. was all hit and miss stuff, My goal was to be able to play some easy songs on the guitar and to eventually get good. enough so that I could jam with my friends family, But as I was going along I got bored with all the theory and drills the courses prescribed and. couldn t figure out how to apply the stuff I learned to play actual real songs on the guitar. which lead me to almost giving up my dream of playing the guitar. Out of desperation I spent the next few years getting to know and really studying people who. were experts at the guitar and I saw things and I learned things that I could not have imagined. Well after I learned these things I created a system A simple step by step a to z system that. 3 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com. can teach anyone regardless of age musical ability and talent how to play the guitar from the. comfort of their own homes by using a song based learning approach. I call it my Guitar KickStarter System and in the next few minutes I ll be sharing with you some. of the essentials from my system that you must know if you want to be able to play the guitar. like the way you ve always dreamed,This is going to be fun so let s get started.
4 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com. Step 1 The Basics of Guitar,What is a Guitar, According to Wikipedia The guitar is a plucked string instrument usually played with fingers or. a pick The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings generally six in. number are attached Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with. animal gut or more recently with either nylon or steel strings Some modern guitars are made. of polycarbonate materials Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers There are two primary. families of guitars acoustic and electric,The Parts of the Guitar. In this section we ll be learning the essential parts of the guitar which unfortunately is. sometimes taken for granted by some guitarists Here goes. The main parts of the guitar are the Head Headstock the Neck and the Body Here s a brief. description of the other parts of the guitar, Tuning pegs Tuners These are wound clockwise or counter clockwise which either. loosen or tighten the strings in order to change the pitch of the string Used to basically. tune the guitar, Nut The white plastic or sometimes a bone strip at the top of the neck and right below.
the headstock It is basically the starting point of the string that produces sound. 5 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com. Fretwires The metal humps on the guitar neck parallel to the nut. Fretboard fingerboard The face of the neck where the fret wires are embedded. Frets The spaces between the fret wires, Inlay Position Markers These are dots on the frets to indicate the 3rd 5th 7th 9th 12th. 15th and 17th frets on the guitar to make it easier to the player. Soundhole An opening on the body of the guitar in order to project and produce. Pickguard A piece of plastic to protect the guitar from damage from the pick. Bridge Anchors the strings to the body of the guitar. There are other parts that aren t mentioned here but these are just the basics that you need to. get yourself familiarized with,Holding the Guitar Correctly. Here we will be studying how to properly hold the guitar to maximize learning and lessen the. strains of having bad posture Whether you are sitting or standing there is really no need to. exert stress when holding the guitar that is if you are doing it right. There are three ways you can hold the guitar,1 The casual method. The casual method is the easiest one where the guitar sits on your right leg comfortably. and the guitar is close to your body Make sure it doesn t slide down and keep your back. straight as well Don t hunch The casual method is great for a more loosened up. practice session on the guitar,6 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar.
By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com,2 The Classical Method. This method needs you to use a footstool because you are going to place your left foot. on the footstool and let the guitar rest on your left leg This position gives you more. access to the guitar neck as you play advanced riffs or do guitar solos. 3 The Standing Up Method, To do this you are going to need a guitar strap to hold the guitar in place You have to. find the most comfortable position as to where the body of the guitar is in line with. either higher or lower Don t position it too low though because that will make it. difficult to access the guitar neck,7 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar. By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com,The Guitar Pick. This teeny tiny accessory may be small yet it plays a very significant role in your guitar playing. It will help produce a better sound from your guitar and will lessen the stress on your. strumming hand Though some people prefer just to use their fingers it is still important to. know how to use this just in case you might need it someday. To properly hold the pick you must remember that you shouldn t hold it too firmly so that it. can flex easily over the strings as you strum, You need to hold the pick between the tips of your fingers Here s how to do it You need to.
form your fingers this way, Then place the pick in between the index fingers and the thumb like this. The thumb will give the support of the base of the pick while the index fingers to the tip part of. the pick So that s basically how to hold a pick or a plectrum. I demonstrate the three different ways to hold the guitar plus the best way to hold a guitar. pick in the pretraining section of my Guitar KickStarter System. 8 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com. How To Tune Your Guitar, Now that you have learned a little bit about the guitar you are now ready to learn about how. to tune it The best way to do this is with a guitar tuner. A guitar tuner in very basic terms is a device that will help you to tune your guitar quickly and. accurately They come in all shapes and sizes but they all basically perform the same function. and that is to get your guitar strings back in tune Different brands of guitar tuners may also. vary in their price some may be more expensive than others but there is nothing wrong with. getting yourself a cheaper one first as long as you are able to use it properly and you have a. gauge for telling if your guitar strings are in tune or not. Guitar tuners are very useful in situations where you can t really tune your guitar by ear For. example you are playing a gig at a bar and it s very noisy tuning your guitar by ear is not really. an option now is it It would be difficult to get your guitar in tune if you can t even hear it. properly in the first place It s also very useful if you do not have the time to spare to tune a. guitar by ear such as impromptu performances Because guitar tuners take much less time and. effort than tuning by ear this method is generally preferred in fast paced situations or in noisy. environments,How does it work, A guitar tuner will help you get in tune by the reference needle that will point out if your string. is either flat sharp or in tune This needle will indicate if the string you are tuning is either too. low meaning it is flat or it is too high sharp Aside from the needle guitar tuners are. equipped with LED display lights usually in red and green wherein the green light indicates. being in tune while the red lights will indicate a sharp or flat. Standard tuning for guitar strings which means that the strings are set in EADGBe tuning. uses A 440Hz as its standard measure for being in tune For you to be able to tell if your string is. in tune or not it will have to be pointing to this frequency. Tuners for acoustic guitars have a built in microphone so that it is able to pick up the sound. created The downside with this is that you will have to find a really quiet spot where you can. tune your guitar otherwise the tuner will pick up other noises in different frequencies which. will make tuning hard for you For electric and electro acoustic guitars on the other hand there. are tuners that have input and output like the Qwick Tune QT 1 wherein you can simply plug. your guitar into and then plug the amplifier into the output socket This is very useful when you. are tuning during gigs or jam sessions because when the guitar is plugged into the tuner it. does not pick up any other sound which might tend to mess up the tuning process Exogenic. guitar tuners such as the Q12E have the capability of blocking out other noise and other. unwanted noise signals which makes tuning in a noisy environmenmt much easier. 9 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com.
Where do I get one, A guitar tuner is very easy to find You can always go to your local music shops and inquire. about guitar tuners and for sure they will present you with more than one kind available. Otherwise you can always go to online stores such as www amazon com and browse through. their available products,What type of tuner do you recommend that I get. There are different types of tuners available on the market out there and it would be best to. familiarize ourselves with at least some so that you can get a fair gauge of what would work. best for you Each brand of course will basically offer the same function of tuning your guitar. but there will be slight variations in the other features that may be available. Some additional features on guitar tuners are the metronome the Korg TM40 has one which. is something very useful to help you keep your rhythm especially when you are playing alone. the pitch pipes Qwick Tune QT11 is the brand that offers this which plays the note you want. to tune in a long continuous tone When a note is out of tune there will be conflicting. vibrations from the pitch pipe and the guitar string but this disappears once you get your. string in tune Another useful feature that comes with some guitar tuners is the tuning peg. winder Planet Waves has this which helps you wrap new strings on your guitar much faster. than by ding it by hand, It would be best to get to know some of the things about guitar tuners first so that when you. go buy one you will know what to look for,Analog and Digital Tuners. What s the difference between an analog and a digital tuner Analog tuners have needles that. respond to the guitar string s pitch Digital tuners have the same function too except that. some guitarists may argue that analog tuners are much more accurate than digital ones. because with a digital tuner there are only a fixed numbers of positions the needle could point. to because of the whole 1 0 programming thing going on with computers unlike with analog. tuners where the needle is basically free to point to any range on the screen so even the. slightest indication of being out of tune will be detected. 10 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com.
Various designs, Guitar tuners come in the clip on kind and the foot pedal variation The clip on guitar tuners. are clipped onto the guitar usually at the head stock and it picks up the vibrations made when. you play a string Foot pedal tuners just like Korg just like the name suggests are larger they. have a larger screen and it has a stomp button which will allow you to tune up on stage. Usually Korg is the most recommended brand to get when it comes to. guitar tuners It has many different kinds of tuners available ranging. from the cheap ones they can go for as low as 8 on amazon com to. the more expensive ones 90 100 Other reliable brands are Qwik. Tune Behringer Boss and Snark The prices of these all range from the. values given You don t really need to get yourself a very expensive. guitar tuner as long as it does what it is supposed to do then you. should be all set,How to tune your guitar using a tuner. The Snark Sn 1 is a great Now that you know the basics on guitar tuners we can now proceed. guitar tuner which be to learning how to tune your guitar using this device Before we. purchased for about 10 proceed on tuning however you must first know the guitar strings and. on Amazon com their names Starting from the top the thickest string on your guitar is. the sixth string It is also known as the E string The one below that the. fifth string is the A string The fourth string is D the third is G the second is B and the first. string is E The E of the first string is the high E while the one on the sixth string is the low E. Tuning an acoustic guitar, If you are using an acoustic guitar it is important for you to do your tuning in a quiet place so. that the guitar tuner will not pick up other noises that could interfere with the tuning When. you have found your quiet spot turn on the tuner and then pick the string you wish to tune. and see where the tuner s needle points if the note is sharp or flat Observe also the lights on. the tuner as you make adjustments on the string When the needle points at 0 and when the. light is steady at green then you have your string in tune. Tuning an electric guitar, For electric guitars it is more convenient to use the plug in type of tuners especially when you. are jamming with others Plug in tuners as mentioned earlier are the type that have input and. output so you can just plug your guitar into it and plug the amplifier on the output This way. outside sounds do not interfere with your tuning Once you have plugged the guitar into the. tuner and you have connected the tuner to the amplifier you can tune your strings pretty. much the same way as with the process for the acoustic guitar. 11 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com.
With any piece of electronic equipment it is essential for you to read the manual first in order. to familiarize yourself with how the equipment works how to properly care for it and other. important things to know The same goes for your guitar tuner If you are getting one make. sure you don t get too excited that you use it without even bothering to read the manual. If you are using an acoustic guitar and your tuner is the type that has a built in microphone it. is best to go to a quiet spot and tune your guitar there so that there won t be added noise to. add to that of the sound produced by the guitar strings. Take good care of your guitar tuner make sure it does not get wet or exposed to too much. heat and moisture because these things will affect your equipment As much as possible too. keep your guitar tuner clean and away from potentially damaging things soda food and. other things that might slip your mind in the excitement. I demonstrate how to tune your guitar using a tuner in the pretraining section of my Guitar. KickStarter System,12 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar. By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com,Step 2 Guitar Chords. Now for the fun part actually playing the guitar It is essential to practice playing the guitar It. is not that difficult to make sounds on the guitar but if you want to make these sounds pleasing. to the ear you have to practice,Finger Basics, Before getting started let s talk for a moment on hand and finger basics You will obviously. have one fretting hand which is the hand responsible for creating chords or single notes and. you will have your picking or strumming hand Both hands are equally important I believe that. anyone can create a chord with their fretting hand but the real magic happens with your. picking hand as there are so many ways to make sounds come out of the strings. Above is a diagram of your fretting hand and how to refer to your fingers This will be a great. visual aid for correct chord placement It will be tempting to cheat with finger placement on. some of the chords but there are specific reasons for using specific fingers for constructing the. There is a correct way and an incorrect way to hold a pick with your strumming hand You ll. want to lightly rest the pick between your thumb and forefinger Your forefinger needs to be. arced so that it forms a semi circle The pick will rest between the first and second knuckles on. the forefinger, Each finger consists of three knuckles one right above the fingernail one half way up the finger. and the last where the finger meets with the hand The first and second are referring to the. ones right above the fingernail and half way up the finger. From here you will place your thumb on the pick creating a loose yet stable pressure. 13 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com.
As you become more advanced in your guitar playing you will learn that there are several ways. to hold a pick and all of which will be held between the thumb and forefinger Do not let. yourself fall into the trap of holding the pick with the tips of your thumb forefinger and middle. finger This is incorrect and is a very bad habit to break. If you ve got a guitar electric or acoustic you d probably already have noticed that there are six. strings strung on the guitar I ll quickly let you know what strings are what so you know which. strings to put your fingers on, If you are holding the guitar the string closet to you starting at the top is the low E string. known as the 6th string Moving our way down the guitar towards the ground we have our A. string known as the 5th string Moving a string down we have our D string 4th String Our next. string is our 3rd string this is our G string Our next string is the B string 2nd string Lastly we. have our high e string which is our 1st string, So to summarize here are our strings from top thickest string to bottom thinnest string. Low e string thickest string 6th string,A string 5th String. D string 4th string,G string 3rd string,B string 2nd string. High e string thinnest string 1st string, With the number of frets varying from guitar to guitar in the course we will be mainly playing.
in the first three frets There are a couple of chords that we will play a couple of frets higher. however most will be played in frets 1 to 3, Let s begin with open chords Open chords are basic chord formations that all guitar players. learn how to play first,The first chord we will be learning is. 14 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar,By Paul Bright www BeginnerGuitaristAcademy com. The E Chord, For me the E chord was the very first chord I learnt to play when I was getting started with the. I ve decided to start with this chord first because out of all the different chords available I. believe the E chord is probably the easiest to master as your fingers are grouped closely. together it s easy to remember and you can strum every string unlike some other chords like. D where you can t play the top 2 stings, Step 1 Press your 2nd finger on the 5th string in the 2nd fret.
Step 2 Press your 3rd finger on the 4th string directly below your. 2nd finger in the 2nd fret, Step 3 Press your 1st finger on the 3rd string in the 1st fret. Step 4 Strum the guitar from the 6th string to the 1st string. As I mentioned earlier the E chord is a great chord because you re allowed to strum every. single string even those that aren t pressed down like the 6th 2nd 1st string This makes it. easier as you don t need to worry about what stings you re strumming allowing you to focus on. the proper placement of your fingers,15 The Beginners Guide To Playing The Guitar.

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