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Copyright 2012 by Kenn Nesbitt,Internal design 2012 by Purple Room Publishing. Front cover design by Rafael Domingos,All rights reserved No part of this book may be. reproduced in any form or by any electronic or,mechanical means including information storage. and retrieval systems except in the case of brief, quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. without permission in writing from its publisher,Purple Room Publishing.
Published by,Purple Room Publishing,1314 S Grand Blvd 2 321. Spokane Washington 99202,Fax 815 642 8206,www poetry4kids com. For Easton and Isaac,The Armpit of Doom 8,Please Don t Read this Poem 10. My Brother s Not a Werewolf 12,My Pet Germs 14,My Parents Sent Me to the Store 16. Our Teacher Sings the Beatles 18,Mr Brown the Circus Clown 20.
On the Thirty Third of Januaugust 22,Happy Birthday 24. I m Practically Perfect 25,That Explains It 26,Electronic Christmas 28. Broccoli for Breakfast 30,Octoproblem 31,Gilman Glum 32. Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap 34,When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid 36. I Never Want to Go to Bed 38,Digging for Diamonds 40.
The Tall Tale of Shorty Small 42,I ll Never 44,The Toughest Pastry Maker 46. I m Thankful for Turkey 48,Pansy P Petunia 50,It sFunToLeaveTheSpacesOut 51. I Knew a Guy 52,To Learn to Juggle Prickly Pears 54. The Bagel Bird 55,Benjamin Plays Bass Guitar 56,Melvin the Mummy 58. I Grew a Foot This Summer 60,Bouncing Off the Windows 61.
When Larry Made Lasagna 62,I m Growing a Truck in the Garden 64. I Raised My Hand in Class 65,Nathaniel Naste 66,I Wrote an Awful Poem 70. For My Brother On His Birthday 72,Rudy Tude 74,Riding a Rainbow 76. I Ran for the Chapstick 77,Computer Boot 78,My Pig Won t Let Me Watch TV 80. Halloween is Nearly Here 82,Nimrod Nero Superhero 84.
I Tried to Catch a Snowflake 86,Bloome the Human Boomerang 87. I m Clever Whenever 88,My Birthday s On St Patrick s Day 90. I m Not Afraid of the Dark 91,Breakfast in Bed 92,I Listen to My Chicken 94. Auntie Gravity 96,My Mother Was a Hippy 98,The Man from Timbuktu 99. I Dreamed That There Were Dragons 100,How Did You Get So Mean 102.
Belinda Brooks 104,Brand New Shoes 106,A Reindeer for Christmas 108. Here is the House 110,Hap the Happy Hyphenator 111. When Daniel Went Dancing 112,I Wrote This Little Poem 114. School Year Extension 116,I Made a Hat 117,Bad Bertie Bartigan 118. Recipe for Disaster 120,Our Family Picnic 121,My Grandpa 122.
The Armpit of Doom,Today I walked into my big brother s room. and that s when I saw it The Armpit of Doom,I wasn t expecting The Armpit at all. I shrieked and fell backward and grabbed for the wall. The Armpit was smelly The Armpit was hairy,The Armpit was truly disgusting and scary. I wanted to vomit I wanted to cry,I wanted to flee from its all seeing eye. My skin started crawling with goose bumps and chills. My brain began screaming to head for the hills,I tried to escape but I knew I could not.
In horror I found I was glued to the spot,Will somebody help me I started to shout. till fumes overcame me and made me pass out,And that s why I m here in this hospital room. it s all on account of The Armpit of Doom,I m still feeling shaken I m queasy and pale. but lucky I lived and can tell you my tale,So take my advice If you ever go near. your big brother s room bring a whole lot of gear,A gas mask and goggles a helmet and shield.
or maybe a space suit that s perfectly sealed,And then only then when you re fully prepared. step in very slowly and hope you ll be spared,But if you re afraid of the Armpit of Doom. stay far far away from your big brother s room,Please Don t Read this Poem. Please don t read this poem,It s only meant for me. That s it Just move along now,There s nothing here to see.
Besides I m sure you d rather,just go outside and play. So put the poem down now,and slowly back away,Hey why are you still reading. That isn t very nice,I ve asked you once politely,Don t make me ask you twice. I m telling you it s private,Do not read one more line. Hey That s one more Now stop it,This isn t yours it s mine.
You re not allowed to read this,You really have to stop. If you don t quit this instant,I swear I ll call a cop. He ll drag you off in handcuffs,He ll lock you up in jail. and leave you there forever,until you re old and frail. Your friends will all forget you,You won t be even missed.
Your family too will likely,forget that you exist,And all because you read this. instead of having fun,It s too late now amigo,the poem s nearly done. There s only one solution,Here s what you ll have to do. Tell all your friends and family,they shouldn t read it too. My Brother s Not a Werewolf,My brother s not a werewolf.
though it often looks that way,He has to shave his whiskers. almost every single day,His feet are getting furry. and his hands are sprouting hair,His voice is deep and growling. like a grumpy grizzly bear,He often sleeps throughout the day. and stays up half the night,And if you saw the way he eats.
you d surely scream in fright,His clothes are ripped and dirty. like the stuff a werewolf wears,His socks and shirts are shredded. and his pants have countless tears,If you should ever meet him. you ll discover what I mean,My brother s not a werewolf. he s just turning seventeen,My Pet Germs,I have about a billion germs.
I keep as tiny pets,They re cute and clean and never mean. and give me no regrets,They spend all day engaged in play. upon my skin and hair,They re on my clothes between my toes. and in my underwear,They dance and shout and bounce about. They run and jump and slide,My epidermis teems with germs.
who party on my hide,I never fret about the pets,inside my shirt and socks. I love them there but wonder where,they keep their litter box.

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