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PURPOSE HOW TO REGISTER, The purpose of this education program is to enhance the Visit www aafcp net to register and pay online . knowledge of FertilityCare Practitioners nurses physicians To register by mail send check and Registration Form to . other healthcare professionals and clergy by addressing AAFCP. topics relevant to the Creighton Model FertilityCare System c o Michele Chambers. NaProTECHNOLOGY natural methods of fertility 8315 South Cherrywood Drive. regulation and allied fields The program updates participants Lincoln NE 68510. on current activities research and trends and focuses on future. goals of FertilityCare Professionals REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JULY 1 2019. Participants will be able to describe how the Creighton Reduced registration fees are applicable to Academy members. Model FertilityCare System and NaProTECHNOLOGY in good standing and to those whose membership application. can be used as an alternative medical intervention to is postmarked by April 1 2019 Membership applications are. artificial contraception and in vitro fertilization that can available online Contact finance aafcp net for more information . be used in women s healthcare and maintenance , Participants will be able to understand how the Creighton C A N C E L L AT I O N R E F U N D P O L I C Y. Model FertilityCare System and NaProTECHNOLOGY, can be used for fertility regulation and in the diagnosis Cancellations made beyond 60 days will receive a full refund. and treatment of various women s health issues less a 50 administration and credit card fees if applicable . Cancellations 30 days to 60 days prior to the conference receive. Participants will be able to incorporate knowledge from. a 50 refund No refunds are available for cancellations within. this meeting to best provide services and information. 30 days of the conference , within their scope of practice to women and couples by. enhancing the client s overall health and understanding. of their health and fertility RECORDINGS, AAFP CME Application for CME credit has been filed with A set of recordings of the AAFCP Annual Meeting will be.
theAmericanAcademyofFamilyPhysicians AMA AAFP available for purchase You are encouraged to pre order with. Equivalency AAFP prescribed credit is accepted by the your registration or you may order on site CDs will be shipped. American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA after the meeting . Category 1 credit s , This activity has been submitted to ANA Massachusetts for L O C A T I O N A C C O M M O DA T I O N S. approval to award contact hours ANA Massachusetts is. accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education NORMANDY FARM. by the American Nurses Credentialing Center s Commission. on Accreditation For more information regarding contact A limited number of rooms are available at Normandy Farm . hours please contact Michelle Rogers at Hotel Room rate is 149 during the weekdays and 169 for. michelle rogers cfcp gmail com or 316 655 1299 Friday and Saturday nights Rates do not include tax Rates. guaranteed until the block is filled no later than June 20 2019 . SPONSORSHIP, To make a reservation please log onto www normandyfarm com . Go to BOOK YOUR STAY Click on ADD CODE , All Academy members in good standing have the opportunity to Select GROUP ATTENDEE from the drop down menu . obtain sponsorship to offset the cost of their meeting expenses Enter Group Code AAFCP . Visit www aafcp net for more information and deadline information PLEASE NOTE The Normandy Farm on line registration. screen will show the rate of 159 night which is the average. rate night Upon check in the rates of 149 and 169 will be. shown on your statement , A I R P O RT T R A N S F E R T O. N O R M A N DY FA R M, Transportation to from Philadelphia International Airport.
is provided by Tropiano Round trip Fare is 63 cash or 68. credit Please make your reservation 5 days ahead of time by. calling 215 352 3735 ,2 AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION PACKET. R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M A A F C P 3 8 T H A N N UA L M E E T I N G. To register by mail send check and Registration Form to Visit www aafcp net to register and pay online . AAFCP c o Michele Chambers REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JULY 1 2019. 8315 South Cherrywood Drive Lincoln NE 68510,Name REGISTRATION FEES. U S Dollars only Includes July 17 20 2019,Organization. PLEASE NOTE Full Registration includes breakfast and lunch buffet each day plus. Closing Banquet on Saturday Dinner on your own Wednesday Thursday Friday . Preferred Credentials, Voting Members are the only Members that receive 50 off Full Registration . Address Voting Members also receive 20 50 off all AM recordings . State Zip EARLYBIRD REGISTRATION until 3 31 2019, Non Physician Member x 425 .
Telephone work , Non Physician Non Member x 475 , cell . Physician x 525 , home STANDARD REGISTRATION after 4 1 2019. Email Non Physician Member x 475 , Is this the first Annual Meeting you have attended Non Physician Non Member x 525 . Yes No Physician x 575 , ADDITIONAL FEES,Are you an Voting Member . Saturday only preregistered x 150 , Yes No breakfast lunch included.
, Check your membership status at aafcp net member portal Medical and Nursing Students. or contact membership aafcp net Saturday only preregistered x 30 . MUST COMPLETE SCHOLARSHIP APLLICATION FORM, Special dietary restrictions breakfast lunch included. dairy peanut nut gluten Excursion , allergy Cradle of Liberty x 40 . Guest Closing Banquet ticket x 55 , Complete Set of Meeting CDs domestic order . Voting Members x 50 , Members x 75 , EXCURSION CRADLE OF LIBERTY Non Members x 100 .
PLEASE NOTE There is an additional 40 charge for this off site trip Complete Set of Meeting CDs INTERNATIONAL order . Join us as we discover the story of We the People Voting Members x 65 . and are inspired by the Constitution s legacy of Members x 90 . freedom We have arranged for a private Non Members x 115 . after public hours visit to The National Constitution. Total Registration fees , Center in Center City Philadelphia so that you. may enjoy innovative and interactive exhibits live Please accept my donation of . performances and activities for all ages After dinner TOTAL . on your own we will tour the magnificent Cathedral. Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul the mother church. of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia built in 1846 . ACKET 3, LO C A L AT T R AC T I O N S, Approximate mileage is from Normandy Farm. Elmwood Zoo 5 miles www elmwoodparkzoo org Valley Forge National Historic Park 12 miles. Plymouth Meeting Mall 5 miles www nps gov vafo index htm. www shopplymouthmeetingmall com Philadelphia Museums Historic District 23 miles. Highland Mansion and Gardens 5 miles www visitphilly com. www highlandshistorical org Longwood Gardens 27 miles www longwoodgardens org. Maple Acres Farm Market 5 miles Sesame Place 27 miles www sesameplace com. www mapleacresfarmmarket com Washington Crossing Historic Park 34 miles. Legoland 6 miles www washingtoncrossingpark org, www philadelphia legolanddiscoverycenter com Dorney Park 40 miles www dorneypark com. Morris Arboretum 8 miles www morrisarboretum org Lancaster County attractions 60 miles. King of Prussia Mall 10 miles www lancasterpa com. www simon com mall king of prussia Hershey Park 90 miles www hersheypark com. A G E N DA, Goals and Objectives are listed under each presentation . WEDNESDAY JULY 17 2019 THURSDAY JULY 18 2019,5 6 30 p m REGISTRATION 7 7 30 a m MASS.
Pre Function Area Buchanan Room, 7 7 30 p m WELCOME REMARKS 7 30 8 30 a m BREAKFAST. AND PROGRAM OVERVIEW Silos Ball Room, Theresa Schortgen RN CFCE. President American Academy of 8 8 30 a m REGISTRATION. FertilityCare Professionals Pre Function Area, Grand Ball Room. 8 30 9 30 a m , ENDOMETRIOSIS AND FERTILITY, 7 30 8 30 p m WHOLE HEARTED MARRIAGE Faith Daggs MD CFCMC. AND THE RADICAL DEMANDS OF LOVE Grand Ball Room, Damon Owens Identify what endometriosis is and its.
Grand Ball Room impact on fertility, Encourage the work of FertilityCare and Discuss chart patterns and biomarkers. NaProTECHNOLOGY associated with endometriosis, Review what marriage is Review diagnostic and treatment options. Discuss the benefits of married couples for endometriosis. using NFP, Explore how to help couples love with 9 30 10 30 a m ADOPTION IS A LOVING OPTION. their whole heart for lifelong joy filled Maria Malone. marriages Grand Ball Room, Demonstrate that adopting is a. loving and a viable option for couples, 9 11 p m OPENING RECEPTION struggling with infertility.
Silos Ball Room Explain domestic infant adoption and the. process of adopting children in the U S , 9 p m 12 a m NETWORKING Understand open adoption through shared. Farmer s Daughter Restaurant personal experience and personal stories. 4 AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION PACKET, A G E N DA. Goals and Objectives are listed under each presentation . 10 30 10 45 a m BREAK 3 45 4 p m BREAK, 10 45 11 45 a m PREGNANCY EVALUATIONS 4 5 p m BUSINESS MEETING. Diane Daly RN CFCE Kathy Rivet BS CFCE Grand Ball Room. Grand Ball Room, Identify the need for Pregnancy Evaluations 5 5 30 p m MEET THE CANDIDATES. Review proper documentation for Grand Ball Room, Pregnancy Evaluations.
Review the importance of professionalism 5 30 8 30 p m DINNER ON YOUR OWN. 11 45 1 45 p m LUNCH 8 30 9 30 p m FCCA RECEPTION by Invitation . EXHIBITS NETWORKING Silos Ball Room, Silos Ball Room. 9 30 p m 12 a m NETWORKING, 11 45 1 45 p m EDUCATION PROGRAM DIRECTORS Farmer s Daughter Restaurant. LUNCHEON by invitation , Alia Keys BA CFCE, Madison Ball Room. Review Creighton Model Core Curriculum, Discuss the implementation of Curriculum FRIDAY JULY 19 2019. in individual Education Programs, Discuss strategies for increased student 7 7 30 a m MASS.
pornography epidemic in America How Henrietta Williams MD CFCMC FCP BA Divinity. it is adversely affecting people couples Buchanan Room. and families Understanding the missionary nature of the. Understand how widespread use of practice of the CrMS and NPT in adversity. artificial contraceptives has contributed to Discuss the impact of engaging. the pornography epidemic and vice versa government and policy makers to. Understand how education and NFP include CrMS and NPT in NFP. can help counteract the effects of the Curriculum for the medical community. pornographic epidemic in America Discuss reach out and create awareness. among the medical community about, 2 45 3 45 p m SCIENCE AND RESEARCH FORUM the science and effectiveness of CrMS. Robert Chasuk MD CFCMC, Grand Ball Room 9 30 10 30 a m NFP HELPING US TO FLOURISH. Discuss current research in the area of ACCORDING TO NATURAL LAW. natural fertility regulation Fr Joseph LoJacono, Analyze current research in light of Grand Ball Room. the ethics standards and principles of Discuss arguments for natural family. NaProTECHNOLOGY planning as part of fertility awareness in. contrast to artificial methods of, contraception, Explain how the practice of NFP fosters. growth in virtues builds character and, strengthens marriages.
Continued on page 6, AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION P 5 ACKET. A G E N DA, Continued from page 5 Fr Lojacono, 1 15 2 30 p m . BREAKOUT SESSIONS, Describe how to present effective. A Medical Consultant Creighton Model, arguments for natural family planning and. Q A, fertility awareness in light of concerns and.
Thomas W Hilgers MD CFCMC CFCE, difficulties of people from various ethnic . Grand Ball Room, economic and religious backgrounds. Provide an opportunity for physicians, and other medical professionals to. discuss specific issues involving the,10 30 10 45 a m BREAK. Creighton Model FertilityCare System, and NaProTECHNOLOGY.
Explore various applications and, treatments using NaProTECHNOLOGY. Goals and Objectives are listed under each presentation . B FertilityCare Practitioners , FRIDAY JULY 19 2019 continued Instructors Round Table Yellow. Stamps and Other Topics, 10 45 11 45 a m NON CLASSICAL ADRENAL GLAND Becky Knapp RN BSN CFCP CFCE. HYPERPLASIA AN EXAMPLE OF Silos Ball Room, INTEGRATION OF FAMILY MEDICINE Review criteria of CrM chart. AND NAPROTECHNOLOGY management and scientific foundation. David Wachs MD CFCP CFCMC Discuss advanced case management. Grand Ball Room issues including yellow stamp use. Review how Family Practice can be, 3 30 10 p m , EXCURSION CRADLE OF LIBERTY.
involved in complex hormonal issues, Optional advance ticket purchase required. Understand the interaction of the Medical, Consultant and the FertilityCare Practitioner. 5 30 p m DINNER ON YOUR OWN, Discuss the CrM charting patterns that. Adrenal Gland Hyperplasia can present 9 p m 12 a m . NETWORKING, Explain the pathophysiology and Farmer s Daughter Restaurant. NaProTECHNOLOGY management, of Adrenal Gland Hyperplasia.
11 45 1 p m , LUNCHEON, THE SISTERS OF LIFE APPROACH . SATURDAY JULY 20 2019, DELIGHTING IN THE OTHER, Sr Mary Elizabeth Wusinich SV. Grand Ball Room 7 8 30 a m ONE DAY CONFERENCE, Explain person centered attentive REGISTRATION. listening based on Pope John Paul II s Pre Function Area. personalism and the writings of Dr , 7 30 8 30 a m BREAKFAST. Conrad Baars, Silos Ball Room, Understand the approach the Sisters of.
Life employ in their work with women 8 30 9 30 a m . REPRODUCTIVE AND, Review case studies of how this PERICONCEPTIONAL HEALTH. approach effects change in people s lives IMPACTS AN ENTIRE LIFETIME AND. Understand how to integrate this FUTURE GENERATIONS. approach in daily life and practice Joseph Stanford MD CFCMC. Grand Ball Room, Review lifestyle impacts on health during. pregnancy and for a woman s entire life, 1 1 15 p m BREAK Discuss how the mother s health status. impacts future generations, 6 AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION PACKET. A G E N DA, Goals and Objectives are listed under each presentation .
SATURDAY JULY 20 2019 continued 1 2 p m , PROGESTERONE MONITORING IN. PREGNANCY AND OR RECURRENT, UNUSUAL BLEEDING,9 30 10 30 a m PREGNANCY LOSS. Dorice Millar RN CFCE Christine Hemphill MD CFCMC. Faith Daggs MD CFCMC Grand Ball Room, Grand Ball Room Discuss the NaPro Progesterone. Identify normal bleeding patterns and monitoring protocol and how to. unusual bleeding patterns implement the protocol appropriately. Review charts demonstrating unusual Discuss the NaPro Preterm Labor. bleeding Prevention Protocol and how to, Discuss diagnostic and treatment options implement the protocol appropriately. for unusual bleeding Review both largely accepted and. controversial recurrent pregnancy loss, 10 30 10 45 a m BREAK workup and treatment approaches.
10 45 11 45 a m NOW WHAT NAVIGATING THE 2 3 p m RESPONSE TO THE GUTTMACHER. PERIMENOPAUSE INSTITUTE, Jean Golden Tevald DO CFCMC Thomas W Hilgers MD CFCMC CFCE. FCP IFMCP Grand Ball Room, Grand Ball Room, Understand the underlying physiology Review assessment by Guttmacher. that drives the changes in the fertility Institute . cycle as women enter their 40s and 50s Discuss the background of the Guttmacher. Identify applications for Institute , NaProTECHNOLOGY to women s Discuss the obstacles to the Guttmacher. various goals in the perimenopausal approach to CrMS . years, Identify the role of the Creighton 3 3 15 p m . BREAK, Model FertilityCare System in, monitoring gynecologic health during 3 15 4 15 p m .
BUSINESS MEETING, perimenopause Buchanan Room,11 45 1 p m . LUNCHEON 5 6 p m , CLOSING MASS, CFCP CFCMC AND YOUR DIOCESE Blue Bell Country Club. TOGETHER HEALING THE CULTURE , Paul Carpentier MD 6 9 p m OCKTAILS CLOSING BANQUET . C, Grand Ball Room PRESENTATION OF AWARDS, Through real life examples experience the Blue Bell Country Club. depth of confusion in our current culture, 9 p m 12 a m .
NETWORKING, Learn ways that your FertilityCare team. Farmer s Daughter Restaurant, can associate with the diocesan efforts to. help heal the culture, Appreciate the insight and support that. you bring to your community and how, your witness is critical to the success of. other community efforts, ACKET 7, FA C U LT Y, PAUL CARPENTIER MD CFCMC is a former president CHRISTINE CIMO HEMPHILL MD CFCMC FCI is a.
of the AAFCP and one of the first family physicians trained in wife and mother of four She completed the St John Paul the. NaProTECHNOLOGY Dr Carpentier is currently medical Great Fellowship in Medical Surgical NaProTECHOLOGY. director of the Gianna Center for Women s Health and Fertility after completing her residency in OB GYN at East Carolina. on Long Island New York He also serves on the Healthcare University in Greenville NC She earned her medical. Policy Committee of the Catholic Medical Association and degree at the Medical University of South Carolina and her. the Board of Directors of the International Institute for undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina She. Restorative Reproductive Medicine Recruited to Long Island is currently practicing at Geisinger Holy Spirit OB GYN in. by the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre he and his team Camp Hill PA She has an additional interest in the medical. of FertilityCare Practitioners shine a guiding light for the people approaches of Functional Medicine and loves being in the. of Long Island and serve as a safe haven for expectant moms operating room and teaching . and a pro life Catholic second medical opinion for so many THOMAS HILGERS MD CFCMC CFCE is an. cultural dilemmas of our current age OB GYN specializing in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. ROBERT CHASUK MD CFCMC is the Associate Director and Founder Director of Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study. of the Family Medicine Residency Program at the Baton of Human Reproduction in Omaha NE He is a co founder. Rouge General Medical Center where he has practiced for the of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and Developer. last 22 years He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family of NaProTECHNOLOGY He is the author of the textbook . and Community Medicine for Tulane University School of The Medical and Surgical Practice of NaProTECHNOLOGY. Medicine He attended medical school at the University of and a book for the lay public The NaProTECHNOLOGY. California at San Diego and completed his Family Medicine Revolution Unleashing the Power in a Woman s Cycle . residency training at the State University of New York at He is also the founder of the American Academy of. Stony Brook He is accredited as a Certified FertilityCare FertilityCare Professionals FertilityCare Centers of America. Medical Consultant by the American Academy of FertilityCare and Centers International He is President of FertilityCare. Professionals since 2004 and received the Outstanding Medical Centers International Dr Hilgers has received seven awards. Consultant Award from the Academy in 2017 for research three honorary doctorates and fifteen special. FAITH DAGGS MD CFCMC is an OB GYN at the Center recognition awards He and his wife Susan Hilgers are the. for Women s Health in Camp Hill PA specializing in the parents of four sons and one daughter . applications of medical and surgical NaProTECHNOLOGY ALIA KEYS BA CFCE has taught the Creighton Model. She assisted in the development of the Chastity in Formation system since 2003 She is currently the director of the Mercy. program for the Diocese of Harrisburg and is a Medical FertilityCare Services Practitioner Education Program in. Consultant for the Morning Star Pregnancy Services in St Louis MO and serves on faculty with the Pope Paul VI. Harrisburg In addition Dr Daggs is a frequent speaker on Institute Education Programs in Omaha and Mexico City Alia. pro life chastity marriage abstinence and Theology of the Body lives in St Louis MO with her wonderful husband Tim and. K DIANE DALY RN CFCE is a wife mother grandmother their five children . co founder of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System co . PETER KLEPONIS PHD is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and. founder of the Department of FertilityCare Services Mercy. Assistant Director of Comprehensive Counseling Services in. Hospital St Louis Director of the Archdiocese of St Louis. Conshohocken PA With over 20 years of professional. Office of NFP and senior faculty member of the Pope Paul. experience Dr Kleponis is a nationally renowned Catholic. VI Institute Education Program She has served as Faculty. expert on the treatment of pornography and sexual addictions . for independent education programs the first President of. He has helped thousands of individuals couples and families. the AAFCP and Vice President of FertilityCare Centers. recover from the effects of pornography addiction Dr . International and FertilityCare Centers of America . Kleponis is a founder of the successful Integrity Starts Here . JEAN GOLDEN TEVALD DO CFCMC FCP is board recovery program for pornography addiction He is also. certified in Family Medicine certified in Functional Medicine co founder of Integrity Restored com an organization. and a Certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant She is a past dedicated to educating Catholics on the dangers of. president of the Academy and is currently in private practice pornography and on ways to protect families He travels. in Clinton NJ She is passionate about NaPro and is excited to extensively throughout the U S and abroad educating people. share her experience with women in perimenopause on how to win the battle against pornography through his. Fighting Porn in Our Culture and Winning conference. program He has presented conferences to numerous dioceses . colleges seminaries religious communities men s ministries . parent s groups and other Catholic organizations Dr . Kleponis has been a guest on EWTN television programs such. as Women of Grace Franciscan University Presents Crossing. the Goal At Home with Jim Joy and EWTN Bookmark ,8 AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION PACKET. FA C U LT Y, Peter Klenponis continued MARIA MALONE is an adoption speaker educator and. He is a regular guest on Relevant Radio s Morning Air program advocate She became the mother of three children through the. and contributes articles to ThoseCatholicMen org He is the gift of domestic adoption after she and her husband struggled. author of five books The Pornography Epidemic A Catholic with infertility Maria facilitates an adoption support group for. Approach 2012 Simon Peter Press Integrity Restored adoptive families and is the co founder of Adoption is a Loving. Helping Catholics Win the Battle Against Pornography 2014 Option Maria founded AIALO to educate others on the beauty. Emmaus Road Publishing Integrity Starts Here A Catholic and power of adoption and to dispel the myths and. Approach to Restoring Sexual Integrity 2016 Outskirts Press misconceptions about adoption . Restoring Trust A Couple s Guide to Getting Past Porn 2018 DORICE MILLAR RN CFCE CPPM is a mother of nine. Our Sunday Visitor and Revealed Uncovering the Truth children and recently became a grandmother for the first time . about Pornography 2018 Stewardship Mission Dr Kleponis Her passion for women children and promotion of the family. resides in Phoenixville PA with his wife Maria and their sons has extended into her professional work After joining Holy. John and Matthew He can be contacted at 610 397 0960 Spirit Health System Camp Hill PA in 2005 she established. pklepon91 aol com and at www PeterKleponis com and coordinated Spirit FertilityCare Services until August of. REBECCA KNAPP BSN RN CFCP CFCE began serving as 2011 when she took on an expanded role as the Practice. Chairman of the Commission on Certification in July 2017 She Manager for Holy Spirit OB GYN In addition she established. completed the Practitioner Education Program in 1995 and was the Holy Spirit Creighton Model Allied Health Education. certified as a FertilityCare Practitioner in 1997 Becky served as Program in 2008 and continues to serve as the Director of this. President of the AAFCP in 2005 She completed the Educator program . Program in 2012 and was certified in 2013 She is the Program DAMON OWENS an international speaker and evangelist is. Coordinator of NFP for the Office of Marriage Family Life the founder and executive director of joytob Joy To Be . for the Diocese of Wichita She currently serves as the a 501 c 3 non profit ministry of Stewardship A Mission of. Responsible Practitioner for FertilityCare Services Catholic Faith Following four years as the first executive director of the. Diocese of Wichita FertilityCare Center and as Director of Theology of the Body Institute and serving as Chairman of the. FertilityCare Services Diocese of Wichita Practitioner 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress Damon. Education Program and she is a supervision faculty member of founded joytob to encourage and educate couples to. Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha Nebraska understand and live marriage and family life with joy through. FR JOSEPH LOJACONO IVE STL is currently working on a St John Paul II s Theology of the Body He previously founded. Phd in bioethics and is pastor of St Veronica s parish in Joy Filled Marriage New Jersey and New Jersey Natural. Philadelphia He has a pontifical degree STL from John Paul II Family Planning Association served as Natural Family. Institute in Marriage and family He has been ordained for ten Planning Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Newark NJ and. years and is member of the religious order the Institute of the taught NFP for 14 years with his wife Melanie A Certified. Incarnate Word He originally comes from Northern Virginia Speaker for the Theology of the Body Institute presenter at. near Washington D C His Phd studies are on the the 2015 World Meeting of Families and the 2017 USCCB. anthropological difference philosophically and theologically Convocation of Catholic Leaders Damon keeps a full. between IVF and NaProtechnology for treating infertility international speaking schedule at conferences seminars . which he hopes to defend this fall through Maryvale Institute universities high schools seminaries and parishes on the good. in England Through his years as a priest he has done extensive news of marriage sexuality Theology of the Body Theology of the. spiritual counseling and heard confessions for married couples Family adoption and NFP In 2018 Pope Francis honored. using methods of Natural Family Planning Such couples came Damon with his Benemerenti Medal in recognition for his. from diverse backgrounds including Mexican Puerto Rican work in support of marriage and family Damon lives outside. and other American English speaking backgrounds He is Philadelphia with his wife Melanie and their eight children . currently chaplain for Gianna Center Philadelphia area Damon has published numerous articles appeared on many. radio and television programs EWTN Catholic Answers Ave. Maria Relevant Radio Immaculate Heart Radio ABC World News. Tonight CBS News NPR and has hosted and produced three. 13 part television series for EWTN He is also an accomplished. gospel singer honored with a solo during the 1995 NJ Papal. Mass at Giants Stadium presided by Pope St John Paul II . ACKET 9, FA C U LT Y, KATHY RIVET BS CFCE is a member of the Incorporating HENRIETTA WILLIAMS MD CFCMC is the current. Board American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals She President of the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners. also serves as Director of Marguerite d Youville FertilityCare of Nigeria ACMPN She is the first African Certified Fertility. Services in Manchester New Hampshire and the Education Care Medical Consultant in the new Women s Health Science. Program Director of Marguerite d Youville FertilityCare called NaProTECHNOLOGY which provides Creighton. Practitioner Education Program Kathy is a faculty member of Model natural family planning and infertility and also a. Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha Nebraska Fertility Care Practitioner She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. in Theology and a diploma in Management from the Lagos. JOSEPH STANFORD MD MSPH CFCMC is a professor in Business School Her passion in life is integrating the. the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and harmonious unity of faith into medical science to provide. adjunct professor in the Departments of Obstetrics and holistic and culturally acceptable medical services that will. Gynecology and Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of improve the quality of life of African women and their. Medicine in Salt Lake City He is a Fellow of the American families She is the Nigerian Program Director for the. Academy of Family Physicians He has been the principal postgraduate training of doctors and midwives in. investigator for several studies based on the Creighton Model NaProTECHNOLOGY and the founder of MLE foundation a. FertilityCare System and has published many peer reviewed United Nations Registered NGO of the Committee for The. papers based on Creighton Model data Dr Stanford is a Status of Women which is committed to providing free natural. past president of the American Academy of FertilityCare family planning and safe motherhood services to women at the. Professionals and a board member of the International grassroots level to reduce the number of women dying in. Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine He has served childbirth She has received several awards including The. on United States scientific advisory committees for the NICHD Award of Excellence by the World Union of Catholic Women s. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Organization She is the author of the book RESPONSIBLE. and the FDA Food and Drug Administration Dr Stanford is PARENTHOOD She is married to Chief Ladi Rotimi . the recipient of several honors including the annual research Williams S A N and they have 4 children and 3 grandsons . paper award given by the American Academy of FertilityCare. Professionals DAVID WACHS MD CFCP CFCMC started practicing. medicine in Aberdeen in June of 1985 He is a member of the. American Academy of Family Physicians certified in Family. Medicine in 1984 An Aberdeen native Dr Wachs received a. Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern State University He. was awarded a Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University. of South Dakota School of Medicine There he was elected to. the Medical Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha His, internship and residency in Family Medicine was completed at. the University of North Dakota Family Practice in Bismarck . North Dakota Dr Wachs is a Certified FertilityCare Medical. Consultant and a Certified FertilityCare Practioner He helped. co found Avera St Luke s FertilityCare Services with his wife. Marilyn a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner Dr Wachs and. Marilyn have seven children , SISTER MARY ELIZABETH WUSINICH SV is the Vicar.
General for the Sisters of Life a contemplative apostolic. community founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O Connor . whose primary purpose is prayer on behalf of vulnerable. human life The community has apostolates serving pregnant. women evangelizing on God s plan for life and love serving. on campus ministries a Hope and Healing mission serving. those suffering after abortion and running Villa Maria. Guadalupe a Retreat Center The community currently. numbers over 100 members with convents in NY CT DC . Philadelphia Denver and Toronto Canada After completing. studies in Theology from Franciscan University of. Steubenville Sister Mary Elizabeth entered the Sisters of Life. in 1993 She has served as a Formation Director for the. community and was the Director of the Family Life Respect. Life Office for the Archdiocese of New York ,10 AAFCP Annual Meeting 2019 REGISTRATION PACKET.

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Braids in classical dynamics

In studying low-dimensional dynamic+1 systems, it is common to partition the phase space into a finite number of areas, and then write a sequence of symbols according to which parts of the phase space the trajectory passes through. The set of all sequences the system can gen-erate is called the symbolic dynamics or language of the system [l], and is often a useful tool for classifying the ...

Drift of particles in self-similar systems and its ...

Drift of particles in self similar systems and its

We study the dynamics of classical particles in different classes of spatially extended self-similar systems, consisting of i a self-similar Lorentz billiard channel, ii a self-similar graph, and iii a master equation. In all three systems, the particles typically drift at constant velocity and spread ballistically. These transport properties are analyzed in terms of the spectral properties of ...

Penyakit Jamur Invasif pada Pasien Penyakit Kritis

Penyakit Jamur Invasif pada Pasien Penyakit Kritis

sebuah rumah sakit di Belanda, yaitu dari 4,7 kasus/ 10 000 pasien/hari pada tahun 1987 menjadi 7,4 kasus /10 000 pasien/hari pada tahun 1994. Penelitian- penelitian saat ini melaporkan bahwa jamur terlibat hingga 17% dari seluruh infeksi-infeksi nosokomial, dan 9-12% dari infeksi darah nosokomial. 2 Peningkatan infeksi jamur menggambarkan peningkatan jumlah pasien dengan sistem imunitas ...