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About Transport for London We are delivering one of the world s largest. We are the integrated transport authority for programmes of transport capital investment. London Our purpose is to keep London working which is building Crossrail modernising Tube. and growing and to make life in the Capital services and stations improving the road. better We reinvest network and making the roads safer especially. all of our income to run and improve London s for more vulnerable road users such as. transport services pedestrians and cyclists, Our operational responsibilities include London We are a pioneer in integrated ticketing and. Underground London Buses Docklands Light providing information to help people move. Railway London Overground TfL Rail London around London Oyster is the world s most. Trams London River Services London Dial a popular smartcard and contactless payment is. Ride Victoria Coach Station Santander Cycles making travel ever more convenient Real time. and the Emirates Air Line travel information is provided by us directly. and through third parties who use the data TfL, On the roads we regulate taxis and the private makes openly and freely available to power apps. hire trade run the Congestion Charging scheme and other services. manage the city s 580km red route network, operate all of the Capital s 6 200 traffic signals Improving and expanding transport in London. and work to ensure a safe environment for all is central to driving economic growth jobs and. road users housing across the country,Cover The South Bank. Message from the Commissioner 4,About this report 6.
Health safety and environment,management in TfL 9,Occupational health and wellbeing 12. Road safety 33,Environment 44,Annexe Summary of TfL. HSE key performance indicators 60,Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 3. Message from,the Commissioner, This is the first HSE Annual Report since I investment to improve public transport and. was appointed as Transport Commissioner the road networks We are investing 23bn. The importance of health safety and the to modernise London Underground build. environment in all we do is a key aspect of Crossrail introduce new trains and signalling. our work and I think the report shows our and create safer roads for cyclists and all. commitment as well as that of our suppliers other users. and partners to continue to improve,We continue to make improvement to cycling.
We have achieved record performance safety a priority Considerable efforts are going. in many areas while at the same time into enhancing the cycle superhighways road. carrying out a huge programme of capital junctions and traffic signals while initiatives. 4 Message from the Commissioner, are under way to improve the interaction will always seek to do so but we also need. between cyclists and other road users those who use and work on the system to. play their part,The number of people killed or seriously. injured on our roads continue to decline with So overall we again see progress in performance. some of the lowest figures since the 2005 but with the continual expansion of our services. 09 benchmark was set We have the lowest we must never be complacent and will continue. number of fatalities for five years but still of to seek year on year improvement. course seek further reductions especially for,incidents involving powered two wheelers. We know we face real challenges with,environmental emissions in our city but we. have managed to reduce levels of particulate,matter and nitrogen oxide this year Our.
carbon dioxide emissions are levelling and Mike Brown MVO. we now face challenges as we provide better Commissioner for Transport. cooled and faster transport This area is,receiving real focus in TfL to see how we can. In Crossrail and all other aspects of our,Capital Programme we produce significant. amounts of construction related waste,In line with best industry practice we are. maintaining a high proportion of recycling,Innovation has always been at the forefront. of thinking in the history of London Transport,and this report makes clear that new thinking.
can enhance the health safety and general,wellbeing of our users customers employees. and suppliers,You will see in the report that there is a. consistent focus on improving the way we,behave as staff suppliers and customers We. provide a safe transport system and,Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 5. About this report, This report gives our stakeholders more Occurrences Regulations 2013 RIDDOR were.
background and provides additional data implemented on 1 October 2013 altering. on the important area of health safety what had to be reported to the Office of Rail. and environment HSE than is possible in and Road ORR and the Health and Safety. Transport for London s TfL s Annual Report Executive This had some impact on the. figures reported from the second half of, Performance data and scope 2013 14 onwards which were explained in the. It provides an update on HSE performance 2013 14 report. across the organisation which comprises, London Underground and London Rail Surface Further information. Transport Crossrail and the Specialist Services Outside the scope of this report. directorates Generally the report covers the, financial year from 1 April 2014 to 31 March Information associated with privately owned. 2015 However the road safety data for vehicles except for road safety. Greater London and the Transport for London, Road Network TLRN covers the calendar year Regulatory HSE legal compliance and. from January to December 2014 enforcement data, The safety data includes customer For more information about our revised.
employee and supplier details Health data Business Plan which was published in. relates to employee wellbeing and includes December 2014 and covers the period from. employee sickness absence but does not 2014 15 to 2020 21 visit tfl gov uk. cover contractor or customer health issues, Environment data covers London s public Overview of 2014 15. transport operations including taxis and We continued to take decisive action to reduce. private hire vehicles plus the activities we and the risks to vulnerable road users in London. our suppliers undertake cyclists pedestrians amd motorcyclists. The Industrial Heavy Goods Vehicle HGV, Our continual effort to provide more accurate Task Force working with the Department for. data means that there are some changes Transport DfT Metropolitan Police Service. to the figures that we reported last year MPS City of London Police CoLP and the. following further checks Where possible Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA. data is compared over five years and where has been enforcing vehicle compliance. appropriate comparisons have been made standards driver training and compliance with. with previous years a summary is in the the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme FORS. Annexe on page 60 standards We have also actively supported. the Construction Logistics Cyclist Safety, Legislative changes to the Reporting CLOCS initiative. of Incidents Diseases and Dangerous,6 About this report. Traffic along Whitehall,Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 7.
During 2014 127 people were killed on 2015 compared with the numbers in 2008. London s roads the lowest number since 2010 Waste collected by us from stations offices. Plans are now in place to help ensure even and depots reached the highest levels ever. greater reductions as explained later in the mainly due to more collection bins Record. report levels of waste from construction demolition. and excavation across the organisation were, Platform train interface PTI incidents continued collected with recycling and reuse figures. to increase across London Underground Most reaching almost 99 per cent. were the result of people getting caught in, train doors while boarding or alighting while We have set a target for reducing normalised. the second highest cause was people falling carbon dioxide CO2 by 20 per cent by 2017 18. between the platform and train The changing as measured against a 2005 06 baseline. profile of the PTI following the introduction This year we exceeded the 2017 18 target by. of new level access rolling stock on the sub achieving a reduction of 22 per cent over the. surface lines has contributed to this Additional 2005 06 baseline. mitigation measures such as reducing the gaps, by moving the platform nosing stones different Air pollutants arise largely from vehicle engines. methods of highlighting the PTI and enhanced We have set a target for two key measures to. customer announcements were developed and reduce oxides of nitrogen NOx1 emissions. implemented Customer awareness campaigns from our operations by 40 per cent by 2017 18. took place throughout the year to reduce against 2005 06 levels and to reduce total. instances of customers rushing and getting PM102 emissions by 50 per cent by 2017 18. caught in the doors or falling in the gap between There has been a reduction in NOx levels of 11. the platform and train per cent between 2013 14 and 2014 15 which. is the fourth successive annual reduction The, London Underground and London Rail overall reductions against the 2005 06 level is. continued to make the railway more accessible 27 per cent Regarding PM10 levels we have. with the introduction of further platform achieved the lowest figures for five years and a. humps to provide level access and more lifts reduction of 15 per cent on the previous year. In addition the continued roll out of the level The total PM10 emission from TfL operations are. access S Stock trains on the Circle and District 111 per cent of the 2017 18 target. lines also increased accessibility There has,been a significant increase in accessible bus.
stops where buses are able to deploy ramps,with 50 per cent more to the end of March. 1 Nitric oxide NO and nitrogen dioxide NO2 are together referred to as oxides of nitrogen NOX Combustion. of fossil fuels is by far the dominant source of NOX emissions. 2 Particulate matter up to 10 micrometers in size,8 About this report. Health safety and environment,HSE management in TfL. Our objective is to achieve excellence in all the business contributing to the creation of. aspects of performance and this incudes Safety Improvement Plans aimed at reducing. HSE management An important part safety risks posed by our activities. of this is benchmarking against national, and international standards and we have At the start of 2014 15 the separate HSE. continued to review the maturity of our HSE management systems for London Underground. management systems against international and London Rail Surface Transport and Specialist. national assessment models during the year Services were integrated and made accessible. to staff through a one stop shop on the TfL, In London Underground and London Rail intranet The content of the HSE management.
we have continued to use the ORR3 Railway system is comprehensive and has been. Management Maturity Model RM3 to assess developed in a way that is accessible to the user. our structure and approaches Each business It includes guidance and instruction for all those. develops annual HSE plans and objectives with specific HSE responsibilities including. to aid the process of identifying hazards directors and senior managers At the end of the. and evaluating risks and risk precursors and year the system s environmental management. carries out monitoring and reviewing activities aspect was further developed through. to test the control measures that are put in the provision of clearer and more concise. place During 2014 15 London Rail began to information The management system is subject. develop a 10 year strategy which includes HSE to review and improvement through controlled. improvement At this stage we are aiming to processes and suggestions for enhancements. move up at least one level in the RM3 structure are regularly received from employees through. within the next three years the feedback mechanism on the HSE intranet. The fourth annual Safety Management, Maturity Model SM3 assessments were A SharePoint site was introduced to make it. completed in Surface Transport The model easier for all Surface Transport staff to access. which is based on the ORR RM3 model but health and safety information and tools they. amended to more appropriately reflect the require to carry out their work safely Most. nature of Surface Transport was completed notably the site provides an electronic accident. for all business areas The assessment has incident reporting facility that is making it easier. helped to establish levels of management to manage incidents and track investigations. maturity for specific areas and highlighted, opportunities for further improvements This A new health and safety scorecard was. will inform continuous improvement across implemented in Surface Transport to provide. 3 Office of Rail and Road www orr gov uk,Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 9. Customer care is one of our main focuses, additional monitoring capabilities on progress HSE communication. towards the principal strategic outcomes from We place considerable emphasis on the. a health and safety perspective The scorecard importance of communicating HSE issues to. metrics are drawn from activities identified as customers employees and suppliers The focus. enabling strategic outcomes and other areas on enhancing customer safety awareness has. where further improvements are being actively continued throughout the year with a common. sought Directorate level scorecards that will approach being adopted across the organisation. augment the top level Surface HSE scorecards Examples of the approach are provided later in. and further enhance HSE performance this report,monitoring are being finalised.
10 Health safety and environment HSE management in TfL. Working with our suppliers The introduction of a new safety code for. During the year a London Underground and streets and roadworks has strengthened our. London Rail Supplier Safety Forum was held monitoring of works taking place on the TLRN. Called Together We re Safer it enabled senior which includes the use of CCTV and on site. leaders from London Underground and London inspection This will ensure that those carrying. Rail and their associated supply chains to learn out works take into account the needs of. from each other It showcased innovative ways children plus older and disabled people with. to improve working practices in health and particular regard for visually impaired people. safety and allowed people to make valuable The new mandatory code requires the provision. connections so they could continue sharing of a suitable barrier system that separates. good practice in the future A follow up forum is pedestrians from hazards and provides a safe. scheduled for the 2015 16 planning year route suitable for people using wheelchairs. mobility scooters prams or pushchairs,The London Underground supplier HSE website. and handbook were launched The site contains Monitoring and reporting of performance. information to help suppliers work safely on the Our businesses set HSE targets on key. London Underground network and promotes performance indicators KPIs These KPIs. the sharing of good practice have been developed progressively and have. changed over time to ensure they reflect, Surface Transport and the London a continually improving understanding of. Underground Capital Programmes Directorate risks This enables improved trend analysis. worked with other parts of TfL and four of and focuses management on any necessary. the UK s leading utility companies to create remedial actions. a Joint Safety Charter at the Institution of, Civil Engineers ICE The charter which HSE performance is reported at business. was endorsed by Peter Hansford UK unit level and to the appropriate boards Rail. Government Chief Construction Advisor Underground Board and Surface Transport. and Professor David Balmforth the new ICE Board each quarter Businesses also present. President has been developed to enhance information on HSE performance to the TfL. the working relationships between us and the Safety Accessibility and Sustainability Panel. utility companies and improve standards of SA SP on a quarterly basis The SA SP. planning management competency resource reports to the TfL Board after each meeting. deployment and use of better data The This process of planning implementing. requirements of the charter are mandatory on monitoring and reviewing risks is vital to our. all relevant Surface Transport schemes pursuit of world class HSE performance. Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 11,Occupational health. and wellbeing, Employee attendance in the NHS was 9 5 days4 and 7 6 days for the.
Figure 1 below shows average employee Civil Service5. sickness absence in days per year for TfL and,its subsidiaries In general absence increased. slightly in 2014 15 compared with previous,years The overall average is 10 days of. absence per employee across TfL an increase,from 9 5 days in 2013 14 As a comparator the. average absence rate for those in employment,12 2014 15. Average days lost per employee due to sickness,10 2012 13.
TfL Group London Surface London Rail Crossrail Specialist. Underground Transport Services, Figure 1 Average days sickness absence per year by TfL business 2010 11 2014 15. 4 Figures for 2012 13,5 Figures for 2013 calendar year. 12 Occupational health and wellbeing,2 5 Hypertension. Average days lost per employee due to sickness,Respiratory. Neurological,Accidents injury,Gastrointestinal,1 0 Colds and flu.
Musculoskeletal,0 5 Mental Illness, TfL Group London Surface London Rail Crossrail Specialist. Underground Transport Services, Figure 2 Average days lost to sickness absence per employee by category and business area 2014 15. Figure 2 above shows the reasons for absence Employee health improvement activities. as declared on self certification and doctors We have a Health Improvement Plan. certificates We focus on preventative coordinated by our Occupational Health team. strategies and health promotion is guided by with input from many employee stakeholders. these statistics Musculoskeletal absence is It focuses on lifestyle health factors. the top cause in London Underground and musculoskeletal health and mental health. Surface Transport A programme to encourage, employees to take part in more physical activity Health fairs. is described on page 14 Mental illness is the Forty two health fairs were held for operational. second most common reason and the top employees at different TfL sites and 1 622. cause for Specialist Services directorates Our people attended They aim to encourage self. Health Improvement Plan includes a mental health management with clinicians providing. health component and training for managers is coaching on fitness muscle and joint health. being redesigned and will focus on recognising mental health nutrition and medical conditions. and managing stress,Feedback continued to be positive and a high. proportion of employees who attended the,fairs have made a commitment to change.
something about their lifestyle,Health Safety and Environment Report 2014 15 13. Nutrition of the employees who were exercising for less. We are in the third year of a five year strategy than 150 minutes per week have now achieved. to reduce obesity across the organisation and the recommended level of exercise. help employees maintain a healthy weight A, 12 week weight management programme has Global Corporate Challenge. been developed and a 12 week weight loss We also made the Global Corporate Challenge. online programme has been run with a total of available to some employees This encourages. 525 people taking part participants to walk at least 10 000 steps a. day for 100 consecutive days A total of 378, Of those who completed the online employees signed up and pre and post event. programme survey surveys show that, Eighty one per cent said they had lost weight Thirty three per cent reported an increase in. and almost one in three 32 per cent lost their productivity. more than 8lbs 3 62kg during the 12 weeks,Eighty three per cent declare they are now in.
Ninety nine per cent of respondents said good very good or excellent health 51 per. they intended to continue looking after cent before the start of the challenge. their weight,Forty nine per cent reported lower stress. Throughout the year continued support was levels at either home or work. provided via our I Will website and employees, had access to videos podcasts factsheets Fifty five per cent felt that taking part in the. and training plans that focused on exercise and challenge had improved their energy levels. losing weight,We will invite more employees to participate in. Physical activity the challenge in 2015 16,Step It Up. A series of events were promoted during the Health topics of the month. second year of our Step It Up programme Topics such as safe working in the sun and. which aims to increase employees physical heat during the summer months are published. activity levels The initiative includes an initial on the TfL intranet for the benefit of all. fitness assessment and encourages employees employees This is a useful tool to promote. to sign up to 150 minutes of exercise each health campaigns. week In 2014 15 665 employees accepted,the challenge.
An early evaluation of those attending the,follow up reviews shows that 66 5 per cent. 14 Occupational health and wellbeing,Condition Management Programme Mental health. This initiative is for employees who have been Mindfulness lunch events were promoted. identified as having recurrent and significant during the year to raise awareness of mental. absence owing to musculoskeletal disorders health issues. with chronic pain and is still being assessed, for its effectiveness Two programmes were A six week mindfulness workshop pilot was. run in 2014 15 to provide a comparison One completed and the preliminary evaluation. group attended four weekly occupational health showed. sessions in person while the second group, received a written educational pack covering four Motivation at work had increased by. weeks and focusing on the same topics but did 61 per cent. not attend the sessions,Stress had been reduced by 41 per cent.
The findings are significant,Anxiety had decreased by 50 per cent. The group that attended the sessions showed, a 49 per cent improvement for physical health Mental Health First Aid. and 23 per cent for mental health Our Occupational Health team s mental health. specialists completed a Mental Health First Aid, The group that received the information in a MHFA training pilot in collaboration with our. written format also improved but to a lesser staff network mental health group Wellment. extent 19 per cent for physical health and This programme will continue through 2015 16. eight per cent for mental health,Thirty eight members of staff are now qualified. Both groups demonstrated overall improvements as Mental Health First Aiders MHF Aiders. in all musculoskeletal related absence across five different Specialist Services sites. The tests support the importance of workplace The Occupational Health Counselling Service is. involvement in preventative management for providing supervisory support to the MHF Aiders. recurrent and chronic pain They also show that, the programme with more personal input from In July.
clinical staff had a greater impact than the one, which only provided the learning materials Ninety per cent of participants felt they had an. increased knowledge of MHFA,Flu vaccination campaign. This annual campaign ran between October and Eighty per cent felt they had increased. December and provided jabs on site at many confidence in delivering MHFA. operational and head office locations A total of,3 159 vaccinations were given.

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