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Life Sciences Telematics resource Grade 12 2019,Date Time Topics. Scientific investigations,18 February 2019 16h00 17H00. Protein synthesis mutations,04 March 2019 15h00 16h00 Meiosis. 15 April 2019 16h00 17h00 Senses and homeostasis,Natural selection Punctuated equilibrium and. 22 July 2019 15H00 16h00,speciation,1 TIPS FOR WRITING LIFE SCIENCES.
The external examination for Life Sciences consists of two 2 question papers of 150. marks each Each question paper covers a variety of content topics Ask your teacher for. an outline of the content topics and weighting of each topic in each question paper. The duration of each question paper is 2 hours and all questions are COMPULSORY. Each Life Sciences question paper consists of THREE sections i e SECTION A 50. marks SECTION B two questions of 40 marks and SECTION C 20 marks. When answering a multiple choice question in Section A read the question and four options. carefully evaluate each option and eliminate each incorrect option. In questions that require only a LETTER you only need to write down a LETTER e g Give. only the LETTER of the molecule that carries the amino acid Other questions might. require you to write down both the LETTER and a NAME for example of a part from a. Use the correct spelling when you use biological terminology in your answers Use. scientific names in terminology and avoid using common names e g. You need to do all your drawings and graphs in pencil and labels should be in blue or black. ink You may not use graph paper when drawing graphs. Make sure that you have all the necessary stationery for your examination e g blue or. black pens a pencil an eraser a ruler a non programmable calculator protractor and a. SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS,Life Sciences Telematics resource Grade 12 2019. What is a hypothesis, A hypothesis is an attempt to explain some event or observation using whatever information is. currently available It is a testable statement that may be accepted or rejected. A hypothesis must, a have two variables dependent and independent variables. b state the relationship between the two variables. c be testable and, d state the independent variable first cause and then the dependent variable effect. Controlled fixed variable refers to the factors that should be kept constant so that the results of. an investigation can be considered valid, Independent variable refers to the factor that is being investigated This factor is usually.
manipulated by the investigator either at the start of or during the course of the investigation The. independent variable appears on the X axis of a graph. Dependent variable refers to the effect of the independent variable This effect is usually measured. in some way and appears on the Y axis of a graph,NOTE Independent. and dependent,variables should be,identified from the. AIM of the,investigation,What is reliability, The idea behind reliability is that any significant results of an investigation must be more than a. once off finding and be repeatable, For the questions which required learners to state how the reliability of the investigation could. have been improved the following answers apply Repeat the investigation OR Increase the. sample size,What is validity, Validity questions show how the experiment investigation was carried out It is important to be.
sure that all the factors variables have been controlled fixed except the variable factor being. In questions which require learners to suggest some factors that might have decreased the. validity of an investigation the answers should centre on the criticism of the scientific process. for example some factors variables that were not fixed controlled when carrying out the. investigation,Life Science,es Telematic,cs resource Grade. 1 Scientists condu ucted a surve,ey to establis,sh the relatio. onship betw,ween the age,e of the moth, r of her ha aving a babyy with Down syndrome T They record. ded the numbber of babies born,with Down syndrrome per 5 000 births over. o and recorded the age off the,a one yyear period a.
mothher Their fin,ndings are su,ummarised in the table b below. ge of mothe,er years Numbe er of babiess born with. Down syndrome per 5 000, 1 1 State FOOUR planningg steps that need to be cconsidered ffor this surve. 1 2 State the,e independennt variable 1,1 3 State the. e dependent variable 1,1 4 State ONNE way of im,mproving the reliability off the results 1.
1 5 State a conclusion,hat can be made,m of the rresults of thiss survey 2. 1 1 Conssult with various hospita,als maternitty homes to gather and uuse the data. a they can prrovide,get permission,p frrom hospitalls maternity. Get permission,f the motthers to use the data, Decide how large the sample e should be sample sizze. Makee sure the sa ample includ,des expectant mothers o ges.
of various ag,Decide on how they will reco ord the data. Decide on the timme period thhey will use to,t gather datta. 1 2 Age of the mothe,mber of babiees born with Down syndrrome. duct the surv, vey over mo ore than one year rep peat the survvey. Use more than 5 000 births increase the sample size. 1 5 The older the mo,other the hig,gher the risk,k of having a baby with D ome.
Down syndro,Type the folllowing link http wcedepo,h ortal co za ere. esource 7536,61 in your brrowser OR sc,can the QR c. below for moore practice questions on n scientific investigation. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS,Life Sciences Telematics resource Grade 12 2019. The nucleus of the,cell consists of the,nuclear membrane. nucleoplasm,nucleolus and,chromatin network,which forms.
chromosomes,RNA is found in the,niucleus and structure DNA is found in the. nucleus of the cell and,cytoplasm of a cell,forms part of. and plays a role in,protein synthesis,Grade chromosomes. Ribosomes are,mainly found in the,cytoplasm of the cell. and are sites of,protein synthesis, Protein synthesis is the process whereby proteins are made in living cells of an organism to form.
enzymes hormones and new structures for cells Amino acids are the basic building blocks of. proteins The nucleic acids DNA and RNA are involved in protein synthesis The main steps of protein. synthesis are transcription and translation,Life Sciences Telematics resource Grade 12 2019. Name and describe the process occurring in the nucleus which results in the formation of an mRNA. Alternative question Describe the process of transcription. Write down the,Answer answer without,The process is transcription further. The double helix DNA molecule unwinds discussion,When the hydrogen bonds break. the DNA molecule unzips 2 DNA strands separate,One strand is used as the template to form mRNA. using free RNA nucleotides from the nucleoplasm,The mRNA is complementary to DNA A U C G.
This process is controlled by enzymes,Question State in words. the main points,of a process or,Describe the process of translation structure or. Each tRNA carries a specific amino acid,tRNA carries the amino acid to the ribosome. When the anticodon on the tRNA,matches the codon on the mRNA. Amino acids become attached in the sequence determined by the mRNA. by peptide bonds,to form the required protein,Note When answering questions with diagrams.
Read the introductory statement s of the,It will tell you what the diagram is about. Study the diagram and write the missing,labels on the diagram before looking at the. questions based on it,This will help you to focus on the topic. Now read through the questions and answer,each question. Life Science,es Telematic,cs resource Grade,A species off bacteria co.
ontains a typ,pe of protein called prote,ein 1 A muttation occurrred which resulted in. tthe formation of a secon,nd type of prrotein called protein 2 in. nstead of pro,Scientists determined,t amino acid, a sequennce of each h protein Thhey then ussed the amino acid. ssequence too find the DN,NA base seq,quences thatt coded for p hese proteinss. portions of th,The results are shown in,n the tables below.
ON OF PROT,PORTIO TEIN 1,AMINO ACID SEQUENCE,S Lysine S erine Proline Cysteine. EQUENCE TTT T,TCA GGT ACG,ON OF PROT,AMINO ACID SEQUENCE. S Lysine S erine Proline Tryptopha,EQUENCE TTT T,TCA GGT ACC. e the DNA triplet for the third,t amino acid from th e left in the sequence fo. or protein 2 1,e the codon for,f lysine 1,e the anticod.
don for serine 1, cribe how thhe mutation caused a ch hange in the structure off the protein 4. 4 One of the base triplets on th,he DNA hass changed. m ACG to AC CC, The triplet ACG codes for the amino acidd cysteine. The triplet ACC codes,e amino acid,d tryptophan,This result in a change. e sequence of amino a,Copy the folllowing link in,i your intern.
net browser http wcedep,portal co za eresource 752. 296 OR scan the QR,code below and downloa ad more pracctice questio. ons on proteiin synthesiss,CELL DIVIS,Life Science. es Telematic,cs resource Grade,MITOSIS AN,ND MEIOSIS. Revision of MITOSIIS which was,w covere ed in Grade.
There are four phase,es during mitosis,omatin netw. work shorte,ens and beccome visible,e as chrom,chromosome consists off two chrom. matids joined by a centtromere,Metapha ase, es arrange in a single row on the equator off the cell. mere divides into two and,a chroma atids sepera,ate and mo. ove to opposite,Telopha ase,osomes arra,ange at polles of cell cytokinesis.
c occurs and,d two identical,daughterr cells have e been form. m of a doublle,d chromosoome,Chromattid,Life Science. es Telematic,cs resource Grade,Meiosis is a type of cell division whe. ereby a diplo oid cell som,matic cell un,ndergoes divvisions to forrm. haploid cells, s gametes oro sex cells It is a continuous proce ess which iss divided into.
o the first me,d eiosis I and the second meiotic divis. division Me sion meiosiss II,dy the diagra,am of a phas. se during me,eiosis below,ntify the phase in the dia. agram above,e TWO visiblle reasons fo,or your answ. wer to QUES,STION 1 1 2,1 3 How w many chrom,a are prese.
ent in EACH cell in the diagram,b were present in the original. a the start o,of meiosis 1,1 4 The cells in the diagram. d are NOT identic, a Name TW WO processes during meiosis that leead to the ceells being. different from one an,b Explain the,t significance to a spe. ecies of the ccells being d,from one another 3,1 1 Telophase II.
1 2 Therre are 4 cells,h cell containns only a sin. ngle set of un single stra,n replicated anded chrom. Life Science,es Telematic,cs resource Grade,1 3 a Two 2. b Four 4 2 pairs,1 4 a Crossing over,Random arrangemen. nt of chrom,mosomes on the equator, b The gametes that forrm will be ge enetically diff.
leading to,o variation in ng increas ing the gene,n the offsprin e pool. This incre,eases a spe ecies chance es of surviva l. 2 The diagram below shows crossing overr during mei osis. Express you ur,answer in a,cause effecct or,statement aand. 2 1 Namme the phasee of meiosis during whichh the processs representted above. 2 2 Desccribe the pro,ocess of cro,ossing over 3,2 3 Expllain the impo. ortance of crossing overr 2,2 1 phase I,mologous chrromosomes lie next to each other.
omatids overrlap touch at points called chiasma,and genetic inforrmation is ex. xchanged swapped,2 3 Crosssing over introduces ge,enetic variatio. on in gam metes,ay lead to ne,ew characterristics which are favouraable. ew characteristics whichh are unfavouurable,efore affectin. ng the chanc,ces of surviv,val of the org atural selection.
Life Science,es Telematic,cs resource Grade,ABNORMAL MEIOSIS. Mista akes can occcur during meiosis,Durin ng Anaphase e I one or more. m homolog gous pairs o,of chromosommes may no ot separate AAlso. calleed non disjunnction,Durin ng Anaphase e II sister ch. hromatids of one or moree chromosom mes may no ot separate. ere is non dis,sjunction of chromosom me pair 21 in humans it le.
eads to the fformation of an, abno ormal gamette with an ex xtra copy of chromosome. If a normal, n gameete fuses witth a gamete with an extrra copy of ch. hromosome 21 the resullting, zygo ote will have 3 copies of chromosom me 21 47 chrromosomes instead of 4 46. This leads to Down syndrom me,Copy the folllowing link in. i your intern,net browser http wcedep,portal co za eresource 753.
301 OR scan the QR,code below and downloa ad more pracctice questio. ons on meiossis,EYE AND EA,Life Science,es Telematic. cs resource Grade,1 The diagram below represen,nts the struc. cture of the h,e ONE functtion of part, 1 2 als sleep durring the day and are acti ve at night. Noctturnal anima,Expllain how parrt,a als will differ from that fo und in anima.
B of noctturnal anima als that are active during, b C of noctturnal anima als that are active during. als will differ from that fo und in anima g the,1 3 Desc cribe how th he iris contro. ols the amou,unt of light en eye when a person is exxposed. ntering the e,to brright light 4,1 1 a A Refraction. R of light OR R,Focus light ra,ays on the reetina,b C Converts.
light stimuli to im OR,Forms images,1 2 a The pupil part B can dilate more. to allow more,m light to ye,o enter the ey,b s more rods. The retina part C has,enabling them to seee in dim lightt. 1 3 s relax,The radial muscles of the iris,Life Science. es Telematic,cs resource Grade,Circu ontract,ular muscle of the iris co.
The pupil constricts,and less light enters the eyee. 2 The diagram below represen nts a human,n eye when tthe person iss looking at a. an object tha,ers away Ob,bject A is pla,aced 3 mete. ers away andd Object B iss placed 8 mmeters awayy,2 1 Expllain the role of structure. es P and Q to,o ensure a cclear image if the person.
n moves his focus,from object B to object A 6,2 1 P Cilliary muscles contract. Ciliary body mov ves closer to,Q Su uspensory liggaments sla acken. Tens sion on the le,ens decreas ses,Conv vexity of lens. s increases lens become more convvex,Incoming light raays are refracted more. 3 The diagram below represen,nts a part of the human e.
me the part of,o the brain th,hat receives impulses fro. Life Sciences Telematics resource Grade 12 2019,a Parts A and B 1. b Part C 1,3 2 Name the receptor found in part C 1. 3 3 Explain TWO ways in which part A in the diagram is structurally suited to maintain. 3 1 a Cerebellum,b Cerebrum,3 2 Organ of Corti, 3 3 The semi circular canals part A contain fluid endolymph. which moves when the person moves,There are cristae present.
which convert the stimulus to an impulse are sensitive to the. movement of the fluid,The canals lie on three different planes. to detect movement in any direction, 4 While walking in the bush a boy hears a sound which he thinks is the roar of a lion He. immediately runs to safety Describe how he hears the sound. 4 The pinna traps directs the sound waves into the ear canal meatus. This causes the tympanic membrane to vibrate, The vibration is transmitted to the auditory ossicles. The ossicles amplify the vibration and transmit it to the oval window. The oval window vibrates creating waves in the fluid endolymph of the cochlea. which stimulates the Organ of Corti to convert the wave into an impulse. The impulse travels along the auditory nerve to the cerebrum where sound is interpreted. Life Science,es Telematic,cs resource Grade,NATURAL SELECTION. S N PUNCTUT UILIBRIUM AND SPEC,TATED EQU CIATION,Copy the folllowing link in.
i your intern,net browser http wcedep,portal co za eresource 753. 306 OR scan the QR,code below and downloa ad more pracctice questio. ons on natura,ral selection a,and speciatiion,Jean Baptiiste de Lam. marck used tw,wo laws to explain evo, Laww of use and disuse the t more an n organism uuses a musccle or an orga. an the stronger the,musc cle or organ will develop.
ped Muscle and organ tthat were no,ot used wouldd simply disappear. afterr several gen, Laww of the inhheritance of acquired characterist ics the strronger musccle acquired in the. organism s life time will be passed,p on to the next ge. Lamarck s approach using,u the giraffe as an example. All giraffes had short,s necks originally,Girafffes frequently stretched.
d used their necks,ach for leave,es of tall tree,caussing their nec. cks to becomme longer,The characteristics of long necks. n acquired in this wa,was then passed d on to the next. n generation,forming offspringg with longerr necks than. n the generattion before,Why Lamarrck s theory,y is not acce.
uired charac,cteristics can,nnot be pass,sed from onee generation. n to the next,anisms do noot evolve beecause they want.

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